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Why I Love Gloryholes

Post #1

Why I Love GloryholesThe first time I went to a GH I knew I was hooked. So this is why I love them.You can go with no commitment. No identity.I would wait for a finger then stick my cock in the hole and feel lips on my cock, what a thrill, men seem to be able to suck in more hard cock than woman. Men will also finish better than woman. I could blow my load in their mouth and they would drain my balls.... and love it. If the hole was big enough I would get my balls in there too, nothing like a ball message and suck. I couldn't get enough.Then I realized I wanted a hard cock in my mouth. So one time while having my prick serviced I pulled out, bent over and waited... not very long. A nice smooth cock slowly came my way. I felt it, stroked it and kissed his stiff knob, his shaft and even his balls. I was dripping precum so much I had to stop so I could lick it off and swallow it. I had a good look at this beautiful man meat and his knob went by my lips, I savored the taste, much like my knob. I sucked harder then deeper back and forth back and forth. I really liked to give his knob a good sucking it taste so good. His precum came out almost like an orgasm and down my throat.But he tricked me and he pulled out. He wanted my knob, my shaft and my balls again. This time my cock was juicy with my precum. I went back in his mouth and pumped my cock, I wanted to fill his mouth. I wish we were both sucking each other at the same time. I felt myself ready to shoot my warm cream so I let go. What a feeling, I'm in a strangers mouth pumping goobs of cum while he was sucking harder than ever. Quickly I went down again and his meat came through as wet as mine. I gave him a huge kiss, licked his knob then buried it with a strong suck, his cock shivered and his load of warm delicious sperm hit my throat. Wow, it tasted like my sperm. I struggled to keep up and some came out between his cock and my lips. I kept suck deep in my mouth until he stopped pumping, then I kissed and sucked his knob. Surprising me, 30 seconds later my booth door opened and my suck mate came in and shut the door. Shocked I just stood there while he kissed my mouth and his tongue found mine. We swapped what was left of our juices. Without me feeling anything he pulled my pants down, turned me around and buried his head in my ass. I bent over to spread my ass and give him room to suck my asshole. I didn't think he would stop sucking, kissing and licking my hole... and I didn't want him to stop.Pull you pants off is all I could say. His ass had very little hair, it was as smooth as a baby's ass. My tongue flicked all over his asshole then I pushed in as far as possible. After all the sucking and asshole kissing we both sat down. We both agreed we wish we had more cum to share.On cue a wet hard boner came through the hole. We had given someone a show and now he wanted us to suck his rod. Quickly we got on either side and gobbled up his hot meat. Tongues whipping out and enjoying another unknown cock. We took his precum, we sucked each others tongues and finally we shared his bursting cock in our mouths and gave ourselves a cum kiss with his cock...... and that is why I like GH's
08-30-2021, at 04:43 PM

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