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LauraTwo day later, the heat wave continues and I get a text from Liz asking if Laura can use the garden for sunbathing. I think, pretty half naked girl in my garden? What?s to consider? I was going to be busy around the house and doing some errands so no problem. An hour later, Laura arrives, looking like she's going to the beach. Short shorts, vest top big beach bag full of who knows what. She sets herself down on a lounger, ?this is so kind if you Jack" she says as she starts to unpack. Book, phone, bottle of water, sun cream, hairbrush. Then, the shorts come off and the vest top us off, and she is once again in a string bikini of small proportions. ?What are you reading?? I asked. ?shades of grey, I know it?s a bit shit as literature but it turns me on", she replied.Reluctantly, I left and set off on my errands. A couple of hours later I returned. Pottering about the house, I could see Laura, in the garden, headphones in, lying back reading hear soft porn. She was clearly unaware I was back as her book was in front of her and she had music in her ears. As she read, one hand lowered and a finger tip started to tease a nipple over the material of her bikini. She stroked circles then back and forth. The hard bud became clear to see pushing against the material. This is getting interesting I thought. Within a couple of minutes, her hard had slipped under the material, and the teasing continued. I could clearly see she was pinching and rolling the nipple between thumb and forefinger.As she continued reading, so her hand released her nipple and dropped onto her crotch. She then started tracing a path up and down the cleft of her pussy therefore pressing the material into a clear outline of the mound her pussy. The hand holding he book was beginning to waver but she read on. The hand in her crotch was paying more attention to her clit area. In a quick move she pulled the bow at her right hip and her hand was able to make skin to skin contact with her pussy. At this point she lay down the book and her spare hand moved to tease a nipple. Her head went back and her eyes closed as she stroked nipple and cunt.I could feel my cock getting hard, and slipped a hand into my Jean?s to arrange room for expansion.After a few moments, Laura rolled over onto her front, the other bow at her hip was released, and her hand went underneath her and between her legs. She started the same fucking movements on her hand that I had seen her do on top of Liz. This time her own hand was providing the pressure. Next thing that happened, as she was grinding away her spare hand reached for her hairbrush, she raised her pussy off the lounger, slipped the brush below her and slipped the handle into her cunt and continued to jump steadily. Suddenly the humping stopped, she flipped onto her back and with knees up, the hairbrush handle pushed inside and was once more fucking her. This time though she was nearer to coming, her speed increased and she was rubbing her clit hard. Within about a minute she was coming, quietly gasping to herself. I moved back from the window, waited a minute or so then made a big show of shouting out, that's me back Laura. When I got to the garden she was calmly tying the bow of the bikini. She did look a bit flushed. ?Your looking a bit red? I said, ?to much fun or exciting bit in your book??. ?Bit of both maybe? she replied. ? I?m going for a shower" I said ?pretty sweaty after being in town?. Laura then asked" could I have a shower too please to wash off the sun cream?? I replied, ?no problem, be my guest".I?d hardly got the shower in the wet room up to temperature, when there was a tap at the door quickly followed by a teenager joining me under the jets. She still wore her bikini at this point. She smiled and said ?please can you untie me?? as she stood very close. I quickly pulled the laces and her top fell to the wet floor. Just as quickly, the bottoms joined them.?Can I wash your cock sir" she asked as she wrapped her fingers round my stiffening cock. Her young soft hand felt good. ?I will follow your instruction Jack" she said, ? your in charge just like in my book?. She was doing a fine job of getting me hard again. ?Turn round and put your hands on the wall, your not allowed to move them till I tell you". I said. ?Spread your legs a bit". She was just slightly farther than her arms length from the wall so had to slightly lean and her feet were maybe about a foot apart. The water was spraying over her head and running down her back. Would make a very erotic photograph for sure.I started with running my hands over her back. Her young skin was flawless and smooth. Quickly moving down to her bum, firm and round cheeks. I moved in closer to reach two hands round to her perfect toy firm tits. A perfect handful for each of my paws. My hard cock found a natural groove of her arse. It felt great resting there, it felt better as she started rock her hips back and forth making my cock slide up and down her natural furrow. I dropped my right hand to her pussy cupping it in my palm. A couple of fingers curling inside her wet cunt, my other hand teased and pinched her nipples to keep them hard and awake. Laura's head hung forward as she gasped and panted.I stepped back, once again, had a feel of her perfect young arse, but this time my hand went between her thighs and toyed with her pussy from behind. Again she was pushing down on my frigging fingers. Two fingers fucking her fast, but stopping as she was getting ready to cum. I withdrew them and moved my index finger the short distance to her arsehole and pressed against its tightness. She stiffened slightly, ?never done anything there before" with the water and pussy juice, my finger slipped inside easily. She gasped as my finger slipped in about an inch. I let it stay for a couple of seconds then withdrew it. ?we can keep that for another day? I said, ?I want my cock in that tight cunt"I told her to bend over a bit more, positioned my cock between her lips and pushed in. She was tight and wet and hot inside there. I started thrusting into her, ?its so big Jack, its filling my pussy up. So much bigger than the boy that fucked me before?. I needed a more comfortable position that this given my age. I move and sat on the toilet pan, ?come and sit on my cock now Laura" I told her. She straddled my thigh, and took my cock in her hand, placed back into her juicy mound and sank down onto my whole length. ?oh fuck" she gasped, I was thinking the same. I?m sure my cock was pressing against the very end of her cunt. She started a grinding motion back and forth, it felt great. She was gasping for breath. ?I want your spunk in me Jack, I?m on the pill it?s ok but give me your spunk deep inside".?You will get my spunk alright my dear, but I want to see how you suck cock" I told her. ?get on your knees and lick your juice off my cock.? ?I?ve never done oral before" she replied as she knelt down. Take my cock in your hand and draw down the foreskin and expose the head. Then lick it all round?. Gently she followed the instruction. Even from this young amateur it felt very good. ?Lick the shaft and balls too sometimes". ? can I put it in my mouth" she asked ?I?ve seen that in porn, but I don?t think I will manage it all". She slipped here young mouth over my cock and I could feel her tongue lapping over my knob end. She was a quick learner. Bobbing up and down sucking away. The need to spunk was coming fast.?Now Laura, get back on my cock, but face the other way so I can rub your clit? I said. Once again she slid down on my solid cock. This time she was riding up and down. As I rubbed her clit she was fast heading to orgasm. As she started to gasp she dropped down hard on my cock a few times driving it very deep, she was coming noisily as my spunk pumped into her cunt. ?yes Jack? she gasped ?I can feel your spunk filling my cunt". I in turn could feel her tight young pussy pulsing with her orgasm.She went home in shorts and vest top alone with her bikini still lying on the wetroom floor. ?Cant wait to tell mum about our fuck" she said. ? mum did say she thought you would fuck me, I hope we can fuck again?. ?Me too? was all I could reply.
08-30-2021, at 04:48 PM

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