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Friends mother

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Friends motherHere?s one little tale of fucking a friend?s mother. Nothing unusual in that you might think but there is a twist at the end. If any of you read my first story ?Lessons in Life? you will know that I have always had a thing for women much older than myself. This story starts from 30 odd years later.One day I was driving from Manchester to London and I decided to stop off in Birmingham, where I was born. Once there I remembered an old friend?s mother called Jean and I knew that all her k**s had flown the roost so there was a good chance she would be on her own. Back in my old days I went to the same school as her younger son and we became best mates. Quite often I would sleep on their sofa as the number 11 bus route used to stop at 11pm and it was too far to walk home from there.As I rang the doorbell in a little quiet street in Handsworth I thought of a way that I could possibly get the ball rolling. When she answered the door I got an immediate erection. She was older yes, but she still looked attractive and her customary smile lit up her face. Another reason I was so hopeful was that she immediately recognised me, even after a 30 year gap.She invited me in and immediately offered me a cup of tea. While she was in the kitchen I asked to use the loo and once there I took my underpants off, I went commando. The reason I did this was that when ?commando? the erection is much more noticeable, especially in the light grey trousers I had on.Once she came back in the living room I noticed straight away that she had put some lipstick on. Of course this gave me even more confidence. I sat on the sofa and she placed herself maybe 10 feet away in a lounge chair.For the first ten minutes or so it was just general chat and we talked about her son Ken, who was my friend from school. I was still in contact with him even though he had moved to Bournemouth. I purposefully then mentioned her other k**s, two girls and a boy. That?s when I brought up the subject that I wanted.?You do realise that I was so jealous of Ken and the others??She looked at me with a puzzled face.?Yes. You were such a close knit family I could imagine you giving them all a hug in order to show your love when they came in from work and school. When I used to get home my mother wouldn?t even make a cup of tea.?Ken?s mother knew that I didn?t have a father so it must have sounded plausible even though, in fact, my mother was very loving. They had never met so Ken?s mother wouldn?t know. I then continued my little fib.?Why do you think I stayed here so often I used to dream to have such a loving mother.?I knew what I was hoping for and she responded just as I had hoped. ?Oh! Poor john. I didn?t realise as you never spoke about it. Have you never had a loving hug??Struggling not to smile I answered.?Actually I had a girlfriend until about a year ago and I made sure to give her a hug whenever I welcomed her home from work, or vice versa. I haven?t had a hug in twelve months and I am very tactile.?Just as hoped this had the desired effect and she slowly rose from her chair and opened her arms. As I rose I remember thinking that if she couldn?t see the erection she must be blind. When I leaned forward to clasp her in my arms I made sure that my hips were far enough back so that she wouldn?t feel my erection. The hug lasted for about 30 seconds and just as she loosened her grip I very carefully pushed my hips forward so that she could feel my erection glancing off her crotch.There was silence as we both sat down in our original positions and I could see she was blushing. Then I thanked her and told her that I really would have loved that to have happened 30 years earlier. Then she gave the answer I was dreaming of.?I am the one who feels guilty for not doing it then. If I had known about your circumstances I would have. You were always my favourite among Ken?s friends. Always very polite and courteous.?Then the killer line.?If ever you need a hug again just open your arms.?I smiled and tried looking away before telling her that she shouldn?t tease as I would hug her all day if I thought she meant it. She immediately told me that she was serious and bearing in mind that I was sure she knew of my arousal I stood up straight away with open arms.Within a second she stood up and I am sure I saw her quickly glancing down at my bulge as she sprang forward. Confidant that she knew what was happening I didn?t hold back this time and pressed my cock firmly against her. She buried her head on my shoulder and for a few seconds nothing happened.Then, much to my delight, she ground her crotch onto my dick. I responded with similar movements and when there was no obvious disapproval I started kissing her neck. She let out a sigh and before long we were snogging like a couple of teenagers.This lasted for all of 30 seconds before she pulled away and grabbed my hand before leading me up the stairs. The bed was unmade but I couldn?t give two hoots. For the next two hours we had straight sex, oral, anal and rimming. I was in heaven.Anyway. After that initial encounter I called on her as often as I could and it went on for about five years before her k**s moved her into a retirement home. I visited her there half dozen times but no sex.Now you might be thinking ?where is the twist in the tale?? About three months ago I was trawling through the ?Mature? photos on a porno site and lo and behold I saw a photograph of Jean. She was lying on the floor with her legs spread and pulling her labia lips far apart. I recognised the face, the rings, even the carpet! I would say that the photo was a few years before my first meeting with her but it is definitely her. So, twenty years on and I am self-indulging to the only picture I have of any past partner!
09-01-2021, at 01:41 PM

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