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The babysitter.

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The babysitter.A babysitter story with a twist.Let me start by telling you that I am a divorced man in my fifties and I never expected this to happen to me. It was a rare Saturday that I had off my work, the day was warm so I decided I?d wash the car, something I enjoy doing, making it look good again.My neighbour Pete was also out doing the same and we got chatting. He told me it was his wedding anniversary and he and Cathy, his wife, were going out for a posh meal this evening, they?d got their regular babysitter coming to sit for them. They are a young couple in their late thirties and have a young son of almost three years old.Towards evening I was once again outside when Pete came out in his old jeans and sweatshirt, I called over to him that I thought he?d be getting dressed up to go out by now. We can?t go he informed me, their babysitter had called them and cancelled due to illness and now they were reduced to having a takeaway. He was obviously disappointed and I felt for him and although we weren?t good mates just friendly neighbours I couldn?t help but feel for him. Hang on! Why couldn?t I do it? Pete, I called out, I?ll sit for you, I was only going to read tonight I can do that just as easily in your lounge as mine and your son will be in bed won?t he?Hey thanks John, are you sure you don?t mind? I?ll go tell Cathy and get ready, half an hour? I decided to jump in the shower, find my book and then go next door. Pete and Cathy were ready when I got there and there was just time for them to tell me to help myself to anything I wanted when their taxi arrived and they were gone.I spent the evening reading and watching television and they arrived home around midnight, both of them showing signs of having had a few drinks although they were not drunk but giggling a lot. Obviously not ready for the evening to end yet Pete insisted on opening a bottle of wine and my staying to share a glass with them. Cathy said she was just going to slip in to something more comfortable and Pete made some comment which I didn?t catch but made her giggle again. Five minutes later Cathy was back and wow she had on a silk gown which came down to mid thigh and a pair of fluffy pink mules and looked stunning. Pete handed her a glass and she came and sat by me on the settee while he put some music on. Dance with me Pete she asked, no ask John, I?m comfy now, he refused, so grabbing my hand she pulled me up from the couch and hung her arms round my neck, I could feel her breasts pushing in into my chest through the thin material of her gown, almost instantly I could feel myself getting hard and I was sure she could feel it too!Are you enjoying that she asked grinning at me and winking at Pete, she snuggled herself into my neck nuzzling me, I glanced at Pete but he was grinning and told me just to let things happen and I began to wonder if they?d maybe planned this while they were out celebrating and very soon I was convinced of it as Cathy dropped to her knees in front of me and started to unbuckle my belt, her hand went inside my fly and started to feel my manhood. I put my hand on her shoulders to steady myself has she lowered my trousers to my ankles. Gently she pushed me back onto the settee and removed my shoes and pulled my trousers off, standing up she pulled me back up and holding my hand, placed it inside her clothing on to her breast.I pinched her nipple and rolled it between my finger and thumb, looking over at Pete I saw he?d got his cock out and was stroking it up and down which was all the encouragement I needed to slide the silk material off Cathys shoulders, and taking a half step back I viewed her body where she stood in front of me just wearing a cotton thong. Stepping around me, she picked up a cushion from the couch and placed it at my feet, then sank to her knees again, lifting my cock she slid a hand under my balls and pulled back my foreskin gently and licked the tip then slowly opening her mouth Cathy sank the first two inches into her warm mouth, licking up and down my shaft and then taking me back into that welcome orifice again. Wanking me into her mouth I could feel my climax approaching, trying to warn her and pull out, her hands went around behind me and her nails sank into my buttocks as I spurted several stings of come in to her mouth. Letting my spent cock slip from her mouth she smiled up at me with shining eyes. Dropping back on to the couch again, I watched Cathy pulled herself to her feet, then Cathy went to Pete, leaning over him she took hold of his penis in her hand and placed a spunk filled mouth over his, transferring what ever was left from hers to his whilst I was treated to a fine view of her ass in just a thong. I?d like to be able to tell you that the night was still young and more sex was had by all, but turning to me she smiled and asked if I?d mind leaving now because ?she wanted to fuck Pete in private? so I gathered up my clothes and got dressed in the hall, letting myself out in to the night but not before I?d glanced around the door to see Cathy with her thong pulled to one side sinking down on to Petes erect cock. I?d also like to be able to tell you this night was repeated but so far it hasn?t and it?s not been mentioned again?.so far!
08-30-2021, at 04:47 PM

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