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Holly Willoughby - Insatiable part 1

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Holly Willoughby - Insatiable part 1It had been 2 weeks since This Morning went off air for summer and Holly was bored, so she called up a guy called James she regularly see when the hubby was at work. James arrived an hour ago and Holly was now riding him cowgirl. James had a thick 8 inch cock that Holly really loved to bounce up and down on. Another thing she liked about James was he talk down and dirty to her. He was not impressed by her money or career. Holly was getting close to orgasm. ?Yes you whore, fucking cum right now!? James ordered. Holly?s blond hair was sweaty and they came together. Holly?s back arched rigid with a powerful, shuddering orgasm. James unleashed his jizz inside her then pushed her off him unceremoniously. Still eager to please, Holly?s lips pounced on his cock and sucked it clean and dry. She swallowed the remainder of the jizz and smiled at him. ?What are you doing this afternoon?? James asked. ?Nothing for once, it?s my holiday, I can leave the k**s with the nanny.? She replied. James retrieved a card from his wallet and gave it to her. ?Meet me here at 2pm. It?s a special place, a little naughty.? She inspected the card. ?Hydrogen Club?? She asked. ?Yeah, it?s fun. Bring an open mind. The password is ?blond and dangerous.? He quickly dressed and left.Holly took a cab after lunch to the Soho address, when she got to the door and knocked it opened a crack. ?Ugh? blond and dangerous?? The door opened and a large doorman smiled at her. ?We?ve been expecting you Miss Willoughby, this way.? She followed through a plush and inviting reception room and went down a padded stairway, she noticed she could no longer hear the street or anything. The doorman opened a door and asked her to wait inside. Intrigued but a little unsure, the doorman left her and closed the door behind her. This room was very red and bare of furniture, it lay in the centre of the basement with several doors off it. One end of the room was completely dark. Suddenly a light switched on to reveal a kind of throne with James wearing a Kings robe and even a crown. Holly began to laugh as James began to speak. ?Holly Willoughby, you have been found guilty of being insatiable. Your incessant desire for my cock has turned you into a slut of epic proportions.? Slightly insulted, Holly interrupts him ?Ok, very funny James, what is all this about?? ?Don?t you want to know your sentence?? James asked. ?What is my sentence then?? Holly sarcastically replied. ?To spend some time here, with my friends?? James rose his voice and his hand and the doors into the room opened. In stepped what must have been 80-100 men, all naked and hungry looking. Holly?s eyes widened in shock as they piled into the room. She started to back away but there were bodies all around her inhibiting her path. Holly looked around almost in a stupor at all the raging hard-ons facing her. For a reason she will never fully understand, Holly Willoughby dropped to her knees and opened her mouth?A wave of fear washed over her. What was she doing? If anyone found out about this she wouldn?t work in TV again, and her family would surely disown her. This thought ceased as a strong hand gripped her roughly, yanking her pretty blonde hair so that her eyes met a horizontal rock hard cock. They widened and crossed as she tried to focus on it, but it moved south and entered her mouth in one go. Trying not to gag she started to work her magic, but this was not a place for tenderness. It was obvious from this first encounter that not everyone in this room liked her very much, and certainly didn?t respect her. As punter #1 took a long time to cum, she momentarily panicked about whether or not she would be allowed to leave this room. Just then a thick, salty liquid filled her cheeks. #1 pulled out and Holly emptied her mouth onto the wood floor. James stood in front of her and frowned. ?Sluts like you shouldn?t waste cum. Lick it up.? Holly frowned ?There?s no need for that James.? Suddenly dude #1 gripped the back of her neck and slowly pushed her face down to the floor, her cheek flattened against a slimy glob of cum she had spat out. ?LICK IT UP? the man snapped. Holly had only ever enjoyed men being nice to her and was genuinely fearful. Though poorly positioned she started to use her tongue pathetically until #1 released. She got onto all-fours and started to lap up the jizz like a cat devouring spilt cream. Though she felt fear, her heart raced in another way, it was exciting.The men silently watched the TV princess licking cum from a wooden floor until #2 could wait no longer. Holly?s large butt wiggling was more than he could take. He wrenched her skirt down before she could protest and busily yanked at her hose and panties before forcing himself inside her as hard as her dare for his own cock?s sake. Holly?s eyes widened. He was big. #2 gripped the hair at the back of her head. Any cum still on the floor would be staying there as she was now not able to reach it. This was the biggest cock Holly had ever taken. Her husbands was limp and useless, James was a solid and enjoyable 8 inches, but this was another league, particularly in girth. Even after 3 k**s she was filled. #2 thrusted into her as if his real goal was to break her pelvis. If she felt no respect from #1, then this felt like hatred. She yelped, ?James? I want to go!? unmoved James shook his head. ?You will learn to love it.? #2 meanwhile was really getting carried away with the moment and was yelling at her ?I?M GOING TO DESTROY YOU WHORE!!? Holly?s eyes searched the room, the men staring back were not smiling. This was a punishment for her, and they all believed in it. ?GET HER TOP OFF? #2 yelled to anyone who would listen. Thankfully it meant he released her hair which threatened to be pulled out. A couple of guys grabbed Holly?s arms, slowing #2?s thrusts and their power, they pulled off her T-shirt and unclipped her bra, almost tearing it off her, exposing her fairly large but not excessively so breasts. Holly?s palms hit the floor again and #2 got his rhythm back, mercifully not for long. He pulled out and flipped her like a ragdoll onto her back before unloading on her tits. He breathed heavily and then stepped away from her as if nothing untoward had happened. Before she could gather her thoughts two men stood either side of her, dicks to attention. #3 looked down at her. ?It isn?t going to fuck itself.? Holly took the command as intended and got to her knees, she began jerking #3 until #4 edged so close that she used her other hand to jerk him too. She was surprised also by #5 who slid under her, not without almost knocking her off-balance, and inserted himself into her dripping cunt?One month later and Holly had not left that room. Her management had called her phone hundreds of times, her family had no idea where she was. The building she was in had been searched, but access to the basement never found. It had been national news. Meanwhile a naked Holly sat astride a sybian with a 10 inch dildo vibrating furiously inside her, a fat cock in her mouth while she jerked off 2 more with her free hands, her sweaty body writhing as her pussy is excavated by the giant rubber dong. After cumming once more and being blasted by 3 big cum loads, Holly was breathless. James approached her. ?More.? Holly whispered to him, he shook his head. ?It?s time to leave now Holly, it?s been a Month.? ?Leave? Go where?? she gasped. ?Time for you to resume your life.? She reached for his dick, this 15 second conversation represented her longest time without one in weeks but at first he pulled away before slapping her across the face with it. He looked to one of the larger men. ?Get her out of here.? The large man reached down and yanked Holly up, dragging her with ease out of the room. Naked and cum covered, Holly Willoughby was tossed into the street. It was 2am so largely deserted. Usually Holly would be stricken with panic at this situation, and though part of her still was, the much stronger feeling was that she needed more cock.
08-30-2021, at 04:45 PM

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