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A surprise at the party - Part 1

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A surprise at the party - Part 1I was sitting at my desk, writing, when Ronnie called. She asked me if I was coming to her party and I said no, again. She persisted, saying quite a few of my friends would be there, and tried to convince me to come. I said I would gladly do it some other time, but mentioned I was just barely going to make my deadline. She said she had a surprise for me, but it was not something that could change my mind. So I refused again and hung up. Ronnie was a great reason to attend the party in her own right, divorced and very sexually open, but I had made the choice to focus on work.It was a good evening in terms of writing, and I actually managed to get ahead of schedule. I considered calling Ronnie and seeing if it was not too late to change my mind, when I heard a knock on the door. It was a bit late for any neighbour to be asking for milk, and I was a bit startled by it. But when I looked at the peep hole, I noticed Daniel and Robert, my friends, at the door."We are here to k**nap you" they said. I argued jokingly, and shortly after came clean about my work load and asked them to give me 10 to shower and dress.When we came to the party, the house was already packed with people, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. We met Ronnie, who in turn made note of how she was happy to see me. She greeted each one of us with a kiss on the lips, another hint towards her potential plans for the night. She then introduced me to a girl named Tanya. She was very attractive. Soft East-European facial features, taller than me, though neither of us seemed to mind that, as I soon found out, and a D cup, as far as I could tell. We grabbed a couple of drinks and sat down to talk. The music was nice and just loud enough, to keep the conversation light and fun.After a while, Ronnie changed the music to something slower, and I asked Tanya to dance. She agreed, and we danced for a few minutes. She was a good dancer, and her hight posed little challenge if any. I kissed her softly, and she replied. She was quite passionate, and she pulled me close during the kiss. A bit unusual but positively fun. After a couple more drinks I suggested we go upstairs. I knew Ronnie had quite a few guest rooms, and I assumed at least one room would be set to receive. Tanya had no objections, and when we went up, I turned to see Ronnie and Daniel looking at us and smiling.We found such a room and started kissing again. Now even more passionately. My dick became hard quite fast, and her hands travelled quickly in that direction. She was quite dominant sexually, but it was a fun change. I got out of my shirt and shoes and she opened the top of her dress and got her bra off, just before we fell on the bed. She kicked her shoes off and strated licking my body as she was getting me out of my pants and underpants. I was focused on her boobs, a silicone D cup, and grabbing her firm ass from time to time. I am not a fan of silicone, but her boobs were great to play with, lick and suck.I wanted to get her dress and panties off, but instead she pushed me down and started sucking my cock and playing with my balls. She got my dick in her mouth and started working wonders. She went from licking, to sucking to playing with her hands. Her hands were soft, yet strong for a woman, and it was fun. She fondled my butt as I moved up to kiss her neck and suck her tits again. Silicone or not, they were so juicy. I could hardly stop playing with them, but I wanted to get to her pussy already.I was as excited as can be, as she finally got out of her dress. But when I noticed her hard cock peeking from her panties, I cooled off real quick. I looked at her pelvic region with some disgust. I could not contemplate such a perfect face and amazing body, with the supplement I never wanted to see on any of my sex partners. She had realized I did not expect such a turn of events, and leaned toward me, touching my hand and softly kissing my chick and the my neck. I was unresponsive to her touch, though she was soft and sweet.- "I guess you didn't know" she said.- "Clearly".- "But I think you are very attractive, and it seems you are attracted to me". She continued. "We could still have fun".I wondered if that was Ronnie's idea for surprise. If I were completely sober, I would have probably left. But as I looked at her face, I kissed her. Her smile grew big. Something in my mind changed, and right after I got her panties off, my mouth went back to her nipples, and I started playing with her balls and cock with my free hand. They were hairless and really neat. When she felt my hand her smile grew even larger, as did her erection. She again took a dominant stand, lay me on my back, and in a 69 like position started sucking my cock again, and I did everything I could not to come. Her cock was resting on my chest, and I just took it my mouth. Having absolutely no experience, I did what I would to an ice-pop, or an ice-cream. She seemed to enjoy it, especially when I played with her balls.When she stopped, I leaned towards the floor and looked for the condom from my pants. She put it on me while I was still on my back and positioned herself in a cowgirl like pose, facing me, and carefully guiding my cock into her ass-hole. At first she moaned in pain mixed with pleasure, but after a few thrusts you could see pure pleasure on her face, and mine as well. My hands came back to her boobs. She liked my touch and still while riding me, she leaned in for another long kiss, pushing her tits strongly against my chest and proving she was also flexible.Instead of just shooting my load then and there I stopped her and lay her on her back, closer to the end of the bed. The bed had no railing, and I pulled her to a half sitting half lying position. Her feet were on the floor, but her head was on the bed. While I was cooling off I went in for another blowjob, and Tanya was pleasantly surprised. I played with my cock a bit, to keep it hard, and focused on the tip of her dick, while taking it into my mouth for full blows. This time it seemed, I had done a better job, because after a short time, she had shot a load right into my mouth. I was a bit shocked and disgusted at first, but I just swallowed it. The taste was weird but OK. She looked at me worryingly, and apologized for not warning me in all the excitement. I assured her I was fine.Still in that position, I lifted her legs, rested them on my shoulders and put my cock in her ass. Her first moan was again pain and pleasure, and I really liked it, so I went completely out and in again a few times before starting to properly fuck her. Her moans were amazing and she seemed to enjoy every minute. Not too long after that, as I was about to come I came out of her, took off the condom, and jerked a bit. I came on her flat belly.I found wet-wipes to clean her an me off. The bedroom had it's own bathroom, and that's where we went next. We entered the cabin together, it was a bit small, but fun. The warm water was great after such a workout. She soaped me and I soaped her. Not too long after that, we were both hard again. I turned away from her, to wash off the soap, and as she leaned in to kiss my back, I could feel her boobs pressing hard against my back. And her hard cock was pressed against my butt chicks.To be continued...
08-30-2021, at 04:45 PM

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