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Daddy would watch me as I Fucked.

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Daddy would watch me as I Fucked.There it was, the little red light blinking high above our heads, just as well the guy I was with was too interested in me to look.Our porch was secluded from the front house view so we could be left in relative peace to finish what he was desperate to finish and as my denims were down by my ankles I could only think of daddy and what he would be thinking if he saw me now.It was all over in fifteen minutes and I suddenly felt a chill, standing naked as the guy tucked himself back into his pants and started to make excuses. I assured him it was alright and yes we would be in touch, but he was scared, we had just fucked and he left a full load of his cum inside me, thankfully I was on the pill, getting his cock into me meant ignoring the condom still in my purse, besides I prefer the bareback style, it feels better.I picked up my discarded clothes and entered into the house via the side entrance and made immediately for the bathroom. I stayed with daddy, we were the only two in the house and usually after sex he would be in his room, to avoid an awkward confrontation, you see it was daddy who put the cam up so he could watch us, I knew that and it was our understanding.That way, we both got something out of it and by now I was relaxed about it, he liked to watch his daughter fucking, I liked knowing he was.After mother had run off with the gardener I found out by drips and drabs what they were like as a couple. She was whore like me, and he was your classic cuckold and with mother gone, I stepped into the breech and fulfilled daddy's obsession, being his daughter he felt the same was a he did with mother when she fucked other men while he jacked off.Now you know why I thought of him as I looked at the little red light flashing, I knew he was jacking off watching me and that gave me a warm feeling knowing he was. We never really sat down and discussed our obsessions, I knew from films he had of mother and photos in his cloud based treasure trove, no doubt another chapter with my his daughter building up. I was pretty cool about it and daddy knew I knew he jacked off to watching me, so I would move around the house and let him see me in the nude and visa versa.Sometimes we bathed together and sometimes I gave him a hand job, a lot of times I offered one my friend's to fuck, but he always said he preferred me so, I was cool about it and did my best.'Dan and I are going fishing this weekend, want to come'?Dan was daddy's friend from way back, I could remember when he used to stay over and he and mother had this thing going and the noise from mothers bedroom left me in no doubt, he had something that pleased her.Dan was married and rumor had it she was glad of the break when he stayed over at ours and now in his fifties, I wondered what daddy was thinking, 'You want me to come daddy', to which he had no hesitation in answering, 'We both would'?It was a six hour car drive north and Dan could not keep his eyes off of me, it had been years since I last saw him and now complete with large breasts and hips, his pants were hot for me and as we pitched our large tent, I was going to be piggy in the middle, with my back to Dan and my mouth in daddy's ear, so he could hear my breathing as Dan fucked me.Sexual deviancy can be an inherited trait passed onto those of us, who are willing and curious enough to want it.My mother was a woman with a huge appetite for sex, she made sure of her needs by being a masseuse who was willing to cater for her impulsive moods for men by using the skills of her hands, her scent and body to arouse and mount just at the right time, gratifying both her financial and sexual requirements simultaneously.As her daughter she would smuggle me into her single room parlor, as her towel girl, much to the pleasure of certain men who found my presence appealing and would offer more financially, just to ensure I watched.She understood my own curiosity and would lift the towel to let me look at him as he swelled and stiffened to her manipulations, sometimes putting my hand on his cock without him even realizing I was touching him, as she would cover his eyes as if he were like the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand, even when mother straddled his erection, I watch as she swallowed him up and then as he glistened with her wetness as she humped him to her own gratification.I can still hear her cries of fulfillment, my own echoing in daddy's ear as he wanked himself beside me as I humped the men he encouraged to enter me, just as mummy did.The darkness inside the tent made it easier when we bedded down for the night. We had all but exhausted the conversation around the campfire and daddy had loaded up with firewood to illuminate my outline as I stripped off between both men.I could see daddy and Dan as silhouettes lying in wait both watching me as I disrobed, my nudity exuding my feminine scents as I disrobed my scanty underwear and feeling Dan's hand, cup my small breast and his groan on feeling my pebble hard nipple responding in his eagerness to fuck me.'You want me Danny', I groaned back in the claustrophobic building heat inside the tent and daddy's hand brushed the inside of my open thighs and feel my wet pussy respond positively to his touch.I snuggled down between both men and my mouth French kissed Danny's mouth with the feel of daddy's erection prod and poke my open cunt.It was meant to be the other way around but somehow it felt alright as I pushed my ass into daddy's eagerness, I groaned as I realised this was something I had wanted for many years, 'All the Daddy', I moaned into Dan's face, and as he fucked his own daughter it became too much for Dan to hold back hearing a girl moan as she was fucked by her parent.I gulped and swallowed followed by more semen as Danny fucked my eager mouth, my lips sealed around his shaft like a rubber gasket my tongue flicking and dancing a jig around and over his swollen glans, a gentle squeeze on his ball sack, like I did in Mummy's massage parlor, milking cum from a cock, in a short time frame, after leaving the breast nipple that fed me.Holding your daddy in your silken purse and feeling the stubble of his grey pubes on the soft skin of your ass cheeks, his erection moving your inner vagina in circles whilst moving in and out, the rim of his glans titillating your delicate folds of sheer pleasure as you baste him in vaginal oils of warm bliss along the length of your tight pussy, opening the cock's eye on your cervix until you and he explode and you suck his semen inside you deeper to your awaiting egg nestling in your Fallopian tubes, where brother meets sister and daddy impregnates daughter, that's how easy it is and the pleasure of this sinful of all acts is heavenly bliss.
08-30-2021, at 04:43 PM

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