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admin 08-30-2021 04:43 PM

How I found the joys of BBC
How I found the joys of BBCNow that im 18 I can finally tell how I became such a bbc slut. It's all thanks to my big s*s really, she's six years older than me, and stunning, I've always been jealous of her, first it was her height, I'm only 5ft4, she's 6ft. I've gotten used being little n cute, has its perks but my s*s steph long legs are to die for, her athletic frame, and mostly her dd b**sts, but mine have nicely developed, been a c cup ain't so bad. But back when steph was 20, our parents decided to on holiday without us, I had to stay at a friends house but steph was lucky enough to stay at home due her work. Thankfully it was the summer so I didn't really care, I was too busy being cute for the boys, short skirts a plenty, I yet to get a bf like my bff, so I was on a mission that summer but boys being boys are shy of asking urg. Anyway it was the 1st weekend my parents we're away, since me n my bff where planning to go to the beach on Sunday, I had to go back home to get some beach ware, I told my friends mom I was going to be a few hours as I thought I'd have a relaxing dip in the pool all to myself. It was already noon when I got home, music was playing so there goes my plans, well so I thought. As I went through the front door I noticed the clothes on the floor, and the heavy banging, under the music I could make out my s*s was getting laid. I creapt up the stairs, feeling nervous but curious, her bedroom door was wide open. I couldn't believe my eyes, my 20yo s*s getting her brains fucked out by a gang of black guys,I stood in shock. My mouth dropped when I seen this monster black cock, I couldn't take my off it, my lil pussy was begging for something, I found myself starting to rub my slit through my thong, still staring at this monster black cock, my 1st time seeing a real cock, and I was lost, rubbing my clit only me feel worse, my b cup tits begging for attention I started pulling on erect nipples. Then out the blue, a hand was placed on my shoulder, I just froze, embarrassed really. Then I felt his other hand pull my thong to its side and insert his meaty fingers in already dripping pussy, I just melted into him, he was working my pussy hard, I became over come with it all, he whispered in ear, your my slut now, and for first time, I had an orgasm, I couldn't control myself, I wanted it, I needed it. I screamed out yes, I'm a yours. With this going on, my s*s was still get the fucking I now wanted, I don't know why but I just had to get fucked. I found myself begging, please fuck me, the guy behind just laughed he continued to tease my pussy. I was getting desperate, I felt my tshirt getting torn off but I was far from caring,but when I looked up, 5 huge hunks of black flesh standing watching me become a slut, I pleaded too them during my moans to fuck me. The guy using me asked me why, I screamed I'm a slut over another huge orgasm. And then suddenly I was whisked off my feet, and thrown onto my s*s's bed, steph was on all fours, monster cocks in her mouth and pussy, as I looked up too my horror, there where more guys, filming my s*s before i could get up and run, a cock was in my mouth, this guy didn't care, just forced it down, I've never given a blowjob, he just grabbed my hair just face fucking the shit of me, I then felt my hands n legs getting tied, my heart began too sink, this was getting too much, but before I knew it was helpless. More hands where over me, my s*s screaming for more, she still hadn't noticed me there, but to get fair, she was getting a hard fucking. The guy in my mouth pulled out, as I gasped for air, another was replaced him. Hands we're teasing my poor clit, then I felt something I've never felt before, slowly my pussy gave up and he was in, I came so hard, my body was shaking all over, now I knew why they tied me up, I couldn't take the intensity of BBC,still culvusing, he drove in more, harder n harder, I vaguely remember the rest of the day, it was a blur of intense orgasm after another, I knew one thing, I was a bbc slut. All I wanted was to be filled with hot loads,and they didn't disappoint. Don't how long me n s*s where laying there but the guys where finished, I looked up and it was past midnight, I looked over to my s*s, she stroked my face softly and whispered, I can't help you, they own me. Then I heard a low buzzing, then a sharp pain on my right ankle, they where tattooing me, but they didn't stop there, I l tried to move but exhausted I couldn't, next was just above my pussy, then my shoulder and finally above my ass, tramped stamped my s*s giggled. Once released I crawled to the bathroom too see the damage to my lil body. A small spade on my ankle wasn't so bad, my shoulder said bbc princess in fancy writing, but my tramp stamp, oh my bbc cumdubster. I just smiled cause I was.Hope you like, many more if you guys want, still my high school days to go through, and collage awaits me hehe

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