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Only One

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Only OneMelodyI was stood in the kitchen preparing dinner for myself and my boyfriend Tristan since he had to work on this glorious sunny day. Tristan is a lot older than me by a good couple of years, you see Tristan is in his late 50's where as I am in my early 20's. You would think with an age difference like that the sex would be terrible by my word is it anything but! Just take last Saturday for example; I was day off from University, he had the day off from work and we had nothing but mind blowing sex....................*flashback*Tristan sat on his knees at the foot of the bed his fingers and tongue a blur as they made a meal out of my drenched pussy knowing that I wasn't far off my second orgasm that night. "Jesus Christ Tristan!" I yelled as I came all over his face. He knew exactly how hard, fast and rough I liked things. "No need to take the lords name in vain" he chuckled in a teasing tone. "You know I'm an Atheist right? It means I can take 'the lords' name in vain if and when I please" I huffed slightly annoyed at his comment. "Melody I was only teasing there's no need to get your - well I was going to say knickers in a twist but you don't appear to have any on" He chuckled at his own joke "May be that's because a certain somebody is too impatient and likes to rip them off me" I smirk before planting a gentle yet meaningful kiss on his lips. "That's because, baby, you're such a tease and I can't wait to get my hands on you" he smirked back. He had me there, every morning I would leave him with half a blow job and just as he was getting into it I'd pull away but not before snapping a picture to send to him while he's midway through his working day. Then he'd come home, sit quietly all through dinner and then he'd take me by the hand and lead me upstairs where he'd continue to ravish me. "Tristan, I know how bored you get at work so I thought I'd just send you a little pick me up" I smile as innocently as I could. "Keep your legs open baby, I'm going to show you how much I love seeing you in that position while I'm at work" he ordered "Tell me Tristan, do you have a little wank before anybody comes into your office? Or do you go for a big wank and pray that nobody walks in?" I question teasingly as he lines his cock up with my soaking wet pussy. "Go big or go home" is his only response before he sinks himself into me slowly. "Mhmmmm Tristan" I moan in satisfaction. "Tell me baby, do you want me to make slow and passionate love to you or do you want me to fuck you senseless?" he questions his cock slowly moving in and out in a teasing manner. "Why not both? Why not start off making slow and passionate love to me and then finish off by fucking me senseless?" I suggest as I lick my lips as if they were dry. "That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea" Tristan smirked and started making love to me. "Mhmm Tristan! just like that baby" I moaned. *end of flashback*I shuddered at the memory. If I remember rightly I came an extra four times that night and thankfully I managed to make Tristan cum twice more before we were both shattered. I chuckled at the sight I had replayed in my mind. I hoped that today wouldn't be any different from the norm but boy was I wrong. Tristan was late home from work and he said he had been shopping. That's the part that caught my attention. Tristan never willingly went shopping it was always a fight to get him to do so. "Tell my why you're really home late? Were you fucking that new receptionist? Is that why you're late home?" I demanded "What?! You really think that lowly of me? You think that I would fuck someone else when I know that I have the best damn fuck that I've had in my life waiting for me at home?!" He roared offended that I would even think such a thing. "Oh come on Tristan! I've been to your work remember I know how hot Carly is. She's a lot hotter than me that's for sure. I'm surprised that you actually come home to me instead of going off home with her" I hiss knowing what a mans mind can be like. Suddenly it hit him. I wasn't mad at him I was jealous of Carly. "Oh baby, is that what you think I'd do? Do you think I'd honestly go home with her? She's nothing but a slut wanting to get her fill from the boss just so she could cross him off her check list" he chuckled lightly. "Get this into your thick skull, Tristan. I'm the only one who gets to suck and ride your cock. Not her, me. I'm the one who's pussy still feels as tight as day one not hers." I bit. Tristan smirked and just kissed me as his response. "Baby, I wasn't fucking Carly. I was shopping because I wanted to get you a little something." he mumbled "Oh and what would that be?" I questioned some what calmer than I was before "I was getting you this" he stated as he pulled out a little black box. "Tristan, is that what I think it is?" I quizzed my right eyebrow raised "It's whatever you want it to be, so long as you'll have me" he smiled "I will" I whispered slightly.
09-01-2021, at 01:39 PM

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