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Wife pay back tease

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Wife pay back teaseSo one day my wife decided it's time to get even with me. The night before everything happens my wife cooks a special dinner because both of our k**s are off to camp for a week. She makes great food and great deserts. So we sit and eat and she says to me I made some chocolate chip cookies that are my favorite, of course this time she put some extra ingredient into the dough. I finish my dinner and can't wait for the cookies. So she picks up everything and brings me two large cookies and they tasted awesome. After about an hour I was feeling so sleepy and could not keep my eyes open and told my wife I am going to bed and she was still in the kitchen cleaning up and she said " sure baby I'll be there soon", of course this was always the plan. The next morning I wake up and I can't move or see anything. I start calling out to my wife and no one responds. I hear some music, but no one is there. After about 30 min which felt like 2 hours I hear the door open and I say" Baby what is going on why am I like this?" She doesn't say anything and keeps moving around the bedroom. I say did you not hear me? She responded I hear you but I am not going to answer. Once again I ask why I am like this, and she responded with" don't you remember what you did wrong". My mind is drawing a blank and it hard to figure out what I did wrong when my hand are tied above me, my legs are tied also and I have a blind fold one me. I keep hear her walking around and ask her what are you doing and where were you. She respones with I went to get a workout. I found it strange that she went out for a workout. So I asked where did you work out? She said I went to the new gym down the block. Now I know that going to the gym that early ,the only thing that goes are guys to build up before going to work so she must have been the only woman. So I said since when do you go to the gym and with what gym close? She says I just join and I had bought new cloths just for the gym. Oh yeah and by the way the cloths was a big hit at the gym because I got a lot of compliments from the guys. I said what do you mean compliments? I guess maybe not what they said ,but how they looked when I was doing my exercise. I said what the hell are doing and come here and let me go. I suddenly hear her walking over so she came to her senses and was going to let me go. She said you know what I am really tired of hearing you talk so let's close that mouth. Then she goes ahead and places a piece of tape right over my month and says this will keep you quite while I finish. Then she gets really close to my ear and whispers," I did not wear any underwear to go to the gym and I am really wet and it's not sweat." Then she went on to say honey I am going to take a shower now and don't worry if you hear things coming from the shower I need to relax and unwind. Not able to say a word the only choice I have is to lay there and wait for my wife to be done and maybe be relax enough to untie me. I hear the shower go on and then myself starts saying something. I think like she is talking to someone. Then I starting hearing the sounds of pleasure coming from my bathroom and my mind goes crazy and I start calling out to my wife, of course she is busy and I start thinking did she bring some guy from the gym and now they are going at it in my shower. The sounds start getting higher and I can hear her say " Oh yeah that's the way I like it, it so big. Oh!! Yeah just like that. Come on all the way in. Yeah!! Oh yeah!!. It's so hard. I suddenly stay still and I start to get a Hard On, my mind started to image my wife in the shower with another guy and getting banged with a really big hard dick. The more sound came from the shower the hard I got. She sounded like she was getting pounded hard and then came the finally climax and I heard her scream YES YES YES. Then everything went quite and heard the shower keep going and it sounded like she was finishing up. Then I hear her say that was get great I feel so relax now. I got nice big cock in me. Oh look I just got a magazine I was wait for. The guys look super HOT!!!. The only thing I could do is moan. I guess my wife looked over to me and said Honey did my shower make you horny that I can see you dick is super hard. I nodded saying YES. She said oh so you like your wife getting fucked by a long hard dick? I nodded again YES. Then she said well then I guess you won't mined if I look through this magazine I got full of hot naked hunks with there larger dicks. After a few minutes of her looking through the magazine. She said now that I am horny again I need to to make it up to me. So I feel her get on the bed and straddle me over my head and she said now I want you to lick my shaved pussy and feel the how wet I am. I start licking and she starts her moaning of how good it feels. Then she gets up and goes 69 on me and I start licking again, but she is just teasing my dick. I lick harder and she moans" Oh yeah baby just like that". Lick that used pussy, and the harder I get. Then she gets up and say ok that was good. Then she gets up out of the bed and says I think I am going to go get a drink and I will leave you there thinking of how I might be dressed and if may dress will get me some free drinks. Then she said don't worry I won't be long. When I come back you better be is the greatest mood, because I might just take my anger on your dick. With that said I hear blow me a kiss and walk out of the room.
08-30-2021, at 04:46 PM

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