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Six guys, my birthday and a vikings game

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Six guys, my birthday and a vikings gameSo it was my 19th birthday coming up and Diana's dad Knowing I loved to suck Dick had asked me how I felt about sucking multiple dicks in which I had told him hell yes I'm game. He said good because I'm having some friends coming over for The Vikings game and if you would like to suck some dicks they would be more than happy to feed them to you. Instantly I began fantasizing about these guys with their dicks in my face taking turns fucking my mouth. I couldn't wait for the opportunity to look up at these guys as I sucked their balls while stroking their nice hard cocks. He told me to get there about an hour or so early for the pre game show so the guys could play with me. I was really excited and couldn't wait since his cock was the only cock I had ever sucked at that time. Finally the day of my birthday, My girlfriend Diana and her sister Julie were up at the cabin with their mom Marilyn shutting down the cabin for the winter while her dad had the house to himself for his football/ suck fest party. I showed up almost 2 hours early, You made me a drink that tasted like root beer and I caught a buzz pretty quick, We sat on the couch and watched the pregame show for a while before I learned over and began unzipping his pants and pulling his big thick eight inch cock out and began sucking his cock to a full erection, I Loved to listen to him enjoying the way I was pleasuring is Dick for him and the fact the guy never ran out of cum. After about 15 or 20 minutes he stood up and dropped his pants M as I got on my knees and let him grab my head and fuck my mouth. After a while of sucking his hard cock, he pulled me up and pulled my pants down my knees and sucked my dick and balls until I almost shot my load, He then bent me over and said let's stretch this out this ass before the guys get here, so he proceeded to stick his tongue in my ass as far as he could while spreading my cheeks apart and licking my ass good. He then lubed up his Dick and slid it in my ass and began fucking my ass nice and slow getting faster until he was fucking my ass good n hard until he was ready to shoot his load, As soon as I heard him getting ready to shoot his load I pulled away and got on my news and told him to give me download on my face and she grabbed my head and shot a nice big warm load all over my face. After a shot his load on my face I began sucking his Dick a little more just to finish up.The guys began showing up not too long afterwards and as I was introduced they all had to cop a feel of my dick and ass, After all the guys showed up it didn't take long before one of his friends "Well birthday boy you like to suck Dick? Let's see what you can do" So I got on my knees and began and zipping his pants and pulled his big hard Dick out, My 1st thought was another nice big Dick to suck. His Dick was a least the size of Diana's dad's Dick that I just got done sucking, Once I pulled his Dick out I slid my tongue up his balls and shaft to the top of his head and swirled my tongue around his head before taking the head of his cock in my mouth and sucking swirling my tongue rapidly. The guy was crawling the walls as I listened to him going uhh fuck yeah, uhh fuck, don't stop!! I Continued for a bit and then began long strokes taking his Dick as far down my throat as I could. He grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth and slapping his cock in my face and shoving it back in my mouth fucking my mouth until he held my head down and shot a big load down my throat. The rest of the guys began pulling out their cocks and circled me while on my knees, one by one they took turns fucking my mouth, one by one I sucked sucked each one of their nice hard cocks and balls. Diana's dad then pulled me up and pulls my shirt off,and tells me to drop my pants, With my Dick already hard I dropped my pants and two of his buddies dropped to their knees and began sucking my Dick and balls at the same time, I heard Diana's dad say " here is some lube go ahead and suck his ass"One of the guys set up on the counter and said come over here and suck this cock . As I began sucking is cock I could feel a Dick sliding up in my ass, While I was sucking a nice hard Dick I had another nice heart Dick fucking my ass good and hard until I heard oh fuck oh fuck and then felt his Dick begin to throb in my ass while shooting his big load inside me.I was then put on the couch and they took turns grabbing my thighs pushing my knees into my chest while they shove their big hard cocks in my ass sucking me nice and hard. The whole time I was like fuck yeah fuck me fuck me harder as they did. After the 1st guy shot his load all over my face it was on and they continued covering my face with cum. Throughout the game while they sat on the couch I continued enjoying myself sucking one cock after another and taking shots of cum in the mouth and face, during half time they all took turns tag teaming my mouth and ass shooting loads in my mouth and ass. I love when Diana's dad would shoot his load in my mouth or ass because It was always a huge load and I could feel his cock throb in my mouth and ass on every shot of cum. Those guys gang banged me many times after that and I never got tired of getting my ass and mouth fucked and filled with cum.Yes that was the best birthday I ever had.
08-30-2021, at 04:43 PM

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