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My Wife?s Delightful Obsession 09

Post #1

With as much action as Suzie was getting you'd never expect to hear, "I am so fucking horny I could explode. I need an adventure." Keep in mind it's a Thursday night, i just got home from work and I'm seriously out of gas. I landed like a thud in my easy chair.
"I don't think I have the energy, Suz." And I didn't. Every muscle suggested I do nothing and that was what I planned on doing.
"Oh," she said dejectedly.
Knowing it was a potentially dangerous idea I offered, "Why don't you ask Jenny to go with you...or even Ken? I'm sure he'd love that. I'd start with Jenny," realizing I'd nudged open the lid on Pandora's Box.
"I don't know, that seems kind of weird."
"Weird? Keep in mind who we're talking about. Ken and Jenny?"
She started laughing. "Ya, I guess you're right. Okay, I'll call them."
As she made the call every tired sinew in my body wanted to give in and go with her but I just couldn't leave the friendly confines of my chair. I heard her from the kitchen.
"That's great, see you at eight. Okay, bye."
She came bouncing out of the kitchen, "Jenny's going to the roadhouse with me. It'll be like a girls night out! Thanks for suggesting that, honey! I have to decide what to wear," and she flew off to the bedroom. I nearly said something about dinner but stopped myself from harshing the party going on in her head.
When she came back down her outfit cried out, 'I'm open to riding one of you boys." Tight jeans, a skintight tank top that left little to the imagination and black pumps. Sort of classy slutty, if there is such a thing. Suzie's gal pal, Jenny, was about on the same page. They both bid me farewell and the door hadn't shut more than thirty seconds and I was already worried. I have an active imagination and it started sending out SOS's like crazy. I knew the roadhouse out in the sticks they were going to and it was just this side of respectable. Damn, I was going to have to get my sorry ass off the chair.
I waited until they were down the road and got in my car. By the time I'd gotten to the bar and stealthy found a table in a corner the chase was already on. They'd barely gotten their drinks and guys were hitting on the two of them. As Suzie explained it Jenny would refuse all solicitation and act, basically, as me, the voyeur wingman. Somehow I didn't think that Jenny could pass up an opportunity like what might come her way, hence my trepidation about the whole plan.
They should have set up one of those number dispensers they have at the DMV because it was one dude after another asking if they wanted to play pool or dance to the jukebox. I couldn't really hear from the distance I was at so I relied on my lip reading skills and ankara bayan escortlar body language. Also, I was behind the girls so couldn't decipher anything from their side for the conversation.
I picked up the following chestnuts from the male side: "Can I buy you beauties a drink?" "I haven't been able to take my eyes off you." "You are so fucking hot I had to say, hello." "What do you say we get out of here?" "I've got a place close to here." "You're an angel, wow."
They danced, they played pool.
More than one dance included some dude's hand slipping down Suzie's waist to her ass and pool shots included the old 'teacher' move, wrapping himself around Suzie to teach her the finer points of the game. As the night went on Suzie was clearly getting loose to the point of pliable for whomever might have the inside track. Meanwhile, Jenny was making out with some guy. Hardly her assigned role.
By this time, some guy had cornered Suzie against the pool table and was making his case for an alternate location where they could get down to business. Unbeknownst to him another guy was coming up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and said, "I think she's more interested in leaving with me, isn't that right, baby?" "I think we should let her decide that," said the first guy loudly.
By this time I could hear everything because voices were raised and tensions were heightened. Suzie wisely slipped out of the middle and back to safety where she could watch the clash of testosterone from a safe distance at the bar.
Raging bulls got louder and threats got more threatening and before you knew it there was a full on bar fight with these two guys beating the shit out of each other and the bartender calling the cops. Suzie and Jenny found a safe viewing point as friends of the mutual combatants turned a squabble into a melee, objects flying, general chaos.
The girls seemed mildly entertained by the power of their femininity but, of course, that also signified the end of the evening and, ultimately, the reason they went out in the first place. If those guys had known how easy it was they would have taken turns in a gentlemanly fashion rather than a group of competing Neanderthals.
By the time the cops arrived there were broken pool cues, shattered beer bottles, and plenty of bruises to go round but the best part was listening to their excuses and watching them point at the girls at the end of every sentence.
I had to get out without being seen and that meant the back exit. As I started to pull out of the lot I saw the girls leaving in front of me. Knowing the route I knew Suzie would take home I figured a shortcut that would put me in front of them. I figured elvankent seksi escortlar right, got the car back in the garage and hopped in the easy chair and mindlessly thumbed through a magazine.
