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Virgin's sister - We need each other.

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Virgin's sister - We need each other.Virgin's sisterby oggbashan © The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.* * * * *I sat naked on my bed with my tears drying on my face. I felt utterly miserable. My big evening to impress the new woman in my life had ended in humiliation and ridicule.I looked around my bedroom that she had said was only suitable for a ten-year-old. Perhaps that criticism of all the ones she had recently hurled at me was justified. The Spiderman duvet cover; the model aircraft hanging from the ceiling; the half-completed aircraft kit ? these did not give the impression of a sophisticated man of the world. Why should they? I was nineteen and still a virgin. I had hoped that tonight I would lose my virginity and Eve would be the right one...Eve had said so many hurtful things as she had dressed hurriedly before slamming the door on the way out of the house."Giles!" she had spat out, "What MAN has pictures of his sister all over his bedroom?""What MAN gets his sister to cook the meal for the woman he's bringing home...""What MAN can't get it up when a real woman is standing naked before him?"What MAN has a tool that shrinks when she handles it?"Eve went on and on. Her angry questions still rang in my head. All I had done... was do nothing. I had badly hurt Eve by my total lack of physical response to her nude body.I had such hopes for this evening. I had been talking to Eve for weeks. We had shared chats over the coffee break at the adult education classes. She was doing a beautician's course; I was studying for an examination in French I should have passed when I was at school. A week ago we had gone to the cinema together and fumbled in the back seats. Thinking back to that evening at the cinema should have warned me. Eve was far more direct about the fumbling than I was. Actually she didn't fumble at all. Her hands pulled mine to her breasts. Her hand found my erection. Her hand drew mine to finger her pussy. Her lips silenced my panting as her hand made me come into my boxers.This weekend my parents were away but my newly divorced big sister Lynn had come home. She wasn't baby-sitting me, but I think my parents trusted her to make sure I didn't have a wild party that wrecked the house. I looked at the two pictures of Lynn and I that Eve had been really s**thing about.Lynn is ten years older than I am. About a year after I was born my father was in a train wreck and hospitalised for six months and disabled for several years. The family income dropped drastically and my mother had to find a part-time job in the evenings. Lynn became my substitute mother and the bond between us became and remains very strong. Lynn is still my big sister. She is half a head taller than I am.Those pictures show us at a cousin's wedding. Lynn was eighteen. I was eight. Lynn was a bridesmaid and wore a deep blue dress shimmering in the sunlight. I was standing in front of her in an unaccustomed suit. My head was leaning against her breasts. Lynn's arms were crossed over my chest and her full skirt was billowing in the wind. As the picture was taken my body was wrapped in her skirt to well above my waist. My head and shoulders emerged from her full sleeves. My head was turned to look up at her; she was looking down at me. The love between us was obvious. That made it one of my favourite pictures of us. It encapsulated my c***dhood, wrapped and protected by Lynn's love.The other picture had been taken late in the evening at the reception. I was asleep on Lynn's lap with my head resting on her breast. Her arm held me against her. I was smiling in my sleep.Eve had said that both pictures were indecent and unnatural. I had retorted something about loving my sister. Eve had replied that perhaps that is what I should do because I was no f***ing use to her. Then she left.I was still sitting on my bed when Lynn returned. She looked round my bedroom door. She came slowly in the room, threw her long stole down, and sat on the bed beside me. Her arms opened. I rested against her bare shoulder and cried.I hadn't noticed that she had left dressed in a low-cut ball gown with the stole wrapped round her shoulders. I hadn't really looked at Lynn earlier because I was so wound up about the prospect of spending an evening with Eve. I had thanked Lynn for preparing the meal for us. Lynn had left shortly before Eve arrived. Lynn had been going with some of her old friends to a Chamber of Commerce dinner dance. That explained the ball gown that was caressing my naked legs.Lynn picked me up and placed me on her lap. I curled up against her, wrapped in her bare arms."What went wrong?" she asked quietly. "What did you do?""I didn't DO anything," I replied. "I couldn't. Eve stood naked before me and I didn't react. She tried to arouse me but couldn't. That made her angry and she stormed out."Lynn's arms tightened around me in a hug. I buried my face in her hair."Why couldn't you?" she asked."I don't know. I was so excited before she came...""I know. You were up in the clouds when I left.""