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Two In One For Indian Couple ? Part I

Post #1

Two In One For Indian Couple ? Part IdeleteddeletedAll the names have been changed. This story has been written into five chapters to facilitate easy uploading. This is the first chapter.Please read the remaining chapters also.. I am Raj, a professional engineer. I was working in a multinational company in Jaipur. This incident took place some years ago. I have a good physic and am reasonably good looking. My friend and colleague Anil, was a smart 33 years young chap and a very close friend of mine.Anil had athletic body and did regular exercises. He was then and is very handsome Punjabi. We are of almost the same age. We were working in the same department in one company in Jaipur and were together for some years, after which, he joined another company in the same town. However, our friendship and through that the friendship of our families grew daily. Anil was naughty by nature and so was I.Many times we enjoyed sexy jokes and we even joked about each other?s wife, though in a very light vein. Anil?s wife Anita was very attractive. Rather on slightly plump side, she was full of curves in the right place and I always admired her fully endowed body. I could not but stare at her lush breasts, whenever an opportunity existed. Seeing her breasts, I could just barely control my desire for her.However, Anil described her as a dull woman, who was no longer interested in sex. They had been married for the last 8 years. Now she would have sex only to oblige and satisfy Anil?s sexual desires as is her duty. My opinion about my wife was not much different. However, at some point I felt that Anil was unable to arouse Anita any longer after the initial elopement charms faded off.I thought that women get tired of house hold chores, looking after babies, taking care of in laws? whims and fancies, breaking head with servants and maids, attending to two rings (phone and doorbell) and after all that, also tolerate stud of a husband who wakes her up in the middle of the night and demands more labor from her. It is natural that after marriage and undergoing all the strain, women are bound to lose interest in sex.There is need to allow her to spend some time on her own and allow her to have her way once in a while. There is need to make her feel that she is important and is worthy of attraction and not just attention. I knew and Anil also told me that he came to our house many times in my absence and tried discreetly to flirt with my wife Neena by offering various temptations such as offer to take her to cinema or dinner or presenting gifts etc.I suspected that he might have been successful to the extent of hugging her or squeezing her breasts occasionally through her blouse or even kissing her with some mild force. But I knew that for Anil, Neena proved to be a tough customer and would not be swayed by such hollow temptations in going further. However, I knew that Neena was attracted by Anil very much. She would sing praises of Anil many times.She would tell me how well he spoke with her or how well he played with our c***dren, or gifts he gave to her or c***dren etc. she would even compare her favorite actor with Anil. I felt that she resisted his moves only because she had a very strong sense of loyalty and responsibility. She would never betray my trust. Otherwise, I thought she might have very much liked to be seduced by Anil.When Anil was away on official tours out of town, many times Anita called me up on phone to ask me to fix up something or the other in her house. I was good at fixing up mechanical and electrical appliances and knew a little bit about electrical circuitry. Once a fan broke down, some other time there was TV problem etc. Anil had asked her that she could call me to the house to fix these things only late in the evening; say at about 8 to 9 pm.He felt that during the day I had to attend the office, but in the evening I would be comparatively free so that my office work would not be disturbed. I was always pleased to receive such a message and gladly obliged her. After the work in her house was finished, she would make me sit and offer some cold drink or snacks or sometimes dinner and we would talk about many things here and there. Anil was poor in mechanical or electrical jobs and appreciated my helping his wife in his absence.Even when Anil was at home, Anita would call me for small problems, which I fixed up. Afterwards, Anil, Anita and I would sit and do small talks; many times ending up with talking of our sexual life or experiences or crack sexy jokes all in lighter vein. Anil never hesitated in sexually playing with Anita?s body in my presence. He would kiss her or touch her breasts or press her thighs even when I was present. Sometimes he would say, see Raj, Anita never sleeps without her clothes on.When I feel like having sex, she does not respond to my pleadings in the night. When Anil said such things, Anita merely raised her eyebrows in protest but did not say anything or did not stop Anil. In such casual conversations I would also tell them about my wife?s lack of interest in sex. When I would talk about Neena?s lack of interest in sex, Anita would jump to Neena?s rescue; saying, ?You men are always thinking of sex.We women have a lot of work to do in the house, looking after the house, c***dren, father in law, mother in law and on top of you; husbands. How can we conserve enough energy after the whole day?s work to fulfill your desires in the night? Our chat would go on such and other topics till late in the night. I felt that there was a small stream of attraction running between me and Anita. This, I felt as, on many occasions; when we were sharing