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Lisa's Sessions Ch.6 My Special Uncles

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Lisa's Sessions Ch.6 My Special UnclesDon't stress out...its fantasy...mostly.6. My Special Uncles.I arrived a little ahead of time with a wet pussy and a racing heart. I had to admit, I was beginning to like my sessions. I loved confessing all of my naughty experiences and actually telling Dr. Heard who I am and why. I stepped off the elevator to see Nancy, Dr. Heard?s receptionist in her usual straight-laced appearance and impeccably neat office ensemble. I winked a private secret wink letting her know I knew what she had done, or rather, all of the guys she?d been fucked by over the weekend at King?s house. He?d had a special event for her simply called ?Turn Out Nancy.? I stopped by at one point when she was being double penetrated and stayed till after the guys had gotten her triple-?P?d. She was clearly loving her new sexual trysts. She was obviously still sore and smiled back as she got up to announce me to Dr. Heard. As I walked past her and into the psychologist?s office I noted the tell-tale swollen lips of a girl who has given a lot of blow jobs.I sat down and jumped right in. ?Now I guess it is time to start talking about how I really got here. Time to discuss some of the ?special uncles? Karl introduced me too and shared me with,? I said with a naughty and somewhat wicked grin. I even slumped down lower in my recliner and spread my legs a little, giving Dr. Heard a fill view of my nude crotch. I was so wet already. This portion of my life was where I became the woman I am today and was also an endless source of amazingly hot recollections and sources for fantasies. This is the story of how I became a whore, and I loved it.?Yes, I knew we would get there eventually. I hope you are ok speaking about it,? Dr. Heard said as he squirmed to adjust his semi-erect prick without using his hands and making it obvious. ?Don?t worry, doctor, I am quite alright about it. I think about it all the time.??Lisa my dear, may I ask, just how many of these special uncles were there? Do you even know how many there were???There were thirty-six that I remember as repeats and about twice as many that I only saw once. I know this because Karl and I kept a sort of demented scoreboard in the Ardmore of my room at his house. He made it become like a?like a badge of honor.??So, probably around eighty or ninety older men? Quite a number. Regarding the amount of men as a badge of honor, what do you mean???I mean he would say something like ?Lisa, today you will reach thirty special uncles, I am so proud of you,? or something like that.??How do you feel about that looking back now???I think it was a pretty twisted way to encourage me, but taken in the context of the time period, I don?t really mind it. His way made it fun.? The weekend before my thirteenth birthday a lot of things happened. My mom and dad had a fight late Thursday night and he left earlier than planned to return to Alaska. My mom?s nurse trainer called Friday morning and scheduled her to work a 24 hour shift all the way on the other end of the L.A. basin starting at four that afternoon. I heard her on the phone thanking the nurse trainer and then calling Karl to let him know she had an all-nighter and probably wouldn?t be able to see him this weekend. I knew to call Karl as soon as I could and see when he would want to see me. After my mom began a shower, I called and he explained that he would have something special for me and needed me there as soon as possible after school. I smiled to myself as I hung up and rubbed my clit nearly raw as I imagined what would be so special. I had been enjoying Karl?s cock in my ass for almost six months now and was excited to know what he might have come up with next. I went to school and was overjoyed when the final buzzer of the day sounded and I could race to Karl?s. I had begun riding my bicycle and using a route that took me right to Karl?s back alley. I could get there in under ten minutes if I pedaled hard, which I did that day. I arrived, sweaty and with drenched panties. I came though Karl?s back porch and found him in the kitchen where he was opening his pants as he saw me walk in. Without any outward reaction, not even a smile, I bent over, removed my panties and handed them to Karl who sniffed them and licked the crotch. I then sunk to my knees and pulled Karl?s cock to my mouth and sucked him. Usually after only one or two minutes he picked me up or turned me onto my stomach and fucked me from behind- my favorite position. This time Karl had me give him a full mouth to throat blow job for about five minutes or so. I swallowed him and felt his cock close off my windpipe