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An Evening at the Apollo

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An Evening at the ApolloAn Evening at the ApolloLast year I spent a few months commuting for work to Lancaster,California. Staying in the motel at night watching TV got tired and even though I was working brutal hours with more than a few all nighters, I wanted to get out. During August in the high desert of Southern California it can be pretty decent after the sun goes down but before that you need to be out of the sun and under cover. Years before I had cruised a city park on the northwest side of town, Apollo Park and had made a score there. So I figured out how to get my work schedule arranged to give me free time from about 4 pm until 10 pm. That should be prime time for cock hunting and a good time to beat the heat under the trees and cabanas at the park.Apollo is a big park with a walking trail that is over a mile long circling some small, interconnected lakes. All along the walk way are nice cabanas with picnic tables and an occasional restroom. There are wooded areas that give some seclusion and as dark approaches things can be pretty private even in the open. As I drove in to the parking lot I noticed a lot of joggers and walkers on the trail. Starting out on the north side I walked at a moderate pace and carefully scoped out the walkers and joggers as well as the people sitting under the cabanas. I was dressed to fit in, with a nylon tank top and nylon shorts, no jock or underwear and had a towel d****d around my neck and a strap bag with faggot essentials like rubbers, lube and small mouthwash. I also carry handy wipes and hand sanitizer to be able to clean up after conducting business in the bushes.It was a beautiful night, clear and hot with a slight breeze and I quickly fell in to a pace with the other walkers that just kept me ahead of the flow of traffic. That way I could scope the guys and not miss a potential target as well as scope the area quickly and find a couple of potential scoring spots. I noted the activities around the cabanas and rest rooms as well as any bushy areas on the down slope as I made the loop around the park. Loads of trees and tall bushes, lots of quiet corners. A cock sucker?s paradise!I also made mental notes of the people I saw and passed. After the first loop the women started heading to the parking lot as did the families who were using the k** facilities and who were by the lake feeding the birds. During that second loop I took note of a few gentlemen who looked like they had potential: a very stocky, extremely muscular black gentleman of about 60; a Hispanic gentleman who looked to be late ?40?s but who had those very rough hewn facial features that made him look older. In both cases their bodies told a different tale: stout, muscular and obviously former athletes or men who did hard work for a living. In the world of alpha males these two are pack leaders.I also noted a few younger guys and one white guy of about 30 who was obviously trolling for sperm donations. I made a mental note and steered a bit clear of him. I have found that being too obvious will scare away the straight guys. They are looking for quick, discrete service and relief with no chance of being noticed or busted. Being too obvious makes them self-conscious and will be an immediate cock blocker to any potential pick up. I said hey to him, he made me for another cruiser and smiled and we parted ways. Too many don?t understand that this is not a competition with full contact between bottoms. Alphas might be attracted to him, or me, and might be scared off by him or me. There are plenty of fish in the sea and guys will give the signal if they think you are offering what they want on terms that they dictate. I often cruise with another bottom for safety reasons but when I do he has to be of like mind. Finding that comfort level quickly is the key to effective scoring. Being discrete as to not scare them off is also key. Being too flam or too obvious usually blows the scene and not the cock.As I rounded the east end of the park I took note of my white friend passing the Latin gentleman. He got no notice. I picked up my pace a bit to get behind him and after a few more steps the hot Latin stud caught sight of me by looking over his right shoulder. I was on the right edge of the trail, no one around, and the white dude kept moving on. As I approached from the rear my Latin friend moved to the left side of the trail and continued at his pace. I came up on his right just short of a cabana and rest room and as we came even on the trail I noted his tent in his nylon basketball shorts. He was in a Lakers ensemble of tank top and satin shorts and obviously no jock. His tent drew my attention and he looked over his right shoulder, noting my stare and gave himself a quick hand swipe of his crotch brushing his cock head hidden under the purple satin material. I looked up from his crotch and as he was staring me down, I licked my lips and put my right index finger in my mouth, sucking the tip signaling ?Yes sir I am definitely interested in sucking your cock right here and right now!? He smiled and we steered to the cabana. Negotiations done. We reached the table and went to the far side away from the trial. He leaned back against the table placing the backs of his legs against the concrete bench. I dropped my towel in front of him and went to my knees. I reached up and dropped the band of his nylon shorts down and his beer can sprang in to my face. I thought this was perfect. Almost 9 inches, thick, uncut with just the head of his glans popping through his foreskin and glistening in the fading light. I leaned in to him taking his tool in my waiting mouth and felt his hands on the back of my head guiding me in. As soon as he felt my mouth around his shaft and my tongue flicking his glans and pee hole he convulsed. Very sensitive. Not one to rush things I went all the way down on him pressing my nose in to his thick pubic hair. Gently I worked back and forth on his shaft and lightly flicked his glans with my tongue and lips. He was super horned so I wanted to make this last and give him a good first impression. I did not want to take a chance on making his fulfillment come too quickly. Over the years I have learned that making a man cum too quickly makes the blow job just another nut and not memorable. By taking my time and demonstrating all of my oral skills I give him something more to think about when he has my card in hand and is considering calling for session number two. