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My Training Begins PT2 Gay

Post #1

My Training Begins PT2 GayWhen I got home from the bar later that night all I could think about was sucking Clark's magnificent 10" thick cock. It no longer bothered me that I blew him in a public restroom with other men in it. It was now an actual turn on, and I decided to jerk off thinking about what happened. I shot a huge load and as usual cleaned up by eating my own cum. I couldn't wait for Clark to come over tomorrow and begin taking charge of me sexually. Clark arrived late in the day and I was very happy to see him. I let him in and he went right to business."This is your last chance to back out." Clark said.I replied, "No, I want this. I really enjoyed blowing you last night and I can't wait to do it again!"Clark responded, "Sounds good but I have many rules you will need to follow, and I won't let you back out once we start.""I promise I will do whatever you want!" I said.I am so horny I just want his cock and I would do anything to get it.Clark then said in a commanding voice, "Give me a key to your house!"I gave him a key.Clark commanded, "Get your cloths off. From now on when you're home I want you naked and available at any time I want you!"I started stripping off my cloths. My cock was rock hard and leaking pre-cum in anticipation of what I thought was going to happen.Clark continued, "From now on you will address me as master and when I walk through that door you will greet me on your knees and offer me a blowjob. If I'm with someone you will offer them a blowjob as well. If we don't want a blowjob you are to turn around, get on your hands and knees and offer your ass to me and anyone with me! Understood?"I was kind of shocked, but I answered, "Yes."Clark yelled, "Yes, what?"Nervously I replied, "Yes master."Clark said, "Good, now why haven't you offered me a blowjob yet?"Happily, I asked, "Would you like a blowjob?"Clark answered, "No!"I looked confused.Clark asked, "What was the rule when I don't want a blowjob?"I then realized he wanted to fuck me. I was so excited; my cock was throbbing hard and I had butterflies in my stomach. I quickly got down on my hands and knees and presented my ass to him. I hadn't been fucked for several weeks and its been a long time since I had a cock the size of Clark's in my ass. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks, which sent shivers up my spine. I wanted his cock in me so bad. I looked over my shoulder and seen him taking his hard cock out of his pants. The sight of his beautiful long thick cock got me even more excited. My own cock was throbbing and leaking pre-cum like a faucet. I reached down between my legs and began fondling my cock.Clark said, "Get your hand away from you cock! You are only allowed to touch yourself or cum if I give you permission!"I let go of my cock and then I felt his cock head push against my asshole. I let out a loud moan as he pushed further inside me. Once the initial pain subsided and I relaxed more his cock slid deeper inside me. His thickness was stretching my asshole and it felt amazing. He continued working his way inside me and then I felt his balls on my ass cheeks. He was all the way in and he stayed there to let me get use to him. I was moaning loudly in pleasure as he began sliding in and out of my ass slowly. I wanted to touch my cock so bad as he was fucking me. He picked up the pace fucking me faster and faster. His cock was now pounding my ass fast and hard and I could feel his balls slapping my ass with every thrust. I could tell he was getting close and then I felt his cock stiffen and start twitching. He let out a loud groan as he filled my ass with cum. As he pulled his cock out of my ass I could feel his warm thick cum running down my balls and legs.Clark said, "Good job, now suck my cock clean!"I turned around and took his spent cock in my mouth and sucked him clean. His cum tasted so good. My own cock was so sensitive right now all I wanted to do was cum, but Clark still didn't give me permission.Clark said, "That's good, now we need to go. I have some plans for you tonight."I said, "I only need a few minuets to get cleaned up."Clark said, "You don't get it yet. I'm in charge, if I want you to get cleaned up I will tell you. Now go outside and get in my car!"I never left my house naked before. All I could think is what if my neighbors see me. I then went out my front door and the warm night air hit my body and it felt amazing. We went to his car which was a large SUV, I walked a little faster than him as I was still scared one of my neighbors would see me. I wondered if he wanted me to sit on his car seat with cum all over my balls and legs, but I didn't dare ask. I opened the door and noticed there was a towel spread over the seat, now I knew and was glad I didn't ask. I quickly got in and Clark started driving.I was getting nervous riding naked in a vehicle and I started thinking what did I get myself into. He told me before we started I couldn't back out. I was naked and vulnerable and there really was no way out but on the other hand I was having a good time getting fucked by Clark's big cock. I was also curious what he had planned. We drove for at least 2 hours into a town I have never been to before. He pulled down an alleyway behind a large building. He then ordered me to get out of the car. I was nervous, but Clark was being very commanding, so I just did what he wanted. I was standing naked in a dark ally in a strange town naked and not knowing what Clark had planned for me. He walked over to a door and rang the doorbell. The door opened, and a man came out. I couldn't hear what they were saying and then they both walked over to me. Clark said to me, "Ed this is Bill I'm going to leave you with him for a few hours, he has instructions for what I want you to do."I was standing there naked in front of a stranger nervously shaking my head yes. I had no idea he was going to leave me with a stranger. Clark then said, "Ed before I go, I want to watch you suck Bill's cock."I didn't have any choice. I'm naked in a town I've never been in and Clark was a bigger and stronger man than me as was Bill. Bill was pulling his cock out of his pants. I love sucking cock, and I have sucked strangers off before, so I just went for it. I did worry that people could see me, but it was dark, and we were secluded. Bill had a nice shaved cock not as big as Clark's but bigger than my 6". His cock tasted so good as my nerves calmed down, I concentrated on sucking his cock. My own