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Breeding at a Wedding - for Cutechick456

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Breeding at a Wedding - for Cutechick456Cutechick456 introduced me to four nubiles at a wedding.Being an enchantress, she cast a spell over them and told them that the next man they met would take them on an adventure in which all would play their part, but only one would be the ultimate recipient of his seed. That girl would be blessed and impregnated with a daugh ter.This is how it would happen.......L to R: Claudia, Sam, Carol, AmandaI chose the second girl, Sam, to be the mother of my baby, to breed.I would take them to her bedroom in the hotel, then Carol gently disrobe Sam, as she is too shy to get naked herself. Her perfect alabaster skin makes a beautiful contrast with the sallow complexion of Carol, and so to enjoy that more, I would have Carol remove her own dress, then they would get on the large double bed together while the rest of us sat discreetly in the armchairs by the window.As Sam lay back on the pillow, her beautiful pale pink nipples hardening, her flat white belly quivering with delightful nervousness, her sallow friend would feast her eyes upon her from between her knees. She would see the downy fair pubic hair that adorns Sam's mound, and beneath it the full pink puffiness of a sex so far untouched by woman or man. I would signal to Carol to part her dear friend's knees and to worship at the Altar of Venus in the time honoured lesbian tradition. I would watch as friend made love to friend, as the knowledge between them changed forever. I knew that in sixty long years from now, the thing that connected them the most would this experience, on this bed, on this day.I would allow Carol to use all her oral skills, and the tender touch of her delicate fingers and nails to excite the skin and nerve endings, hips, belly, breasts, nipples, thighs, and of course the delicate sex itself and its aroused bud of pleasure, now swelling beneath its cloak of pink skin.And of course, they would kiss - looking deeply into each other's eyes, these eyes full of new vision, wonderment, magic and love - kiss deeply, softly and yet with increasing press and insistence and the inexperience gave way to a need to explore, to drink in the pleasure now that it had been tasted, to eat the once forbidden fruit .I would enjoy them enjoying each other slowly, gently to orgasm. Carol would use her tongue in the depths wile expertly thumbing the swollen,hot clitoris..... until Sam's breaths came in louder and faster gasps, her belly tensed, her nipples became completely engorged and her face and neck reddened with the approaching climax.... and then a gasp and sharp intake of breath now held, as her body was racked by orgasm, making her things and calved tremble and curling her toes as she sought to remain in this beautiful moment in which each second was a minute.......And then growing in her confidence and greedy for the sweetness of this magical fruit, Sam would urge her new lover, while the first orgasm was still washing away, to redouble her attack on her sex, now adding her own fingers to massage her clit in an even harder way than Carol had dared....forcing her way past the refractiory pause and threshing upwards towards a higher pinnacle of ecstacy that in her soul she now knew to be there. And then for a third time until both lay in warm embrace.Now I would ask Claudia and Amanda to take Carol back to the couch, and to re-dress her. They would then watch together as I impregnated the now ripened and willing womb of Sam, a girl who until today had only experienced orgasm through masturbation.Sam was ready and parted her legs for me. I noticed how deliciously turgid the flesh of her pussy lips had become, how her clitoris was still enlarged and inflamed, and how all of her slit glistened with the juices and saliva or her first lesbian lovemaking with Carol.I would look over at Carol, now back in her gown, and tell her she had done a perfect job, and that Sam's vagina was like a silk glove, ready to receive my cock, ready to suck greedily at the ropes of sperm that I would spurt into her womb in a few short minutes. I wanted her abiding orgasmic memory to be of her friend's kisses. My task was not to pleasure her, but to breed her. It was my job to fulfil the wishes of Cutechick456, the enchantress who had directed me to impregnate a virgin on this day.I would press my cock against Sam's sex, rub it up and down through the gooey liquor that still oozed, wetting my glans. When I pressed I would find that her sex was snug but not too tight, and receptive to deep penetration. I would press in as deep as I could, slolwly but insistently, and feel the tip of my cock meet the wall of her womb. Now I would know that when the moment came, the womb would fill with seed. I would look at Sam, and ask her to use her muscles to milk my cock with her tight young vagina. It twould take her a few seconds to find the way to do it, but then a smile of pleasure would dawn on her as she realised she was in command, milking me. It was her choice to breed. Her choice to be impregnated, to fill her belly so that in the coming months she would grow pleasingly round as her pregnancy progressed.I looked into her eyes and could see she was already imagining her pregnancy, looking in the mirror each day, noticing her belly grow, her breasts become enlarged, her nipples darked....the bloom of pergnanac in her face. She was imagining and milking at the same time.I would look at the three girls on the seat and ask them,"Is this not how a queen should become pregnant? Is she not perfectly in control? Her orgasm came from pleasure with Carol, but now in the next nine months her pleasure will come from the orgasm she milks from me here. I am holding off until I feel the maximum spasm will happen when I release, and when I do, I will press deep, and you will see my balls contract. At that moment, Claudia and Amanda, each of you will take one of Sam's legs and keep it elevated, as when I withdraw I want you to hold her so that gravity keeps all my sperm in her womb for ten minutes.Carol, for you are her first lover and I have chosen you to be her wife, you will kiss and cuddle her, and tell her you are looking forward to moving in with her, to being her lover throughout the pregnancy, promising an orgasmic session of love-making at any time she desires it. Will you agree?""Yes" Carol would reply, with eyes glistening, wet with passion and intensity,"I have fallen in love with my Sam today!"I would remove two slim gold rings from my little finger and as Sam brought me closer, give them to her."These are your wedding bands. Exchange them now, make your vows to each other while you milk me, and only when you are wife and wife shall the impregnation proceed."The two young beauties would look into each other's eyes ad they exchanged the rings. Carol would speak first, saying "Sam, I take you as my wife and will love you forever"Sam would reply" Carol,I take you for my wife, and will give you chi ld this year and love you forever."And at that blissful moment, Sam qould tighten her vaginal sheath around my throbbing shaft one last time and draw my seed from me, clenching herself tight as I convulsed in a powerful orgasm, sending thick ropes of warm seed deep into the hungry womb.I would know then that it was done.I had playd my role..Now my reward, as promised by my enchantress, was to have Claudia and Amanda as my concubines for the rest of the year.I would ask them to pack their bags and prepare for a year of sharing my cock, always together, never apart, a threesome. It was a fate they accepted wth joy.....after all, were we not still enchanted by the spell of Cutechick456?
08-30-2021, at 04:45 PM

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