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Steamy Inspiration

Post #1

Their room overlooked the pool area. From the slider they could see her... her tan skin glistening from the oil. She lay there on the deck chair... her head back... blonde hair splayed against the back of the chair. Her skin looked so scrumptious against the peach of her string bikini.

He stepped over to Cindy as she watched from the slider. Her breathing was heavy... she turned to face him. Lust in her eyes, she brought her head to his, touching her lips against his then kissed him deeply... lustfully. He wondered what had brought on the change in mood.

He met her kiss with equal passion. He could feel himself harden. The thin fabric of his shorts no match for his erection. His hand traced her neck... slowly moving down toward her breasts. Her nipples were hard beneath his touch. He cupped her breast in his hand... rolled his fingers over her nipple. Her breath caught... She reached her hand down... felt his hardness beneath his shorts.

He thrust his hips toward her. She felt the length of his cock... wanted it in her.... but not yet. she knelt before him... slowly lowered his shorts. His cock leapt out... wanting to feel her wet warm lips around it.

She ran her hands slowly up his thighs... around to his hot hard ass. She moved her mouth closer to his cock... teased it with her tongue.... He moaned loudly with pleasure as she took him into her mouth... enveloped his cock in hot wet wonder.

As she worked his cock he noticed movement outside of the slider... he saw her there... on the deck chair... the blonde. His moans must have captured her attention. She was looking toward their slider... the screen and a few feet the only thing that separated them.

He erotik film izle could see that she was hot.... a bead of sweat ran from beneath her blonde hair. It traced its way down her neck slowly working toward her breast. She reached toward the droplet... stopped it with her finger then raised it toward her mouth seductively sucking the bead of sweat from it.

His cock stiffened even more as he watched her slowly fingering her mouth. She could see them it became clear.

Cindy knew nothing of their observer... she wantonly worked his cock in and out of her mouth. Her hands moved over his ass... his balls... his cock. He was torn between telling her about the blonde and enjoying the naughtiness of it.

He reached down and pulled Cindy up toward him. He lifted her shirt over her head... removed her bra. Her firm breasts so inviting... he nestled his mouth between them and grabbed one in each hand. Cindy lowered her panties from beneath her skirt as he did this.

He lifted his head to kiss her... glancing out the slider as he did so... He did not see her there... the chair was empty.

Though somewhat disappointed he was too overcome with lust to think twice about it. He kissed Cindy deeply... tasting himself on her lips. She again lowered herself down taking his cock in her mouth. Now on her knees with her ass toward the slider.

He closed his eyes... savoring the feeling. He heard a moan coming from Cindy. As he opened his eyes he saw her... the blonde was there in their room. She had removed her bathing suit. He took her in... all of her. Her tan lines bright against the bronze skin. Her body was toned... tight and hot. His cock was on fire. film izle He struggled to keep from cumming.

The blonde had one hand beneath Cindy's skirt. A lustfully questioning look was in her eyes... would they throw her out? Cindy's hips thrusting back against her hand gave her her answer.

She knelt on the floor behind Cindy. She raised her skirt, exposing a hot firm ass. She could smell Cindy's wetness... see it glistening from her cunt. She leaned her head forward... lowering her mouth to Cindy's waiting cunt. She was drenched in wetness.

He moans were loud... She raised her head from his cock ... looked up at him for reassurance. He stroked her cheek... fondled her hair... nodded.

She stood up and moved toward the bed... taking the blonde by the hand as she went. He followed...

Cindy lay back on the bed... The blonde moved down between her legs. He paused to take her in gain... her ass was exquisite. So tight and tan... she must wear a thong bikini he thought. He moved toward her as she lowered her mouth to Cindy's waiting cunt.

He knelt behind her... pressed his body against her back. His cock touching the warm skin of her ass. She thrust her hips back into him... He reached his hands around her and cupped her breasts... pressed himself tighter against her back... leaned his head down toward her neck, feeling her hair against his cheek... smelling the coconut from her suntan oil. Her body was warm and slick from the oil. His hands worked over her chest, back and ass.

He took her ass in both hands... pressing his cock against it. She thrust her hips back toward him. He thrust forward again... the oil helping his cock to slide... he parted seks filmi izle her ass. Her brown hole begged to be touched.

He lowered his hand toward her cunt. It was drenched with wetness. His finger slipped effortlessly into it... she moaned with pleasure. The vibrations of her lips caused Cindy to moan as well.

He slowly inserted another finger... Slid it all the way in... then slowly pulled them out. He raised them to his lips... tasted her on them... MMMMMMMM his moans of anticipation escaped his lips.

Lowering his hand down... he again gripped her ass... spreading her cheeks as he did so... He pressed the head of his cock against her dripping cunt.... Thrust it slowly inside of her. More moans of pleasure escaped her mouth.

He pulled out.... Brought the head of his cock against her ass... sooooo tight.... so inviting. She met his thrust with equal pressure forcing him into her. It was sooooooo effing tight. He was overcome with how hot and tight it was. He paused... regaining his control.

She thrust her hips back into him... forcing him deeper. His cock now buried in her ass... He grasped her hips and pumped her ass with his cock. He was on fire.... his cock like steel... her ass sooooo hot and tight and glistening with oil. He pounded her... she met his every thrust with pleasure. Her mouth and hands worked Cindy's cunt. Cindy's moans of pleasure... of her orgasm put him over the edge. He thrust madly... his cock working in and out of the blonde's ass. He let his load go... deep inside her ass as the blonde started to cum... her throbs of pleasure milking his cock.

He held her tightly as the spasms subsided. They moved onto the bed... one on each side of Cindy. They fell asleep in an instant... holding each other... cuddling.

When they awoke an hour later she spoke to them for the first time... "By the way... my name is Jenna... so PLEASED to meet you both."
01-14-2022, at 11:15 AM

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