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It's gonna be like ringing a dinner bell...

Post #1

It's gonna be like ringing a dinner bell...I'm smiling so hard my lips hurt."You're two hours early" I say, trying not to giggle as she glides by me through my just opened door. I'm trying to be cool. I've been talking a lot of shit with this girl on FetLife. I want to act hard. I'm tryin' to be cool but right now I just feel all warm and fuzzy inside."I decided not to stop at the hotel before coming over" she tells me. "I freshened up at the airport before picking up my car... don't you like surprises?" She asks with a wicked grin.Well yeah, I like surprises... but I can't talk right now because I'm looking at her. I know it's rude to stare... but she's fucking gorgeous and I have to take her all in.(I never said I wasn't rude) She's still grinning as her hand moves up towards one of the few buttons straining to keep her low cut blouse intact... our eyes are locked. I can see the dark fire in her eyes, I can feel it.In the time it took this sexy woman to release one button... I went from warm and fuzzy to hard, and throbbing, and I need to fuck this bitch! Now! Then the next button... I'm trembling... and the last... as her top falls open her smile warms and she says "I wore that blue teddy you like from my pictures." The blouse falls to the floor and she steps toward me.She's taller than me. Good n thick too. She places one hand flat on the middle of my chest as she leans in. I'm so hot for this girl. (and a little scared)(it?s been years...) I lean in to meet her half way but she's holding me back... my flesh is burning against her open hand...I push harder... she resists. She leans in further... the fire in her eyes is darker... she's not grinning anymore.She grabs a fistful of my shirt as well as several of my chest hairs as she presses me heavily against my wall with her forearm. I'm breathing hard from the pressure and the lust. She's so close... I can smell her passion."I hope you don't think I arrived here early just to give you a fashion show and let ogle my titties" she says sounding annoyed. "I figured that was just a bonus" I say somewhat frightened. She does not seem to be amused. (I finally get my mouth to work, and that's the best I can do!)(I guess it's no wonder why bitches hate me)(did I mention I'm an asshole?)(I don't like assholes either... but it's no reason to hate)(peace out)Now back to the lecture at hand..."I came here to fuck!" She barks in my face. Then she hisses "and I get what I want!"The next second I'm being flung, pulled off the wall forcefully by this crazysexyb**st. My ass hits the couch awkwardly, I try to get up, but she's on me. All I see is the blur of her skirt flying by, as she straddles me. I'm barely on the couch, my feet are on the floor but half my ass hanging off. I'm pinned. She grinds against me as I try in vain to re-position. Her eyes are closed, hair wild. That wicked grin is back as she pleasures herself on my lil bulge. Most of her ample weight is pressing down on my dick, her fists grip my wrists, arms bent back painfully till my hands are at my shoulders. I'm humbled, I really can't shake her off.I think I'm about to be m*****ered!I don't even know why I'm trying to get away... this lusty pussy is in heat? and she?s using my dick as a fucking scratching post! (I'm pretty sure that's a fantasy of mine)She hovers over me, still grinding. Her breasts swaying, hard nipples dancing underneath the seams of her teddy, taunting me... the silky lace hiding nothing. I stop resisting. Content, just for now, to enjoy the show. Sensing my surrender, she looks down at me. She can see right through me. I'm an atheist, but I feel like I"m looking up at an angel... a fallen angel.If I have a soul... I just sold it.She lowers her face to mine, cheek to cheek. I inhale deeply, the scent of a woman. Now her mouth is on mine. Her kisses are sweet but restrained. I want more. She kisses a path from my mouth to my neck, she nuzzles. I lean my head back and to the side exposing more. Her teeth find their mark. I flinch, startled. That hurt! Then again and again. Marking me, measuring me. I don't flinch again. My chest, neck, and shoulders are burning when she's finally done. I'm covered in teeth marks, hickies, and goose bumps. My shirt rent and drenched in slut slobber.She throws her pain at me.I take it... I want it... I need it."I'm gonna fuck the shit outta you!" She snarls, as she lets go of my wrists. I don't even know what's going on... when I feel her grab a fistful of hair and force me back down into the pillow. The other hand is working hard on my waistband. She's looking down at my pants, trying figure a way to get my dick out. It's hopeless... even I have to look and use both hands with these pants.I have the same problem with bras.Just as I'm remembering that my arms still work, she fills her other fist with hair and lays down on me. Kissing me hard. "You know I still have my pants on?" I ask when she takes a breath.She presses up off me and the couch. "Take your fucking pants off" she orders as she stands up over me. Her clothes seem to fall off while I'm working my sticky zipper. She's standing right in front of me... in all her naked glory... and tall stripety socks.My pants fall as I hop to my feet. I pull her to me, arms around, our bodies meld together. (this is where I want to be... right here... forever) But first I have something to say..."I'm gonna fuck