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Juicy Jessy at Poets Petra 'n Peter 2

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Juicy Jessy at Poets Petra 'n Peter 2Juicy Jessy meets Pretty Petra at Professor Poet Peter, her great grandfather, who learned her all in loveJuicy Jessy meets Poet Peter's meat, which is her right, as soon she discovers the truth about her f(a)milyPrincess Pretty Petra 'en Profil' at her 18th birthday: Peter has only one daughter, Jessy's mom, who never let her in on how she had learned love from himPoet Peter has all the time of the world to play with his two tasty tiny tit teens any foxy sexgames they fancyPretty Petra and Juicy Jessy team up against their Porn Prof until he promises to tell them by bits his historyPretty Petra and Juicy Jessy team up with him to write and edit full f(a)mily history, in fact more like herstoryPeter: "Petra I hope you help me out if my memory fails me or I start fabulizing, but I start from earliest daysPetra probably remember sexy stuff and dirty details from fourth, but I began baby bathing in erotic education"Peter: "My mental eye sees still Pretty Petra on a towel after bath, I spread her legs to kiss her cute cunnyMoments every morning and evening we both liked best: "Please Pappy more little kisses on my tummy"!" Peter: "I could not breastfeed you, so instead I offered my cock to suck on and my seed as food sourceProbably that is the reason why Petra had a big mouth, as soon as she could talk back to me for more" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Juicy Jessy is a shy sensual sexy sweet red-hot real redhead, who lives at the other side of the 'big drink'Juicy Jessy is a smart lovely looking lassie, longing to have her own vessel to sail to Professor Poet PeterProfessor Poet Peter lives at the old wood harbour of Amsterdam, so he sees all vessels entering his townProfessor Poet Peter lives at the back of a dike built by monks, back in eleventh century, luckily not that oldJuicy Jessy and Professor Poet Peter share some passions as authors of Erotica, as in their real love livesJuicy Jessy and Professor Poet Peter share some mighty minds, unabridged by big barreers nor any tabooProfessor Poet Peter is in his sixties, still mentally as well: freedom of thought, especially in erotics and sexProfessor Poet Peter is in his sixties, still sexually as well: falls for yummy young virgins
09-01-2021, at 01:39 PM

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