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Two city girls visit the country (4)

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Two city girls visit the country (4)After Uncle Jack's mid-morning story-telling session, Tessa and I spent most of the day strolling companiably around the farm, enjoying the unhurried pace of things. At one point we ran into Tony, but he was genuinely busy and said no more than a hurried hello. Alone together like this we behaved just like any other couple newly in love, catching up on our past histories, laying down new histories of our own, basking in each others' company.Round about five o'clock we returned to the farmhouse to find Megan, Tessa's aunt, in the kitchen preparing a casserole for later. We hadn't really spoken to her since we'd arrived, so sat down with her as she worked. We offered to help, but she wouldn't have any of it, saying that we were her guests for the weekend, and guests were excused household duties.?Though I wish the guests could keep the noise down at night,? she laughed.?Oh, Megan,? I said, ?We know all about that. Jack mentioned it this morning. I'm mortified, really I am. I only hope you can forgive us.??It's no problem at all, Evelyn. I know what young love can do to a girl. Did Jack tell you the whole story??I wasn't exactly sure what she meant, but surely she couldn't mean the story that Jack had actually told us and sworn us to secrecy about. ?Well, he did say he could hear us through the walls, even though they're very thick. I don't think I'm ever going to be able to live this down, really I don't.??Hmm, he didn't tell you, then, that he got a raging hard-on when he realised what was going on??I gasped. ?He certainly didn't.??I'm not entirely surprised. He's always been highly sexed, and the thought of two young girls having lesbian sex in his house must have sent his mind into overdrive. You know how so many men get turned on by fantasising about two girls making love? Well this was actual love right under his nose, so to speak.??Good lord, Aunt Megan, I had no idea,? said Tessa. ?Are you sure you should be telling us this??She gave a light-hearted laugh. ?Girls, after the racket you made last night I don't think there's any point in being coy about it. You must know that you affect men in that way; together or apart. Don't tell me you haven't seen the bulge in a guy's trousers get just that little bit bigger when you flirt with them???Even when we don't,? I said. ?I've seen them getting horny just from looking ? though they probably have no idea I know.??There you are, then. Two pretty young girls actually making out; he didn't stand a chance. Anyway, I was woken simultaneously by your screams next door and by Jack's hard cock poking my bum. He's usually too tired after a day's work on the farm to do anything in bed, so it was nice to feel him getting in the mood ? even if it was because of you and not me. But I understand. He was poking me while fondling by breasts, and it wasn't long before we were fucking away like crazy. You obviously didn't hear us, even though I thought we were pretty loud. But it was such a turn on for me as well to fuck while I could hear you two going at it next door.?For a moment Tessa and I were speechless. Eventually I said, ?Well, sounds like we did some good after all. And we really didn't know what was going on just through the wall.??Hang on a minute,? Tessa said. ?Does that mean you get excited by lesbian sex as well???No, not usually. It's just the thought of two hot young bodies making out like that. I went to an all-girls school and I've had my share of experimenting with other girls; but these days that doesn't turn me on. I still fantasise about sharing Jack with another girl though, but have never raised the matter as it could be complicated in practice. I'm sure, like 99% of men, he would leap at the chance, if it arose. Who knows? Maybe one day.?She put the casserole in the oven, wiped her hands and came and sat down opposite us.?So it's still a fantasy?? I asked, mindful of how Tessa and I had indulged in our own little threesome just the evening before.?Well, actually, I did once take it beyond the fantasy stage. I haven't dared tell this to Jack as it would probably make him insanely jealous; or fill him with a hope that is not going to be fulfilled. But it was very exciting at the time.?Tessa and I exchanged glances and I knew exactly what she was thinking: Jack had told us his little secret and now Megan was about to tell us hers. I could hardly wait and looked expectantly at Megan, encouraging her to continue.?I'll tell you,? she said, ?but please