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The weekend part 4

Post #1

The weekend part 4Again dont know how many parts this will be been just thinking parts and writing and going. Sorry if any of my parts seem short but will make this one. Part 4 long. So back to the story. As I was asleep in bed and Steve was outside checking out the house we was staying at the next couple of nights. The ladies are chatting in the living room and heather have brought up about waking me up. And who should be the lucky one to do it. Trish said. "Well you 2 had your pussy filled with his cock earlier today I think it should be me." Mickie looks at Heather. "Wow strong argument off the back. I say yes Trish should go since well you get to wake him up every morning." Heather laughs. "Alright Trish you can wake him. If Steve comes in we will chat and entertain him." Trish then notices it's time and gets up and makes her way to my and Heather room. Trish opens the door slowly and sees how I am laying on the bed. I am laying on my back, fully naked, with a semi hardon. Trish sees my partial stiff cock, and eases her way in and closes the door. She makes her way to the bed and strips off her clothes. While still standing, she bends over and leans over my cock. Placing her elbows by me hips to support her. She slides a tongue out and wraps it around my cock and lifts it. When she does she opens her mouth side and then pushes her mouth down making cock go in her mouth. She Bob's her head up and down. My cock throbs and gets harder in her mouth. I give a soft moan while is sleep but don't wake up. Once she had felt that my cock was good and wet enough she lifted herself off her elbows and then climbed on the bed. She gave it a thought which was to face and decide to face me. She lifted her leg over me and then used a free hand to grab my cock. She moves it against her pussy and then lowers down making more of my cock in her. She moaned and once she had felt every bit of my cock she then starts to move her hips to rock and ride on my cock. I started to move and moan in my sleep. My hands sliding up her legs, her sides and then up on her breasta. I open my eyes and notice trish riding my cock"Love this wake up" I then bend my legs and then started to thrust my hips keeping up with her rhythm as she went faster. Feeling her pussy tightened and releases and her harsh grunts I knew she just cummed. I'm for going longer with trish but I didn't want to be away from the group even if I was fucking. I had letted the urge start to build up in me. "Cum one more time and get on your knees." Hearing that Trish leaned forward putting her hands on my chest and forcefully went harder and faster on my cock. Didn't take long before she was moaning loud and then said. "Fuck I'm cumming." She slowed her pace down and then moved over and off me and then dropped on the ground on her knees. I flung my legs over and wide and setting then down on both sides of her so she was in between my legs. I took a hand and grabbed my cock and the started to strongly stroke my cock "hold your tits together." And she did as I said and then looked up at me. "Cum on my tits babe" I couldn't hold back and shot my load on her tits. Trish stayed there as she watched my hot load sprayed all over her huge breasts. I kept stroking till I have felt I had fully emptied my dick on her. I laid back on the bed and Trish stood up and made sure I was looking at her as she took a finger and wiped it through the mess on her chest she then sucked her finger and moaned. "Mmmmm can taste this anytime all the time." I smiled to her words as she then grabbed her clothes and shaking her ass at me as she then looked back at me. "See you downstairs?" I grinned. "Be right down." She leaves the room and I then got up and put on lounge pants on with no boxers then made my out the room meeting Trish in the hallway. She had put on simple bra and panties as we made our way down stairs. As we both approach the living room. I saw Heather and Mickie cuddling on the 2 seated love seat. I grin at them. "That's a nice view." The girls giggles as Trish came up behind me and gave my ass a smack. "I will go get Steve and we can start the movie." Then she leaves the room. I walk over to the couch and sit in the middle but then gave it some thought. I looked over at the girls and then scooted to the side of the couch that was closer to them. "What movie you ladies decided?" They just laughed and heather said. "Have to wait and see." Knowing my girl Heather I knew it was going to be a hot movie for her and the ladies which would be a huge bonus for us guys. I then looked over and saw Steve and Trish enter the room. "Hey man long time." I laughed to make a joke at him see what kind of mood he was in. Steve replies "yea man I was looking