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4 of July BBQ

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4 of July BBQIt was the forth of July and I was with my husband. We had been invited to a BBQ by one of hubby's co workers. I had never met Rick or his wife. My husband Jay drove and at this point I had no idea of how the day would end.We arrived at a nice house and walked around the side. We were the last to arrive and the party had already started. Jay introduced me to Rick, and he reminded me alot of hubby. Ricks wife Angie walked up and introduced herself. The weather was hot so I was dressed in a cute but revealing little outfit of shorts and a light top. We ate and everyone was drinking. After the fireworks people started to leave. Before long Angie and I sat in the kitchen talking with the boys. As we did I noticed Angie kept looking down at my body. As the conversation went on she started to flirt with me. I had been with girls before and I started to get turned on.Angie asked me to come with her, I did'nt know what we were about to do and did'nt care. She led me to the master bedroom. I sat on the foot of the bed while she was in the bathroom. When she came back into the room she was wearing only her t shirt. She sat next to me and my heart raced. Looking into each others eyes our lips came togeather. Our tounges swirled and danced. Angie stood up and moved in front of me. She pulled her shirt off and allowed me to take her body in. She had blond hair and very large breasts. Her nipples were hard and a dark color. She had a little belly and big curvy hips. Her pale shaved pussy looked inviting to me. We kissed agine."Are you going to join me?", Angie asked. I started undoing the buttons on my blouse. Pulling it off I left my bra on. I stood up and we kissed agine. Angie unbuttoned my jean shorts and I wiggled out of them. She gently pushed me back onto the bed. I felt her hands tug my thong and I lifted my butt so it could be slid off. Angie let out a little moan as she knelt between my knees. Her tounge touched my outer pussy lips, my clit throbed. Her tounge slid into my wet pussy and I put my hand on the top of her head. She worked her way to my clit and started flicking it. I started moaning, calling her name. I wanted to cum in her mouth so bad. She was very good at what she was doing to me. Then I heard the door open. With my eyes closed I was affraid to open them. I turned my head to find my husband next to me, with a big grin he kissed me. Rick walked in and layed on the other side of me. He to kissed me. With Ricks tounge in my mouth hubby unsnapped my bra and started licking and sucking my nipple, I came for the first time of the night.RIck was naked when he had walked in and my hand had found its way to his cock. I turned my head asking permishion from my husband with my eyes. He kissed me and he let out a little grunt, Angie had found his hard cock and had slid it into her mouth. With that I turned to Rick, we moved up the bed and as I laid on my back his cock hovered in front of my face. I took him into my mouth, sucking him. He dropped his head and we were in a 69. I pulled my knees up and my pussy spread open for him. I put my hands on his hips to get him to fuck my mouth. His cock slid in and out of my lips. I could hear Angie and my husband, he was fucking her. The thought of that and Rick sucking my clit I came again. I wanted to fuck him so bad, I pulled Ricks cock out of my mouth and told him so. He flipped around and I felt the tip of his cock part my pussy, he slid into me. For the first time I saw my husband fucking Angie. He was behind her slamming into her. She was moaning and pinching her left nipple. I listend to my husband I knew he would be cumming soon.It was crazy Ricks cock was deep inside me and I was watching hubby fuck someone else. Rick kissed my neck then my lips, my pussy made wet sloppy sounds as Ricks cock fucked me. With a loud grunt and a curse I heard my husband cum. Rick kept fucking me but I watched as Angie moved towards us. She kissed me and asked if I wanted to lick her pussy? I shook my head yes and soon I was on my knees between her legs. Rick rammed his cock back inside me as I prepared to lick his wifes cunt clean. I parted her lips with my fingers and watched Jays cum leak out. I licked it up with my tounge. I opened my mouth and covered her clit, flicking it up and down. Rick's cock began to pulse as I made his wife moan and sigh. Rick thrust deep inside in and I felt his cum flood into me. He pulled out and I was left to make Angie cum. As I licked her clit she got a handful of my hair and began to hump my mouth, my husband's cum and her juices covering most of my face. She began to scream and her thighs clamped on my head. When she came I thought she was going to break my nose.We all layed on the bed sweaty and naked. My husband was behind me, his cock still hard. I reached back and began to stroke him. My husband entered me, my hips pushed back. "MMMM, I love you.", was all I could say. I layed on my side with my husband fucking me watching my new friends fucking. This was a good start.
08-30-2021, at 04:46 PM

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