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The Informant- Part 3 Final

Post #1

The Informant- Part 3 FinalShe faced him again, her eyes watery. "I don't want to go with you if you decide to get it, alright?"Reggie saw that she was torn between him and her husband. He knew she feared going to prison. He wished he could console her, but he knew better than to ever confide what he knew. That was not how he would win this game with her. No matter how this played out, unfortunately, things were going to be difficult. Everyone loses someone they love, but the wounds eventually heal. He held her in his arms. "Don't say anything else, baby. I promise everything gonna be alright. I gotta go out for a little while. But I'll be back a little later, okay?""Oh, Reggie, hold me. You don't understand..."He interrupted her. "Shush, I told you not to say anything else. I'm Reggie Johnson, and nothing bad ever happens to me or to people I love. Don't you worry none, baby, because I love you, and I be back later to make love to you."She wanted to believe him even though her gut told her something was about to go terribly wrong.*******Around the same time Reggie held Alyssa in his arms, Detective Sanchez stood in Lieutenant Barnes' office, arguing to keep her investigation alive. "Look, all I know is Chief Reynolds wants this investigation ended," Lieutenant Barnes told Sanchez, light from the ceiling fixture reflecting off the top of his shiny, almost completely bald head. He sat behind his desk with a stack of papers in front of him. Sanchez spent countless hours in pursuit of Reggie Johnson and his associates. This was her big opportunity; but for some odd reason, her superiors suddenly wanted to shut everything down just as she came within striking distance. "But the deal is going down tomorrow night, Lieutenant. This is our chance to clean up this city and put Johnson, Greeman, and all their dirt-bag gang members away.""Luther Greeman hates Reggie Johnson. They're rivals. Why would he start supplying him with product when he's got a good relationship with Daryl Mason's gang? The case is closed, detective. That'll be all."Sanchez left Lt. Barnes' office with a scowl on her face. She was too close to let these dirt-bag d**g dealers slither away from her now. Johnson must have reached an agreement to work with Greeman, Sanchez figured. Why else would her informant tell her they were meeting tomorrow night? Sanchez almost forgot about her pretty little informant who provided her with this information. It had been a month since she contacted Alyssa, but word on the street was that Johnson had been holed up in his penthouse poking the brains out of his new girlfriend, some young white girl ? a cute little blonde who fit Alyssa's description perfectly. Alyssa proved perfect bait to keep Johnson distracted and off his game. Like all men, Johnson thought too much with his penis, Sanchez mused. The bigger the prick, the more it clouded judgement, and it was rumored that Reggie Johnson had an enormous cock. Detective Sanchez decided she would stake out the warehouse the following night by herself to get proof of Greeman's and Johnson's i*****l dealings. Detective Noyse saw his old partner angrily slam her locker closed. "What's up Sanchez? You look pissed about something?""Chief Reynolds just shut down my investigation of Reggie Johnson! Can you believe it?"Noyse shook his head without comment."There's something going down tomorrow night at the old Furman Warehouse. My informant tells me Johnson is getting a supply of Ecstasy from Luther Greeman. I'm going there anyway to stake it out. You want in?"Noyse was surprised Reggie Johnson had been so careless. He had warned Reggie about Alyssa. "You're crazy. Let it go. Without any backup, they'll kill you if they find out you're there."Sanchez squinted her fury-filled eyes and pursed her lips. "Fine, I'll do it by myself. Just don't tell anyone else around here about it, okay?"Noyse shook his head again before walking away. "Suit yourself, but you're going to get yourself killed."*********As evening neared two cars sat alone in the parking lot of the abandoned shipyard, the sky overcast and a few lights from the city skyline across the river visible through the blurry haze of an approaching storm.It started raining just before Detective Noyse hopped into Reggie's limo. He brushed the droplets of water from his sleeve after he shut the door."Whatcha got for me?" Reggie asked."Sanchez knows about your transaction tomorrow night with Greeman. The chief stopped the investigation, but Sanchez is planning a stakeout on her own. It's against regs, but she wants to be a hotshot. I warned you about that girl you're fucking. She's an informant and she's married. You better call your meeting off or Sanchez will put you and Greeman in prison for a long time."Reggie expected Alyssa to give Sanchez that information, but he thought Chief Reynolds had better control of his officers. "I don't know what you're talking about, Noyse. I'm not meeting Luther tomorrow night. You sure you got your facts straight?"Noyse looked at Reggie incredulously. "I don't know what your angle is, Reggie. I'm just warning you that Sanchez is staking the place out. I'm on your payroll, remember? You want to deny everything, that's fine. But I think it's time you quit thinking with your prick. That girl you're shacked up with may be beautiful, but she's an informant and she ratted on you, which serves you right for fucking a married woman in the first place. If you go through with your meeting tomorrow night, your little d**g empire will crumble."Reggie rolled his eyes up at the detective. "Okay, whatever man." He handed him the usual thick envelope. "Here, go get yourself laid. You'll feel better."Noyse departed Reggie's limo, the rain pouring down harder than before now sounded like the roar of applause as it landed in the murky river. Reggie thought about his plan a moment as Detective Noyse's car pulled away. Things could work out even better this way.On the way back to his high-rise, Reggie's limo stopped at a convenience store where he purchased another prepaid cell phone. He went through a lot of these cheap, disposable phones so legal authorities could not track his business dealings. Reggie's chauffeur met him outside the convenience store and held an umbrella over Reggie's head, shielding him from an onslaught of rain. With this stormy weather, Reggie looked forward to spending yet another night in his warm bed fucking his Snow Bunny, Alyssa. His chauffeur closed the door as Reggie settled into the cool leather seat of the limousine. Reggie chuckled proudly to himself at how he had gotten a happily married white woman -- his pretty whitefish -- hooked on big black dick. Alyssa preferred black cock now, and she had apparently fallen in love with Reggie, a black man, while she was still married to some white dude. If Reggie was mistaken, then Alyssa's acting abilities had improved phenomenally and she deserved an Academy Award, he thought.He had planted something inside her, he confidently thought. Something just as potent and addictive as any d**g. Something that even the most faithfully married white women like Alyssa wanted more of once they tried it a few times. Too bad Detective Sanchez was such a cunt, otherwise he would thank her for sending Alyssa to him. Alyssa turned out to be the nicest gift anyone had ever given to him.