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An old man from the office

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An old man from the officeI was feeling really horny in the morning when I woke up. But also I was feeling tired and some stressed.The night before I had been fucking during hours with my loving husband and then we had quarreled about my wishes of fucking a guy at my office?We continued our discussion during breakfast and finally Victor slammed the door after telling me I could do anything I wanted?When he left I had a shower and sat down for my makeup. I put on a red silk dress with thigh high boots. I put my hair in bunches because I knew the person that I had my eye on liked younger girls. I walked into the office and everyone stared at me, even the old ladies?But I had my eye on somebody so other people would have to wait.Suddenly I heard that old guy talking at the bottom of the stairs. I got wet just thinking about what he would think when he saw me. When he climbed the stairs and saw me, his mouth opened slowly.The day dragged on and all I could think about was that man fucking me.Every time I looked over he was staring at me. I saw his hand disappear down to his trousers sometimes. He was stroking his cock for sure?In the afternoon he finally took his chance. He sent me an e-mail saying that he needed my help with a presentation he was getting ready for next week.Then he asked me to join him in a meeting room upstairs. Ten minutes later I shut the door slowly, turned around and found him sitting on one of the tables. He was still fully dressed, but I could see he was hard. I slowly walked over him biting my lip. I stopped inches from his body. He also licked his lips and he started sliding his finger through my bare thigh??What?s up, Anita?? He asked me with his best silly expression.?You know what I do want? don?t be so naive?? I answered him.?Just tell me, Anita?? He insisted.?I want you, Daddy? I want you to fuck me; I want you inside me??I whispered close to his mouth, still biting and licking my red lips?Then he grabbed me by my waist, pressing my body against his. I could feel his throbbing dick on my mound. He reached over and kissed my neck; then he bit it, making me moan with pleasure.That man was sixty years old, but I still wanted him to fuck me?He said he loved to play rough. Then he grabbed my hair in a bunch with one hand and moved my head around so I could not move. I tried to reach his face with my hand; but then he grabbed my both hands and pulled them behind my back. I stood there. He bent over me and whispered in my ear:?Now Ana, we are going to play rough. You will be a good girl and will obey?I nodded in silence. He walked slowly around me, touching me with his hands; then he moved my hair to one side and pulled down the zip on my dress. It fell to the floor. He faced me again and within seconds ripped my bra off. Then he was sucking so hard on my nipple I moaned loudly. I was so loud that he took his tie off and wrapped it around my mouth. Now nobody could hear us from outside that meeting room.He moved me around so the table was behind me; he pushed me down on my back, pulled my legs apart and ripped open my tiny thong. I was soaking wet when he showed me the ragged pieces of my thong?He stood there rubbing his hard cock. Then he slowly undid his trousers. His cock sprung from his zipper, already as hard as a rock.?See what you do to me, Anita? you are a filthy slut?? He told me.Then I felt him rubbing my clit with his thick tip head. Some seconds later I could not stand it anymore and I begged me to fuck me. He leant over me and slowly pushed his cock into my wet pussy; as I moaned with lust and pleasure. He was fully hard and he started fucking me deep and slow. His dick was a gigantic piece and it took so long to fit all the way in.As I got wetter he fucked me faster, but still softly. I whispered in his ear that I was going to cum and I did. He pulled his cock slowly out of me and stood back, watching my juices drip from my pussy. He knelt down and licked me gently. His tongue reached all the way inside.He had fucked me, now it was my turn to fuck him. He lay on the table and I climbed on top of his hard body. He grabbed my boobs, sucking my hard nipples.?Ride on my dick, Ana?? He said in a demanding voice. Them I lifted my leg over and straddled him, grabbing his hard cock and placing it near my pussy. I slowly lowered myself on to him. I fucked him slow; I could see in his face he loved it. Biting his lip, closing his eyes and the little moans he made. Suddenly he pulled me off quickly?I stood up biting my lip, looking at him in his eyes. He made me get on my knees and I had his cock right in front of me. I licked it to tease him. He loved it. He grabbed my head and made me choke on his massive cock.?Oh, Anita? you are the best sucker slut I ever had?? He moaned?Then he pulled out and pinned me to the floor. He grabbed my hands above my head; his other hand around my neck.?Now Daddy is going to fuck you, babe?? He announced.He shoved his cock straight in to my pussy so hard I screamed. I could not stop him and I could not move. It was so hard and fast. He grabbed my nipple with his teeth and sucked it hard. I came instantly?I squirted all over him. He carried on going like a stallion; fucking me hard. My pussy was so sore; he had fucked me hard with his hard erection.I could not believe his stamina; he was a sixty years old man?All of a sudden he placed both his hands on my shoulders and pulled me closer in to him. So his cock filled my pussy all the way to the hilt.He looked straight at me and came deep inside my wet sloppy cunt?I felt his warm semen filling me and then I came again, screaming loud in an intense brutal orgasm. Then he pulled out and sat there panting.He stood up and started to dress up. He looked at me still lying on the floor.?Next time you want to fuck with me, babe? you will give me your ass??I smiled at him, thinking how good his thick dick would feel in my ass?
09-01-2021, at 01:40 PM

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