and then worked him out and back in for a long time. I twisted my head and reached down and rubbed my clitoris in time with my head. I sucked him off like a pro and made myself cum a few times also. Then, suddenly he gripped my strawberry-blonde hair on each side of my head and began fucking my mouth. After three thrusts he came violently. He held me down and made me take his cum in my throat and thrusted a few more times so it also shot in my mouth. After he was done he smiled at me and held his cock in my mouth. Karl looked down on me with his cock still twitching in my mouth and said, ?Today is a special day Lisa. Today we will find out if all your training has prepared you for your calling, if you are ready to become what you are meant to be.? He smiled as he slowly pumped his still-hard cock in my mouth. I breathed through my nose and tasted his orgasm. I tired to smile for his approval, but with my mouth full, I couldn?t really. ?Listen to me dear, today you will meet your special uncle, your first one. He has traveled a long way to meet you and I know you will not disappoint him. I know you will be a good girl. Your special uncle will do what he wishes with you, but do not worry. You have been well prepared. He will not do anything I have not already done with you. He is more experienced with girls like you than me, so I am sure you will enjoy the experience.?I tried to nod, but his cock was still deep in my mouth and showing no signs of shrinking. Karl smiled at my efforts and said, ?I will be nearby, but I will not participate at all. The experience will be exclusively between you two. If you call out for me, I will not appear and save you, but you will have no need. Your special uncle is like me- firm but kind. If you disobey or react slowly or try to avoid something he asks, you will be spanked and it will hurt. If you obey promptly, you will be rewarded. You will enjoy yourself. Like I said, he knows how to treat cute little girls like you. I know you will love him. Do you understand?? He released me and I nodded. ?Good, now go put on the scandalous schoolgirl outfit with the white top and the red plaid miniskirt. I want you to add the shiny black Mary-Jane?s and the over-the-knee white socks. I know that you normally wear the black or the white bra when we use this outfit, like we did last week, but today you will wear the red bra with the black lace trim. Understand???Yes master, but all of that stuff barely fits. I think I have out grown them.??Good, you will look fantastic. Do you have any questions my dear???Yes. How much makeup should I wear???Oh what a good girl, I forgot, your special uncle is a school principal. He objects to cute girls wearing a lot of makeup, unless like you, they are naughty girls. So, you are to wear your darkest mascara as thick as possible, dark and light blues to shadow your perfect blue eyes, plenty of blush, and dark red lipstick with gloss. My dear, you are to dress as the school?s tart, the school?s whore. Do you understand??You mean like I did when you dressed like a police man and we met on in the alley in town???Yes, but in the school girl outfit and not the wayward streetwalker. Ok? Anything else you want to know???Yes. How do you know he will treat me well??Good question my dear. He has a girl just like you that I met before I met you, she was amazing. She inspired me to be with you actually. So, since I treated her well, he will treat you well. Now no more questions, run along. He will be here in one hour. Remember, no shower, no cleaning in any way, especially not your mouth. Just get dressed and become even more pretty for me, ok??An hour later I was dressed as directed and waiting for Karl to summon me from my bedroom. I ogled myself and teased my swollen clit. I was close to orgasm when Karl rang my room?s phone. He would sometimes call my number from his cell phone to get the playtime started. I answered and Karl said, ?Good luck my dear. Do as you are told. Take the bookbag on the bed with you. Don?t open it or take anything out. Make yourself proud. Make me proud. Go to the living room and begin, I will see you tomorrow when you are done.??Wait,? Dr. Heard interrupted, ?How would you not be missed by your mother? How could you stay the night? No babysitter???Really doc?? I was amazed at his curiosity. ?No and the ultimate irony was that I was to call Karl if I had any problems.??Oh, that makes sense, I guess.? He said shaking his head slowly.I left my bedroom wearing a thin silky cream-colored blouse that, if worn as intended would look very frumpy and proper for a boarding school. I wore it buttoned once at my sternum, and then tied in a knot at my waist, with my long sleeves buttoned at the wrist. My skirt was very short and was a thin cotton faux-wool