******The following evening Reggie left Alyssa alone in his penthouse. They didn't discuss where he was going, although she assumed he went to meet that Luther fellow for the supply of Molly. She gazed out the window of his condominium, through a blurry veil of rain, at a grey city, the remnants of day fading into darkness and tiny streams of water running down the other side of the tall panes of glass in front of her like tears down a sad face. Reggie was somewhere out there. Alyssa wanted to believe everything would be okay like he had predicted it would be, but she knew better. Part of her was happy that all of this would be over soon, and she would be free to return to Josh. After all, she was married to him. But part of her was mourning Reggie. The unfaithful things she did with him ? the unexplainable way his huge black penis felt inside her, how he tasted, his touch ? she could never experience any of these incredible things again. They would need to remain secrets brought with her to the grave. Alyssa fixated on her phone's dark screen in her hand. She flirted again with unblocking it. The temptation that had once dogged her severely at the beginning of all this, had diminished over the month as Reggie cozened physical intimacy from her, which ultimately evolved into emotional affection. Not quite yet, she told herself. It would be like opening an electronic Pandora's Box. Yet with each day that had passed, as she grew closer to Reggie, her guilt accumulated, making the eventual act of reestablishing contact with Josh increasingly difficult. An unexplainable avalanche of text messages and voicemails from him likely waited for her. Reggie accidentally reading one of them would be disastrous, she thought.She had spent so much time with Reggie, much of it having inappropriate sex, Alyssa guiltily realized. Unblocking her phone had not seemed like a smart thing to do; and besides, Detective Sanchez had warned her not to have any contact with anyone she knew. But isolation from everyone in her life except Reggie had the unintended consequence of intensifying Alyssa's attachment to him.Alyssa now waited for confirmation from Detective Sanchez that Reggie was under arrest, and she expected that text or call to come any moment.*******Rumbles of thunder intermittently drowned out the patter of rain against the metal warehouse. Sanchez ducked behind some crates, and a couple of big grey rats with red, beady eyes scurried across the top of them. She took pictures with her iPhone of Luther Greeman, a portly black man with greying hair he kept combed back, waiting with his men. Daryl Mason arrived a few minutes later with a few of his gang members. But where was Reggie Johnson? She took pictures as the two gang leaders spoke."You hear from Johnson?" Luther asked.Reggie Johnson had been their competitor for years; but recently a tenuous truce dividing the rivaling gangs along negotiated borders allowed them to operate somewhat peacefully within the confines of their own territory. "Nope, fuck that nigger. I don't like him anyway. Let's get this done without him," Daryl nervously replied as if on amphetamines. He was a skinny black man, perhaps in his later 20s, with medium length dreadlocks hanging to his shoulders. While Sanchez captured the dealers exchanging d**gs and money on her phone's camera, Reggie directed his limo driver by the old warehouse. A bolt of lightning formed silver veining in the night sky. In the brief flash Reggie spotted Luther Greeman's and Daryl Mason's cars parked outside in the pouring rain. "Okay, keep going," Reggie told his driver. "I just wanted to check on something." As they pulled away, Reggie used the prepaid cell phone he had purchased yesterday evening to send a text message to Luther Greeman.Luther Greeman's phone signaled the receipt of a text message, a number he didn't recognize lit up on its screen. He was tempted to ignore it, but something, perhaps some premonition, urged him to read it anyway."Somebody ratted on us. Not coming. Narc in warehouse."Luther looked up from his phone. "Holy shit, I think this is from Johnson. Says, 'somebody ratted on us'. There's a fucking narc here somewhere." "Shit, cover those fuckin' doors," Daryl yelled.Sanchez panicked. She had to get out of the warehouse before these thugs found her. She started running for the door.Daryl signaled to his homeboys, "There ?get 'er." He pointed to Detective Sanchez slaloming between crates, trying to elude them ? attempting to reach the exit before they closed it off.Somebody fired their gun. A deafening bang followed by a ringing in the ears like a tea pot's angry scream when kept on a burner too long. Part of Detective Sanchez' heart exploded from her chest with the exit of a .44 magnum hollow point bullet. As her fresh corpse hit the ground, her phone flew from her hand and slid beneath a pallet without anyone seeing it. "Holy fuckin' shit," Luther exclaimed. The gangsters all gathered around the body lying in a pool of its own blood. They all became as silent and still as the corpse now lying in front of them, heard that same stubborn ringing in their ears retreating, and the downpour of rain outside growing louder.************After almost two hours of waiting, the screen on Alyssa's phone remained dark and its ringer silent. The time of the supposed d**g deal passed without a word from Detective Sanchez ? no call, no text. Then the doorknob to Reggie's penthouse rattled. The cavalry was here to get her. Alyssa anticipated Detective Sanchez on the other side of the door, here in person to inform her this was all over, to thank Alyssa for her valuable service, and to take her home to Josh. Alyssa was poleaxed when Reggie entered instead, no handcuffs around his wrists and no Detective Sanchez accompanied by a covey of uniformed police officers."Hi, what happened? Everything okay?" The stunned look on Alyssa's face said everything. Their time together was supposed to be finished; their illicit affair over. She wondered what happened to Detective Sanchez. But she had little time to ponder Detective Sanchez' fate. The tell-tale bulge that looked like a poorly concealed roll of cookie dough appeared in Reggie's pants. "Yea, everything's fine, baby. No Molly though. Didn't go to the meeting. I thought about everything you said the other night and decided maybe it wasn't a good idea."What had she done? All this for nothing, her marriage likely ruined by an