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A Chance Encounter With Friends Pt3

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A Chance Encounter With Friends Pt3A Chance Encounter With Friends Pt3I stepped into a bedroom of such majesty and grace that it felt as if it was from another age. The stately poster bed looked big enough to sleep three couples! There were matching highboy dressers to either side of the room and a small writing desk in one corner as well as an ornate cheval mirror and dressing screen in another. The only thing that looked out of place was a single heavy wooden chair that appeared to be well padded and then covered in leather. It also had rings and hasp hooks at various points along its frame. I suddenly felt very vulnerable and stupid.?Bryan please have a seat in this chair. I need for you to understand some things that you may or may not already be aware of.? I took a seat and watched as she walked slowly, thoughtfully back and forth across the hardwood floors in her sexy heels. She looked incredible, moving in and out of the sunlight.?My husband about five years ago now, began fucking our son?s wife and then her sister. To be honest, at the time, I knew it was happening but if felt good not to have all of the pressure of that man?s insatiable appetites! Once he decides on a direction to go, he does not stop. Business, hobby or whores, he likes what he wants, goes until he gets it and then exceeds even that!! He really is a wonderful man, but those appetites can be exhausting!When I realized what he was doing with the girls and with others we had a talk. We had played and had an open marriage to a certain point before, but this was different. He wanted them to be family. I am still his wife and they can be his, play things. At first I tolerated them and they avoided me. But then we all began bonding and then sharing.?I have to give credit where credit is due. One night, in that very bed, I was on the far side and James was on this. I heard the little slut come into the room, felt the tug of the blankets as she crawled into bed with him. I heard her greedy mouth on him and my blood boiled. I was lying there ready to scream. Then I felt him sliding over under the blankets. He got closer and closer and then I felt her hand on my thigh. I came so close to just clobbering her, but instead I rolled over to see what they wanted. Then that little minx took my leg and slid it over my husband?s torso. His cock was as hard as it had been for me in years! Then I felt her pushing that stiff prick of his into me! She stayed down there between our legs for the next hour, licking, sucking fingering.. she even took my fingers and put them places I had avoided before. We shared together his last ejaculation and when Liz turned my face and licked his cum from my cheek and kissed my eyes?. My opinion of her slowly changed. Actually, it still took a while for me to accept that I was not enough, but then I began realizing that James was not enough for me either! The girls opened my eyes that sexy is not an age. Sexy is enjoying the people that you are with, fully, passionately and giving yourself completely over to the moment. That requires trust, at least from me.?I will cut out all of the tension and all of the tears, debates and the rest of it. Most of it the girls and even Don know very little about, so why should I tell you anyway? James and I reached an agreement. We could ?expand? the bounds of our marriage on one and only one condition. I had to be involved in the decision to include or not include any new additions. Also, it was agreed that our peculiar arrangements would be kept both discrete AND sacrosanct. We could each and every one of us fuck the night away with any others of our choosing on one condition. All of the fucking stayed within our family or friends that both James and I agreed on. I do not want any diseases. I do not want any scandals I do not want any blackmail or other such things in my house, in my bed or in my thoughts.A few years ago, they all thought it would be cute to share their escapades with some people online. I dissented. I thought it was the perfect thing to get us all in the stew. But one of them wrote a story and posted it and then others started chatting and I must admit, I became drawn into it more and more as well. Indeed, I began enjoying more variety and types of sex as well. Shall we just say, my own desires were rekindled to a hotter temperature???Then you walk in. You have actually been a part of our gatherings for years. The girls have read your naughty snippets to Don and James and at times I have found them to be rather provocative as well. Then you get invited here by my husband and I will have to say, your intrusion has caused some very serious discussions. You see, I have not approved you.?She stopped and looked me in the eye. ?Everyone else is convinced you are one of the family. I am not. I need for you to prove to me that you can be trusted and self-controlled.? With that Jane reached behind her neck and undid the clasp of her dress. ?I expect you to watch. I want to excite you. I want to bring you to the furthest extent of your sexual restraint and I want you to just sit there and watch.? With that she dropped the two white strips of tapered cloth covering her breasts and she smiled at me as she stood there naked to the waist!?I am going to step over behind the changing screen myself for a moment. When I come back out, the trial will begin. You will have to sit there and watch and neither touch me nor turn from me. You will have to show your self-control as I show you? me. I want you to consider first if you are willing to go through my trial and second, is it worth enduring in order to be named a part of us.? She walked slowly away and I tipped my head to the ceiling and silently said a