all over for you. Glad ladies found you." I laughed. Steve was a good guy, had a good sexual side but it wasn't as big as us 4 but knew no one was going to go after his girl for a real relationship. But knew when when Trish was in the mood and wanted sex he would be happy to let her have his dick whenever and wherever she wanted and this wasnt going to stop either. Mickie stood up and made sure no one was watching as she put the movie in and sat back down with Heather. So now Mickie pushes play and cuddles up more with Heather. I am sitting beside Trish and Steve on the other side so Trish in the middle of us guys. Wouldn't be the first time she sat in this position. She loved being in the middle of us. Trish was more cuddled up to Steve then me with was fine. Steve and I friendship was cool like normal guys, but the sexual business of this was that we had a mutual agreement and understanding. I wanted nothing to do with his body and him to me. We didn't mind the sight and sound and even having the same woman going after our dicks just as long as no sword to sword contact was made. The girls knew of our agreement as well so nothing bad would happen during the weekend. As the movie started I recognized the opening before the title played and I looked at my girl and she just smiled big. Steve watched as then the title was shown. "50 shades od grey. I see what kind of night this will be." He said as everyone had a nice laugh. Steve dominant side wasnt as strong as mine so he himself knew I would be the most dominant one here and be the one giving most if not all the orders of the playing would soon be going on. As the movie went on. Heather grazed her hand up and down Mickie legs as I looked over and saw Trish hand moving up and down Steve thigh. My attention was more on what Heather and Mickie was doing then the movie or Trish and Steve. I watched as mickie soon opened her legs some as heather lifted her head up some and was seeming to be kissing on Mickie neck. Mickie had a arm around heather back and she was using her fingernail lighty on Heather back. Then as heather seemed to be hitting mickie sweet spot somewhere, mickie dug her nails more into Heather back. Which then made Heather hand move instantly to Mickie pussy. That made Mickie open her legs fully as Heather was working his hand on Mickie pussy I didn't have the full view on how what Heather was doing just my thoughts and imagination of what she would doing since all I could see heather arm moving and mickie moving. I saw Steve head move over to watch the ladies as well. But knew he had the better view as his cock them throbbed hard as Trish looked down and saw he was hard. She used her hand she was using to rub his thigh and moved them to his pants to undo them. She wasnt being shy about it at all as she was easily quick about it as she had Steve bare hard cock in her hand. Knowing Steve knew that his long lasting skill wasnt the best but he did have a good thrusting action. As long as Trish didn't do any big strokes Steve shouldn't have a problem lasting. Mickie started to moan more as I could hear Heather. "Cum for me babe. Cover my fingers." I grin as she was using the words I would use on her if I was in her spot and she in Mickie. Mickie took deep breaths and then swung her hand down and heard a smack as Heather then felt her hot juices pour out. "That's my girl." She said as she slide her fingers out and licked her fingers some and moved her hand up to mickie mouth. "Clean off my fingers. " Mickie grabbed Heather wrist and pulled the hand close to her mouth and placed the pussy covered fingers into her mouth and sucked all the juices off her fingers. Steve's cock throbbed Trish hand and she made the comment to him as I overheard. "Liked watching Heather make Mickie cum didn't you." Steve just moaned "mmm hmmm." Trish then used her other hand and pushed Steve face to her. Trish moved her head in and kissed Steve hard. Steve wrapped his arms around her to hold her to him as their kiss deepens. My cock had grew hard watching the 4 of them but just rearranged self till one of them was ready to come after me. Trish soon climbed onto Steve lap while still kissing him deep and using her hand stroking his cock. Mickie was out of breathe from her orgasm done by Heather, heather looked back at me and smiled "like that babe?" I grinned at her. "Yea babe. How about you come over here now and get my cock out for me." Heather turns to face Mickie and gave her a strong kiss as she then slide off the love seat and crawled over to me. I open my legs and Heather grabbed the waist line of my lounge pants and pulled them down taking them off showing off my huge hard cock. Heather always loved looking at my cock it being hard or soft she didn't mind as long as she got to see if out. She reached up