interracial affair. How could she stupidly have feelings for a black d**g dealer and suggest he not go through with the d**g deal that would free her and Josh? She was a married woman and now she and Josh would surely go to prison.Reggie could almost read her thoughts on her disquieted face. He took her in his arms and tried calming her without spilling what he knew about her situation. "Why you look so upset? I thought you didn't want me to get the Molly for you because you was scared. Everything's gonna be okay, baby. I promise. I'll get you some more Molly soon. There's another big shipment coming next week." She began crying. "That's not it, Reggie. You don't understand. I'm not good for you. I'm not good for anyone." She wanted to explain everything to him, but couldn't. She didn't want to do this to him anymore, but it was either him or them. Perhaps things could still be salvaged with Detective Sanchez. Reggie said he could get more Molly soon. Surely Detective Sanchez would wait a little longer, Alyssa hoped. He took her hand and placed it on the bulge in his pants that demanded her attention. A good fuck was going to take her mind off all her worries tonight, Reggie thought.After spending an entire month with Reggie, Alyssa knew exactly what to do for him and immediately did it.In his king size bed, stripped down to only her bikini briefs, Alyssa sucked on his big black cock again, rain pouring outside their bedroom window. Weeks had slipped by, like water through her hands, without contact from Josh, Detective Sanchez, or anyone else she knew. She had spent weeks pretending to be Reggie's girlfriend, fucking him passionately -- sometimes multiple times daily -- without even barrier protection. They performed oral sex on each other. This pretense of love had dinned an odd affection for him into her. And the longer they shared intimacy, the less she seemed to long for Josh.Still no call or text from Detective Sanchez. "Mmm, oh, mmm, uh-huh," Alyssa moaned sucking his big black cock, trying to make him cum. She ran her tongue up his shaft as if licking an ice-cream cone. She twirled her tongue over his smooth sensitive glans and around its ridge to maximize his pleasure. Over the weeks, she had learned what he liked, the parts of his penis most sensitive, and how his preferences differed from Josh's. "Oh, Reggie, mmm, your cock is so big.""Oh, yeah, that feel real nice, girl"She sucked on it again, his pre-cum filling her mouth with his unique taste, again a flavor different from Josh, more familiar and one she had learned to prefer over her husband's. She had performed oral sex on her husband only a few times, but could not remember him tasting this way. "You like 'em big and black now, huh, baby?"That wasn't true. This was all just an act, she briefly reminded herself, her pussy soaked as she savored his unique flavor. "Mmm, oh, it's getting so hard." But she finished answering his question about liking them big and black by pulling off her panties for him.If this was an act, she had become way too good at playing it, she realized. And if it was a game he was playing with her, he had already won.He turned off the lights.Did she love him or did she just love having sex with him? There was such a fine line separating the two and when they fucked, she seemed to cross over it. She never wanted something like this to happen. How did a black man, a d**g dealer and a thug, do this to her ? make her enjoy sex with him, toy with her emotions? Her arms wrapped around Reggie's neck and she passionately kissed him as he entered her.His gigantic black cock entirely filled her with his presence. "Ah, ah, ah," she chirruped. "Ooh, Reggie, you're so deep inside me." She stared into darkness, her eyes adjusting to it and searching for his. The lambent light from the city filtered through their bedroom window as he fucked her. Something about him made her feel safe and secure, like everything would work out fine. It always did with him. "Oh, oh, oh my god. You feel so good inside me. I'm cumming." Her fingers dug into the hard muscles in his back."Oh, baby you so wet and your pussy feel so silky. I'm going to cum too."She was never good at monitoring her cycle. "You should take it out this time. I might be ovulating," she said, hoping he would not hear her, or at least ignore her. They should have been using condoms, but Reggie had always refused to wear them. Now the combination of familiarity and drive to reproduce made her forget that the last thing she needed was an unwanted pregnancy, an illegitimate black baby. She felt just the very start of his ejaculation inside her, and then her body experienced drastic disappointment with the unexpected departure of his penis, her pelvis u*********sly rising to stay with him, to keep him inside her just a little longer, despite the possible consequences. His cock left the party, but unfortunately just a bit too late.After the head of his cock escaped the tight grasp of her vaginal labia, a mixture of their silky secretions formed a fine thread between their genitals that briefly glistened in a sudden flash of lighting, like a single strand of spider web covered with a morning dew. His huge black cock continued its fusillade of warm cum outside of her as she reached down. She softly held his firm shaft, and felt the familiar volleys land on her belly and breasts, his penis pulsating like a beating heart in her palm.He placed his hand around hers as she gently tugged on him, and guided her to rub the head of his penis on her swollen clitoris, her pussy undulating as she came again, this time with him. "That's it, baby. Don't that feel good there like that?"She arched her back beneath him, squeezed his cock tighter in her hand. Gusts pelted rain against their bedroom window, and in darkness flashes of lighting made her appear ghostly. "Ooh, oh, oh Reggie. Oh, god. Ooooh." They slowly ceased massaging her clitoris with the glans of his penis as she relaxed, her hand ultimately relinquishing its grasp. "I love you, baby," he told her."Oh, I love you too, Reggie. Their lips met; their tongues explored each other's mouths. Her arms slid around his back and she hugged him, the rumbling thunder becoming more distant but the rain still falling outside.