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Drowning in a sea of red tape

Posted by on Apr 17, 2013 in Government, Issue of the Day | 0 comments

Life without government is pretty hard to imagine. Yes, we love to rubbish those in power (heaven knows they deserve it!) but the services they provide do make life much easier than it would otherwise be. Just think sewerage. That said, there are a lot of sins government is answerable for and going overboard with red tape regulation is one of them. What brought this to mind was the Australian government patting itself on the back (one of the very few things it is good at) for cutting a lot of red tape. They have just breathlessly announced...

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Fatness foolishness

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In an era in which commonsense around food and nutrition is needed more than ever, there is some absolute tripe published about the topic. The latest offender is the Ohio State University’s College of Public Health which found that spending time cooking can make you fat. Yep, that’s right: you heard it here. These geniuses studied 100,000 adults to come up with an extraordinary conclusion: that people who spend more time in the kitchen spend less time in the gym. So, their corollary is: if you buy take-away food, you’ll have more time to...

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Nothing wrong with Darwinism

Posted by on Apr 15, 2013 in Issue of the Day, Political comment | 0 comments

The death of Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister, has aroused a storm of controversy around the globe as pundits of every description strive to place her in a context that makes sense of her leadership. The vitriol poured out against Thatcher is unprecedented but serves to highlight the extent to which she polarised people. One of these pundits is a senior Fairfax Media columnist who – amidst his general torrent of bile – denounced Thatcher as believing in a Darwinian struggle for the survival of the fittest. It was clearly...

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Cyber currency

Posted by on Apr 14, 2013 in Economics, Issue of the Day | 0 comments

Proof of how dramatically and rapidly our world is changing thanks to technological innovation can be found in something we cannot see or touch but which has substantial if intangible value. It is a virtual currency known as bitcoin. It can be exchanged for gold, used to buy consumables and even major purchases such as a house yet it is not issued by any central bank nor does it belong to any nation. This is truly cyber-money and it presages an amazing new world. The origins of bitcoin are shrouded in mystery. It all started with a character...

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The vexed and vexing issue of child abuse

Posted by on Apr 11, 2013 in Issue of the Day, Social comment | 0 comments

There is a lot of wickedness in the world and many of the things we encounter in the news are simply appalling. But child abuse ranks up there as something that simply should not happen in a civilised society. As we know, though, it does and its prevalence is a damning indictment of contemporary values. It is disturbing, too, to realise that many people are abusing the whole issue of child abuse. This is brought to light by new statistics showing that there are five times as many allegations of abuse made in Australia as there are actual...

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Nanny state becomes a welfare paradise

Posted by on Apr 10, 2013 in Issue of the Day, Social comment | 0 comments

There was a time some decades ago when the United Kingdom adopted an ideal of the welfare state in which people were looked after by government from the cradle to the grave.  It was a halcyon notion that lasted as long as it took to figure out that it would bankrupt the nation. Mind you, that did take quite a while as the Poms seem to be slow learners – or they just like a free meal ticket. Australians like to think we are much more independent than that. This is, after all, the home of the romanticised notion of the rugged individualist....

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Responsibility for a roof over your head

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Some people just don’t get the message about personal responsibility, do they? Even if they can say with some validity that life has not been kind to them, their behaviour marks them as architects of their own demise. The issue arises from a government crackdown in my home state of Queensland (Australia) on recalcitrant public housing tenants. You know, the types who constantly annoy their neighbours and who refuse to take proper care of the property they are being provided with. Delivering his own version of the sermon on the mount, the...

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Ya gotta be quick to put the bite on this

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To be an admirer of horseflesh usually puts one in the class of racetrack touts and spivs. But there is another aspect that is winning admirers in Australia: that’s right – the horse as tasty morsel. Horse steaks are not everyone’s cup of tea. Indeed, in Australia, it is difficult to find a restaurant serving horse. This could be due to the fact there is only one qualified butcher legally able to horse meat for human consumption. He’s a bloke called Vince Garreffa who hails from Perth. He slaughters about twenty horses a year and...

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Vaniety and the cult of the male

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Now, this may be purely an Australian thing. But I suspect not. Girls, beware of those handsome devils you come across on Facebook. Seems men are not willing to let an ugly head stymie their appeal to the other sex. In a shock, horror story to rival the resurrection of Hitler, we have just learned that up to one third of Australian men with a Facebook presence have manipulated their online images to appear more attractive. What a bunch of weak, wussy, pathetic, little sad sacks! But it gets worse. In a shock, horror story to rival the...

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The wonderful magic of WordPress

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So many people who blog, honour all manner of great influences on their lives. They honour parents, relatives, friends, issues and circumstances for helping make them who they are. They give thanks through their internet presence. And what is the common characteristic? In so many cases it is WordPress. Yet, how often do we stop to consider how much this extraordinary free application has enabled so many hundreds of thousands of people across the world change their lives for the better? Because the fundamental truth of WordPress is that it...

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