the shit outta you!" I swagger, as I throw her (a little to hard)(sorry)(I'm new at this)(why's everybody riding me today?) to the couch. She was smart enough to land lengthwise on the couch before I descend... I come down on top of her, one knee between her thighs. Instinctively, she clamps her legs around mine before I can wedge the other one in and finish this story.Twisting and shoving she fights me... I lay on top of her, but I am not at all in control. She's pummeling me. She's all elbows and knees. I hold her close, so she can't knock me off. My face is buried in her bosom. Hanging on for dear life. I get an idea... A bad idea. I bite her boob.Laying flat on my back on the floor next to the couch is giving me a new perspective on my situation. I do not want to be on the floor when this bitch springs off the couch.Actually she rolled off the couch at my feet when she threw me. Toppling over most of the cushions as well as up ending the contents of her travel bag. (she brought some toys)(some really big toys)(this is gonna be the best weekend)I notice her before she notices me. She's facing the couch, on one knee. Without thinking I'm on her. I grab one arm and fold it behind her back as I smash her face into the couch frame. I'm on my knees behind her, my cock pressed against her ass. She's slippery and wet everywhere. I fumble with my dick trying to slop it into position. She struggles to resist as I press my hard cock up and down her dripping crack. Probing and poking... searching... (I know it's here somewhere!?)(I've seen pictures!)aaannnnddd.... I'm pretty sure I'm in... maybe... pretty sure...? No!aaaannnnddd..... Oh Yeah!!! That's the stuff! wait... no... wait... wait?.!and then... it was as if God (his own bad self) somehow reached around (with his surprisingly girlish hand) and parted the clouds. Revealing to me... (Oh! There it is!) one, hellafat pussy. (did I mention that I like girlies with hellafat pussies?)How did I miss that! Dude! I can see right in her! It's gonna be like ringing a dinner bell... CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! "Come n' Git it!" I yell... and then I place my dick in her.With the fight over (mostly), we start fucking. I have both her wrists crossed at the small of her back now, gripped firmly in one hand. A fistful of back fat in the other steadies me as I slam into her, watching her ass wobble with each thrust. (I really do like girlies that jiggle when I fuck ?em) Pounding harder and harder, I feel our bones rattle as our bodies collide.No longer resisting now, her body roils before me. Accepting my need.She's mine...for now...I release her hands... they flop apart limply. I slide my hands up her arms to her shoulders. My fingers dig into her firmly. I pull back for leverage and increase the tempo. She's moaning to the beat... lost in it.She's diggin' it. So am I... a little to much. I started to hard and fast. Plus I was desperately horny when she got here. Not to mention, she's hella sexy. And her flowing pussy feels like fiery silk. Honestly, I can't believe that I've lasted this long.She groans a mild protest when my cock slides out and smashes on her ass. I straighten up and press my hands on both sides of her ass. Spreading it open I slide my sloppy dick into her sweaty crease. Her butt hole winks at me as my cock head glides across. I drag my junk up and down the length of her crack slowly. I stop, my shaft resting on her pretty hole. I wrap my cock with her ass cheeks, I'm still quivering from the close call.She's looking back at me... wanting. I stand up behind her. I guide by her hips to stand up in front of the couch. Her feet are on the floor, her knees resting on the edge of the couch. I bend her over until she's holding onto the back of the couch. Her tits and belly swaying. I bend over and kiss her sweet ass. I kneel behind her and hold her open as I press my face in and kiss her pussy. My nose is nostril deep into her sloppy taint. I nibble and kiss her as my nose slides up across her asshole. My mouth hovers over her... she's tense. I turn my head slightly and bite. I have a healthy mouthful off asscrack, with just a hint of pucker. I bite down a little more as I suck harder, then let it go with a juicy pop.mmm... maybe another...When I stand up behind her a moment later, I can't help but notice her ass is covered with dental impressions and sloppy hickies.I rest my ball, (I only have one)(wanna see my scar?) and my wet floppy dick at the top of her asscrack. I let the gooey duo slug down her spread cheeks till they fall free, slopping across her pussy. I hold her open with one hand as the other scoops up my dick. I press it hard against her as I slide it over her clit and sloppy opening, then back down. Still floppy. She looks back at me with a concerned frown on her face... but when she sees the blissed out smile on mine she has to smile back...aaaannnndddd...I'm hard.Her tits and ass and belly are slapping and quaking as I get back to screwing this slutty treasure.With a fistful of that wild hair, (at this point it sorta looks like it came straight out of a scene from "There's something about Mary meets Chaka Khan") I pull her hard onto me. I take my pleasure with her. Going hard but not proving like before... I'm cruising. Our bodies are still slapping but our bones are quiet.Her pussy is divine, I can't get enough. I drive on. My free hand exploring whatever it can reach. It reaches her hair. With two fists of hair I pull hard. I