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A conference meeting at Miami

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A conference meeting at MiamiA conference meeting at MiamiI had a boring conference meeting there, in my well know city of Miami.My loving Victor at same time had flown to Chicago on a business trip.I arrived at the hotel close to midday; had a light meal and a warm shower before getting into bed for a good siesta?Then I recalled having a dream about several black men fucking me in a crazy hard gangbang. They all fucked my cunt, ass and mouth?I thought it was just a dream, but then I felt somebody was pulling my panties off? I began to wake, but then I discovered I was naked on bed?Then I realized it was not a dream anymore?I saw a strange black man at the foot of the bed; sniffing my panties?I started to scream out, but then a second black man close to my head covered my mouth with his strong hand.I resisted a little bit more, trying to wake up from the bed, but then I found my wrists had been bound, and were tied somewhere below the mattress. Then I glanced over as I heard the door shut. It was the taxi driver that had brought me to the hotel from the airport, who was gently closing the door.The black guy holding my panties close to his nose then said in a low voice:?Well, Ma?am? if you are cooperative, we will just stay for a while and maybe we leave you happy?who knows??I was really speechless. Then that same black guy leaned on me. I looked down as he raised my nightgown, parted my thighs and knelt on the bed. I then felt his hot tongue, as it parted my still wet pussy lips and slid up along my hard clit. The bastard stroked my clit over and over again with his tongue, as the second black guy ripped my nightgown to pieces, letting me full naked.Then he quickly sucked my hard erect nipples into his thick black lips, as the taxi driver squeezed my breasts?I looked at this third man, asking him why they were doing this to me?He smiled and kept pinching my boobs with his hard black hands?The first black bastard rose up from my open thighs and asked his mates:"Who wants to taste this white pussy?" The taxi driver said he would?The first guy stood closer to my face and then I could see what had to be at least eleven inches of thick black cock bulging inside his biker shorts. The second black guy, who had been sucking my hard nipples, suddenly took my tied hand and guided it to his crotch; then he pulled the side of his shorts over and made me to grip his semi hard cock. As I wrapped my fingers around it, I thought of how thick and heavy it was.I was beginning to warm up to the inevitable, thinking to myself I was going to get fucked by those black thugs and I might as well enjoy it, bearing in mind the seize of their black dicks?I turned my head to see that huge black serpent, as I stroked my fingers up and down. The more I stroked, the harder it became. The guy was now moaning with his eyes closed.Then I felt my head being pulled over and there, right at my lips, was another huge black dick, with a head that looked like a baseball bat. I stuck out my tongue and licked it as he rested it on my mouth. Now I could feel my own juices were really flowing as I felt that Jamaican bastard?s tongue licking up and down from the edge of my asshole up to the top of my swollen clit-I choked with that huge dick as I got my tongue coated with thick pre-cum as he began to slowly pump it in and out of my mouth. Suddenly, two of them left my cunt licking and my boobs squeezing. Both men grabbed my ankles and spread my legs apart.The first guy pulled his huge hard dick away from my hand and moved around the bed, as he asked his friends:"Did you get this white slut nice and wet for me, guys??" I saw him positioning himself between my spread thighs?Then I felt the head of that black bastard as it parted my wet pussy lips and slowly made its way down my sloppy cunt, pushing hard against the inner walls, as he slowly pushed and pushed deeper, until he finally buried his eleven inches of hard, black cock deep into my womb??I love this kind of white bitches? they can really stretch with my big dick??He laughed as he slowly pulled it back out and then drove it in hard and deep, making a loud gushing sound as it bottomed again inside my cunt. I cried in pleasure, as my muffled sounds came from my stuffed mouth.He smiled at me and then he began slamming it in and out and in and out, pounding my juicy cunt as hard as he could. After five minutes of hard pumping, he moaned as he slammed into me and squirted his hot semen deep inside my grateful cunt??Robby, it is your turn." The first guy said to the one who had his dick buried in my mouth, as they switched places.?Thanks, Gerard, please untie her and turn her over, I want to make her bark, while I fuck her from behind". They quickly untied my hands and turned me over on my knees and elbows. Then Robby rubbed his fingers in the mixture of pussy juice and cum,before sliding a finger deep into my asshole. I got scared about thinking that huge hard dick entering my anus?But then I felt Robby moaning as he mounted my pussy from behind.I could feel hot semen running down the inside of my thighs as his huge black cock squeezed it out when he entered me. I buried my face in the mattress and started to moan and cry in pleasure, as I felt Robby pumping my cunt with hard thrusts?He had started fucking me slowly, but after some minutes, he was pounding me very hard; with his hands gripping my thighs for leverage?The harder and faster he pumped my cunt; the deeper and faster he alsopumped his finger in my tight asshole, giving me an uncontrollable urge to have something more than just a finger buried in my anus?My wishes were soon to be realized, as Robby removed his cock from my cunt and slowly started to work it into my tight little brown hole. I tried to move away, but he held my hips in his strong hands.?Do not resist, bitch; your tight asshole is mine now? You will enjoy it??He said smiling, as he pushed a little bit more down my tight sphincter?As I felt Robby stretching my anus with his hard dick, the taxi driver finally showed me his black dick. I could not believe his size: it was longer than thirteen inches and thick as my forearm. It was impossible?He got on his knees beside my head and rubbed the dripping cockhead on my lips, as my asshole was stuffed with Robby?s dick.Then he slowly began pumping it in and out of my asshole, which had beenstretched to the limit?Then I heard the taxi driver?s deep voice:?Bring the white bitch over here" He asked, as he sat down on a chair.Robby slipped out from my asshole and dragged me to his sitting mate. Then I brought my knees up, resting my feet on the edge of the seat, exposing my stretched cum-dripping cunt to the black taxi driver. Soon he was stuffing my cunt with his hard and thick thirteen inches dick.I moaned as I felt my holes filled with black dicks. They started pumping me at once. The pain in my cunt was unbearable. The taxi driver was stretching me more than ever?They both pumped my holes together during at least fifteen minutes; before erupting almost at same time, moaning and grunting as they filled my stretched holes?They slipped from me and left in the floor, swimming in a pool of warm sticky cum. I was trying to catch my breath, when suddenly Gerard came closer to me and made me get again on my hands and knees.Soon I felt him entering my sore asshole, as he grabbed firmly my hips and pumped me like crazy. He sodomized me during just five minutes and then he exploded deep inside my anus?I passed out and several hours later I woke up, thinking it had been just a bad dream. But my sore cunt and asshole told me it had been a true scene, not just a dream.I managed to get the bathroom for a shower, although it was very hard for me to walk straight? I felt dirty, could feel semen running down my legs, on my hair and my mouth?In the bathroom?s mirror there was a sign written in my own red lipstick:?Get ready, bitch? we will be back soon??Then I knew it had not been a dream?
08-30-2021, at 04:47 PM

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