*****************Several days later Alyssa woke in Reggie's arms as in previous mornings. Brilliant sunlight seeping between cracks in the blinds suggested she had slept late after spending much of the night making love with him again, taking his huge black cock deep inside her. Days had passed since the Molly deal fell through, yet she had not heard a word from Detective Sanchez. Alyssa slid away from Reggie and out of their bed. She had always worn pajamas to sleep, but that was in the past, with Josh, and she acquired the habit of sleeping nude with Reggie. She stood staring at Reggie's beautiful black body a moment, her hand running down her flat tummy and feeling the crusty residue of his dried semen on her smooth skin. It seemed like she had more sex with Reggie in the past month than she did with Josh their entire time together. Reggie had fucked her five or six times last night alone.Last night they had fucked a long time before going to sleep. And in the middle of the night, he woke her with his penis hard again and needing more relief. "It hurting real bad, baby. You know I can't sleep unless you help me get rid of it. Get on top this time and put my cock in your pussy."It seemed like a recurring dream. "Okay, Reggie," she had said, somnolently climbing on top of him, guiding his big black penis into her wet vagina. "Ooh, does that feel better?" she asked, her pussy pumping up and down, trying to make him ejaculate to relieve another one of his painful hard-ons. His hands tightly gripped her firm buttocks, spreading them apart. "Yeah, baby. It starting to feel better. Keep moving your pussy like that and tell me how much you like fucking my big black cock.""Oh, Reggie, I love fucking your big black cock," she cried, the incredible energy flowing between them fully waking her. "It fills me up and feels so good inside me."She fucked him faster and took his penis deeper inside her. "Oh, baby, don't stop. I'm gonna cum real soon," he bellowed. She thought her fertile period had probably ended, although she had made him pull out earlier that evening just in case. She was still uncertain of her ovulation cycle, but decided not to worry about it this time. She didn't know that he had already impregnated her several nights ago when his penis left the party just a little too late. "Ooh, Reggie, cum for me. Ooh, ooh, uh-huh, that's it. Oh, yes, uh-huh. I want your black cock to cum in my pussy." She pressed her cheek into his shoulder while her hands wandered over the big hard muscles in his chest. She felt the familiar tension in his body build. He held her tightly to him as her pussy continued the long, wet journey up and down his thick black cock. But Reggie held back until she came a few times for him, her calls for him to cum growing higher and more desperate while her pussy throbbed uncontrollably on his penis. "Oh, Reggie, cum for me, please!""I'm gonna cum real soon, baby," he kept reassuring her, allowing her orgasms to become stronger, stoking the flame in her loins and feeding it more fuel, making it burn hotter and brighter for him."Ah, ah, ah, oh god, oh god, oh god, ooh, Reggie. Oh, I'm cumming. Cum for me Reggie!" "Ah, baby, oh yeah. I'm cumming too." His huge penis and her tight wet pussy formed a throbbing duet that pulsated together in perfect harmony, his cock copiously filling her with more of his fecund seed. Fortunately, her fertile period had likely passed a few days earlier, she thought. She was far too aroused to interrupt the magical exchange, the music occurring between them, their bodies synchronized in total pleasure. "Ooh, that's it, Reggie, uh-huh." Her fingers softly ran through the short nappy hair on top his head. "Is the pain all gone? Does it feel better now, sweetheart?""Uh-huh, baby. Thank you.""Okay, go back to sleep, honey" she whispered. She kissed him on the lips, her palm softly exploring his burly chest and his tiny erect nipple that felt like a pebble. She lowered her cheek on his shoulder, his penis so large that even flaccid, it remained in her pussy a while. They had fallen back to sleep that way, in each other's arms, his penis inside her, she now realized.Alyssa yawned after musing about the wonderful sex they had the previous night, grabbed her phone from the nightstand, and walked to the kitchen for a glass of water. Reggie, Josh, and Detective Sanchez were all on her mind this morning. She wondered what would happen to Reggie once Detective Sanchez arrested him. How long would he go to prison? Could she secretly visit him there, perhaps, while Josh was at work? Reggie would probably hate her and not want to see her ever again, she sadly thought.Alyssa wondered if she could ever love Josh the same way she did before all this happened. She still cared for Josh, but was he even capable of satisfying her sexually anymore ? the way Reggie could? The thought of all she had done with Reggie filled her with guilt. She had fucked a black d**g dealer, a thug, and had a salacious interracial affair with him. But she did it to keep Josh and herself out of jail, she convinced herself. And there was more to love than just sex and money and laughter and all the other things she found so fascinating and alluring about Reggie. But sex seemed to be an important part of love and the part of it that Reggie gave to her in such wonderful abundance. Josh lacked Reggie's stamina and could never match Reggie's capabilities due to his smaller penis, which Alyssa never appreciated until Reggie had been inside her. Anything she wanted, Reggie provided to her without slightest hesitation. She admired Reggie's engagement ring on her finger. Its obnoxiously huge diamonds sparkled wildly in the morning sunlight, seemingly in agreement with her thoughts. But what happened to Detective Sanchez, the orchestrator of Alyssa's difficult situation, and when would Alyssa hear from her again? It seemed like the longer Alyssa stayed with Reggie the stronger her crush on him became. It had been several days since the botched d**g deal. She should have heard something from Detective Sanchez by now. It had also been days, perhaps even a week, since Alyssa read, watched, or heard the news, so she scrolled through the News App on her iPhone, the temptation to unblock numbers briefly calling to her before she put that bad idea back to bed. Suddenly she came across a worrisome headline: Phone of Missing Detective Feared Dead Found."Police found the cell phone of Detective Juanita Sanchez, 39, on Friday. Sanchez had not reported for duty all week after leaving from work on October 16th..."Reggie wandered from their bedroom naked, his huge black cock hanging from him pendulously while Alyssa's back was towards him. He admired her beautiful hour-glass figure and firm shapely ass as she stood nude in the kitchen intently reading something on her phone. "Oh my God!" he heard her cry. She dropped her phone on the hard tile floor, shattering its screen. He ran up to her, picked up the phone and took her in his arms. "What's the matter, baby?"She began to cry, rivers of tears gushing from her eyes down her cheeks, as if a huge dam had suddenly opened. "Something awful has happened, Reggie, and it's all my fault."There naked bodies touched, and even though he wanted sex with her, especially now with his cock brushing against her soft white skin, he could not act on that impulse while she was in her present condition. "What is it?""I can't tell you."Reggie looked at the fractured screen on her phone, a jigsaw puzzle of glass, and read the article. "Did you know this detective, Alyssa?" he asked.She quickly nodded her head, her