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The Stepsister Part 16

Post #1

The Stepsister Part 16~~Start of Part 16I don?t have an exact number on long how we had sex that night?but I do remember rolling off her for the last time around 4:30 am and we could just not go anymore. I do remember after getting up and taking a shower together though, my cock was sore, and she was as well. We were the last ones up and it was close to 11:30 in the morning before we went in and took a shower together and then got some clothes on and went out to the living room. Becky was sitting in the chair and Sis made room for us on the couch and we sat down and just laid there hugging each other for a while. She had her head on my chest and one of her arms around my waist and it just felt right.Becky got up and brought us in some coffee and we thanked her, and she smiled at me and said, ?you are both very welcome.?Sis was sitting on the other end of the couch and she was just gently stroking Mandy leg with her hand and watching whatever show her and Becky had on the TV when we came out. Mandy had this look of complete contentment on her, she was a satisfied woman, it felt great to know I was the one that made her feel that way.Becky looks over at me and says, ?So should I expect the invitation to the wedding?? We all start laughing at that.Mandy looks at me and says, ?You are still very young, you need to rock a few more girls? worlds and then we might consider that?I do not want us to be your only experiences honey.?Holy crap, how did I deserve these women? I have not done anything in life to earn this or expect it?Becky looks at me and can tell my mind is deep thought, and she says, ?penny for your thoughts hon??I snap back to reality with a little jolt at hearing her voice. ?um, nothing it is stupid??Sis looks at me and says, ?come on now, no secrets with the three of us ok??I give up, they will keep hounding me all day if I don?t tell them what I was thinking about and I know I would not be able to withstand all three of them trying to get it out of me? ?I was just sitting here trying to figure out what in the hell I did in life to be this damn lucky?I mean Mandy wants me to go and experience other women before I should even consider making a bigger commitment to her?that shit just does not happen to people??Mandy looks at me and says, ?Honey I know you think the entire world is right here in this room right now, but trust me there is a whole world out there you are going into and millions of amazing women that can and will treat you as good or better than even we could, just do not close yourself off to the possibility of someone else loving you too??That one I have to think about?I mean I know she is right, but?Becky looks over at me and says, ?I think what Mandy is trying to tell you sweetie, is that she loves you a great deal, but she doesn't want you to miss out on someone else you might meet while you are off saving the world, because of her. That would make her sad?do you understand that??I chew on that a bit and then say, ?Similar to the way she feels about Sis, she really wanted her dreams to come true, even if that was with me??Mandy looks up at me and gives me a kiss and says, ?exactly like that honey.?Sis gets up and comes over and sits on the table in front of me and Becky gets up and pushes me over, so I am in the center of all of them?Sis looks at me and says, ?We all love you honey, and are grateful that you have been as mature and understanding of all of us as you have, but we are not delusional either. You and I can never be married without some cataclysmic disaster raining down on all of us, Becky truly loves you to bits as well?but the same consequences there? Mandy is the only one of us that has a realistic possibility of making a go at it with you, but as she said, We are the first three women you have experienced love with. You don?t think there is another woman out that can make you feel the way all three of us combined are able to make you feel? Trust me, there is honey, you just have to be open to the possibility when she walks into your life, you will understand as time goes by.?I look at them say, ?So when I leave for Korea that is it, everyone is gone out of my life??Becky gives me a hug and says, ?No silly, we all love you?and you can call any of us anytime?especially your Sister!? ?We just don?t want you to feel you are locked down by us either.?Mandy looks at me and says, ?You know I love you, there is no way you could possibly think I don?t at this point. Do you think I just do this with every guy that happens to pass by on the street???No?Becky says, ?then just relax and enjoy the last few weeks here stateside with 3 women that all only want the best for you and are your cheerleaders, ok??I smile at that and say, ?really? Can I see you guys in uniform??Sis, the former cheerleader in high school has a gleam in her eyes and says, ?yes you can, but not today honey??Wow what can of sexiness did I just open up?We all have a good laugh at that, but I can tell Sis has something brewing in her head?They all lean over and give me a group hug and take turns passing me around for kisses?this has got to be heaven, and I just think I am alive or something?We all get situated and start doing not much anything since everyone is off?except for Becky she has to go pull another 24, which normally ends up as a 36-hour shift. She is getting her stuff ready to head out to work and we just all chill out today.Becky gets her stuff and comes by and gives us each a kiss and a hug and heads out for work and the girls ask me, ?so what do you want to do today??I want for nothing, hell my dick is still sore from some amazing sex last night, so I say, ?I want to do whatever you ladies would like to do today?I don?t care what it is, just find something you both want to do and lets go do it.?They both look at me and like Sisters say?? anything?!??I look at them and say, ?yes, I