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First Time BBC Gay PT1

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First Time BBC Gay PT1When I saw the message, I got instantly hard. I replied, "Hi".We chatted a little and we gave each other a more physical description of each other. He told me he was 48, 5' 11", dark black skin, 230#, and had an thick 8"uncut cock that he would love to use on me.I said, "when?"He replied, "Can you get away now?"I told him, "I'll see you in 20 minutes."While chatting on line, I told him how sensitive my ass is to physical attention, and how much I like being kissed.I got to his house, parked and went up to the door and as I was reaching to ring the doorbell, the door swung open and he greeted me with a huge smile and hello. He guided me in the house..we got as far as the living room, he turned around and wrapped his arms around me and gave me the deepest, most sensual kiss I think I ever had. His tongue immediately entered my mouth and tried to snake it's way down my throat. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into me. His hands went to my ass and he was grabbing me and squeezing me and pulling me against his groin. I could feel his cock against me and if felt fabulous.The kiss broke and we both moaned in unison into each other's mouths. He took my hand and pulled me into the bedroom, where he locked me up in another tongue swallowing kiss that seemed to last forever. All my resistance, not that there was any to start with, was gone and I realized that I was his to do with as he wished.He said to me, "Get undressed".Without saying a word, I removed all my clothes and threw them on the chair near the bed.As I removed my underwear, he was sitting on the bed the whole time watching me, he leaned back and I could see a huge tent had formed in his sweat pants caused by his cock. I couldn't wait to see it and I went to my knees and reached up to the waist of his sweats and tugged them down as he raised himself up off the bed to help me. His cock sprang out and it nearly hit me in the face. It was staring at me through it's foreskin (he was uncut), and I tell you, at that moment, an entire army couldn't have prevented me from leaning forward and taking that huge black cock in my mouth. I was on my knees, taking my rightful place, before him as I began my worship of his cock. I could hear him gasp air as my lips engulfed his cock and wrapped around them. My tongue swirled around his head and between the foreskin and the head...and he leaned back, taking my head in his hands and groaned. I was totally thrilled with the got harder and bigger.I've never been able to get past the gag reflex while sucking a big cock, but with his, I was determined.I looked up into his eyes, took his cock out of my mouth, and said, "I want to deep throat you, but I'll need a lot of practice".He smiled back at me and said, "Take all the time you like, I'm totally loving the attention you're giving my cock. I can stay hard for a long time, so practice all you want."I did just that. I kept trying different angles until finally, I guess my throat muscles relaxed enough, or just gave up trying to resist this huge log, that I felt his pubic hairs against my nose. My throat felt completely filled, and when I realized that I had taken him completely, I gagged and coughed him out, only to take him deep again, this time without any ill effect. He began fucking my face and I think he was ready to cum when all of a sudden he pulled me off his cock, pulled me up to his face and kissed me with more passion than before, which was incredible.He said to me, "I don't want to cum in your mouth, because now I want to fuck your pussy."Telling me he wanted to fuck my pussy made me melt. I never really referred to my asshole as a pussy, but he claimed it as being 'his pussy'. I guess that made me 'his pussyboy'. How delightful that thought was for me.He rolled me over on my back, took my ankles in his hands, and raising and spreading them, aligned himself directly with my now raised 'pussy'. He spread some lube on my asshole and hit his target on the first try. I felt him pressing against my pussy and apply some pressure. I felt his head spread my pussylips and they opened with absolutely no resistance. His head in, he held it there until I felt accustomed to its size. Once I did, and it didn't take very long as I was on fire, I started moving a little to signal him he should proceed.I could feel every inch of his 8" sliding into me and filling me beyond belief. It felt absolutely magnificent. It was a feeling I never felt before and I never wanted it to stop.Once he had his entire length inside me, he held it there for a while, leaned down and filled my mouth with his hot, long, wet tongue. I couldn't believe how I felt. I was being fucked in my pussy by his huge cock at the same time my mouth was being fucked by his tongue.Suddenly, I felt movement and he began to withdraw his cock from my pussy. I began to panic, until he reversed the movement and thrust it back into me again, beginning the fucking of my white slut pussy. He fucked and fucked me until I almost passed out, then he pulled out of me and gave his cock a few quick strokes and shot a gallon of his cum all over me. His orgasm was so powerful, the first shot of cum hit me right in the face, symbolically marking me as his.Exhausted, he lay down on the bed next to me and we snuggled. We started to kiss again, and then he said, "let's clean up. You can take a shower if you like."I love taking a shower with a guy, so I said, "Will you join me?"He said, "sure, let me get it ready."We got into the shower together, and started soaping each other up. I had the soap in my hand and dropped it on purpose. I turned away from him, bent down to pick up the soap, and pressed my pussy against his fully soaped and hard again cock. The result probably isn't a surprise to anyone. He very easily slipped that hard, soapy cock inside my pussy again. I leaned back into him and wrapped my arm around behind me and around his neck and pulled him into another deep mouth fucking kiss. I couldn't believe how on fire we both were.He pumped my pussy for about ten minutes again under the hot shower when he said, "I'm about to cum."I said, "Please cum on my face".He said, "Get on your knees slut."I spun around and quickly got on my knees just in time to feel his first shot as it hit me right on my lips. Then on my forehead, eye and nose. Once he stopped shooting, I took his cock and rubbed it all over my face as I said to him, "Now I'm your Bitch. Now you've marked me with your black cum and I'm yours forever."He smiled down at me with a knowing that what I was saying to him was true.We finished our shower, dried off and returned to his bed for some more kissing and hugging. Both totally drained, we talked about future get-togethers. This was one black man I was most definitely going to see again.
08-30-2021, at 04:44 PM

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