lips quivering."Alyssa, you can tell me about it. You got to believe me. We done too much together for anything to ever come between us, baby. Nothing you did will ever make me mad at you or make me stop loving you. I promise."She could not continue lying to him anymore. It didn't matter anyway. Detective Sanchez was dead. Alyssa knew it. She buried her face in Reggie's chest as he gently held her in his big muscular arms, and she confessed everything to him between her sobs.Reggie compassionately listened to her confess. Their game ended and she discovered she lost. There was no need to reveal how he had cheated, how he knew all the cards she had held in her hand from the very beginning. Better to let her believe she had deceived him.Later that afternoon, Alyssa packed her few belongings in her suitcase and prepared to leave Reggie's luxurious penthouse forever. "I'm so sorry about everything Reggie. You must hate me now.""I could never hate you, Alyssa. I know you didn't have a choice, and you came clean about it anyway. I still love you and you don't need to leave."She removed his beautiful engagement ring from her finger. She grew to love that ring like she had grown to love Reggie, and regretted parting with it, but how could she ever explain it to Josh? She placed the ring in Reggie's palm, where it rightfully belonged, and gently closed his fingers around it. "I love you too, Reggie, but I'm married and I have to go back to Josh. I shouldn't have done this to you." She released his balled-up hand, reached in the front pocket of her blue jeans, and withdrew her wedding band and the real engagement ring Josh had given to her several years ago. With her heavenly blue eyes guiltily staring into his, she slipped her legitimate engagement ring and her wedding band on her finger where Reggie's much larger stone had substituted for an entire month, until now.She had become accustomed to the size and heaviness of Reggie's ring on her finger. What replaced it looked woefully inadequate and felt strangely alien to her now."Baby, I know you don't want this. Please don't go.""I do want it, Reggie. I got carried away with everything and fell in love with you, but I still love Josh too, and I'm married to him. I must go back to him. I can't do this with you anymore. This entire situation is all fucked up. Josh and I will be going to prison soon anyway."He grabbed her tightly and passionately kissed her one last time, neither of them realizing that a few days ago they had started a new life in her womb."Mmph, oh, Reggie, no, mmmm, I can't ? mmmmmm..." At first she pushed against him, then her hands, with their delicate touch, once more surveyed the big, hard muscles in his chest and back. For a few moments, she gave in to the kiss, the magic between them reigniting.Then she pulled away. "Alyssa, I'll always love you. If you change your mind or ever need anything, I'm here for you.""I know, Reggie. I'll always love you too."*******************The Uber driver let Alyssa out of his vehicle at the street curb in front of her house and sped away to pick up his next passenger. She walked up her driveway, her suitcase in tow. Having lived in the city with Reggie for the past month, it seemed unusual without the roaring traffic's boom this time of day. The silence was lonely.She noticed how the trees in her yard cast longer shadows across the lawn than when she had left here over a month ago, their formerly green leaves now a lovely cornucopia of different colors. It was still summer the last time she saw Josh. Now it was autumn, another season had passed, a new school year had begun. The change in season was far less evident from Reggie's urban high rise. She assumed Josh was teaching again this year, but for how much longer remained in question. It was late afternoon and he would return from work soon.She reached the front door and entered the house. Things were much as she remembered them, but it no longer felt like her home inside. It looked like Josh did very little housekeeping during her absence. The bed unmade, dishes in the kitchen sink unwashed and piled high, his dirty laundry on the floor, a layer of dust forming on their wooden furniture.Alyssa sat in the living room, in the worn armchair they had purchased from a thrift store over a year ago, and finally got around to unblocking her phone. A thin adhesive screen protector held her phone's cracked screen together and prevented her from slicing her fingers on it. The cracks on the broken screen resembled a web spun by a spider. If electronic devices could have seizures, her poor, injured phone was now in one, pinging and buzzing from the accumulation of texts and voicemails she had neglected while fucking Reggie like a horny teenager for over a month. Having little interest in Josh's crazed messages, or much else at present, she set her phone on the threadbare armrest until its convulsions ended. She quietly sat and pondered their woes. She had tried to do the right thing by becoming a police informant and befriending Reggie Johnson, but accomplished little it seemed other than severely injure her marriage, perhaps mortally. Her situation with Josh was precarious at best. She still had no contact with the police and no idea about the status of their d**g charges. Her phone silenced after a final message from Josh she had missed over a week ago. While she was sorry for all that had occurred, for how she had repeatedly betrayed her sacred wedding vows to him with Reggie, she could not deal with anymore guilt. She decided it was best to move forward from here, wherever that journey would take them, and spent the next few minutes deleting all of Josh's voicemails and texts without listening to or reading one of them.But unlike her phone that only required a swipe of the finger to delete everything, she was unable to ever erase all the intimate acts of betrayal she had committed with Reggie. They were disfiguring scars on her marriage forever.Josh noticed the front door unlocked when he arrived home. No signs of forced entry. Could he have forgotten to lock it this morning when he left for work, or was she back? Perhaps the police came by with a warrant looking to arrest him. Again, no signs of forced entry; and if it was the police, they knew where he worked. He held no doubt they would not hesitate to escort him from the classroom, a shiny new pair of matching stainless steel bracelets on his wrists for the entire school to see. He scratched the police from his list, which left either a lapse in memory (unlikely) or Alyssa's return.Alyssa's likely return ignited a wild assortment of conflicting emotions within Josh. He had gone through a thousand scenarios in his mind while she was away of what he would say to her and how he would act if this moment ever arrived, and now he forgot all of that.For weeks, he had sent her text messages, left her voicemails, but received not a single reply. With each unanswered