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The Waiting Game

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The Waiting Gameb]The Waiting Game?Do you trust me??Those were the last words she told me before she lifted my arms over my head and bound my wrists to the headboard of the sleigh bed with a silk scarf. Before she slipped the blindfold over my eyes, allowing me to only see the dim light peeking through its edges.That was ten minutes ago.All I could do was wait. I had no idea what was in store. I lay on the soft sheets, shifting my hips, adjusting my arms to provide me as much comfort as I could find given the situation. My temporary blindness augmented the rest of my senses. I could feel the cool air on my naked skin, causing tiny goosebumps to form on my exposed surfaces. I heard every sound, from the soft hum of the fan in the room to her occasional quiet footfalls next door. My sex was already responding, the unknown, and the anticipation of what might be to come, sending my mind racing.At last I heard her approach. My breathing quickened, my heartbeat picking up the pace. I felt her hands grasp my ankles, pushing up my legs until my knees pressed flush against my breasts. I could feel as she got onto the bed in front of me, my exposed sex obviously on display in front of her. Then I felt her warm breath on my folds, followed by her nails gently gliding down the backs of my thighs, from the back of my knees to the beginnings of my ass.?Keep your legs there for me,? she told me, and I silently nodded.I flinched involuntarily, startled momentarily by the warm sensation of her tongue resting on my clit. It remained there for a few seconds, pressing firmly, before beginning a slow, circular movement around the swollen button. I felt as a fingertip parted my lips, deliberately probing my sex, already slippery and awake. I moaned softly, tuggling on my bonds?tight enough for me to know they were there, but loose enough to get away if I had to.Her fingers continued to slowly move southward through my pussy, then pressing firmly on my perineum, teasing the sensitive flesh there.I felt her hand withdraw, my body trembling from a combination of chill and arousal. After a few seconds it found purchase again, and her now-slippery finger drew soft circles around my sensitive star, coating it with freshly-applied lube. She probed teasingly, just the fingertip, and then withdrew again.After another brief pause, I felt the tell-tale cool sensation of my metal plug on my asshole and winced as she slowly, deliberately, began to press it into me. My ring resisted and protested, but I relaxed, collecting myself as I allowed its entry. That all-too-familiar wave of pleasure hit me like a bus as the widest part of it penetrated my muscle and my ass clenched around the stem, holding it in. I gasped, feeling its heavy weight fill me, squeezing its cold, slippery surface, pulling it into me, my senses focusing on the pleasure that my favorite toy gave me.I felt her get up, leave the room, and I was forced to wait again.My mind wanders as I wait, tied to the bed. My brain tries to center itself on the dense smooth metal in my ass, but even that can?t keep me focused on much other than when you will return. I want to touch myself?to run my fingertips through my sex?but I can?t. Again I hear the bedroom door open, my lover?s footfalls audible on the hardwood floor. She stops, perhaps looking at my state. Her fingernails brush my abdomen, touching me gently, moving upwards to circle my nipples before tugging on them gently. Her hand withdraws again and then I hear it?she clearly pulls a length of tape and tears it off. Immediately, she places the strip of tape over my mouth, simply exclaiming, ?No talking.?I then feel her push on the bed again, and I see the shadows as she straddles my waist. She is still wearing her jeans, the soft denim pressing on my abdomen, her weight firm on me. A cord touches my thigh, and I on queue hear the buzzing drone of my Hitachi wand, knowing that it is in her hands.She touches my leg with her free hand and I sense the vibrating head of my wand approaching my sex before it actually comes into contact with my delicate flesh.I instantly respond as the vibrations rocket up and down my spine, sending my pleasure receptors on edge. She holds it lightly on my button, and my body spasms in response. My breath catches in my throat, my body keenly aware of the pleasure it receives. I feel the signs of release, building in my core, my thighs trembling, me pulling on my restraints. I ache for release, emitting muffled sounds into the tape covering my mouth.But I am denied.I still hear the vibrator, but she pulls it away from me, and I feel my body settle down, although not returning to its starting point. My breathing evens out, my body calms.And then she presses it to me again, this time firmer, the buzzing again shooting sensations up my spine. I cry out again, my back arching. She holds my legs apart with her arms, her hips slowly grinding on my belly. When she feels my orgasm approach, she withdraws again, leaving me aching, longing, for climax.She continues this tortuous process for seemingly an eternity. Each application of the wand is a little firmer but a little shorter, and pushes me closer and closer to the point of no return. But she never lets me cum. My flesh becomes wet from perspiration, and my sopping sex can do little but hope that my wish is granted, but to no avail.Without a word she removes herself from atop my body and retires to the living room, leaving me once again in a sorry state, the throbbing of my cunt serving as the only reminder of her touch. I lie on the bed, close