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A Dedicated Father

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A Dedicated FatherAs Mark Henry was driving around the forested area for looking for hunting violations, his cell phone. It was his daughter, Raine. He answered, ?Hey there! How are you???I?m fine, dad! How are you???Pretty good. What?s up? I?m on patrol.??I was just calling to say, ?hi?. I was hoping I could introduce you all to someone special.??Ahem,? he cleared his throat. ?Yeah...Uh...Sure. You know I don?t remember you talking about anyone. How?d you meet him,? inquired the forty-one year-old.?I met him online and he?s back in town.??Have you met in person before???Oh yeah! A few times,? the collegiate sophomore admitted.Mark had already pulled over. He scratched his head. ?Yeah, if he?s that important, we?ll meet him. Have you talked to your mother,? he referred to his ex-wife.?She?s my next call, dad. Plus, Bryan has something in common with you.?He was sweating. ?Well, what?s that???He was a Green Beret too.??Cool. Let me know how that call goes with Athena.??Thanks! I will. Bye now.?Mark exhaled before returning to his patrol. He was so interested in how he missed the signs of a relationship. Raine had spoken to him much about boys. And, he didn?t figure she?d done so with her mom. He wondered if she maybe spoke to his wife, Candace. If Candace knew these things and hadn?t shared, he was going to be pissed. The for U.S. Army Special Forces weapons sergeant tried to calm himself down. Raine was smiling to where she was. She was excited that could finally unveil the man that made her feel like the only girl in the world. She was a bit oblivious to thoughts running through father?s head. Since he had been supportive when she first announced that she wanted to transition from male to female back when she was thirteen, she automatically guessed lots of things were with him. The truth was that he dad was not thrilled when she shared. What he did though was make sure that he took Raine to counseling sessions and support groups. He also participated in his own therapy to ensure he could provide her the support she would need along the way. Mark had jumped in head first with Raine?s gender identity while his ex-wife was quite heated. There was a major difference between and Athena. He had actually had a beloved older cousin who was quite effeminate that commited suicide. His aunt and uncle had repeatedly said they?d rather had a dead son than a living it. He was devastated at the death. He was always shocked at how cold his family was at the funeral - even though many people were crying. He was determined for that not to happen to his c***d.There was hardly a day that he and Athena didn?t argue. At that time, he upgraded to a two-bedroom apartment and had Raine come live with him full time. He was also navigating this with his son who was three years younger than Raine. He was concerned with how much to share, how to help Trae process what all was going on, plus how to help stay focused on schoolwork and being a k**. Athena made none of these things easy. He just begged her to not let their older c***d feel unloved. An unexpected ally was Raine?s stepfather, Lawrence. He didn?t do a whole lot, but he often talked Athena off the ledge or just cautioned her to be so disagreeable.From the outside looking in, Mark was not your typical overzealous parent. He had been a three sport athlete. He enlisted in the Army right after high school in a few years was accepted into the Green Berets. And now he worked in law enforcement. But in his mind, it was also way to honor the life of his deceased cousin, Lewis. Mark?s phone rang again. It was Raine. ?Hey, dad!? She sounded exasperated.?Hey, dear! How?d it go???Well, it went better than I imagined.??Of course it did. Your mom has made a lot of progress over the years. You gotta understand she was brought up Apostolic in rural North Carolina. It was gonna take her time.??I know, dad! You?ve told me that before. She basically said that she has no problem meeting him. And if we?re doing a dinner, we should do it at her house.??So, one there and one with us???No, she said we should all dine together.??What did you say to that,? Mark eyes bugged.?I said yes.??Alright, then it?s settled. I?m happy for you. I gotta go.?Beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. His ex had very little love for his new wife. Well, she wasn?t completely new, they had been married for almost two years now. He knew what Athena disliked the most was that the new Mrs. John Mark Henry, also known as Candace, was an instrumental part in Mark?s coming to truly accept Raine?s transition. Mark could never understand why his former partner was so against him. She was the one who requested divorce due his being deployed so often. Lawrence Woods was a material scientist for a large chemical manufacturing company, so she led a comfortable life financially. Mark had loved Athena from the moment he met her and he still had a place for her in his heart. He wondered if she had the same.Mark met Candace one afternoon while he was waiting for Raine and Trae at the Community Services
08-30-2021, at 04:46 PM

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