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Weekend job

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Weekend jobWhen I was younger I wanted some money to buy a few things we couldn't afford. I want from house to house asking our neighbors if they needed an work done around the house. Each time it was the same answer. No. I was about five blocks from my house when I knocked on Mr kings door. I asked if he had anything that needed done. He smiled and said come on in. He was an older man, in his fifties, with a bit of a gut. He said with all the hours he had to work, he doesn't have time to do any yard work. I said I'd be happy to do it for him. Mr king showed me where his lawn equipment was. I had finished cutting and raking the front yard when he came out. You do good work, he said. After bagging up the leaves and grass clippings he said, how about some lunch. Being hot and sweaty, I said sure. I could use a break. After eating and cooling off I went to the back yard. When I finished Mr king said, why don't you take a quick shower and get the grass off you. I asked, are you OK with that. Smiling he said, let me show you where the bathroom is. Drying off I went to get dressed. My clothes were gone. Panicked I wrapped the towel around me and went to look for them. I asked, what happened to my clothes. Mr king said they were all sweaty and I thought I'd wash them for you. I was nervous. Mr king said why don't you come sit down and relax for a while. Going to the kitchen he asked if I wanted a beer. Never having one before I said, sure. After finishing it he went back to the kitchen and handed me an other one. It wasn't long before I started to feel funny and relaxed. Mr king said, you must be sore from all the work you did. Not thinking I said I was a little stiff. Smiling he stood and came around the chair and massaged my shoulders. He asked, how does that feel. I said it felt good. Why don't you come laid down and I'll massage your back. Feeling no pain from the beers I agreed to follow him. He took me to one of the bedrooms and said, lay face down. His hands felt good as he worked his way down my back. Reaching my waist he said, let me take your towel off. I was a little nervous but he talked me into removing it. I felt funny letting him rub my butt and legs but it felt good. As he kneaded my butt cheeks, he spread them a little. I flinched a little, but he told me to relax and spread my legs wider. As he moved his hand up my leg I felt his finger touch my balls. Between the beers and massage I started breathing hard. Mr king must have noticed it. He said how about some massage oil. Looking up I asked what that was. He said, it helps relieve stress. Not thinking I said OK. He started at my feet. Rubbing my toes and the soles of my feet. Working his way up my legs it did feel better. As Mr king poured some oil on my butt, a little ran into the crack of my butt. I let a giggle out. Massaging my butt cheeks he asked, you like that. I said it tickles. Moving his hands I felt his fingers between my butt cheeks. I jumped when I felt a finger touch my butt hole. Slowly he circled it. My breathing quickened and my heart beat faster. I don't know why, but I started to enjoy it. Moving my legs wider he asked, you like that. Shyly I said, yes. As he circled my butt hole, my cock started getting hard. Mr king said why don't you roll over. I was nervous about him seeing me hard. But he said, don't worry about it. That. It happens all the time.
08-30-2021, at 04:48 PM

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