don't tell Jack. If he ever does hear about it I want it to be from me, is that clear???Of course,? we chimed in unison.?Very well. It was like this. I told you I went to an all-girls school? One of the big things at this school was for the senior girls to go away for a week at some point during the year; usually somewhere wholesome and adventurous, but sometimes somewhere more cultural. Anyway, when our turn came round, we found that we were all going to an outward-bound adventure centre in Wales. I don't know if those places still exist, but they were very common at one time.'We were to pair up to share rooms, so it could have been a lot worse, and there was a kind of large lounge area where we could all meet up. It wasn't exclusively for our use, but it might as well have been as we only saw one guest the whole week we were there. A very special guest, as it happens, but I'll come to that later.?I shared my room with my best friend Carol; we'd always been close, in a best-friend kind of way, but nothing had ever happened between us, if you get my drift. I don't know why not, really. I had kissed and petted other girls at school, but somehow Carol and I just hadn't done that. Not that I wouldn't have done it if I thought she was interested; I did have a bit of a crush on her as she was tall and slim with long blonde hair ? quite a contrast to dumpy little me with her straggly brown curls.??Aunt Megan, you are not dumpy,? said Tessa, ?unless you've changed a lot. I'd say you were a very cuddly petite woman.??You're very kind, Tessa, but even if I wasn't, that was how I felt. I'm sure you've come across that before.??I suppose. Anyway, how did the week go???At first it was all so exhausting that we all went to bed very early and didn't wake till we were roused by a bell clanging at 7 in the morning. But gradually we got used to it, and over the course of the week we spent more and more time in the lounge in the evening. Not doing much, just chatting, sometimes doing make-up for each other, that sort of thing.?Then on the last evening, the teachers all went down to the local village for a farewell meal, leaving us unchaperoned for the first time. I'm afraid we were all getting a little light-headed at the thought of being unsupervised for the evening. Some of the girls had managed to smuggle in some vodka, so while no-one drank too much, some of us were definitely losing our inhibitions.?At some point during the evening, the guest I was telling you about put in an appearance. He was a man of about 40, quite trim, and wearing a smart dark blue suit. It seemed a bit out of place in this outdoors centre, but he carried it off well. We'd all seen him around, of course, but hadn't thought any more about him as he was, to put it frankly, a bit old.?So I thought nothing of it when he came and sat next to me. I don't know if he chose me or it was by chance. Whatever, I thought I may as well be friendly to the old guy, who was probably lonely. What he made of a roomful of adolescent girls in a slightly hysterical mood, I can't imagine.?Just for something to say, I asked him what he did.? ?I'm the owner of a strip-club,? he said. ?I'm in the area scouting for talent ? not here, of course, that would be quite wrong. But I've been looking around, making a few discreet enquiries, making contacts; just business really.??I must have looked a bit shocked, but managed to blurt out the first thing that came into my head:? ?That sounds interesting. What kind of girls are you looking for??? ?Above all, girls who know how to tease, how to fuel a man's fantasies, who are not afraid to show off their assets; girls who at home with their bodies. You know it when you see it.?? ?Do you think I could be one of those girls?? I asked, emboldened by the little drink I'd had and suddenly feeling inexplicably horny.? ?Well, let me make it clear that I'm not going to recruit you,? he said, ?but having said that, you look fresh, confident, a bit of a flirt. Maybe you'd be good at it.??This was doing wonders for my confidence. ?Could I maybe try it?? I asked.?? ?Why not? Your friends mind if we give it a go??? ?I'm sure they'll be fine.? I stood up and clapped my hands. ?Girls, girls. This gentleman is the owner of a strip-club and he's going to audition me right now. Take your places and see what you think.??There was a lot of giggling and whistling, but also a lot of interest, I could tell. Carol looked at me and smiled then gave a thumbs-up as if to say ?Go, girl.? It was Carol in fact who put on some sleazy jazz music to get me started.?I found it easy to start my little dance, swaying and running my hands