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He's Huge BBC Seeks WMW PT2

Post #1

He's Huge BBC Seeks WMW PT2The reply to my computer e-mail containing pictures of my curvy wife's scantily-clad body along with a facial photo came the next day on a Friday. Early that morning, I checked my computer mail-box for messages received. I buzzed with excitement upon seeing the BBC Seeks WMW tag-line. Wondering what to expect, I opened the e-mail. Although my cute wife, Patty, is a turn-on to me, she's a bit over-weight and well-past the age limits for a woman wanted in the personal ad. The big cock black's reaction after viewing her photos was a guess.A question he answered with the brief blurb: UR WIFE WILL DO. I'LL FUCK THE SLUT AND CUM IN HER. CALL ME TO MEET. A phone number followed.Reading it, his answer initially struck me as he was doing me a favor by consenting to use my cute wife. On second thought, I recognized he was setting aside his standards for a woman's age. Plus, I had to truthfully admit, although I found my curvy wife sexy, Patty wasn't exactly prime meat for a younger stud on the prowl. Not that any of it mattered. Merely getting a positive reply had me buzzing with nervous excitement, knowing my fantasy could be turning into reality.Calling the phone number, I got an answering machine with a recording telling me to leave a message. Despite some reservation, I did; along with stating the best time for a return call was later in the evening. Letting my wife know the black had agreed to meet us, without mentioning him calling her a slut, we both left for work. I'm employed by a manufacturing company and Patty is a secretary in a law office. Upon coming home from work, I told Patty the pending phone call had been on my mind all day."You're not thinking of changing your mind?" she asked."No." Truth was I'd had erotic fantasies all day of my wife having sex with another man. She admitted to the same by saying, "Good. I'm still for it, too. It's been on my mind to the point I couldn't concentrate on doing my job today."Later that evening, the phone finally rang. Answering it, I recognized the same voice I'd heard earlier on the answering machine. "I'm Ray. So, your wife wants me to fuck her with my big black cock?"Straight to the point, I thought. "Yes.""You can handle it? Seein' me dump a heavy load of cum into your wife?""Yes.""What about her? She okay with it?""No problem. Patty's excited about being with you.""Hmm. I bet you're turned on by the idea of me fucking her, too. Let me talk to her."I handed the phone to my wife, standing nearby. "He wants to talk with you."Taking it, she said, "This is Patty." After a pause, obviously listening to him, she said, "Yes. I agree." After another, longer pause, she said, "I won't, I promise. And I'm glad you like how I look. I enjoyed seeing your photos as well." With that, following his instructions, she gave the phone back to me."I just wanted to make sure your wife was into it and I'm not gettin' played. I've got some free time tomorrow night. If, that's too quick for you, maybe we can get together in a few weeks.""No, tomorrow's fine.""Give me your address." After writing it down, he said, "I'll be at your house around Nine o'clock. Have your wife dress nasty for me." Without another word, he hung up."So, what did he say to you?" I asked Patty, hanging up the phone."He needed to hear me agreeing to meet him. Plus, even though I'm older than women he normally hooks-up with, he liked how I looked in bra and panties. Ray told me he loved my body. Saying my big tits and what he kept calling my fat ass were a turn-on. I look nasty, making him hot and hard. He wanted me."My first thought was Ray had told my wife she was a fat ass and had gotten by with it. In fact, she seemed enthused by his crude comments. On the heels of that thought was the idea of another man lusting for my cute wife had my cock stiff. I reached out for her."No," she said, raising a hand to fend me off while backing away. "I promised I won't fool around before he gets here. You'll have to wait."* * *Opening our front door in response to someone rapping on it, the reality of what Patty and I were doing hit home with the sight of a lean tough-looking black man standing on our porch. Dressed for the summer heat, he was wearing a tee shirt and shorts with sandals on his bare feet."I'm Ray," he said, pushing past me as I swung open the door.Once in the house, the thin muscular black immediately made himself at home, plopping down onto the front room couch while Patty and I looked at each other uncertainly."Have a seat, Patty," Ray said with a smile, patting the couch cushion next to him. Shrugging her consent, Patty seated herself next to him. Still smiling, Ray d****d an arm around my wife's shoulders. "You both need to relax," he said with the assurance of someone who'd done this before.Reaching up with his free hand to my wife's chin and turning her face toward him, Ray kissed her. At first, Patty appeared to stiffen, but as he kept his thick lips pressed to hers, she finally parted them slightly, letting Ray's tongue slip into her mouth. Within a minute, my wife was passionately returning the black man's kiss in a dueling swap of tongues. Watching, I was slightly taken aback by Ray's brash actions and my wife's