will even go running around the malls with you guys if that is what you want to do, I just want to spend time with you being happy and having fun.?8 hours later we get back to the apartment, I look like a Sherpa trying to get all the bags up the stairs and in?Thank god they work for a living and I did not have to pay for this?I would have been getting ?no net pay due? chits from the military for about 8 months?geez? They did get several things for the apartment and to make them all more comfortable there, so it was mostly needed stuff.We all settle in after eating the leftovers from Mandy?s little surprise encounter last night and just relax on the couch and watch some TV. We got bored with the TV and Sis turns it off and looks at me sitting there in the middle of them and says, ?by the way, we never did get the lowdown on what that little game was that you and Becky played the other night...?I said, ?ok, but I can only tell what was happening up until the blind fold went on. And then just what I was feeling after that, until she took it off again?? Sis moves the table out of the way and then puts the chair in front of the couch? ?there is your seat mister?we both want to hear about this in full detail!?I give them the full rundown of everything leading up to the blindfold going on and then what I could feel from there on out and what I thought she did at different points. Mandy stops me and says, ?wait she spun around on you?with you in her?? ?That is what it felt like, I didn't even know you could do that??Mandy says, ?yeah no shit, neither did I???She did tell me right before we started making love that I was the only guy she had gotten this far with, doing this, and that I did a great job?that is why she wanted to reward me??Sis looks at me and says, ?would you be ok with me and Mandy joining her so she can show us???I don?t have a problem with it, I trust you all implicitly?you know that ladies, this is a trust-based thing, so not something I would try with just anyone, but you all have my trust.?Mandy looks at Sis and says, ?you know, you might like this too?I am not sure I could do it with the restraints on?but you and Bro might have a very good time doing this together with him being the one putting you in the restraints. It would be a very domineering thing and you really seem to like that with him...Just a thought!?Sis appears to like this thought?I can see the wheels spinning in her head??ok, I am about 99% sure I know where we can go to get this stuff?but you guys are not going dressed like that, and if I say we are cutting bait and going?no arguments ok? They both shake their heads and say ?Yes, Sir!?They go in and get changed into some regular jeans and t-shirts?These damn women look hot no matter what they put on damn it? I decide that is about as dressed down as these two are capable of and we get in my truck and head downtown to where all the bars are and the guys getting out of boot camp with the navy go to get drunk on their first passes.Sis looks at me and says, ?how do you even know where this place is hon?? ?The good thing about having friends is they normally like to travel in groups and when they are worried?they call you in to fly wing for them?? They kind of look at me?? I will explain later on?on your toes ladies you are going to get cat calls and people walking up to you, just keep moving to the door and do not engage anyone ok? They shake their heads yes and we move out to the store entrance.As expected, there are at least a dozen or so whistles and guys asking them if want a date tonight? We get inside without too much hassle, although I did have to get my military ID for the security guy to let me?I was like really? I am here with these drop-dead gorgeous women and you are pulling that shit?We walk around the store and I gather up the things I remember from the other night and the girls are of course looking in amazement at the collection of dildos and every other imaginable device?it was kind of funny watching them trying to figure out how some of this stuff worked?we get rung out and head back out to the truck to all the cat calls and guys asking for dates again?I get them in the truck and go around and hop in and get the hell out of here before someone decides they are too cute to let pass by.We get back to the apartment and of course the girls are giddy with excitement, they feel like they just did some James Bond stuff and got out alive?I am smiling at them?Sis says, ?what?s so funny over there mister???You two, sound like you just made it out of a Vietnam POW camp or something?? I start laughing and they get the old puppy dog eyes and puff out their lips at me??We are not war hero?s?? Seizing the opportunity, I say, ?better you?re my two sexy heroes!?I of course was forgiven for making fun of them since I had the good sense to complement them on their heroic actions?lolI am showing everything to them and telling them how they work etc.?and there is a faint knock at the door?I look at Sis, ?Becky is working a 24 right???yes??Ok I will get the door; you guys stay back here for now??I walk up to the door and Sis has the bat dad gave her for the dorms sitting next to it and I grab it and put it behind my right leg and put my foot in front of the door and say ?who is it??I hear what sounds like crying, so I motion Sis to get over to the phone just in case this turns out bad and she does?I open the door and there is Becky standing there crying?OH SHIT! ?I pull her in and say are you ok?? She nods yes?I look out and there is no one I can see in the courtyard or in the parking lot and slam the door and lock it and bring her in to the girls. They sit on the couch and I go in and get my sea bag out and pull out the baton and Ka-bar they gave us in basic as part of our initial issue and come back out thinking the worst?I push the girls out of the way and start doing a quick assessment of her and she looks at me and says, ?I am not hurt hon??I look