attempt to reach her his anger and frustration had grown, like a rabid fever.Alyssa finished deleting the last of Josh's messages. When she looked up from her phone, he was standing in the front hallway silently staring at her, the rictus on his face displaying enough contempt to wither the freshest flowers. Alyssa jerked in her seat, startled by his sudden appearance. "Oh, Josh, I didn't see you there. You scared me," she said, her hand reaching for her heart as if preparing to cite a 'Pledge of Allegiance'.He looked disheveled, his shirt wrinkled, stained and untucked; his hair like he combed it with an egg beater; his face unshaven for weeks. "Well, Alyssa, what brings you home after all this time?" His greeting was cool and subdued, but even from across the room she could see his blood boiling beneath his skin. He was ready to burst like an un-cracked egg in a microwave oven. She sidled up to him, as if approaching a stray, snarling dog. "I'm glad to see you, Josh. I missed you. How have you been?" She offered a consolatory smile that could melt through the hardest mettle."You're glad to see me? You missed me? Did you get bored fucking a criminal?"She winced at his accusation, the sweet, innocent smile sliced off her face by his razor tongue with surgical precision. He could not possibly know about what she did with Reggie, and she was never going to reveal it to Josh either. Her eyes became watery, but she was not going to cry. "I didn't fuck anyone, Josh. Why would you say such a horrible thing to me? I'm your wife.""I'm supposed to believe that after you disappear for five weeks, ignore all my messages and phone calls and never bother to contact me? What could have possibly prevented you from sending just a quick text even once? Didn't you get my messages?""I couldn't have any contact with anyone I knew, Josh. You know that. I had to block my phone.""So not once did you have the opportunity to call or text me? You didn't have a second alone?"She tried holding back the tears, but streams began flowing from her eyes anyway. She shook her head like a c***d caught in a lie. "The police said no contact, Josh. I didn't want to jeopardize the investigation and our deal with them.""So you were with some criminal all that time and the two of you never fucked, not once?""He was just a friend," Alyssa replied, realizing how ridiculous it sounded, like the funny song from Biz Markie that she had laughed at and enjoyed hearing once with Reggie. 'Acquaintance' would have been a better word to use."So now you're making friends with criminals. Come on, Alyssa, don't play that innocent little wife shit with me. The whole friend thing is just a prerequisite for getting in a girl's panties. We both know you're gorgeous, but no guy is going to wait an entire month."Alyssa remained silent, lifted her arm and blotted tears off her face with her sleeve. No matter what he said, she was never going to admit having an affair to him. There was no reason to. It would only hurt and anger him further and do nothing to change circumstances."So who was this so called 'friend' and what did you do together if not screw?"Alyssa sniffled, but her tears had dried. "We just met at the club a few times, danced and talked a lot. Nothing else."Josh knew there was more to her story. He had overheard her that day she left, complaining to Detective Sanchez on the phone about some creep 'making her do things' with him. "What about the things he made you do with him, Alyssa? I heard what you told Detective Sanchez on the phone the day you left."She tried to remember that conversation, but mostly drew a blank. Whatever Josh had overheard ease dropping on her that day could not be too incriminating, she thought. She would never share those types of things with anyone. Some things a girl always kept secret. "He gave me some stuff called Molly once and we kissed a little. I told him I was married, and that's as far as things went." Why did she say anything about taking the Molly or kissing someone else? She had to give him an explanation that was believable yet forgivable, but perhaps she provided too much of the truth. It had slipped from her mouth like a sudden, irrepressible cough, and once she spoke those words she could not take them back, even though she immediately regretted saying them. "You took Molly and kissed some guy? And I'm supposed to believe that's all that happened? Who was this guy?" Josh skeptically asked.Alyssa grew indignant and her hackles rose. Josh had no one to blame but himself for all of this. She would never have slept with Reggie if it was not for Josh and his ridiculous grow room. Josh was not even guile enough to make a profit from it. He put her in an awful situation and then had the impudence to accuse her of cheating on him. Perhaps she did fuck Reggie, but it was not like she had a choice, at least not at first. "That's all that happened Josh, nothing else, and you don't need to know any more about it. It's over now," she adamantly snapped.Her stern reply squelched Josh's truculence, but he still needed the most important question answered: "What about our d**g charges? I heard about Sanchez' disappearance in the news a few days ago. Did that have anything to do with you?""I don't know about any of that, Josh. The last time I spoke with her was over a month ago. I haven't heard from anyone at the Police Department since then.""That's great work, Alyssa. You probably got her killed. That ought to help us with things tremendously." He stomped off to their bedroom doubting Alyssa's story, determined to revisit the topic later and extract the truth from her one way or another. He needed to hurt her as badly as she hurt him.They said nothing to each other the rest of that evening and Alyssa went to sleep in the spare bedroom (the one with the walk-in closet Josh had converted to a grow room that caused all this trouble). With all the stress, she didn't think she would sleep well that night. But careworn, she drifted down into deep darkness and dreamlessness. She rested comfortably at the bottom of a calm lake of nothingness, in silent water far beneath the distant surface of consciousness. Josh crept into the room and stood nude in the shadows watching Alyssa peacefully sleep. With his supply of pot gone, he had resorted to alcohol as his new d**g of choice and had polished off an entire bottle this evening. It had been well over a month since he had Alyssa, and tonight he was going to take back what was his. While she lay on her back in deep slumber, his hand carefully slithered inside her pajamas and made its way down her smooth, flat belly. He reached inside her panties and touched her 'on' switch between her legs. Something buoyed Alyssa from the calm depths of u*********sness and she began dreaming. Her pussy felt good and was getting very wet. "No, not now, Reggie. I'm tired," she mumbled in her sleep. "Is it hard again? Does it hurt? It's so big. Yes, I