to crying, so wound up, so needing more; frustrated with her, with myself. I am anxious to learn what more she has in store for me, but all I can do again is wait, and hope for the best. I can?t see. I can?t talk. I can only wait.An eternity passes and the door opens once again. I try hard to peek under the edge of my blindfold, but the effort is futile. She again says no words, needs no words. I am hers. I feel her crawl between my legs, the tip of her tongue barely grazing my aroused button. Her head moves up, tongue drawing a wet line up my belly, between my breasts, and on my neck. She kisses my taped mouth and then slowly removes the tape, the stickiness pulling on my lips and I wince in pain. I take in a deep breath once the tape is gone, and she kisses me hard, her tongue parting my lips and exploring my mouth. The kiss is a brief one, unfortunately, as she keeps moving forward, her pelvis sliding up my body as she crawls north.She reaches her intended destination, straddling my shoulders, her sex mere inches from my face. I can smell her scent. My tongue lashes out, I push my head forward, but I am unable to find purchase.Suddenly I find my face buried in her cunt. She is not gentle with me. She presses her hips down on me hard, overwhelming me. My tongue presses into her, my lips suck on hers, I pull her tastes into my mouth. I moan into her wetness as she pushes down on to me, grinding my face in a slow, circular motion, my tongue taking in what she allows me. Her circles transition into a vertical glide, her clit dancing on my tongue before entering her wet folds, then tracing along her perineum before finally settling on her beautiful asshole, where she lingers deliberately, urging my probing.I do as I am bid, pushing my tongue into her tight opening, probing, teasing, tasting, her pussy enveloping my nose and face. I gasp for air, I push my hips upwards to meet an imaginary touch, and I moan loudly as she rides me. She slides her slit back towards my mouth and I take it in hungrily, needing to taste her sweetness.She pauses for a moment, and leans forward to remove my blindfold, tossing it aside. She meets my gaze for a moment?I see her looking down at me. She wears a green lacy bra and nothing else. Her expression is loving, yet hungry, needing, yet pleased. Her lips turn upward in a coy smile as she watches me pleasure her.She mutters again the first words she mentioned at the beginning of our tryst: ?do you trust me??I nod again, only able to whisper a soft yes to her.She nods back and leans backward, one arm bracing her on the bed. With the other, she begins to touch herself, her fingers circling her sex. She closes her eyes as she stimulates herself, her wet pussy resting just over my face. Her gyrations become more forceful, her body starts to shake, and I hear a sound come deep from within her, one of pure pleasure.Again, I try to reach her with my tongue, eager to touch and taste her. But she?s having nothing of it. Instead, she opens up her eyes again and looks down as she touches herself, her breathing irregular, rattled sounds coming from her mouth. I know what is coming, and I welcome her imminent gift, opening my mouth, my eyes staying locked on her.She suddenly lets go, crying out loudly, as a clear, irregular splash of fluid surges from her sex and spatters my face, and mouth, collecting in my open mouth. I see stars as her warmth continues to envelop me, my own voice stuck in my throat as I swallow what I have caught. I feel the sweet, salty concoction flow down my esophagus and I open again, hoping for more.She pushes her cunt over my mouth again and does not disappoint, pushing another gush of fluid into my mouth. I nearly choke as the droplets hit the back of my tongue, but I regain my composure and drink from her, swallowing again, feeling shivers course through my body as globules of her leavings run down my cheeks and collect in the fissures of my neck and collarbone.She pauses, collecting herself, her wave subsided, her heavy breathing the only sound in the room. I feel the sheets dampen around my head as I lie in a small puddle of her gift. She slides her body down mine once again, and kisses me, and I happily share her tastes with her.Standing up, my lover looks over me, my hair and body damp from sweat and her release. She smiles again, her own body flush and wet.The wand is in her hand again, her fingers dancing on the bulbous head. She turns it on, teasing me with it, her lips lowering to kiss the buzzing tip.?Are you ready to cum, yet???YES!??I?ll allow it, but only when I say. Is that clear???Yes.?She rests the vibrator on my pierced nipple. ?I want you to hold back until you can?t hold back any more. Promise me, and you can cum.??I promise. Anything, please,? I whimper, a tear rolling down the side of my face.She nods and presses the Hitachi to my drenched cunt again, holding it against my clit, parting my lips with the head. Once again, the familiar waves hit me, this time hard, with no buildup. I will myself to resist. I want to resist. But it is all for naught. My body spasms uncontrollably as my body lets go, and explosive orgasm that I have absolutely no control over. I gasp, I shudder, I convulse, as the vibrating knob pulls every semblance of will and pleasure from my body. I give in to total abandonment as all energy drains from me. My body shuts down, my breathing difficult, and I lie there, sobbing with pure pleasure, as she releases me and turns the machine off.In nothing but silence she walks away again, leaving me wet and spent, with nothing but my own mind to keep me company.###
08-30-2021, at 04:45 PM

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