at her and say, ?ok what is going on?I thought you were at work??The girls are on freak out factor 20 now and standing by the phone; one Becky is crying, two I am laser focused on making sure nothing more happens to her or the girls and they see the big knife and the baton sticking out from behind my pants, and can tell this is not the time to start asking questions and bugging me.Becky finally is able to tell me that they arrested her hubby tonight and while he was being processed at central booking a group of guys came over and beat the living hell out of him literally?he was dead now. So, the Sheriff?s office called her work and had an officer sent over to her to make the official notification?Great?I wish I could have at least been there for her?I get up and tell the girls she if fine?Her hubby is not so fine?.he was just killed down at central booking in the jail?Somehow the inmates must have found out he was being charged with something to do with k**s and they did not like it I am guessing.The girls go over to Becky and I put all the gear away and also hid all the toys the girls were looking at?no need to get into any of that right now, Becky needs people to hold her and help her right now.I get a pot of coffee going and go and sit down in the chair and cannot keep my right leg from bouncing up and down and am trying to control my breathing? Sis looks over at me and nudges Mandy and says, ?go over to him??She comes over and Becky sees that I am not ok either and looks over and says, ?are you ok hon??I look at them and say, ?It is called an adrenaline dump, I am sorry if I was being rough or an ass, but I thought Becky?s hubby had found her and was beating her or something and I was getting ready to go tear someone apart?It just takes your body a little while to work it out?.I am sorry everyone?pay attention to Becky.?Becky gets up and comes over, and sits on my lap and just pulls me into her and holds me there?and for some stupid reason I start crying?what the hell is wrong with me?Becky just sits there holding me and then it passes and I am sitting there like I was just hit by a truck or something and she says, ?This is not the first big strong guy I have had to hold and just let them get it out?happens frequently in the ER with those cops, firefighters, emts?this happens sometimes when you get a big adrenaline rush??Becky says, ?This sweetheart thought he was going to have to fight to protect all of us and he was all the way ramped up it would appear.? She looks me in the eye and says, ?Thank you honey, I know you would have protected us, and it helped that I got to help you?thank you.?I am still sitting there like what the hell just happened?and Sis and Mandy come over and just start rubbing my shoulders, now understanding what I thought was going on and that I was going into battle in my mind.Mandy goes in and pours both of us some coffee and comes back and motions Becky and Sis to let me up and takes me over to the couch and we sit down, and she just puts her head on my chest and hugs me.After a few minutes I am back to me, I think and Mandy looks up at me and says, ?you ok now hon???yeah, sorry I freaked you guys out?I thought asshole was here and I was going to have to tear him apart??Sis says, ?Yeah I got the hint when I saw that big ass knife and that club you had in the back of your pants. That is why I stood by the phone I was thinking the same thing honey.?Mandy looks at me and says, ?would have to be one suicidal fool to mess with you honey??Becky looks at me and says, ?I was not freaked out honey, after sitting there for a second it hit me?holy shit he thinks my hubby is beating me up?that is why I came over and gave you the Becky hug?it is well known around the ER hon. Several of the public safety people will tell you they come by just to get one because they like too?? She smiles at me.I smile back and say, ?no, they just want to feel your boobs on them for a few seconds?. but who can blame them??Becky starts laughing and so do we all and she proclaims ?He is fine everyone, nothing to see here, move along?He is focused on breasts again??Sis and Mandy not wanting to miss a prime opportunity to harass me, both stand up and flip up their bras; and wiggle their tits in my face and say, ?is this all we have to do to tame the savage b**st??I smile and say, ?it?s not a bad start!?We all sit there and talk for a while and get a game plan for tomorrow and Monday to help out Becky and She says, I am wiped out?I look at Mandy and she looks in my eyes and tells me without saying a word, go with her hon?Becky gets up and I get up with her and she says, ?no honey, I am a big girl?stay with Mandy and Sis and I am fine.?I walk over to her and tell her, ?no you are my girl and I am worried about you so there?? and walk her into her bedroom and we just lay down on the bed and she curls up into me and starts crying again and I just hold her like she did me?The next morning I wake up and notice we are not alone?at some point the girls must have come in and we had both fallen asleep and they just curled up on to us and went to sleep too?I must have woken up Becky and she looks at me and this big sandwich of bodies that we all are now and she whispers? ?So, this is what is it is like being a mom?? I look at her and give her a kiss and say, ?you know you are family to us Becky, if you ever need anything, even if I have to steal a plane to get to you and help; you know I will?? She nods at me and gives me that look again?It feels good to know I make her feel safe.Sis and Mandy wake up now, and I say, ?who ordered the white bread for this sandwich???Which of course gets me several pokes from the both of them and then Becky does it too just because she knows she can get away with it. We all stumble out of bed and see what today has to offer up for us. Yesterday sure was not boring?.~~End of Part 16~~
08-30-2021, at 04:46 PM

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