fervent prayer of temporary blindness and if not to at least not let me come unglued looking at this woman who was the perfect representation of beauty as a MILF!I was thankful for having already had an orgasm in the past hour and the fact that as time has gone on, I generally need much more time to recover than what had passed!That was when I noticed that the mirror was angled precisely right to allow me to watch as Jane was putting on a pair of stockings and heels. She had changed from the white dress to a red and black matching bustier and she had on black panties as well as black thigh highs attached to garter belts. After a quick inspection of herself in another mirror she stepped around the free standing screen and my mouth about dropped.Don?t get me wrong. All of the women had been beautiful, but Jane was fabulous! She walked slowly toward me and made no effort to hide her eyes as she took inventory of me. ?I like men of maturity. Usually there is more foreplay, a little more touching?? she said as she walked past my right shoulder. I caught a whiff of her perfume and it smelled of beauty, lust and confidence all blended into the perfect cocktail of sexual arousal! As she walked behind me, she dragged her manicured fingernails over my shoulders and the back of my neck.?I especially like men that are big and strong as well as older. They are more? sturdy and can take control of things when it is their turn.? She stopped as she came and stood right in front of me. The bust line of the corset was tight and squeezed her breasts up and together in a lewd and tempting manner!!! With them taunting me from less than a foot from my face, I had to lightly hold on to the chair arms to insure I did not reach. She smiled as my eyes darted back and forth from her lips to her eyes to her breasts, to her hips and back.?You are doing well, but if I told you that I was not expecting to get near as wet as what I have, seeing you fighting your desires and lusts, would you still just sit there?? She smiled at me and those white teeth and red lips had my cock rising yet again This time it was without even being touched! It was all just mental foreplay! ?You know, I have never done this before! James always brings home friends. If I don?t approve, I simply don?t play. But this determining whether to approve you is turning out to be much more fun.?Turning around, she reached back and took hold of each of the chair arms. ?You really should see what that whore Liz can do. When she does this to James, ? well by the time she is done teasing him his dick would still strain to reach her if she stood on the other side of the room! I wonder how badly your cock wants me?? She lowered her ass to within an inch of my cock and the black ruffles like those worn long ago brushed my stretched flesh. The silky fabric feather kissed my vulgar head as my single eye sought to look at what was concealed by the material. ?I have learned a lot by watching those girls and part of what I have learned is to enjoy sex and that it can give a woman a certain amount of power, don?t you think?? She looked back over her shoulder and I was completely unaware for a moment that she was waiting for me to respond as my eyes were glued to those full mature beautiful hips of hers and how they teased and tempted my cock into climbing higher than I thought I could grow again so soon!?You are a bloody dirty minded man, just as my husband said. He also told me that he thought we might enjoy each other! I have to give it to him. This is quite fun having a lecherous codger like yourself yearning for me but just not quite? getting it.? She sat her bottom down on my lap and with my stiff cock nestled in the cool smooth fabric formed to the perfect cleft of her ass, it was damn near all I could take! And yet she upped the staked even higher by slowly rocking that divine bottom back and forth a couple of more times!!!She stood up and it was a damn good thing because both of my hands had released the arms of the chair and were slowly beginning to reach to pull those hips to allow my raging cock to at the very least push it?s way past the sioft satiny material and try to find a place to get suck and cum! She turned looked at me and once she had my eyes locked on hers, she reached under the arm on her left and took hold of the concealed zipper and pulled it down a couple of inches. ?What is it you want?? she asked in a seductive mature voice.?All of you!? I blurted out.Laughing she finally said, ?No, no, no. I mean, tell me what it is that you want to see. Tell me what is going to make that dirty thick cock of yours want to fill my wet pussy to overflowing!?!? She swayed back and forth and her breasts almost dislodged themselves from their tight confines as she waited and I tried to form a rational thought.?I would love to see those magnificent tits of yours!? I said and even as I did I could feel my balls tighten just at the thought of verbalizing my lust and need.Cupping her breasts beneath the material, Jane squeezed them and then leaned forward as if to offer them to me, first one and then the other in a mocking fashion. ?You want to see my big old tits and latch onto them and suck on them? You do know that everyone else in the family has. Does that turn you on, knowing that my husband, our son, his wife, her sister and our adopted daughter have all sucked on these milky mamarires??Hooking her thumbs in the cups she briefly flashed one and then the other and then both together as she smiled a wicked wide smile at me! She saw the battle for control showing and wearing on my face. Her wide pink areola and wrinkled puckered and pointed hard nipples seemed to beckon me to come closer and to taste. I found myself beginning to lean forward when she wagged a single finger at me! ?You have made me very happy this afternoon, listening to me