cock was rock hard again and leaking more pre-cum as I was getting more and more excited. It didn't take long before he shot his thick load in my mouth, I love the taste of cum. I sucked him dry and then he pulled his cock from my mouth.Clark said, "Good job Ed, now go with Bill and follow his instructions and I will be back in a couple of hours."I walked with Bill into the building. My cock started to get softer as I was getting more nervous as I'm entering a strange building with a stranger I just gave a blowjob to. The room we entered looked like a stockroom for a store. There were shelves with boxes on them and a couple of desks. I followed him through the room as he walked through two swinging doors, it was definitely a store as there were several customers in there and they all started looking at me. I was so embarrassed and could feel my face turn red. I kept following Bill as we walked through the store and then I realized it was a sex store. I could see magazines, videos, sex clothing and toys. Then I realized most of the customers in there were men, I only seen 2 or 3 women. I followed Bill down a hallway where there were a few doors, we stopped at one door and he opened it.Bill said, "This one is yours."Confused I asked, "What do you mean?"He answered, "This is your Glory-hole booth."I had no idea what he meant.I asked, "What is a glory-hole booth?"Chuckling, Bill said, "This is the room you're going to suck cock in for the next couple of hours. It's called a glory-hole booth. Clark told me you're good at sucking cock, but he wants you to suck strangers' cocks without hesitating. A glory-hole booth is a good way to practice. When a cock slides in through one of these holes you suck it. Clark also said for me to leave the door unlocked because he wants a few guys to come in the booth with you a give you a good ass fuck as well."He then left the room and shut the door. I was still getting use to where I was and knew there was no way out. But now I am behind closed doors and was curious about sucking cock through a hole in the wall. The smell of dried cum in the room was also turning me on and I was getting hard again. I then noticed there were two holes in each side of the booth I was in and they were big enough for a cock and balls to fit. As I was looking at the holes a cock appeared, and a shiver of excitement went through my body.I kneeled on the sticky cum dried floor and took this anonymous cock in my mouth. This is the first time I ever had a cock in my mouth that I didn't see the persons face. He was already oozing pre-cum and close to ejaculation. All my nerves went away as his cum flooded my mouth. It no longer mattered where I was and that I was sucking strangers' cocks and swallowing their cum. I was in the moment as a fresh cock slid in through another hole. He was also close to cumming as well and shot his huge load in my mouth. I realized then that this is a sex shop, so guys must be getting horny looking at videos and magazines then coming to the glory-hole booth to unload in me. I was now sucking on my third cock as the booth door opened. I stopped sucking and looked at the man who entered the booth.He said, "Don't stop sucking Clark sent me to fuck you!"He was a large black man, I had been fucked by only a few black guys before and each time was enjoyable. He pulled his cock out and he was at least as big as Clark's 10", it looked magnificent. I resumed sucking the cock that was in the hole and felt this man grab my hips and lift my ass up. He spread my ass cheeks and then I felt his thick mushroom cockhead squeeze into my asshole. The cock in my mouth erupted shooting another huge load of cum down my throat. The cock withdrew from my mouth as the big black cock squeezed further into my ass and the sounds of my moans filled the room.His cock was finally all the way inside me as another cock appeared in the glory-hole. I quickly took it in my mouth and sucked it as the big cock in my ass was now fucking me hard and fast. I felt his massive balls slapping my ass as he fucked me hard. My mouth was filled with cum yet again. I was thoroughly enjoying the ass pounding I was getting. He was fucking me so good that I orgasmed shooting a huge load of cum all over the floor, it had been building up for hours. He then slammed his cock in me balls deep and unloaded his balls in my ass. His cock twitched over and over. I thought he would never stop cumming and I didn't want him to. I could feel his cum running out of my ass as he pulled his cock out. My ass, balls and the backs of my legs were covered with his cum. He said, "That was a great fuck, now suck my cock clean!"His cock was dripping cum and slowly softening and looked incredible. I took him in my mouth and sucked him clean tasting his cum and my ass. He then pulled his cock out of my mouth zipped up his pants and left the room. I was still extremely horny even though I had just shot my cum. I noticed another cock through the glory-hole and kneeled in front of it. I then noticed I just kneeled in my own cum and that made me even hornier. I sucked several more cocks and swallowed their cum.Then the door opened again, and another man entered and pulled out his cock. It was a beautiful cock but not as big as the black mans. I resumed sucking cock as the man approached me from behind and slid his cock into my ass, I was well lubed with all the cum from the black man. As he fucked me he pushed out more of the black man's cum. I was in pure ecstasy getting fucked and sucking cock. He filled my ass with cum as my mouth was filled with cum again. I was getting exhausted, but I didn't want this to end. Another cock appeared, and I started sucking it and the door opened again. This time it was Bill.He said, "Finish up with that cock, Clarks waiting."I resumed sucking the cock as Bill watched which was also a turn on. I swallowed another load of cum then Bill led me back through the store. This time I had cum all over my face, ass and legs and I was extremely embarrassed but there were fewer people in the store and then I wondered are they the ones I just sucked and swallowed. I will never know and that makes me extremely horny. We were now out in the back alley and Clark said thanks to Bill. Clark said, "Well Ed it looks like you had a great time tonight."I said, "Yes it was the best ever!"Clark said, "You keep following my commands and you will have more great nights, now get in and let's get you home."I replied, "Yes master."
08-30-2021, at 04:44 PM

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