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Discovering Our Housemaids Secret: Part 3

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Discovering Our Housemaids Secret: Part 3It was another short day at work, having finished all my requirements early so that I could hurry back home. I just knew Kim would be waiting for me upstairs, and just the thought of it made me hard as I quickly left the building, heading for the parking lot. I got home as soon as I could, parking my car in the driveway, and the smile on my face faded suddenly, when this time I noticed that my wife's car was there...I slowly crept inside the house, leaving all my keys on the entrance table, and I heard the familiar sound of the vacuum cleaner that I loved so damn much. I called out for my wife, knowing that she was there and I was slightly disappointed since I couldn't possibly try anything with Kim now.But all I heard was Kim working upstairs as usual and since Brenda hadn't responded yet I figured she must be upstairs in our room. For some reason I felt my heart beating really fast as I was getting closer to the room. But when I finally reached the door and I looked inside the bedroom I was absolutely shocked at what I saw.My eyes widened as I froze solid at the entrance of my own bedroom where I saw my wife Brenda and our house maid Kim touching themselves while laying on our bed completely naked!Brenda was the first one to speak of us three as she said, "Come baby... We've been waiting for you... I've been planning something like this for years, but you never agreed to it... So I put some things in play and you played along just as we hoped you would..." I couldn't believe that my own wife was behind all this!All this time she was setting me up with our housemaid because she knew about Kim's secret, and she wanted me to get a taste of cock because she knew I would give in, provided the right setting... I couldn't believe that my own wife was coercing me into having a threesome with her and a tranny! I turned to shut the door behind me in case our k**ds made it home earlier than we expected and I slowly headed in their direction. My wife Brenda continued to run her hand over Kim's juicy cock as I watched it twitch from her soft touch. I climbed onto the bed as I lay next to my wife, opposite to Kim, and my wife shook her head as she got up from the bed. Brenda crawled over to lay on the other side of me as she said, "I want you to see us both as we make love to you... I'm pretty sure you don't mind that our lovely housemaid Kim has a penis, being that you already got a taste... I know I don't mind... I hired her mainly because she was pretty, so it was hard for the average person to tell, but honey I'll be honest, I knew from the beginning that she had a dick." I must've been too naive to realize it before, because only then did It truly become obvious to me that my wife had known all this time about my affair with our friendly tranny housemaid. There was no denying that Brenda knew I had been enjoying sucking Kim's manly uncut cock for over a month now and she wanted to make her fantasy come true. Funny thing is it was becoming my own darkest fantasy too!I gulped knowing that I was completely in their hands now, literally so, as I watched them take turns undressing me, first with their eyes, and then with their hands. Brenda worked on taking off my pants while Kim took her time undoing my tie and then carefully unbuttoning my work shirt. I looked down as I watched both girls taking their time undressing me and they each took turns looking up at my clueless, unsuspecting, innocent face. My wife paid special attention to my cock right away as she started to suck on it the way she knew I liked it, pausing once in a while so I wouldn't get too excited so soon. Kim was still busy touching my upper body as she caressed my manly breasts and she leaned in, kissing me on the lips, while my wife watched from below. Kim got up on her knees as she switched positions and she was stroking her cock in one hand, aiming it close up to my face. My wife was putting extra effort to keep me interested for the moment by taking all of my cock deep into her throat just the way she knew I like it. I moaned, being lost in the moment just like Brenda had hoped, "Uhhh!... Ohh yeah honey... I love it when you do that baby..." Kim took full advantage of my moment of weakness as she leaned in aiming her cock straight into my parted lips. I hesitated at first but in the heat of the moment I willingly took the first couple of inches of Kim's throbbing hard cock into my mouth right there in front of my wife!I eagerly started to suck Kim's cock as I took more of it into my warm wet mouth. My wife Brenda watched as she kept on sucking my cock