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daddy uses me

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daddy uses meI was lying on the bed as the door opens and in walks daddy naked,he's a big bear of a man hairy big gutI meet him online and after talking for a few days I decide I had to meet him, we agreed to meet at a hotel just a cheap place, we decided that I would be on the bed naked dress like the slut I am.And all I can focus on since he came in the room is his thick hard cock.As I'm looking at his cock he walks over to the bed and pins me down and puts his hard cockin front of my face telling me I'm going to be a good slut for him and slides his cock between my slutty red lips till it hits the back of my throat,He look down at me tells me I'm a good little slut for him and pushes his cock down my throat till I've taking him all the way till his balls are resting on my face.He start moaning and groaning telling me im good slut for daddy and to take daddy's cock as he starts to slide his cock in and out of my mouth gaining more and more speed each time he thrusts it back in,Till he's starts fucking my face as I moan and gag on his cock loving how this daddy bear is using me.After minutes, hours I don't know he starts slowing down, he pulls his cock out of my mouth my lips not wanting to let go till pop he fully leaves my mouth,I look at him feeling empty now, he looks at me and tells me to turn over and show daddy your pussy, dazed and horny off the facefucking I do as he say hopeing this is going the way I've been dreaming about all these years.As I turn round and face away he suddenly pins me back to the bed,Forcing me into the mattress I can feel his weight on me and his hard cock wet from him taking my mouth rubbing against me, he tells me I'm his now that once he's finished all I will think about is pleasing daddy.He start to finger my hole his rough fingers forcing there way in he keeps going as I try to move and struggle but unable to stop him till he get two then three fingers in me me, I know what's coming it's what I've been waiting for, what I wanted daddy is going to fuck me and make me his bitch.I can feel daddy's cock still hard rubbing up and down my ass all I can do is moan wishing, wanting this to happen.Then daddy slaps my ass I yelp he slaps me again growling in my ear "beg slut, I want you to tell me who you belong to, tell me what you want"I stay quiet knowing there no going back if I say the words if I tell daddy I'm his to use that I want him to fuck me, that I want him to come and use me when ever he wants, that I've spent years dreaming that this would happen.Daddy didn't like that I was quiet he slaps me again hard this time, he growls louder as he slaps me again and again, "tell me who you belong to and what you want slut"I give in, moaning I tell him what we both already know, " I'm yours daddy, I'm yours" I'm moan, "I want you to use me daddy I want to be your slut I want you to use me when ever you want when ever you need" I rub my ass against his cock thinking it feels bigger and harder now. "I want you to fuck me daddy make me yours"Daddy puts the tip of his cock against my pussy and growls at me "good slut your mine now" and slams his whole cock in me I moan and yelp sounding like a whoreI can't tell how long I'm there pinning to the bed daddy fucking me making me his, slapping my ass telling me I'm a good slut that this is what I'm made forAfter what feels like days daddy starts to speed up and growls I think this is it to my self no going back once daddy breeds me I'm his,Daddy slams in me hard and growls almost a howl and I feel it daddy cunning he's breeding me in daddy's bitch.I look down sadly, there is no daddy not yet it's just a fantasy I sigh to my self, one day, one day I will have a daddy and be his little slut.
08-30-2021, at 04:44 PM

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