and grabbed my cock and started to stroke it softly. I looked over at Mickie moving around in the corner of my eye and notice she had gotten fully naked and was softly feeling her tits. Heather then moved her head down and was going to attack my cock as I placed my hand on her head. "No no. Not yet. Just your tongue. No mouth. Or no mouth rest of night." Then she said the phrase everyone in the room is used to hearing from her to me. "Yes master." Heather then stuck her tongue out and then moved my cock over it to lick my cock. Watching that made mickie moaned as I could see her arm move of a hand that I can only assume was on her pussy.I looked over and saw Trish hips moving as again to only assume either she was riding his cock in her or she was just grinding against his cock. Steve then broke the kiss from her and there was enough space for me to see and notice Trish was using Steve cock to rub against her panty covered pussy. I then watched as Trish moved her hips as she started to grind harder. Trish started to moan as soon she kissed Steve hard. Seeing her actions knew was about to.... the trish broke the kiss from Steve moans. "Fuck im cumming. " Steve laid his head back as Trish kept going till her orgasm had stopped. Then Trish did as she normally would do, she hopped off Steve lap and dropped to her knees and quickly placed her mouth on his cock and started to suck hard on his cock cleaning his dick. Heather looked over and saw the hungry sucking trish was giving Steve and looked up at me and then back at her and then back at me. I smiled. "Yea babe help make her suck his cock more." Heather then moved over to trish. Getting behind her and then placed her hands on trish head and pushed it down on Steve cock and then said. "Suck his cock. Suck every last drop of your juices off his cock." Steve was grunting hard as I looked at heather. "Pull her up." Heather pulled Trish head up. "Dont make him cum yet Trish. Leave his cock alone to rest. Go and play with lonely Mickie over here. And babe you get back to my cock." Mickie hearing this and opens her legs wide open and says to Trish. "Make this pussy cum." Trish grins and moves in and without hesitation moves her head in and buries her mouth and face into mickie pussy. Mickie moaned as Trish viciously licked and ate her pussy.Heather had gotten back into her position and regrabbed my cock and looked up at me with begging eyes. "Please master can I suck your huge cock." I grin and moved a hand over head and stroked her hair. "Yes my lil bitch you can suck on master cock." Heather smiled as she then opened her mouth and drove my cock into her mouth as sucked hard. She bobbed her head up and down on my cock. Pushing it down all the way from time to time to make herself gag on my cock. Mickie watching Heather as she moaned out. "Suck that cock Heather." Heather wiggles her ass showing she heard the words and sucked alittle harder.Steve sitting there with his dick still hard and dried off from Trish juices and her saliva. I looked at him and said. "Why dont you take your dick over to Mickie. She looks like she needs a dick in her mouth." Steve nodded his head. "Yea she does." He stood up and slowly got undress to be fully naked as he was making his way over to Mickie. As he was moving Mickie moved some so she was comfortable making sure not to disturb Trish licking her pussy. When Steve was next to Mickie. She grabbed his dick and aimed it at her mouth and then bobbed her head on his dick. As Trish saw this she went harder and faster on Mickie pussy. Mickie moaned on Steve dick as Trish wasnt slowing down at all. Soon Mickie couldn't hold back as she flung hand down on Trish head pushing her down more as then hear Trish moaning tasting the fresh juices of Mickie. Mickie pulled away from Steve dick just so she could look down at Trish "lick up all those juices. Clean that pussy" as then the put steve cock back into her mouth. Heather mouth started to suck on my cock more hearing what's going on beside her as she pulled away and looked over at them and was so turned on that she looked up at me and asked. "Can I ride master?" I smiled. "Yes but away so you can watch them as well." Heather smiled as she stood up and stripped down and then bent down and kissed me real fast before she turned around and then slowly lowered her ass down onto my lap. She reached a hand down between her legs and grabbed my cock and then aimed it at her opening and then sat down sliding my cock into her wet pussy. She sat down all the way and let out a loud moan as she just sat there feeling my cock throb in her pussy deep. Trish was then down cleaning mickie pussy and looked up and told Steve. "Give her face some fucking.," Steve then head Mickie head some and moved his hips back and forth fucking mickie mouth slowly. Heather