a joke or some funny situation out of excitement.I would poke her in the ribs or pinch her cheeks, bottom or waist and sometimes even hug her. However, she would take it sportingly and never expressed her disapproval. I had noticed that many times Anita would pass me in such a way that her protruding breasts would touch or brush with my elbows or chest or arms. I suspected that many times this could have been deliberate. However, I could not be sure. I was taken in by Anita?s charms, grace and physique.I particularly could barely resist her breasts. I had squeezed them liberally and fucked her many times in my dreams. Once when I was alone with Anita in her house, I stopped her in the kitchen and hugged her from behind and pressed my cock into her from behind. She was wearing a gown. I wanted to kiss her and press her generous boobs. Anita quietly looked behind at me and did not say anything. She perhaps wanted me to move further, kiss her and do what I wanted.However, she kept quiet and I restrained myself and developed cold feet. I released her fearing negative reaction from Anita and also keeping in mind the fact that my behavior would not be proper as her husband?s friend in his absence.Monday evening:It was Anita?s birthday. I got a phone call from Anil that I and Neena were invited to their house for a small party. Anil specifically mentioned that we must be there before 6 pm as he had to catch a train to go on tour to Bhilwara town the same day at 9 pm. It was Monday. We got ready and started off to their house and reached there just before 6 pm. Anil and Anita were waiting for us to cut the cake. Anil called us and Anita was ready to cut the cake.There were just four of us after the cake cutting and eating we sat in the drawing room, when I told Anil that this party is not acceptable. There should be a proper party; just cutting the cake will not absolve them of their liability. Anil said, we are planning to have a party on the Saturday when I hope to be back from my tour. Hearing this; Neena?s face fell.She said that she will not be there the next Saturday as she is scheduled to leave for her parents? house on Thursday. I and Anita talked for a while and then I saw that Anil and Neena were engaged in deep conversation in another room. After some time they emerged from the room and sat down in front of us. I inquired through my raised eye brows. Anita had a baby daughter 6 months old. She and Anil went to attend to her. I asked Neena, anything wrong? She replied saying everything was ok.Wednesday evening.How will I live without you for seven whole days? I asked Neena; when we retired to our bedroom after all the packing etc. She was quite emotional as I took her in my arms. It was about 10 pm and our c***dren had gone to sleep. Early in the morning next day; Neena was to leave for her home town in Gujarat for about 10 days. She controlled her tears and with some mock tone of jealousy and said I know you will manage very well with Anita.It was true that I did go to their house occasionally when Anita called me during Anil?s absence or even when Anil was in the house to fix up small things. Their house was slightly away from other houses and no help was easily available. I would fix their small problems such as lights, plumbing and such things occasionally. Oh! Come on! I said squeezing her in my embrace you are making mountain out of nothing.I have never done anything; just helped them, whenever they had a problem. I know dear, I was just joking replied Neena; releasing her from my embrace. You will be well looked after in my absence. I know that Said Neena; tidying her saree. I took her again in my arms and said you are going away for more than a week. Why not we have our last Maza today? (Maza was a code word between us for having sex)You men have only one thing in your mind. Maza, Maza and Maza all the time and she said resignedly and added ok. She announced her acceptance under protest as if I was going to torture her. I said you are talking as if I was going to **** you. She replied no, Baba, it?s not that and you know it also. I was just joking I pulled her near me and bent to kiss her on the lips. She was in my arms on the bed.I inserted my arm inside her blouse and felt her silk smooth breasts. I picked one of her nipples in between my two fingers and started playing with it. With the other hand I unbuttoned her blouse from the back. She placed her one hand in my lap and was playing with my half aroused cock over my pajamas. She said, ?This has not yet woken up. Why don?t you just let him rest?When I pinched her nipple in my fingers, she jerked and untied the strings on my pajama and released my Long John. By then it had become erect. She played with it very lovingly; as she only knew how. She pulled down my pajama with my help and started playing with my testiles so lovingly and delicately that was perhaps her most secret weapon to conquer me or any male for that matter.By now I was leaking out pre-cum. I gradually removed her blouse and bra and pop came out her lovely sweet and pronounced water melons. I used both my palms to the full to contain those lovely globes in them. They were floating in my palms almost over flowing out of my palms. I rotated my index finger around her areolas. There were goose pimples growing up because of her excitement on her areolas.I kept on rotating my fingers on the sensitive part of her areolas occasionally pinching her nipples. I bent down and started sucking her nipples and breasts. She has the smoothest breasts I have ever seen or experienced. I felt as if my hands would just slip down. I sucked so hard that half of her one of her breasts was inside my mouth. I was choking so very pleasantly. She ried out saying easy, easy! She was moaning.I pulled down my pajama and after that her petticoat and panty. I also pulled up her bra. We slept side by side facing each other. I took her completely in my arms. We were just two bodies stuck together. I wrapped my arms below her arm pits around her and wrapped her inside me by enveloping her with my two legs. My legs were wrapping up her lower body including her legs. My now fully erect cock was pressing into her belly.By now she was aroused and kissed me on my chest. I pulled up her mouth to mine and we were engaged in a deep kiss of love. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and rotated in her mouth. She was sucking it so lovingly. Suddenly, she wanted to say something and I released her slightly. She said with somewhat shy tone, ?You are kissing me like Anil now. You never kissed me before; like that, I also said in a light tone, ?Tell me Neena, honestly; do you think I do something better than Anil?She stopped suddenly and tried to detect if there was any jealousy in my tone. I continued. ?Neena, really, I am not jealous; but I want to know as a lover, am I comparable in at least one way to Anil? Neena paused to think for an appropriate answer and after a few seconds gap said, I think you should ask Anita this; I was surprised where does Anita come in this? How the hell does she know? I did not have any sexual intercourse with her? I felt offended.I asked her, ?Neena tell me really. Do you think, I and Anita are having sex secretly? She replied no, I did not at all mean it.? Changing her tone, she said but Anita knows Anil better. I have had only one encounter with Anil and that too in a typical situation, how would I Know Anil as a lover? I however, felt that I had missed something. I did not know if it was due to mention of Anil?s name or not, but by then Neena was horny.This was an uncommon thing to happen. She made me lie on bed and came on top of me. She does not like to take my cock in her mouth generally. Today appeared to be an exception. She sat down on my chest with her back to me and took my cock in her hands and was shaking it lovingly. She pampered my balls in her hands and massaged them in a typical Neena trademark way.She then bent down, stretched herself on me and started licking my cock with her tongue. She took the head in her mouth and was rotating her tongue around it for quite a while. I was bearing her weight and smelling her wet pussy. I extended my tongue and inserted it into her pussy, which was just above my mouth. She took half of my cock into her mouth and gave an excellent blow job.It was my turn now. I knew that her biggest weak point is fingered fucking. In order to make her hornier, I first pampered her clitoris and started finger fucking her. I inserted my two fingers in her cunt hole and started to lovingly rub her clitoris and upper internal walls of her cunt. She suddenly jumped as soon as I inserted my fingers after that last threesome with Anil, I then knew that she can be aroused to extremes if given sufficient treatment.She was now getting charged and aroused. She started begging me Raj, come on top of me. Please fuck me. I am very horny, put it in, I want you I told her, No, I want you to come on top of me. I knew after that experience of threesome with Anil that she gets highly aroused when she is on top rather than the other way. Of course, in this position, she has to exercise much more. She came on top of me. Her breasts were hanging just above my mouth.I caught one of her breasts into my mouth and sucked harder on it as she started pumping her cunt hole onto my cock. I also knew that sucking her breasts arouses her tremendously. As I sucked her breasts, she got more and more aroused. I was not only fully erect but was hard as a rock. She took my shaft all in. we were having sex after about a week. She was pumping me faster now. I was sucking on her breasts, biting them occasionally and particularly chewing lightly her nipples now and then.I could experience twitching of her cunt gripping my cock at certain frequency. This experience was exhilarating. She was pumping faster. She started crying Raj! I am about to burst! I am coming! aahhhh! I was also about to explode. I knew that she was well protected. We could not afford another baby. I cried out Neena. I am also coming in you! I am just coming! She said, Raj, come into me! Pump your juices into me please and I burst into her with what felt to me like a big bang.Neena fell on me muttering Raj! Ahhhhh oooohhhh and sigh! She was a lump of flesh on me. She kissed me deep on the lips. I let her remain on top of me for almost a minute, leaving my cock inside her pussy with mine and her juices dripping on my tummy. She slid down sideways and disengaged herself from me. She then sat and wiped all dripped cum clean went to washroom, cleaned and dressed herself and fell off to sleep in my arms.Later on I dressed up also and drifted off to sleep. The next day, as the train to Ahmedabad was to depart; she had tears in her eyes. She was emotional. She told me, Raj, please visit Anil?s house; when you feel lonely or hungry. I have told Anita to give you something to eat, if you are hungry. When I talked to Anil about my going for a week, he told me that he and Anita in particular will look after you in the same way as I look after you.He told me not to worry about you. I pacified her and assured her Neena, please be assured, I shall look after myself and will call you every day to report to you everything. You please look after yourself and the c***dren as I was pecking my daughter and son, the train sounded the whistle and started. I waved her bye.
09-01-2021, at 01:39 PM

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