with the same pattern of hesitation so I wouldn't cum just yet and it actually seemed to be working. I was so lost in sucking Kim's cock that I hardly cared that Brenda had stopped sucking my own cock as she continued watching. Brenda took some time to focus on herself as she rubbed her clit for a while and I was sure I heard her moaning from the pleasure she was granting herself. Meanwhile Kim started thrusting lightly into my mouth and I lay there taking her cock deep into my throat. My wife continued to finger her pussy as she picked up where she left off and she took my cock into her hand, stroking it lightly this time. After a while Kim pulled her cock out of my mouth, still fully erect, and she crawled down on the bed to join my wife. Kim leaned in as she kissed Brenda and I watched in awe as both girls kissed each other right before my very eyes. Then my wife whispered something in Kim's ear as they both giggled quietly to themselves and Brenda crawled up to my face this time. My wife swung one leg over my chest as she sat down gently over me and she moved herself up a bit for me to begin my job, being my turn now. Brenda opened her legs wide as she moved in closer and I opened my mouth sticking out my tongue to give her what she deserved. It seemed Brenda was only distracting me as I felt Kim picking my legs up, spreading them wide and then positioning herself between my spread legs. I paused giving pleasure to my wife immediately as I leaned my head around Brenda's wide hips and I saw Kim pointing her cock to my butt crack!Before I could present my argument, Kim had already slipped on a condom and applied the right type of lubricant to her latex protected cock as she guided it to my extra tight virgin anus. I begged Brenda to get up so I could stop this But before I was able to act against it Kim nudged the tip of her cock between my butt cheeks. Kim searched for my anus for about two seconds before she finally managed to slip only the first inch of her cock inside me and I moaned feeling the first ever penetration of my ass hole. "No!... WAIT!... Oohhh! Oohhhh!... Uhhh!... Ohhhhh-Uggh..." Brenda swung her leg back over my chest as she leaned in to give me a quick kiss on the lips to thank me for cooperating with her and Kim slowly proceeded to push, as inch after inch of her fully hard 6 inch long cock started to disappear inside of my tight ass hole until her cock was completely inside of me! Truth was I actually loved the feeling of having a thick hard throbbing cock lodged entirely up my ass. Kim held it in me so I could get used to it first before we started to have the real fun and I continued to moan as she started to softly stroke my own cock as I lay there just watching it unfold. Kim then pulled back carefully as I felt her cock slowly slipping away and still being new to the feeling, I moaned louder, "Ohhh!... Oohhhh!!!... Whoa!..." Kim then started thrusting lightly into me again as she began to fuck me and it didn't feel as bad as I thought. As straight as I thought I was, I actually enjoyed getting fucked up the ass! Brenda crawled down a bit on the bed as she leaned over and took my cock into her mouth again. This time Brenda wasn't holding back even the slightest because for some reason, she wanted to make me cum while Kim was fucking me in the ass! I moaned louder feeling great pleasure from both ends as my wife sucked my cock, while I was taking Kim's cock up my ass. I was really close to cumming and I moaned loudest as I said, "Ohh fuck!... Oh yeah that feels so good... Yeah, fuck me!... Fuck my ass harder Kim!... Ohh Yeah. Keep sucking my cock baby, I---I think I'm about to cum... Ohhh! Uhhh!..." Out of nowhere Brenda pulled her mouth off of my cock while she continued rubbing her clit with one hand and then she reached her other hand over quickly, stroking my cock until I squirted my cum all over my stomach. I moaned loudly, "Ohh fuck, I'm cumming... Uhhh! Uuhhhh! Uhhh!!! Ohhhh! Ohh shit!... Ohh fuck Kim!... Aghhh!... Ohhh! Uhhhh... Uhhh..." I spilled the most cum I had ever let out in all my lifetime as Kim kept on pounding my ass hard and Brenda was busy having her own intense orgasm next to us. Suddenly Kim moaned too as she abruptly pulled her cock out of my tight, no longer virgin, ass hole and she peeled off the condom while jerking her cock over my own spent cock. She moaned as she started squirting her hot cum all over my balls and my own softening cock. "Ohhh! Uhhhh! Uuhhhh! Uhhh! Uhhhh... Ohhh... Mmmmm!..."Once we were all spent we laid down on the bed together to rest for a while, before heading to the shower to clean ourselves up, in preparation for later when the kiids get home...
09-01-2021, at 01:40 PM

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