moved her hips on my lap grinding her pussy on my cock Heather then looked at trish. "How about you lick my pussy while I ride my master." Heather leaned back and opened her leg wide so Trish had all the room. Trish smiled at the idea and moved over and placed her hands on my legs so she knew that I knew she was there to not worry i wouldn't hit her. Then I felt her chin on my calls which then I knew trish mouth was on Heather pussy. Heather moaned and rocked her hips and said "yea lick that pussy."I looked over and Mickie had gotten off of the love seat and bent over the side of the sofa and asked for a good fucking. Steve had just inserted his dick into Mickie pussy. His hands reached and grabbing Mickie hips and he pulls and thrusts and hides her a good hard pounding like I have seen him do to Trish. With Heather moaning on my cock and Trish tongue and Mickie moaning from Steve cock. It was becoming a great first night. I soon felt heather pussy grip my cock hard and then heard her beg. "Master can I cum? Please let me cum." With the over the top pleasure she was receiving I wasnt going to be mean. "Yes lil bitch you can cum." Then heard her moan out and felt her body tense up badly. "Fuck cumming." I then felt Trish on my balls as she seems to cleaning the mess she just help made from Heather. Mickie was moaning loudly and she then screamed out she was cumming.Steve was a minimum of a 2 position guy so knew he maybe had 1 more position left in him and I could go longer but didn't want to make it a competition with him and the ladies knew I respected that. Heather staying on my cock and moving her hips slowly she asked me. "What now master?" I had to decide how to finish this cause seeing Steve face knew he was t going to last long and knowing Heather and now Mickie had felt a cock in them that left Trish so then I leaned over around Heather and told her "lay on the floor Trish and get ready." As Trish moved I reached up and pulled on Heather hair and pulled her head to me and said. "I want you you be by her head and lean over her. Putting her tits in her face and your face in hers." She just simply replies. "Yea master." She then leaned forward and pushed her legs letting me get the view of her ass lifting up and off my cock. Once Trish was in good position legs open for someone she didn't know was going to get her. I looked over at Mickie and give her a thumbs up and a sign asking if she good and done. Mickie nods her head. I then look at Steve. "You take my lil bitch I take your girl." He agrees "deal." Since Heather was on all fours already, Steve walked over behind Heather and knelt down and grabbed his cock and rubbed it against her pussy. I slide off the couch and got on my knees in between Trish legs. I move in closer which makes Trish wrap her legs around me. I guide my cock in, once the tip enters her trish moans. "Mmm fuck me Zack." I grab ahold her waist and start drilling into her pussy slowly as then slowly speed up. Steve does the same to Heather pussy. Starting off slow and getting faster. The women moaning into each other tirts as we drilled each other woman. Mickie have cummed multiple times already she was wore out but loving the view. "Fuck those bitches guys." I went harder and faster into Trish which threw Trish off by surprise and had cummed all over my cock while Steve kept a good pace going making Heather cummed. Then it was our turn to do a big finish. Steve was easily first. "I'm about to cum." I looked over at Mickie. "Go ahead and catch his cum with your mouth." Mickie rolled off the loveseat and got at Heather backside just in time as Steve pulled his cock out and aimed his cock at Mickie mouth and began to shot his load. Mickie then leaned forward covering his cock with her mouth and began to suck his cock. I kept a good pace and then harder into trish then with Heather and Trish egging me on to cum, they wanted my cum. Heather face and moved closer to Trish pussy as I knew what she was wanting. Then heather sat on Trish face with her pussy as I couldnt hold back anymore and pulled my cock out. And leaned forward and jerked my cock and spewed my cum all over Trish stomach and Heather leaned in and dragged her tongue over my cum mess and trailed it up to my cock and began to suck the rest of my cum out of my cock Trish body had went flat. Steve and Mickie had moved away to get their clothes and recoup some and Heather was finishing my cock and cleaning my mess off Trish stomach. Once done I stood up and then helped the 2 ladies up. Well all smiling and out of breathe. Well made small talk and gathered out clothes and went to the rooms we took and within. 20 minutes everyone was cleaned up in bed and asleep. Parr 5 coming soon.
04-04-2021, at 05:01 PM

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