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Sandi my model wife. (with pix)

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Sandi my model wife. (with pix)For 47 wonderful years my beloved wife was not only the apple of my eye, but my favorite model as well. I first dated her at the suggestion of my dad, the only time I ever took his advice "You really ought to date this girl, she has great legs." He told me. She did, and she knew how to use them to drive me crazy. She knew I had a thing for lingerie, cameras and especially stockings and high heels. Every chance she got she wore them for me. Here are some examples of the G-rated outfits she wore and what was under it. This first outfit was one of the earliest, she told me she wanted to play stripper for me and use a dildo to get herself off. I was happy to replace the dildo with something harder after I shot these photos.Often she would dress in a nice looking outfit like the one on the right to go out with me and under it was the most cock hardening lingerie she could find. I kept her lingerie drawer very well stocked. for that reason. Here's another example of a nice conservative looking outfit that nobody had a clue concealed a quarter cup bra with garterbelt and stockings.This dress was one she wanted to wear to a cocktail party on the right, the only thing she had on under it. Wow did that keep me hard all night. This outfit she wore "To inspire you to help me finish the remodeling of the house." It worked, not only did I finish the work, I took good care of what was between those gorgeous seamed stockings too, seeing how well that worked she kept it up for the next two weeks while we finished the house.Sometimes she just wore a sensationally sexy outfit just to get me hard enough for a REALLY good fuck, like this.As you can see this worked fine! Once in a while she wore an outfit just for me that was so incredibly sexy no way could she wear it outside our house or hotel room, for example.She stroked every last drop out of my raging cock while I stroked those perfect thighs.When she was particularly horny, she would wear an outfit like this and make me take her to a bar in the nearest hotel. I got a room while she walked into the bar and trolled for pervs. The sight of her flirting with strange men knowing what she wasn't wearing under the outfit made me hard as steel. We always finished in the hotel room by ourselves turned on to the max.We repeated that scenario a couple of times it worked so well. It took us about a month in between to recuperate though. This was the next one she wore.Other outfits were just too hot for public consumption so she just wore them for me like this VERY short black sweatshirt dress and crotchless panties.This was one of her favorite dresses, she actually wore this to church one Sunday...stockings included!Laudy laudy she was lovely, and that WAS a fabulous fuck that Sunday afternoon!When I got home from work I would frequently find her dressed like this and ready for me.Before dragging me into the bedroom she'd peel off her skirt and blouse and lose the half bra so she could jump on my considerably hard cock. She was a great cook, and sometimes she told me what was for dinner "And I'm your dessert!" she'd say.When she gave me a floor show It was hard to tell who had the biggest smile on their face her or I.I continued to shoot pictures of her right up until the end. I loved every minute with her. Christmas was her absolute favorite time of the year and she always dressed for me. in 2016 she was my candy stripe stockinged elf on the exercycle.These were the last shots I took of her...her teeth were gone, but oh those legs still mesmerized me. Her air was all hers as well. I miss her terribly. I'm so glad I have all of these wonderful photos to keep me company. Show this story to your wife and remember you don't stop having sex because you're old, you get old because you stop having sex. Hold your sweetie close, never miss a chance to hug one another, hold hands and tell each other I love you. Kiss passionatly as if it was your day it just might be. live out your fantasies while you're still here and document them for when you physically can't then enjoy them together often. It will keep you young. Sharing is caring.
09-01-2021, at 01:41 PM

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