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ż myself, a 7th kżnd level alżen
I MYSELF, A 7TH KIND LEVEL ALIENBefore I begin my story first let me say that I did not survive the final incident. What you are reading was written by me after my demise. First some basic information. I have been on various ships. Mother ships and transporter ships. I've got to meet numerous types of beings. I've met Salamander beings and I've met Greys, various different types of Greys. I've also met the Blue Arcturians which are incredible. They all have their own personalities and their own purposes. So I've met Blue Arcturians. I've met Andromedans, the Assyrian Warriors of Light. I've met the Sirius Nephrons. I've also met the Cat People that are from Sirius. I've met many. I've actually seen people that can shape shift from human looking to Reptilians. As far as the a*****ions. I've had numerous of them where they've shown me around various ships. They've also explained to me about the Hybrids and about the Starseeds that are here on planet Earth, why they're here and how they're here to help humanity. My job primarily is to awaken the Starseeds to remember why they're here on planet Earth. I have communicated with beings of all different races. I've had communication with Reptilians as well as those that look like werewolves. They look like werewolves on steroids. I've also had communication with the human looking ones, with Ashtar, with Sananda, with Archangel Michael. I've also been able to help others go to the ships. Part of my mission is to help people get to the ships that need to be on the ships. There's a lot of what you would consider updating when it comes to with what's happening to planet Earth and when strategies have to change then many of the Starseeds that are here on special missions are taken to the ships where they are then informed of the changes in the strategies and so forth of what is going to be happening in the future. I've never yet ever met a being that was't malevolent. I've always meet the benevolent ones. I've never experienced unconditional love till I've met them face to face and had conscious contact with them. They have taught me the importance of living with unconditional love and working with the light of source. This is the power that rules the universe. These beings that call themselves pure light beings and they were a collective of beings that were here to assist humanity. And they came through with this message that had about shifting conscious for human kind at this time. I sensed the wholeness of them that there were many and they came through with information every time. I also felt other beings that were present. The little kind of classical beings but kind of silvery light. They would be doing things to my aura or to my energy and I could feel them. I could see visual images of them activating something in my conscious. That's how I perceived it, they basically said that into my mind that they were activating things. So they could communicate better with me. There's beings from everywhere out there. And it's fascinating. Some of them were also the Zeta Reticulians. The messages from the Zetas are basically that they're helping us in our evolutionary process and all of these events that are happening, that people are experiencing such as a*****ions are to help us evolve. Help us evolve as a species. Into a more luminous being, a lighter being. They also say it's an awareness. A new level of awareness. So all of the being Zetas are on one level or another from different perspectives. And the Zeta beings that often are experienced as a*****ion, experiences are here specifically, they were asked to help with this process because they're actually experts in genetic, I'd say manipulation, but it's really not what they would call it. They have the ability or they've developed the ability to work with genetic structures. It's beyond what we think of as genetic because there's an energetic level, that I'm not a scientist so I don't know what to really call it but there always comes that message that there's an energetic component to this. That the frequency of our DNA is part of this factor. So they're trying to help us to make sure we can move into this next level of awareness which is an expansion of our abilities as human beings. SO that's what they're here to do. We don't necessarily comprehend them on a 3D level. Many species see them. Some don't see them. Some experience them in dream states and it seems like a dream and it is a real dream, but they're actually in a dimension, a dimension that we're moving into. So they are of the lighter frequency that we will be moving into. Of course we will be at the very baby steps of that, the very first level of that dimension and they've been there for millions of years and are actually ready to move on to their next level. It was like three years ago. It woke me up in the middle of the night, while I was mediating. If some could go like this and open your eyelids while you're mediating, while you're in deep man there's something out there. It looked like a little k** except it had big eyes, it looked just like a little k** except it had big eyes, small nose and a little mouth. Big eyes, small nose and a little mouth. My meditations were perhaps about science. I'm thinking that because, Einstein was right about something. Albert Einstein was right about something. How there's different dimensions and different realities and stuff. I'm thinking they went through time if you will you know. If their out there if they know all this and they have all this technology and all this stuff, what are the odds of them coming back you know? They didn't probe me, they didn't do nothing up to this moment. They just opened up my eyes. It was kinda crazy because before that I just asked for something like that to happen just for proof and I just got it you know? The little k** was there. It then happened. I started to have a light glow and it seemed like you could see through me -- the little k** said he was removing all alien DNA and I became a little bit scared at the moment. It was something crazy. That was my last moments and thoughts. I hope you enjoyed my story.

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