quick acceptance of him.Breaking his kiss with Patty he looked at me with a smile bordering on an insolent leer as I saw it. "We all know why I'm here," he said, slipping a dark hand between my wife's fleshy white thighs and nudging them apart. Once her legs were slightly open, Ray slid his hand under the hem of Patty's short skirt. She offered no resistance.My cock was rock hard and throbbing! The sight, along with thought of a stranger groping my wife with an easy familiarity, had me buzzing with perverse passion. Despite feeling a twinge of jealousy, I wanted to see my longtime wife being intimate with another man. Her obvious willingness in letting it happen had my emotions raging with an eager thrill of anticipation."Why don't you go to the kitchen and get me a beer from the fridge while I'm getting acquainted with your wife," Ray told me with a smile, blatantly feeling-up my wife's panty-clad pussy and calling attention to how easily accessible it was to him. Or anybody, I thought.A notion nagging at me as I went into the kitchen. I'd never considered Patty being a slut, but began mulling over the possibility. I knew from our love making she enjoyed sex, including the role-play of sharing her with others. In the aftermath of making love, Patty always professed it to be fantasy, not anything she sought in reality. In agreeing to the on-line personal ad seeking a BBC for her, she claimed it was all my idea. Recognizing it was something I really wanted, she'd simply gone along in doing it to make me happy.I didn't really buy into Patty's way of thinking. In my mind, although she wouldn't admit it, my wife wanted it to happen, too. Not that it mattered. I was just glad she'd consented in fulfilling my fantasy and it was becoming reality.Returning to the front room bringing beers for all of us, I saw my wife was now comfortably slumped against the back of the couch. Her short dress was pushed up and bunched about her waist with her legs invitingly splayed wide open."Sure, you still don't have a problem, watching me feel up your woman?" Ray asked, rubbing Patty's puffy pussy mound through her skimpy panties with the palm of one hand. I don't think he really cared what I thought, but was establishing his dominance. Responding to his touch, my wife was slowly rotating her plump butt on the couch cushion. Her face reflected pleasure with her eyelids closed in passion. "No," I said weakly, placing their bottles of beer on the coffee table, followed by taking a deep tug from mine and swallowing. My cock was rock hard and my eyes were focused on Ray's hand."Stand up, baby," Ray ordered.Rising to her feet, Patty stood in front of the Negro, waiting expectantly for his next words."Take off that blouse and skirt. Let me see you in bra and panties, just like you were in the pictures you sent me."Patty unbuttoned her blouse and shucking it off, tossed it on the couch. Her short skirt was next. Wiggling it off her rounded hips, she let it fall down the length of her legs to pool at her feet before stepping out of it."Nice," Ray said in admiration. Reaching up from his seat on the couch to one of Patty's thick thighs, he ran an exploratory hand up and down her flesh. His dark hand was in sharp contrast to Patty's white skin."Hope you don't mind my buttermilk thighs," Patty murmured, referring to slight dimples in her skin from cellulite. Although only barely evident, my wife was self-conscious about it, as well as the few faint stretch marks on her stomach from long-ago pregnancy."Nah," the tough-looking black replied. "I like a woman with a little meat on her bones. Now, turn around, let me see that fat ass." When Patty turned her back to him, Ray slapped an ass-cheek, making the soft flesh jiggle."Ouch!" Patty reacted with a flinch."You're okay, baby, Ray said soothingly, rubbing and squeezing my wife's soft rounded ass with his hand. Falling silent, Patty stood still for Ray to feel her while patiently awaiting his next move. Taking his hand away, the black sat back in the couch to study her body as if judging a piece of meat at the market. Smacking my wife's broad butt again, leaving a red hand imprint on her white skin, he ordered Patty to return facing him. As she did, Ray said, "Get that bra off. I want to eye those big tits."Doing as told, Patty unhooked the bra strap, letting her DD-size tits come spilling out to sag slightly. Flipping her bra to the floor, my wife compliantly stood in place for the Negro's inspection.Staring at my wife's naked chest, Ray reached up and slapped one of Patty's heavy hanging tits, sending the soft white orb colliding into her other breast. Leaning back to lounge on the couch, the thin muscular black sucked at his beer, critically appraising my wife with his eyes as she stood before him."You ain't grade-A," Ray announced, passing judgment with the impression he was joking. "But, you'll do." Patting the couch cushion next to him, he added, "Sit down, baby. Let me finish my beer and we'll go to the bedroom."Settling on the couch next to him, Patty reached down to feel Ray's cock beneath the material of his shorts. The bulging outline of his underlying cock was clearly evident laying down the length of a thigh. Peeling back the lower edge of his pant leg, my wife exposed the dark uncircumcised head. Despite being