knit red-checkered plaid. Around my small waist I wore an ocean-blue school sweater, tied and low around my hips. My legs were the best part I thought. I wore over-the-knee white socks, not quite thigh-high stockings, and had plenty of bare skin. On my feet was a pair of shiny black ?Mary-Jane?s. The outfit had fit a bit loose almost a year ago when Karl and I had begun playing and fucking. The last time I had worn it was the ?wayward girl? role play just before Karl took my ass. Now, my breasts were beginning to grow and I was taller and, while not fat, I was wider and more muscular. I was still in a growth spurt. So, under everything else, I was wearing a bright red ?a? cup bra with thin black lace trim and some panties that, like everything else, were way too small.I walked with my pink and white bookbag, another prop Karl had for me, down the over-sized hallway to the living room. I saw no one. An older man?s voice called me into the side office next to the kitchen. The room was a small office, but had four large mirrors with gilded frames placed around the room so that any playtime could be observed by those playing. I had been fucked by Karl many times in there. I went in and the old man was behind the desk. At that time every man was seen as an old man or woman by me. This man really was older though. He had nearly white hair with blonde highlights and some crazy overgrown eyebrows. He had the kind of aging wrinkles that make a man more handsome and distinguished with age. He wore a chocolate brown suit and a vest, like a school administrator. His eyes twinkled and he had a smile that seemed a bit forced and betrayed a deep lust for me when I entered. He licked his lips and looked me over.I entered and stood just past the doorway, my pussy pounding and drenched, my tight panties pinching me in all the nastiest of ways. I looked up at him to see that he was fit and trim and looked as though he?d always avoided manual labor ? a teacher or academic of some sort. He was slender and meek where Karl was muscular and rough. Karl had taught me to appraise people when we watched passers-by in the park or when he took me for ice cream a few times ? of course I always got extra cream after the desert was done??Ahh, the trouble maker, little Lisa ?I-need-to-touch-my-dirty-parts? Karldoter.? The name sunk in and I knew this was going to be a bit different. The ?Karldoter? name was symbolic and had often been used by Karl and I when a second name was needed in role play. I found later that this name thing was used by Karl and many of the dirty old men and special uncles during group play with young stuff. I smiled and said ?Yes, sir???You mean ?Yes principal Hart,? I think???Yes Sir, Yes Principal Hart. I am sorry. What can I do for you???You are to be disciplined and will stay after school with me to correct your behavior, if that can be done with you. If it cannot, you will be transferred to the school for wayward girls like you who need special attention. Now come here and give me your bag.?I stepped to him and he studied me from head to toe. His eyes made me feel like a new toy being studied. I presented him the bag and he promptly opened the outer pouch and pulled out a long strip of extra large condoms in gold wrappers. He looked at me in a disapproving manner and then pulled out a dog collar and three bottles of water-based lubricant. He then pulled out a list of names and numbers with dollar amounts written next to them. The list was not actually in my writing, but I assumed that for the session, it was for all intents and purposes that it was in my writing. One of the props I had become accustomed to in sex play with Karl. Thanks, Karl.?Ah ha! just as I have been told by the other girls here at school. You have been trying to get other girls like you to meet older men. Here are their numbers. Here are the prices paid by them?oh my! Here is the lubricant and condoms that prove my suspicions. You are to be punished! Bend over my knees.I moved too slowly and he grabbed me roughly and pulled me into position. He pulled the skirt up and exposed my red panties and he began striking me hard. I could feel my skin welt and heat up. I held back tears for the few ten strikes, but as he reached ?five? my ducts opened and, even though I felt no emotional need to cry, tears flowed. Sure, it hurt, but I guess I just wasn?t a crier. What really bothered me was that I knew my mascara and eyeliner would run a bit. Oh well, it was probably the look the man wanted.Then, as the spanking stopped I felt his erection pushing upward into my small tummy. ?Principal? Hart pulled me into a seated position and now I felt his dick sticking up into my tight smooth asshole. He said, ?I bet your mother knows all about what you do.? After