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School Days Lust

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School Days LustWhen Rhodes first saw her in the hallways of his High School, he was both intimidated and instantly turned on. The smile and laughter she would exude, enchanted all the near to her side. And seemingly dashed each one, boys and girls with an invisible ink of elixir marking them with a forever stain, making them feel they could charm her. Rhodes never got close enough to her to feel that tainting stain the others were dosed with. Although he badly wanted to, he didn?t have the courage. Apart from lacking courage, his inner neurosis might have developed a displaced vomit over her front body. He knew immediately He was out of her league and have nowhere to take her in the poor side of town for entertainment unless she wanted to go tagging buildings with half empty spray cans or rollerblading in parking lots. Rhodes was inexperienced, broke, and lived in his head. For now he?d have to be satisfied with his darkened slut of a girlfriend, Gotham. And only gaze at little Annie longingly from a distance. Or around the shoulder of Gotham as he?d kiss her cheek between classes. And avoid the spell the others were under and find his own way into her eye-line, heart and her pants without cheating. To advance the mind he always lived in thinking about her as he was falling asleep at night was a predetermined anticipation during days. The whats and who?s were going on in her evenings of suitors and love letters making all attempts to get where Rhodes hoped to be. Dream was all he could muster and try again later on in life, ...if life permitted.Annie took all these attempts made at her as human kindness. No matter what went on in their minds, in actuality she wasn?t sprinkling them with a love potion. She was flattered, however she was going to school and taking each moment as brief transitions to the next. It wasn?t something she would abuse or take advantage of, only simple adoration That?s all it was. She was receiving a lot of love letters but they didn?t mean what he assumed they would mean to her. The only one she read over and over, each night, in her bedroom, alone, was the one she ripped out of her brothers Penthouse forum magazine. Laying in her bed late at night dreaming of a faceless man to take control of her. To take her body and cup with spirited passion, her firm breasts of plenteous pursuance. And kiss her tenderly with emotion and he would taste Better than she had dreamed he would taste.Of course Rhodes knew none of this he had never spoken to her. However, underneath all of it he was that faceless man. And apart from her maddeningly gorgeous smile and her original forest bred tiger eyes, he also would lay in bed, alone, dreaming of staring into her face and seeing the expression she?d emit while squeezing and kissing the tips of her pointy pale pink nipples. The nipples he caught only glimpses of. When at rare times they?d be poking holes out of the areas where her ample tits popped from her tight shirts. Not only would young Rhodes imagine this while going to bed. He began to feel strength and rise in his shorts. With enough blood pushing to, sending him into a levitated state. Sweat pouring from his hair and shine soaking his chest from the moonlight. Nothing left but keep closed his eyes, fist in a gladiator grip around his massive cock, and young Annie on the other side town on his mind. Across town, on the county line, Annie read her Penthouse pages feverishly as she educated herself with two fingers circling her clit and two fingers pinched over her left nipple. As the moon reached to its level of maximum height, these two lovers of the unknown other, would moan wet with exhausted sweat. In their beds with the moon as their 3rd drift off in a simultaneous wane with synchronized tri-force. Those nights were the individualization, defining Annie, Rhodes, and the moon... dreamers forevermore.
08-30-2021, at 04:44 PM

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