love your big black cock." But it was not Reggie; it was Josh who was cautiously touching her clitoris, masturbating her while she slept.Reggie ? that was the son-of-a-bitch who had fucked her, Josh angrily realized. Enraged, he suddenly tore at her pajamas, pulling her bottoms completely off. Something jerked Alyssa awake, and she slapped at the darkness. "Oh my god, what are you doing? No, get away from me, you bastard!" He slapped her face hard. She saw bright flashes of light in the blackness of night and tasted the saltiness of her own blood flowing from her lip. "You filthy slut! Who's Reggie?" He slapped her again, his breath reeking of whisky. She lay stunned as he ripped open the top piece of her pajamas, its buttons flying off in multiple directions, exposing her naked breasts to the cool night air. She felt him shove his pathetically small penis into her vagina. "Reggie is a nigger's name. Did you fuck a nigger you whore? You like fucking big black nigger cocks now?"She cried hysterically, her hands covering her face as her husband violently ****d her. "Oh god, I didn't fuck anyone, Josh. Stop doing this to me."He pounded into her harder. "You're a liar. Your pussy feels different to me you fucking whore. You let him stretch it out and ruin it. I'm going to cum in you. Sorry you can't have the big black cock you're used to tonight.""No, no, no, oh God, why?" Alyssa wailed as Josh ejaculated inside her. He finished his orgasm, rolled off her, and staggered on to his feet. She assumed a fetal position facing away from him, her sobs filling the room and reaching down the shadowy corridor as he shambled back to his own room, to the bed they had once lovingly shared. ***********Reggie kept copies of Alyssa's and Josh's police reports that Noyse had given to him. Josh should have been at school teaching today, so why was Alyssa not answering the texts Reggie sent to her? Reggie's limo parked in front of a vacant lot for sale a few blocks from where she lived, and Reggie walked the way to her house while his limo driver waited. It was a modest suburban area, your typical middle class development. The houses he passed while strolling along the grey cement sidewalks were all variations of four or five basic designs. What they called cookie-cutter. The sidewalk ended before Alyssa's street, which was outside the housing development and hidden in a secluded bubble away from other homes. Her small bungalow's unique architecture suggested it had been built sometime before the Second World War. The huge colorful oaks, like two giant hands reaching over its roof to shake with one another, likely started as acorns buried around this time of year (when the house was new) by some squirrel who forgot about them over a long and cold winter, Reggie thought. The new cookie-cutter subdivision he had walked through to get here was forest back then, and the original acorns likely came from there.Reggie knocked on Alyssa's door, a cool breeze whisking away a few leaves from the tree branches swaying over her house. The colorful leaves fluttered off in the wind like summer butterflies. Acorns fell with each gust and sounded like hail as they bounced on the roof. Reggie knocked again, this time louder and longer. If Josh answered, Reggie was prepared to make up a story about the Inner City Youth Program and ask for a donation.But Josh didn't answer. Reggie hardly recognized Alyssa when she opened the door, her beautiful face swollen and bruised. "Oh my God. What happened to you?""What are you doing here, Reggie? How did you find out where I live?""Never mind that. You okay? You alone?""I'm fine. Josh is at work."Reggie pushed by her and entered the house without invitation. He had lived with Alyssa for over a month and knew she kept tidy. This house was a mess with dirty laundry on the floor, filthy dishes in the sink, empty liquor bottles on the counter, dust everywhere. It looked like Alyssa had started cleaning, but had a big job ahead of her. With her mouth gaping, Alyssa remained by the door and delayed closing it until it became evident Reggie was staying a while. "Did Josh do this to you?"Alyssa nodded with her eyes downcast. "He's just going through a difficult time right now. He suspects I cheated on him and somehow knows your name. He's become jealous and has started drinking. He's never acted this way before or did anything like this. But there's so much uncertainty in both our lives right now. I guess he can't handle it very well. We don't know what's going on with our d**g charges or anything else." Reggie remained quiet while she spoke, but he wanted to fuck Josh up, cap his ass, for what he did to Alyssa.She looked up into Reggie's eyes and continued, "This is so unfair, Reggie. As you know, I don't even smoke pot and I don't know why Josh had to grow it. He never made any money at it. It was all for his personal use, except for maybe a few of his pothead friends. Sometimes he shared it with them. No offense; I know you sell d**gs. But I don't see why people want them. What's so good about something that can ruin your life and send you to jail?"Reggie smiled and took Alyssa in his arms. "I often wondered the same thing myself, baby. But most people want what they can't have. Forbidden fruit goes back to Adam and Eve.""How come you're able to avoid getting caught unlike my stupid husband?"Reggie snickered at Alyssa's question. That was a long, complicated explanation. Some things were better off left unmentioned. Lies worked better for some people than for others.Just as Alyssa would never admit to her husband the adulterous affair she had been pressured into having with a black man, Reggie saw no need to ever share all the details of his business and how he cozened sex from her. The important thing was that she loved him now, and not how he accomplished such a feat with someone else's devoted wife. He offered her an abbreviated version of his business success without the details that allowed him to seduce her. "I may deal d**gs, but I never use the garbage I sell, letting it cloud my judgement. It's just business for me. It's a shitty vocation looked down upon by society, like prostitution and porn, but if I don't do it, someone else will. When government legislate morality, it creates bad guys like me."Bad guy was an inaccurate label, Alyssa thought. What the police did to all of them, how they initially forced her to sleep with Reggie, damaging her marriage, seemed far worse than anything she saw Reggie do. "I don't necessarily agree with how you make your living, but you're not a bad guy, Reggie. Maybe I thought so at first, but not now. You're one of the nicest people I know. But you can't stay here and you really shouldn't see me again."Reggie held her tightly. He knew she was not happy and neither was he without her. He was going to get her back one way or another. They needed each other. "I've got to see you again, Alyssa. I've got to know you're okay. Promise me you'll text me when Josh isn't around so I know you're alright, otherwise I'm coming back ? for him."The pain from her lip reminded Alyssa not to smile, as a brief grin dropped from her face almost as quickly as it formed. "Oh, that hurts," she remarked, her fingers touching the side of her mouth. "You can't do anything like that, Reggie. You don't need the police snooping around your business." "You just make sure to answer my texts and keep me posted on things."Alyssa wanted him again and she knew he wanted her too, but they could not do anything about it anymore. She could not hold his heavy black cock, feel its thickness and warmth as it pulsed with passion in her palms. She could not taste his ambrosia or allow him inside her. They were forbidden fruit to each other. They had broken the rules by sampling that fruit, and it was delicious; but they could never eat it again. She nodded her head and opened the door for him. "Alright, but you have to leave now. Josh will be home in less than an hour."