and now? well? and now. Don?t spoil it!?I tried to relax as she walked around the large bed and opened a drawer in a bedside stand and returned with a pink phallus shaped toy. Coyly she held it up near her face and said, ?Would you like to see what I do with this???Oh my God?. I want to say, ?YES!? but I don?t know if I can handle it!? I groaned.?Turn your chair to face the bed.? She turned and looked at the monstrous bed herself and tapped the silicone toy to her lipa almost absentmindedly as I stared in awe. ?I need to keep you quiet though?.? As I sat back down, she leaned over at the waist and pushed those fancy black nickers down her long legs and off of her heels, all of the while, less than two feet away from me was her beautiful bottom in all of its full glory and a sexy mature and wet set of pussy lips that were calling for me to just lean forward and touch them?. Claim them? ENTER them!!!!Standing up with her black frilly treasures she turned and faced me, then with the smile of a fallen angel, she took the gusset of her panties and wiped her moist pussy before stepping right up in front of me and saying, ?Open up. I can?t tie these in place, so you will just need to hold them for me.? The scent of her sex and the taste of her arousal sent signals screaming to my brain as no other aphrodisiac can do! I suddenly needed to fuck someone; anyone!!! On top of that, this beautiful creature turned, crawled up on the bed, rolled over, spread her legs and with the head of her toy wet from her own spit, she ran it around her pussy lips and said, ?Can?t you just imagine me rubbing your cock over my wet pussy like this. James goes crazy, sliding his fat prick across my wet lips like this!?All I could do was moan and breathe in her arousal! For the next several minutes she teased her own pussy and my imagination as she slid that stiff fake cock all over the outside of her, even exposing her breasts and turning the vibrations on high to tease her nipples! Finally, she sank it into her steamy wet pussy and her back arched and eyes fluttered closed. My jaw almost dropped to the floor and Her panties almost fell free. I was so in awe of the incredibly erotic display that she was putting on a scant few feet away!! She slid the heavily veined toy in and out, always careful to do it in a manner that allowed me to see. The seat and floor in front of me now had puddles of my own precum as I stared at perhaps the hottest tease and denial session I have ever witnessed in my life.I thought she was getting close at one point and I was too! My breathing was shallow, my heart pounding. Jane was sucking on one tit as she cupped it to her red lips and the other hand was doing a banging job of slamming the rubber cock home! But her eyes flew open and a smile crossed her face and she stood up on somewhat unstable legs and wiped the slime covered toy over my face and licked and kissed my nose, and eyes. Her heavy breasts were there swinging in front of my face, just inches away and I knew I was not going to stay in control of things much longer.Jane stood up, looked down at me and said in a breathless voice that sounded nearly as desperate and in need as I felt, ?You have to pass only one more test. Hold still through this one more test.? Then as I gulped wondering what more I could possibly have to go through, she straddled my left leg and lowered herself, grabbing my shoulders for support, she started humping my knee like a bitch in heat as her tits on what amounted to shelves now, bounced and danced lewdly in front of my face and she said the most dirty and horny words to me!! Her juices were running down my leg and the feel of her clit rubbing on my thigh as her own thigh rubbed between my legs.Thank God she was already excited because had she lasted more than a minute or two, I would have lost it and thrown her on the bed! As it was, when she cried out and fell forward around my neck and shoulders, my arms went around her and pulled her to me! Her pussy juice flowed down my thigh as she shook over and over again. I pulled her to me dragging her tender clit button over my hairy thigh. I could feel the heat pouring out from between her thighs like a raging furnace!!!She laid there, chest heaving against mine, our sweat melding together as well as other bodily fluids puddling beneath me! The feel of her skin as my hands finally caressed her ass and ran through her hair was nothing less than heavenly. I sill ached (literally) needing to cum, but somehow just holding her was enough.After a bit, she pushed back and ground herself on my thigh just a little more before another shudder over took her ending in a very contented smile. ?Welcome to the family Bryan. I approve of you! Oh my God, do I approve! She chuckled and then leaned forward and we shared a long, deep and passionate kiss that threatened to have us once again rekindling our passions. She laughed, ?I am getting as bad as Chloe and Liz these days!!! In fact, I would dare say I have been a nearly perfect whore this afternoon!? We both laughed, kissed and then she climbed stiffly up and off as I reluctantly let her go.?I need to get cleaned up and then make certain that dinner is being properly prepared. Please, feel free to go downstairs and get ready for dinner. Gem is probably gone to her fencing lessons and Liz should be at work helping set straight the mess she has made of things for everyone there.? She gathered up her spit soaked panties and her toy and walked over in an almost regal way only half clothed toward a door which led to bath. ?After dinner, James may ask you to give us some family time. There may need to be some sorting out after what he told me at lunch. I hope you don?t mind.?I smiled imagining how bright red Liz?s bottom was going to be by the end of the night!
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