...but after the meal she dragged me to the bedroom, stripped me and then herself and I couldn't...""You are still a virgin, aren't you, Giles?""Yes, Lynn. I hoped that tonight...""You expected too much. Did Eve know you were a virgin?""No. She might have guessed. I didn't tell her. It isn't the sort of thing you admit to at nineteen.""Is she a virgin?"I looked up at Lynn's face. She was serious."I shouldn't think so. She doesn't behave like a virgin. She's so direct, so impulsive. She dragged the clothes off me as if she wanted to get straight to business.""That needn't mean that she's not a virgin. She might have been as nervous as you were. If she is a virgin and had intended to make love to you she will be really hurt.""I know she's hurt, virgin or not. She said a lot of painful things before she left. I don't think she meant most of them, except... She suggested that my relationship with you was unnatural."I felt Lynn flinch. There was a long silence. Then Lynn turned to kiss me on the forehead."She may have something in that, Giles. You have always been my baby brother, almost my baby. We don't have a relationship as adults and certainly not as an adult male and an adult female, do we?""No...""When I came into your bedroom I wanted to cry on YOUR shoulder. You didn't notice, did you?"I looked at Lynn's face. Tears were welling from her eyes. I scrambled off her lap, stood in front of her, and pulled her head to my bare chest. Her tears tricked down my body. I stroked her hair and her bare back. She sobbed loudly for some time. When she stopped she tilted her head and gave me a weak smile."Thank you, Giles.""Why?" She knew I meant 'Why are you unhappy?'. We are still close enough not to say everything aloud."Everyone there tonight were there as couples, except me and some nerd that my friends had dragged along to be my partner. He is even smaller than you but insisted on leading when we danced. He couldn't see over my shoulder and made us look ridiculous. He had no conversation except his computers. I wouldn't have minded that but the contrast with all the other happily coupled pairs hurt. All the good men are married and I'm left with the nerds and the shits like my ex-husband."I sat back down on the bed. This time I settled Lynn sideways across my legs. I wrapped my arms around her. I barely noticed the warm feeling in my groin as her silky skirt slid over my naked legs and bunched up against my stomach. I was well aware of the expanse of cleavage displayed by her gown. I brought myself up short. I was looking down between my sister's breasts."You never told me exactly why you divorced Greg. Our parents didn't tell me either. What did he do?""He wanted a younger model. I was too old ? at twenty-seven - when he strayed the first time. He said it was just 'one of those things'. He SAID that she was nineteen. I believed him. The next time - I still don't know how old she was. Her parents went to the police. He wasn't charged but that was enough for me. Twice is too much. Once I had started divorce proceedings he sent me emails and texts accusing me of being 'a wrinkled old bag'. The emails didn't help his lawyer. Tonight everyone else's happiness reminded me of all the hurtful things Greg had said."I hugged Lynn again."Can you help me out of this gown?" she asked. I blinked at the sudden change of subject. She smiled at me, the sort of smile we used to share."The back laces up. I did it myself but I needed the laces refastened in the Ladies because my boobs were in danger of popping out. Now I can't undo the lacing. Please?""Do you want to do it in your room?" I asked."No. It's the spare room, not mine. It is as bare as a motel. This room feels like the home I remember, my little brother's room. Come on ? unlace me."She stood up and turned her back to me. Her skirts swished as she turned. My fingers struggled. Whoever had tied the lacing had made sure Lynn's breasts wouldn't escape. When I succeeded in loosening the bodice Lynn let out a satisfied sigh. She lifted her dress up and over her head.My prick that had failed to respond to Eve jumped to immediate attention at the sight of my sister's matching blue satin platform bra and panties, her garter belt and stockings. It became painfully hard as she removed the bra, unfastened and rolled down her stockings, unclipped the garter belt and then dropped the panties.Lynn's back was to me but I could see the most of her naked front in the sticker-laden mirror. I raised my eyes to the reflection of her face to see her looking back at me. She turned slowly to reveal her pussy and magnificent breasts standing proud as her arms were held behind her head."Well!" Lynn said. "It seems you do react to some naked women, Giles. Was Eve not well enough endowed for you?""Eve's body was lovely, Lynn, but she scared me stiff..."I laughed."...Well, not exactly 'stiff'. She frightened me. She was too eager. She went too fast for me. But I shouldn't react like this to my sister. It isn't right." Lynn walked towards me. "Isn't it? It seems to me that your body is saying that you find your big sister attractive. It is, isn't it?"I nodded."Perhaps you shouldn't be looking... Get on to the bed, please, Giles, flat out."I shouldn't have obeyed her. I was used to doing what Lynn told me to do. I stretched out on the bed. She picked up her long stole."You shouldn't see..."She wrapped the stole around my head, covering my eyes. I shivered as the soft silky material covered my head."And you shouldn't do anything to your sister. Lie still."Lynn tied my ankles together with one of her stockings. She rolled me on my side and tied my wrists together behind my back. Her hands gently pulled me down on my back again."I don't want any objections from my little brother, do I?"She straddled my chest. The soft hairs of her bush tickled my chest. I opened my mouth to ask her to stop. She stuffed her satin panties into my mouth and tied