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Micha and George on the Fourth of July

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Micha and George on the Fourth of JulyMicha and George on the Fourth of JulyMicha is a very sexy latina girl that I met just a couple of weeks ago. We had already spent several hours exploring and becoming intimately familiar with each other, body and mind. We discovered that we were both bisexual and had discussed a threesome, but made no firm plans. When she called me and asked me to join her and her boyfriend George for a holiday picnic, there was something in her voice that made me wonder. "Is there a threesome in the works?" I asked her. She just giggled and said "That'd be great!"When I drove up, there Micha was standing by the picnic table, and her boyfriend was at the grill. She introduced me to George. I turned to Micah and said "So this is Mister Magic Stick." She laughed and told me "Shhh! he doesn't know I call him that." (She doesn't, but it was a good way to break the ice and set the mood.) We told jokes and laughed as we had our burgers and potato salad.We cleaned up the area and loaded up the car. Micha grabbed her denim jacket and announced that it was time for a walk in the woods. It was a little cooler under the canopy of trees, but still a very warm July day. We walked far enough in to where we could no longer see the cars. That's when Micha turned to George and pushed him back against a tree. She dropped her jacket on the ground and knelt in front of him and began to undo his belt. "What the hell, Micha, Kay's right there!" George began. "She's seen a blowjob before" Micha answered and continued to tug down his underwear and stuff him into her mouth.I walked over and stood beside George. "George ..." I began, "You have a really pretty girl stuck to the end of your dick. Whassup with that?" "I'm gettin' a blowjob" he replied. I watched quietly for a while. Micha's eyes met mine. She winked. "George ..." I began again, "She looks like she's really having fun. Would you mind if I tried?"Micha patted the ground beside her. I knelt beside her. She smiled at me and said "do this." Then she took the entire length of George's hard cock into her mouth and licked his balls with her tongue. When she rocked back and freed him from her mouth, a long string of that really thick throat saliva slowly dripped from him. We heard George softly say "Fuuuuuuck". "He really likes that." Micha said as she pointed the tip at me.Not wanting to back down from a challenge, I took him into my mouth and got used to his size. I'm not going to fib, George was a bit bigger than I was used to, but with some concentration and determination, I was able to get all of him in my mouth and throat and was also treated to a "Fuuuuuuck" from George. Micha flashed me a huge smile and told me "Nice job!" After I got my breath back, I said "Kinda makes your eyes water, doesn't it?" to Micha. She laughed and agreed.Micha and I traded back and forth several times, one of us licking his balls and one of on the shaft. George announced he was about to cum, and held Micha's head in his hands. I saw his cock pump several pulses into her mouth. Micha turned to me and kissed me, spilling his cum into my mouth. My eyes must've gotten really wide, because Micha started laughing. I held her head, and gave her some back. We both swallowed, looking into each other's eyes. I told her that I guessed that made us "semen sisters". George laughed and kissed us each on the forehead.They started cleaning up the area like they were getting ready to leave. "Wait a second" I objected, "Micha hasn't had her turn yet." "She's on her period" George said "She won't let me fuck her." I looked at Micha. "Tampon?" I asked. She nodded. I turned to George and said "That doesn't mean 'game over'. Now I don't want you to go crazy with this, but I want you to lick her butthole. Trust me, go easy and she'll love it." I winked at Micha. She said "You're our designated butt-licker today." and laughed.George made a bit of a face, but knelt behind her and started licking. Micha silently mouthed "thank you" to me and smiled. She would later tell me that she had just never been able to ask George to do that for her. I kissed her and mouthed "you're welcome." Then I knelt in front of her and began to lick her clit while George licked her from behind. I reached up and played with her nipples while I licked, and it wasn't very long before Micha was getting shaky legs and making some very happy sounds.Then she announced "Kay's turn" and maneuvered me into the center spot and pretty Micha and her boyfriend (whom I'd met only today) were soon licking away at me. Needless to say, I didn't last very long and was soon bracing myself against the tree to avoid falling over.Once we'd all caught out breath, we cleaned up the area, kissed each other and headed back to the car. We all agreed that it was indeed a very memorable fourth.
08-30-2021, at 04:45 PM

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