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Pay the carpenter...

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Pay the carpenter...That afternoon I had stayed at home, doing some paperwork in my own studio. I was busy and hurried to complete the heavy task.The doorbell sounded and I asked Anita if she could go to open the door; since she was there in the kitchen.I heard a strange voice and my wife shouted out it was the carpenter, coming for his payment.?Oh, great? I thought to myself, this lucky bastard screws my sexy wife and he wants more payment?As I could hear their voices, I carried on doing my paperwork.After a while, I could not hear anything else, so I went into our spare room. I had there all the devices from some cameras I had installed in the basement. I knew my unfaithful wife Ana fucked some guys there and from time to time I watched the recordings?My bitchy wife was with the carpenter there in a corner. They were chatting and she had an arm across his broad shoulders. She leaned on him and she kissed him passionately.The guy relaxed a little and he kissed her back, rubbing her tiny waist with his strong hands.As I watched them, I felt myself getting hard,The guy left Ana?s waist and began fondling her tits and her firm buttocks. He kissed her neck, until Ana took her blouse off.He reached behind her and grabbed her nice tits, as I saw her nipples were hard. Ana turned around and the man leaned to lick her hard nipples.She opened her short skirt and let it fall down to her ankles.I was not surprised to find out that my naughty sexy wife was not wearing any panties at all. Her shaven mound looked glistening.The carpenter knelt down in front of Ana and he started licking her sweet belly, as his hands rubbed the crack of her ass.He finally buried his tongue up Ana?s crotch and she gasped loudly.I knew my wife would come very soon in his tongue and I was right. After just a minute licking, she screamed loud and grabbed his hair, pushing his face against her swollen pussy lips. She came shouting out with her eyes closed, as her body shuddered in pleasure.As she grunted, her juices flowed and soon enough his face was covered in stickiness. He stood up and undressed himself.This time Ana felt to her knees and she grabbed this formidable erection that the guy sported there. She licked it for a short while, until it grew even harder. The bastard had a massive thing really.The guy suddenly pushed Ana onto a couch and he made her spread her thighs for him. He rubbed his cock up her slit, as she widened herself to accept this massive hard dick into her wet hole.Ana began moaning loud as he pounded her at a steady pace. I felt too horny and my own cock was aching into my trousers; so I finally got undressed and went down to the basement. Once there, Ana smiled when she saw me. I waved my hard dick at her and she grabbed it, letting me feed it into her warm sweet mouth.The carpenter opened his eyes and he looked to get scared when he saw me; but I encouraged him to keep fucking my naughty wife. A few moments later, I asked the guy to switch and he accepted.As Anita gave him the best blowjob of his life, I fucked her cunt like never before; since I was really very horny and turned on.When I knew that my sensual wife was close to cum, I rubbed her swollen clit between my fingers. I pounded her slippery wet cunt even harder and finally Anita screamed out her second climax. After it had subsided, she eagerly resumed his sweet blowjob on the guy. I saw he was also close to cum in Ana?s mouth.I knew that I would not last too long myself.As I pounded Ana so hard, I suddenly knew I was coming too. The carpenter began grunting at same time, as he filled Ana?s throat with his sticky cum. My wife swallowed every drop as a good girl. This was too much for me?I pulled out and shoved my hard cock up Ana?s tight rosebud.I wanted to feel her tight rectum walls wrapped around my dick.So I grunted hard and exploded deep inside of my wife?s bowels.Anita looked at me, saying that now her asshole had been stretched and lubed by my dick, she wanted to try also there the carpenter?s thickness.I asked her if she was sure, since the guy had a very, very thick cockhead. But Ana just laughed and ordered the guy to fuck her in the ass.The lucky bastard did not even hesitate. His thick cock was still hard; so he moved behind Ana and grabbed her by the hips.My wife screamed loud as the man pushed just his cockhead in. She claimed her asshole was still tight and this cock was too thick.The guy tried to pull out, but Ana yelled at him she would be fine and she encouraged him to go ahead.So I stayed there sitting at the same couch, watching my sexy wife?s ass been ruined by the carpenter. He made Ana come a third time, before he could finally empty his balls into her stretched anus.Anita said she finally was satisfied and she went upstairs to get a warm shower.I looked at the carpenter and he said this time would not be charge.I laughed, saying I was expecting that; so I invited him a drink.Ana later came downstairs, fully dressed.She put her hand on the carpenter?s torso and told him very softly, that next week he should come to repair the front veranda?
04-04-2021, at 05:01 PM

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