What’s wrong with this story?

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Okay, so a new batch of research tells us that children learn more from parents than their teachers. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is a moot point (given some of the parents that frequent supermarkets!) but it’s an acceptable premise. Taking this a step further (perhaps, even, a giant leap) Education Queensland is telling schools across the state that parents should play a bigger role in their children’s learning. That’s fine, too. And teachers and Parents & Citizens’ Associations are also supportive. But, perhaps, a little...

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Beware psycho killer kids

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  Spare us from bloody do-gooders. Honestly, their fears and paranoias are more infectious than virulent viruses. The latest illustration of this is an Australian study that assessed the mental health of kids in childcare. Over a period of two years it reviewed 5000 youngsters in remote, rural and urban centres. The conclusion: that one-in-ten of our toddlers are deranged. Well, no, they didn’t quite go that far but they did claim that 10% had abnormalities and another 9 per cent were borderline and close to being classified as ‘at...

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Primary school principals a bunch of dills

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Is it a brave person who dares suggest school principals are a bunch of dills? Not if they’re the mob who run Australia’s primary schools. God help our kids! Why? Because they are seriously suggesting that teaching reading, maths and science could be a waste of time. True story. These enlightened educators of our young would have us believe that “the international community” may consider these three core subjects to be “unimportant” in twelve years’ time. Have you ever heard a bigger load of rubbish in your life? Seriously, our...

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Dumbing-down tertiary education

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A university education was once – and for a very long time – regarded as a true mark of distinction. It signified that one was, not to put too fine a point on it, intellectually superior and disciplined with overtones of refinement. How things have changed! To prove the point, how many graduates these days readily remind us of those attributes? Not many, most would have to confess. And as that reality becomes ever more apparent, the prestige of a university education is washed away like footprints on a seashore. This follows the great...

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