a short pause he began asking titillating questions like: ?Did you start doing this because of her? Where are you meeting your clients? Are you also fucking and sucking off students little girl? How many clients are you serving that are not on the list? When did you start becoming the school whore? Which faculty members are you serving??I played along and made up my answers. I used my imagination along with actual school places and faculty as my answers. I said impossible things. At one point I said that I serving almost everyone on the staff, including the janitors. I did well. ?Principal? Hart turned me toward him and was impressed. He smiled as he said, ?You, my dear are be best little bad girl I have seen in months. Did your Uncle Karl help you with all this for your part? Never mind, don?t answer. I am very proud of you.? He dropped the smile and then added, but of course you will be punished for being such a bad little girl?and you will do as I say.? Without warning, the nasty old man grabbed my thin blouse and pulled it open, breaking off buttons and tearing the shoulders at the seams. Now the blouse was held around my waist by the knotted bottom of the shirt and on my shoulders by tattered material that formed a torn vest. He pulled my skirt upward and tore my tight panties away, the pinch of the material hurt as he pulled and the friction of the fast pull from my crotch almost burned me. I felt a cool rush of air against my pussy as the warm wetness of my sex was exposed. He used the tied blue sweater like a harness around my waist and turned me around again, making me face one of the many mirrors in the office. I saw his hands begin groping my small boobs and finger my pussy. I was more drenched than I expected. He tore my lace bra cup and pinched my nipples harder than I was used to with Karl?s nipple conditioning sessions. I yelped and he quickly covered my mouth, asphyxiating me as he rubbed my lust-swollen over-sized clitoris and took me to my first orgasm of the session. I came hard and writhed on his hard pole. I shot my head back and hit is chin hard enough that both he and I would feel it days later. My thick mane of wavy strawberry-blonde hair was all that prevented a cut on his chin or my scalp. He kept on making me cum- he didn?t care. I moaned and came for over a minute and then he released my mouth to breath in some cool air. The breath was like fuel to the fire. I moaned and came harder a second and then a third time. I shot my head back again over and over and cried out in orgasm. He cupped my face with his large hand and again cut off my breath. My eyes went wide and then tightly shut as my body exploded with orgasm, throbbing over and over. Convulsing and resetting only to orgasm again. Over and over. He slowed and then stopped his clit-circles and allowed my orgasms to slowly stop. Very slowly the throbbing of my crotch subsided. Hart said, ?You are an especially sensitive little girl, just like your daddy Karl said.? He released my face and allowed me to breathe. After two deep breaths and he stood with me sliding off his lap and released me to the floor. Then, with a shove, I went to the center of his desk. I caught myself with my arms outstretched and fighting the torn blouse material as if it was some sort of binding. I stole a look at myself in one of the room?s mirrors, and then a glimpse of Hart in the mirror next to the doorway, an oblique view of my right side. I saw my blouse torn to the elbow, my little boobie, not even and A cup, exposed through the torn red lacy materiel of the forever destroyed bra cup. I saw ?Principal? Hart both opening his pants and leering at my small form. Once he?d pulled his ample cock through the zipper in his trousers he reached down and broke the buttons off the back of my skirt and then tore the seam, dropping it to the floor. Next, he used the sweater tied around my waist as a harness again and pulled me back into his crotch. I felt his zipper sc**** my ass cheek as his fully erect and clean-cut cock, no less than seven inches and at least as thick as Karl?s, huge at my age, slid across my drenched pussy lips. Then his body collapsed on top of mine in a humping motion with his arms holding and groping my small budding body. He pulled back and then, without his hands, slid his cock into me. They stretching effect was instant and painful. Karl and I had not fucked for three days. I thought for a moment that he wanted me tight and unprepared and then realized I was absolutely right ? he wanted me to be a tight schoolgirl whore for my new Uncle Hart, or ?Principal? Hart?or whatever he was.?Ahhhhhhh, what a good little fucking whore you are?your mommy and daddy should be proud?? Hart said as he began fucking me agonizingly slowly. I moaned in time