**************The missing police officer had been the topic de jour for the past week in newspapers and local television news broadcasts. "We found her phone under a pallet in the old Furman Warehouse," Detective Noyse told Reggie as the afternoon sun filled Reggie's living room with a warm, golden hue. "It contained a bunch of pictures of Daryl Mason and Luther Greeman in a d**g deal. I don't want to know what those son-of-a-bitches did with her body. But it looks like we're putting your competitors out of business for a while." That was good news ? his competition soon to be eliminated courtesy of the police department. Things looked better than ever for Reggie, but he wanted another favor from Detective Noyse. "It's a real tragedy about your partner, Noyse. I'm sorry for your loss." Reggie handed him a thicker and heavier envelope of cash than usual. "There's a little extra this week. Hope it helps you through this difficult time.""Thanks, it should help my grieving process," Noyse sarcastically replied, waving the envelope in his hand while repressing an inappropriate grin. "I never really cared much for the gung-ho bitch. She wasn't too smart doing that on her own. I tried warning her. Still, when a fellow officer goes down, we all mourn, I guess.""What's gonna happen with Alyssa and her husband, Josh?"With the entire police department first focused on finding Detective Sanchez, and now on bringing her killers to justice, Alyssa had fallen off the radar for a while. Noyse quickly glanced around and asked sotto voce, "You still fucking her?" Reggie's eyes were downcast. He had fallen in love with Alyssa and missed her. He needed to take her away from her husband, Josh, before Josh hurt her more. "No, when she saw the news about your partner, she broke down and told me everything ? how she was married; how her husband grew pot in the house and they were both busted for it; how your partner forced her to become an informant. She said she loved me but couldn't stay with me anymore.""The case is still open. What do you have in mind?""I want you to drop the charges.""I may be able to work something out, but one of them will need to take a fall. I can't make the case disappear entirely." Reggie looked at Noyse. No words passed between them, yet Noyse understood Reggie's intentions. "We both know who's responsible for their situation, and that party needs to see justice. You know what to do. Make sure you take all their property." Noyse nodded his reply, not particularly relishing the idea of locking up Josh and using civil forfeiture laws to seize the house, all so Reggie could freely dick Josh's wife some more. The 58-year-old detective grew up in different times. Deep down, a racist part of Noyse didn't think it was right for a black man to sleep with a white woman ? especially a married white woman. Had he known about Josh beating Alyssa recently, putting bruises on her face, Noyse might have felt differently. It was a cruel world he supposed, the spoils of riches and women going to the alpha male, who in this instance was Reggie. With only a short time remaining on the police force and retirement waiting, Reggie's lucrative payroll was very persuasive. Money was all that mattered to Noyse at this point in his career. Noyse was staring out the window again, at the beautiful view of the city as Reggie continued, "I'll take care of Alyssa for a while until she can get on her feet."Reggie also intended to take care of Josh for what Josh. Reggie's many connections extended to the penal system. Perhaps Josh would like a taste of black cock himself while in prison. A nice big nigger for a cellmate for a few years could go a long way in cultivating latent homosexual tendencies.Two weeks later the text from Alyssa Reggie had waited for arrived. He lubricated the wheels of justice with money and they turned faster than their usual pace. The bruises on Alyssa's face had already faded when the police arrived to arrest Josh and seize their home.*************A few months had passed since the police seized their home and arrested Josh. At the time, Alyssa thought her world was collapsing, but Reggie came to her rescue and that dark period ended. Now she sat in a stately courtroom, her belly bulging with a baby inside it, Reggie's arm securely around her shoulders, his sparkling engagement ring returned to its rightful place on her wedding finger. She looked as beautiful as she felt with Reggie beside her. Guards escorted Josh, now in shackles and wearing an orange prison jumpsuit, into the courtroom for sentencing. Josh briefly saw his soon-to-be ex-wife, obviously pregnant and sitting with a handsome African-American man. Gone was the liberalism and belief in social justice Josh, so typical of most educators, once espoused. This was the nigger who had fucked Alyssa, taken her from him, and caused all this to happen to them. Josh knew it. As he turned to face the bench, Josh realized Reggie was probably still fucking her. Unfortunately for Josh, the judge for his case had also recently joined Reggie Johnson's payroll. "Having found the defendant guilty of the manufacture of cannabis with intent to distribute, this court hereby sentences the defendant, Josh Warner, to the maximum penalty of 12 years imprisonment." Josh barely heard his sentence, his mind thinking about Alyssa, how stunning she looked, how he had lost her, how she was now pregnant, most likely with that black man's baby.There was no time for good-byes or to take one final look at his gorgeous wife who had started a new life and was now carrying Reggie's baby in her womb. The guards quickly rushed Josh from the courtroom. With his conviction and sentencing complete, he was leaving county jail custody. His transfer over to the state penitentiary underway, he would soon meet his new black cellmate and start a new life of his own.
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