them there with the garter belt. I tried to speak. A muffled grunt was the best I could do.Lynn unwrapped my eyes."There!" she said. "Now, little brother, you can't stop me doing whatever I want to do."She bent forward."I know you like these."My head vanished between her breasts. My sister pressed them together starving me of air. She wriggled her body, forcing my trapped head to follow. She lifted slightly allowing me to pant for air through my nose. I tried to tell her to stop, that my sister shouldn't...My muffled grunts stopped as she buried my nose in the deep softness of one breast. I was suffocating again yet incredibly excited by my helplessness and the surrender to my sister's soft body."It's a shame I can't let you speak but I don't want the neighbours to get the wrong idea," Lynn said as she let me breathe again."I'd like to teach you how to eat a pussy," she continued, "but you might yell for help..."I shook my head."What does that mean, Giles? You wouldn't yell for help, or you wouldn't want to eat pussy? It doesn't matter. I'm not letting your mouth free."My eyes opened wide in horror as she slid up my chest and dropped her bush over my mouth and nose. My eyes looked up her body past her swinging breasts to her smiling face as she ground her pussy over me."I'm enjoying this. Are you?"One of her hands reached behind her to feel my taut erection."Good. I can feel that you are."She lifted enough to let me snort for breath before her pussy claimed me again. She repeated the pussy smothering and release until her lower lips started to part over my face. I sank further into my sister's body as she became aroused. Several times I felt a shiver run through her body as she climaxed above me. The garter belt was damp by the time she decided that she was satisfied."Now it is your turn," Lynn announced, sliding down my chest and burying my impatient erection inside her. I came almost instantly, bucking my hips against her weight. She relaxed over my body, pinning me to the bed."That was a start, little brother," She whispered in my ear. "Now we wait a little while and then you try again."She switched off the bedside light. Her muscles contracted around my limpness. Even after such a few seconds I could feel something stirring.Later I was ready again. My sister rode me until she was fully aroused. Her lips covered my nose, cutting off my breath just as I was at the point of release. I jerked under her body as I emptied myself into her.Several minutes later Lynn lifted herself off me. She moved me until my head was resting on her breast. She covered us with the massive skirts of her ball gown as we slept.I woke to find myself alone under my Spiderman duvet. My mouth was free of gag, my arms and legs were free, my clothes were neatly folded on a chair and there was no sign that either Lynn or Eve had ever been in my room.I staggered to the bathroom and showered. Once dressed I went downstairs following a delicious smell of cooked breakfast. Lynn was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt with one of mother's waist aprons around her."Good morning, Giles," Lynn said brightly. "Ready for breakfast? A few minutes more and I'd have had to come to get you."She pulled out a chair at the kitchen table. I sat down. Lynn stood behind me and pulled my head back against her breasts. She crossed her arms over me, just like the pose in that old wedding photo."Well, not so little brother, today is the start of the rest of your life."I might have replied but Lynn's hand covered my mouth lightly."You are no longer a virgin. How does it feel?"Her hand moved away."Wonderful," I said. My sister's arms contracted around me in a fierce hug. "...but what we did was wrong. We shouldn't have...""I know we shouldn't. We both needed comfort. We got it from each other. You shouldn't feel guilty. I did it to you, remember? You were gagged and bound and had no choice...""I could have fought you...""You didn't want to, did you?""No.""Then stop worrying and remember it as enjoyable. It was, wasn't it?""Yes."Lynn spun me round on the chair and kissed me fiercely. I responded."Now eat your breakfast. It may not be as good as pussy but..."I kissed Lynn. We ate breakfast side by side. Over the coffee Lynn said:"What are you going to do about Eve?""Apologise?" I suggested."Perhaps. But if you do, do it face to face, not on the phone. Give her a chance to slap your face hard."I'd like to say that Eve forgave me at once. Eve did ? eventually; once I'd admitted that I was a frightened virgin. She told me she was too. We had both been trying too hard. It took a couple of weeks persuasion before we tried again, slowly and gently. It wasn't great sex but we did make love. I count Eve as my first. I never admit to anyone that my sister Lynn was there before Eve.I'd like to be able to say that being ridden by my sister was a one-off that never happened again. It did happen again. Lynn taught me how to eat pussy, and showed me several ways to please a woman. I practised Lynn's lessons on Eve. Eve enjoyed my homework.After a long time Eve and I drifted apart. When the end came my bedroom was much the same. The Spiderman quilt cover had gone, as had the model aircraft. Lynn's pictures are still on the wall with a new one of her second marriage. Since that marriage all I get is a sisterly hug and some more emphatic kissing than is usual between a brother and his sister.I will never forget the night I lost my virginity to my naked sister.
08-30-2021, at 04:44 PM

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