aware of the black man's prick size from looking at his internet photo's, seeing it in person had me in awe. He was huge! Still limp, the dark lengthy snake of his cock was thick as my wrist. Ray was living proof to the widespread myth of big black cock. I felt sure the Negro had the largest dick my wife had ever encountered. Despite her loose pussy, I wondered if she could take it."Wow, you're big," my wife mumbled, sharing my thought while hefting the heavy piece of soft meat in one hand."Don't worry, it'll fit," Ray replied with a patronizing smile to Patty's unspoken question. "Now, suck it."Dipping her face downward as she skinned back his prick's foreskin to reveal the flaring purple head, Patty delicately tongued the piss slit, then popped the whole cockhead into her mouth past oval lips."Oh, yeah, that's it," Ray approved, feeling the hot wetness of my wife's mouth on his cock. Taking a sip from his beer bottle, he brought his free hand to the back of Patty's head, entangling his fingers in her light brown hair.My cock was throbbing, my nerves buzzing, inflamed by the sight of my wife giving another man a blow job! My cock ached it was so hard. I felt close to blasting my wad.Patty's head began bobbing up and down on the end of his thick black cock with difficulty due to his size. Mouth stretched open wide, she made slurping noises sucking him.Looking up at me with a big grin, Ray said, "Your bitch has a hot wet mouth and knows how to use it." Glancing down at her, he told Patty, "That's it, baby. Suck that black cock." Wrapping her hair in his dark hand, Ray pushed down on the back of her head, gagging Patty with his cock jabbed into her throat. "Don't bite, now. Don't bite," he warned, continuing to hold her struggling head in place. Looking back at me, he asked, "Like watching your woman swallow black pole?"Not bothering to wait for my reply, the black returned his attention to Patty. Relaxing the pressure of his grip, he allowed my wife to back off his cock to gasp for air while drooling saliva from her lips. Holding his meaty prick with one hand to begin anew, Patty paused long enough to catch her breath, then returned to the task of sucking Ray's big cock.Watching Patty swallow a mouthful of his thick prick, Ray sprawled back on the couch, finishing his beer. "That's it, you worthless piece of trash, gobble my meat," he mouthed wordlessly to the back of my wife's head, once more pulling her face toward his thrusting pelvis with the hand entangled in her hair.Based on my heightened state of excitement, I wasn't sure of what I'd seen Ray silently mouth down at my wife. I'm not a lip reader. Not that it mattered, anyway. Despite a protective twinge against the black stranger denigrating my wife, it was over-ridden in my mind by the powerful turn-on of him dominating her for his pleasure. Moreover, it didn't appear Patty was reluctant about it happening.A thought I'd barely made before reconsidering, watching Patty once more gagging while struggling against Ray's tight steady grip. Ignoring her flailing efforts, the black kept my wife pinned in place, forcing his big cock down her throat. When her movements turned frantic, I started to intervene, but Ray suddenly released his grasp, allowing Patty to go free. Popping up to a sitting position, naked chest heaving, my wife was gasping for air, trying to catch her breath. A string of spit drooled down from her lips to become a wet streak on the upper swell of one breast.Curling a finger and using it to scoop a glob of saliva off my wife's tit, Ray brought it to Patty's lips. Without being prompted, my cute wife began sucking on it as the black began finger-fucking her mouth. Quickly adding a second finger alongside the first, the black stranger watched Patty amorously licking them with her tongue."That's it, baby," he said. "It's good practice for when it's a load of cum you're cleaning-up." Jamming his empty beer bottle between the arm of the couch and a seat cushion to hold it, Ray pulled his fingers from Patty's mouth, telling her, "Let's go to the bedroom."Allowing Patty to lead, the well-endowed Negro followed, staring at the moon of my wife's ass in front of him; her rounded buttocks moving and curvy hips swaying in a saucy walk. Reaching out, he rubbed Patty's bare butt. Once more I was struck by the stark contrast of skin colors.In what was becoming familiar pattern, the dark-skinned black got rough with my wife. Slapping an ass-cheek as Patty sauntered ahead, the impact of his hand made the soft globe quiver. My wife didn't complain. The only sounds were the smack of his palm followed by an "oh" of pleasure escaping Patty's lips."I love fucking older married white women," Ray declared, looking back at me over his shoulder with a wicked grin, placing his hand on Patty's plump ass and keeping it there. "They're nasty and willing to please, getting a black man to nut."Continuing down the hallway toward the bedroom, he added with a total disregard for Patty's presence, "I'm going to cum in your wife. Fill her white married pussy with my seed. You want that, don't you? Seeing me use your private property and making it mine."I could only nod in lust-filled agreement, trailing the black stranger and my wife to our marital bed.
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