with his still-painful thrusts. As he went in I let out a ?Uhhhhhh? and as he came back out I moaned ?Haaaaaaaaaa?Hart went slow and developed a nice even rhythm. He fucked me very slow, like a five second in thrust and a four second withdrawal from my small pussy. His hands wandered my small frame, pausing on my slick hair-less pubis. He fucked me like a man savoring a delicate flavor before swallowing. For almost ten minutes he proceeded to slow-fuck my small shallow pussy. His cock forced me to orgasm over and over, and these allowed my cunt to relax and take more of him. Pretty soon my pussy was taking all of his cock as deep as he could push it. I moaned and came over and over on his proportionally huge cock. Hart said he knew how to make me cum and knew he could control my body with his dick. He was right. He would say things like, ?Now my dear little whore-girl, you feel me go a bit deeper and hold it as you cum on my cock,? then he?d push in and add, ?Now, as you feel me touch the end of your little tunnel I want you cum.? He?d hit my small cervix and, as if it were an answer to knock on a door, I would begin feeling the orgasmic tremors begin. Still bent at the desk and about ten very disciplined minutes into the fuck, Hart could hold out no longer. He pushed deep into my little pussy, hurting me with the deep stretch forced by his dick, and held me down roughly. He pinned me again in a deep humping motion. His weight was crushing. His hands pulled the sweater away where it joined the destroyed skirt on the floor. Hart forced my legs wider and then groped my slick pussy with one hand and held my throat with the other. He went to a dark place and said, ?Beg for me to fuck you little girl. Beg for me to call you a whore. You know you love it, now beg for me to fuck you and call you a whore.?He thrusted in making me moan a deep ?uhhhhhh? and then as he pulled out, not nearly as slow as before, I stuttered out, ?Puh?please fuck me, puuaaleeeze fuck me?Call me a whore?I am?call me a wh-whore!??Louder!? he yelled out.?Please faa, fuck meee!!? I screamed on the in-thrust.?Yesss! Good little whore, again and again, keep saying it my little whore!??Please fuck me! Uhhhh, please fuck me! Uhhhhhh, please fuck me!? I moaned in time with his inward thrusts.He steadily increased his pace until he was going about as fast as possible. Then he went in deep one more time and held it. I came, gyrating and exploding. I knew he was cumming in my cute shallow young smooth cunt. He drove his cock deep, as deep as it could go, again pounding my pubescent cervix. I kept cumming. He held himself for only a second and then sharply pulled back and pounded me again. My pussy erupted in time with him. He did this to me over and over for almost a full minute. Then he stood and pulled himself from me. His strong hand gripped my long wavy strawberry-blonde hair and pulled me and twisted me toward him and down to the floor, even with his erect shiny cock, slick with our sex.?Suck my cock you little whore-girl, do it!? He commanded.I opened my mouth as wide as possible and felt him drive his cock into my mouth using my hair as a pull-rope. His slick cock went to the back of my mouth and I fought the urge to gag just as I?d been taught by Karl. He used my hair to guide me back and forth on his dick over and over. I tasted and felt his cum in my mouth. I felt the sides of my face become wet with slobber, cunt-juice, and cum. He fucked my face, moving my head back and forth about fifteen or twenty times. Then, he let go of my hair, exhaled and slumped back into the chair. A huge line of cum and saliva pulled out of my mouth, broke, and covered my face to my right breast-bumpI was a mess and I knew it. My pussy was still pulsing and I was still in a post-orgasmic haze. I was in worship position, on my knees, looking up at the man, still in my torn blouse and my destroyed bra, face covered with sex and nipples pointed like light switches in the on position. I saw him look up at the ceiling and then exhale. I went to stand up and he stopped me, saying, ?No, I want to see you there like that. I never want to forget you, my sweet school-girl whore.?Dr. Heard squirmed in his chair, as he?d been doing throughout my story, unsuccessfully trying to both conceal and adjust his straining cock. Then he said, ?I have two questions, first, regarding his size, versus your young frame and size, how bad did this hurt after it was all over? And second, was this all you did??I considered the question for a moment and said, ?So, the answers to each question can be wrapped up in one answer. This hurt much less than the ass-fuck he did with me an hour later.?Comments please!!!!!!!!
08-30-2021, at 04:47 PM

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