Coming up to the front door I heard Suzie complaining to Jenny, "Well that was a big fucking waste of time and makeup. See you later."
Door opened. "Hi, honey," she cooed.
"Hi," I said pleasantly but barely looking up, pretending to be deeply into whatever page I was on. "How'd it go?"
Suzie came over, sat on my lap and tossed the magazine away, "Oh, Jim, this bull had a cock like a porn star," as she leaned over to whisper, "and he leaned me over the hood of his car and fucked me so hard with that thing I thought I'd die. He asked me back for more tomorrow night. Think I should go?"
"We'll I don't know..."
"Oh Jim, that cock was huge and he rammed me hard against that car." While she's relaying this story she's grinding against my ever excited dick and after a few more descriptions we were on the floor and doing the deed. Afterward, as she curled up in my arms she asked again, "Do you think I should see him tomorrow night? Just the bulge in those jeans, oh fuck me, baby. Mmmmmmm."
"What was his name?"
"I don't know. With an anaconda like that, who cares what his name was."
"I mean, you might at least want to know his name."
"What's the point? I didn't catch the names of any of the other guys who drilled me against that car either."
"Oh ya, every guy in that bar including the owner fucked me against that car. I took on every one of them and they made their deposit. And when the cops got there, because somebody's girlfriend called 'em, they took their turn too. And those cops radioed other patrol cars in the area and they all had their fun with me. It just kept going and goi..."
Finally catching on, I said, " you knew I was there?"
"Ya, Sherlock, I knew you were there. You sat against the back wall but it was the only two top with a light over it. You didn't notice that?"
"I guess not."
"Remind me not to hire you to find our run away dog."
"We don't have a dog."
"You know what I mean. One more thing. You may be lousy going undercover but," she hugged me, "thanks for watching out for me. Any other husband would have tossed my tramp ass out a long time ago. You, on the other hand, are foolish enough to support my mania."
"I hate myself for it sometimes but I love you."
"I love you too, ya dope. I'm going to bed."
Off she went, leaving me to ponder my dopiness. What a very twisted road we were traveling. I wondered how long it would last.
On bayan etimesgut escort another hotel lounge adventure the following night I sat next to an attractive woman, maybe six or seven years older. If my head said, "Ya, I'd fuck her," then I'd go about trying to achieve that. Her name was Karen; tall, slender, blonde and unconventionally beautiful.
I wanted her.
After the introductions we talked for awhile about a lot of whatnot and came around to the flirting and, glory be, she flirted back. She already let me know she was married but that didn't stop her from touching my hand.
"You look gorgeous in that dress," I said.
"Thanks, you're not bad yourself. Say, would you be interested in coming up to my room for cocktails? Sorry to be so blunt but I had to ask."
"I would love nothing better but would you mind...ah...would you mind if my wife joined us?"
Suddenly uncomfortable, she said, "I thought you were alone."
"That's her at the end of the bar," and I gestured to my wingman, Suzie, who smiled.
Suddenly getting the big picture, Karen said, "No, I don't mind at all. She's cute as hell."
As soon as the three of us got in the room Karen kissed me long and hard. Then she unbuttoned my shirt and removed it, curiously leaving my tie on. I unzipped her dress and the result was some very sexy lingerie, notably without panties. I looked over at Suzie and she was clearly aroused.
"And Suzie," she said, "you can stay but only if you remove that little cocktail dress."
She kissed me again and reached down to undo my pants. My boner fell out easily and she went to her knees to service me. She was very good. That sloppy, messy kind of good. I loved it. After that appetizer she stood up and said, "Spank me, I've been a naughty girl." I sat on the edge of the bed, put her over my knee and spanked her thoroughly until she begged me to stop.
"You've been a dirty little girl and you have to be punished." And when I thought she'd had enough I tossed her on the bed face down, legs spread and without giving her the chance to get on all fours I entered her. I pounded away until she cried out, "Oh god." The mattress bounced around and I was joyfully out of control.
"What are you?" I asked.
"I'm a dirty girl who likes to be fucked."
Suzie was masturbating in the chair and when I flipped Karen over on her back she saw Suzie playing with herself she said, "Drop your panties, come over here and let me take care of that pussy for you."
While I fucked Karen, Suzie straddled her face and Karen ate her out. When Suzie had cum, she went after Karen's clit as I continued to enjoy her cunt. Suzie brought her to orgasm not once but twice and again she cried out, "Oh, god."
"Cum in me," she said and I sped up until I filled her pussy.
After we'd gotten dressed and were going out the door she said, "I'm at this hotel once a month. I hope to see you both." I said, me too, and kissed her but we never saw her again.
01-14-2022, at 07:13 PM

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