lean back and press up hard into her. Still pulling. Her arms and hands raise off the couch. I continue pounding. Balancing her on my cock by her hair. Her hands are free and she's working her neglected nipples with passion. Pinching and pulling. Humming to the beat. I want to go harder, (I never learn) but in this awkward position I can't do it.Drilling steadily, I move one hand from her hair, scratching it down her back... leaving a pink trail. I move my body as close as i can as my hand snakes its way down around front. Through the sweaty crease I find it. That little nub. I tease her for a while, but we both want more. I press my clenched fist over her mound crushing her clit down hard towards my thrashing cock. Then back up until she's stretched open tight. Over and over, like an old school washboard. This is getting her worked up, and me too! But my back is killing me. I have to lay her down.With her back on the couch, she brings her knees up and back. Open for me. I lay between her legs, my body on hers. My cock find her and enters. Held between her legs and wrapped in her arms. This is heaven.We kiss, softly, lost in it for just a moment. We're both too revved up. A tender kiss quickly turns into her feet on my shoulders... and that slam fuck thing we do now. We're Knocking bones again. My weight crashing down on her. Folded over on her back. Pinned to the couch. I hammer her. I might not be challenging her with my lil dick, but I promise you this. A bitch is gonna feel it when she's being smacked in the cunt by 160 pounds of ragging hippy. Hey now!With her legs up and me all over her, she can't get a hand on her clit. She wants to come so bad. I'm trying to drill through her, I fuck harder. The sweat is burning my eyes as it runs down to drip off my nose, I fuck harder..."eat me" she begs weakly(I like when a girly tells me what she wants)(sometimes she gets it)I keep fucking...(sometimes she don't)My face is hovering over hers, eyes locked as we fuck. My need outweighing hers.For now.I keep fucking.She brings her hand up behind my head and pulls my face to hers. Nose to nose, forehead to forehead, banging together as I keep fucking.Holding my face to hers with both hands now gripping my hair. Kissing me while our lips are sliding and bouncing... "make me come" she growls, then bites me.I keep fucking.I'm nearing my peak as well... I should let her come first. She's a guest!I'm not sure why she resists when I try to pull my head away. (I guess I could just tell her I'm ready to eat her now)(what's the fun in that? )We're still fucking as I struggle to pull my head back, she has a death grip on my hair. My cock slides out of her as I bring my knees up for leverage. In one painful motion I tear myself away. I drop between her legs and tuck in. My tongue finds her clit with ease. (God only has to show me once) Her fists are in my hair again, leading me, making sure I don't miss anything. She's slamming her pussy against my tongue and mouth now. I curl my lips over my teeth so she doesn't impale her good stuff.She pleasures herself with my face. Grinding and pounding my mouth with her pussy.I taste blood, my poor tongue is probably bleeding from her belligerent face fucking. She lets go of my hair, one hand moves to her pussy. I kiss the fingers in front of me. Then the back of her hand. I watch her moves as she skillfully takes over. I am always willing to learn from a master.I kneel on the floor next to the couch watching. Her legs are splayed up and open. She's working her clit mercilessly but her drooling pussy looks so empty... I slide three fingers in, hard, up to my knuckles. "Oh yeah baby" she sighs, "keep them deep in me when I come".I have all five fingers in when she starts bucking and groaning. Her skin is covered in gooseflesh, her nipples hard and tight. Her face is about 50 shades of purple when she starts thrashing about wildly... "I'm coming" she warns. (I like when a girly tells me she's coming)Just as the first wave hits, I pick up one of the toys that had fallen out of her bag earlier. He's a honker. Long, thick and heavy. My fingers don't even reach all the way around. I shove him in to the hilt as she blasts into what appeared to me to be a thrashing and kicking, pretty dam good orgasm. I'm just along for the ride as wave after crashing wave of intense pleasure clamps down on that cartoonishly big wiener filling her so perfectly. I pound her with it until she goes stiff one last time. (I make the girlies cum proper in my stories)Quivering she takes hold of her big friend and makes sure he stays put. Snug and tight. Gripped between her thighs. She curls up on her side facing me. My cock is throbbing as I watch her melt into a big puddle of girl goo. She beckons me onto the couch with her. I spoon in with my back to her and she snuggles me in tight. (I like girlies that snuggle) I'm starting to feel warm and fuzzy again when she wraps her hand around my now barely hard cock. I nestle into her ample everything. Her arm around me, her limp hand holding my slowly softening dick. "I like hippies that are patient" she coos into my ear as she wobbles my weeny around in her hand, "and good things come to those who wait" she adds.I'm not the kind of guy to argue with a girly that has my dick in her hand...but...just as soon as I can pry that fire plug sized prick out of her...I'm gonna fuck the shit outta this bitch!
09-01-2021, at 01:41 PM

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