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. I strive to make it worth that call. We fell in to a pace with his hands on the back of my head and my hands down on his feet. In and out we went and I was able to change orientation just enough to find the really sensitive places on his cock and give him different stimulation while at the same time avoiding hitting one of those hot buttons so hard he would shoot and leave. On and on we went and has he came close to shooing I went all the way down on him and allowed his cock head to rest in my throat before resuming the stimulation. We must have done that cycle for 10 minutes or more and I completely lost track of time and happenings around us. On and on we rocked and he started a low moaning and then said in a low voice ?OK baby take it.? I went to his glans and rolled my tongue around the tip of his cock for about 45 seconds and his cock jumped and convulsed until he was painfully hard. Tasting the first hint of deep semen I went all the way down and then back to the glans giving him a full, slow stroke. He exploded. I could feel him tense up, powerful hands of the back of my head drove my face in to his crotch as he rocketed semen down my throat and in to my mouth. Holding me tight for over a minute he drained himself in to my waiting throat. After the last pulse of love juice his hands relaxed just enough to allow me some movement. The true mark of a cock sucker is knowing how to give a man what he has never had before. At this point I move to the tip of his cock and gently suck and twirl my tongue. That post-orgasm stimulation drives most men up the wall and you have to carefully gauge his intensity. Feeling him tighten up and convulse as I worked his cock from tip to base I carefully measured his tolerance and enjoyment. Continuing within his comfort level once again his hands guided my head at his desired pace and to the depth he sought. We continued to rock back and forth for another minute or two and he once again got rock hard and released another shot of semen in to my waiting mouth. At that point he was exhausted so I sucked him gently to clean up the remaining sperm and he withdrew. Looking down in to my eyes I could see that I had done for this man what no one had done before. As I reached for a handy wipe I also brought out one of my cards. Cleaning his cock and crotch I told him I would do this for him any time, any place, that I had a nice hotel and could meet his schedule. He looked down at me, took the card and said with a smile ?I will be calling you.? With that he thanked me, straightened his shorts and walked around the back side of the table in the direction of the trail. Still on my knees and trying to clean up the cum and sweat from my face I did not immediately get up to my feet but simply pulled myself up to the bench and sat down. As I did I looked up toward the restroom and noticed the shadow of a man standing on the side of the building so as to be out of sight of the trail but in full sight of my temporary boudoir. The halogen light had just come on and in that light I could see it was my black friend and in his hand he held a rock hard cock. Stroking and looking at me I could see he was intent on finishing with me. I reached for my fag bag and on it I have a small pen light. I gave three flashes and stood up and straightened my shorts and shirt. I noted on my cell phone that it was 8:47. That gave me plenty of time to make my second first best impression of the evening. The park closed at 10 so we had plenty of time. I looked up and my friend was lumbering down the slope to my table. He approached and I could see his massive cock in his hand as he stroked it. I also took another mental note of his size. This was one big powerful man. As he stepped up his other hand went to my right shoulder and I could feel his power as he sat me down on the bench. Shifting myself in to position his cock came straight to my mouth and between my lips and teeth. As it did I could taste the raspberry flavored Joy Jelly he has been using as a lube as he jacked and watched me service my first friend. At this point, cock head now in my mouth, both of his powerful hands guided my head in to his crotch as I absorbed his tool. I have taken big cocks in my time and this one was up there. His glans completely filed the back of my throat and pressed my tonsils in to the roof of my palate. I took him whole on and he relaxed a bit allowing me to start rocking back and forth on his massive tool. After two full strokes I measured him at 11 inches but massively thick at the glans and bigger and better as I proceeded to his crotch. He had closely cropped pubic hair, to about a quarter of an inch and I could both smell and taste his Safeguard soap and slight hint of perspiration. Back and forth I went for what seemed like only 45 seconds and he jumped to full attention giving my first hint of his baby batter. I went all the way down on him and held hoping to stop the stimulation in time to prevent an early orgasm. As I did so I felt his hands on my head tense up as he moaned ?Oh honey please make me cum.? At that I went full stroke back to the head of his cock and gave him a tongue swirl and then went back to the base. Back and forth and on the forth stroke he released a massive load of semen. Again and again he pumped large loads, 6, 7 8 times as I struggled to swallow his volume as more came. On the eighth convulsion he started to relax and his volume decreased but his prostate kept up its work. I worked the head and shaft of his cock until he became too sensitive to take it. At that point I slipped my tongue under his balls and washed him clean. After another minute I was once again able to get his cock back in to my mouth and he was able to tolerate some sucking and stimulation. Once again he pumped three more times and then pulled back. He moaned ?Just too sensitive? and after taking a deep breath said ?Baby you are the best.? As with my normal routine I went for a handy wipe and cleaned his cock and shaft and gently wiped his balls. Massive I thought. This man is all of 6? 3? and has to be at least 260. Legs like oak trees. Arms bulged muscles and veins. No more than a 38 inch waist. Cock like a brick. When he shot cum it went on the fly straight down my throat under more force than I had ever seen. Simply amazing. And if this man decides to fuck me I will not be able to walk without a serious swish for months! And to think that in different circumstances he could crush me like a bug. But here we sat, exhausted and pleasured. His rugged looks and gentle touch made him top of my list right along with my other friend earlier that evening.I collected my thoughts and gave him my card. As usual I told him any where, any time, your rules. I explained that I would be in the area off and on for the next four months and would always have a hotel room where he could shower and relax. After that I would be back monthly and would love to take care of him.He asked ?what about your other friend?? I told him that he was a hook up and I had offered the same deal. He then asked me if my friend would mind if he watched me with him and then flipped turns with him. I told him we had just met but I would ask.The answers ended up being yes to all. We have gotten together as a threesome when possible. Luis, my first date of that night loves to be watched while I give him head and he fucks me. Arthur, my second love of that night loves to have me suck him after he watches the live sex show. It makes for a happy family, don?t ya think?
08-30-2021, at 04:47 PM

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