up through my hair, then down over my breasts. The girls were still whistling, but the atmosphere had changed; you could smell the pheromones of girls on heat as all their eyes watched me. I slipped my sweater over my head, revealing my c-cup tits in a red bra that lifted them up slightly. I heard a gasp from near me and noticed one of my class-mates feeling her own breasts as she watched. I then put my thumbs in the waist of my jeans and moved my groin around, simulating sex, before unzipping them and gracefully slipping them off. I was now in just my bra and panties and my short white socks. I decided to leave the socks on and was about to unfasten my bra when the guy, whose name I still didn't know, stood behind me and held me in his arms.? ?This is the most important part,? he said. ?Showing the audience your tits is the moment you establish a real sexual contact. Don't rush; unhook your bra and then hold it in place.??I did as he said, coyly letting the straps drop from my shoulders.? ?Now unveil your breasts one by one, show them your nipples, maybe squeeze them a bit.??Of course, I did exactly that. He sat down again and watched as I finished my little show by slowly pulling down my panties and then twirling them before throwing them to my captive audience.?The girls burst out in spontaneous applause as I ran back to my man and sat in his lap, putting my sweater back on at the same time.?The mood had changed so much that by now all the others wanted to try their own little strip-tease dances and before long the room was full of young girls discarding all their clothing. My man had his hand up my sweater as we watched and was gently teasing my nipples and squeezing my tits. I could feel his hard cock beneath me, and that gave me a real thrill.?It wasn't long before all the girls were naked, and I felt a bit overdressed in my sweater, which I promptly removed, letting the others see his hands groping my tits.? ?You're a natural,? he said, ?much better than all these. You should come and see me in a couple of years' time.?? ?I'd love to,? I said and kissed him lightly on the lips.?At this point we heard the sound of cars arriving and knew that the teachers were back from their little jaunt, so quickly we all dispersed, snatching our discarded clothing as we went. I grabbed my man's hand and pulled him back to my room ? I was in the mood for something a bit special tonight.?Carol was already in the room when we got there.? ?Don't mind me,? she said. ?You two just carry on.??So this young schoolgirl played with her older man while Carol watched. I soon had him naked beside me and sucked his cock till it was so hard I thought he must surely cum soon. But being older he was also a lot more experienced, and instead of cumming in my mouth, he started sucking my hot little cunt till I was streaming. Carol watched and masturbated ? she was as turned on as I was. When he fucked me, he was tender to start with and then harder, riding me faster and rubbing my clit as he did so; it was amazing. He came deep inside me as my own orgasm ripped through my body.?Carol came and lay beside us. ?Do you think you could fuck me now?? she asked him.? ?It would be my pleasure, sweetheart. But just to get me going again, perhaps you could let me see a little lesbian loving.??I looked at Carol in expectation. I was ready for anything by now. She said nothing but started kissing me in front of him. We'd never done anything like this before, but she was so soft, and the feeling of her tits pressing against mine was sensational. We really got into it, kissing and fingering each other, until I went completely mad and started to lick her pretty little pussy. She tasted so sweet, and I loved the way my tongue just glided into her wetness. Somehow she manoeuvred me into a 69 and we became absorbed in licking each others' cunts.?This was just what he'd been looking for, of course, and as Carol and I stayed in that steamy 69, her on top, he came and entered her from behind. I can't describe how hot it was to lick her cunt and see him fuck her at the same time. My tongue strayed from her cunt to his cock and balls, tasting her pussy juices on his hard shaft as he thrust harder and harder into her. I had a perfect view of his balls slapping against her ass, and all the time her tongue was on my clit and in my pussy. All three of us were so steamed up we came at the same time, his cum dribbling out of her cunt onto my waiting lips. As we disentangled ourselves, I kissed Carol and swapped his cum with her. It was the best sex I'd ever had.?We never did find out his name, but for an old man he managed to satisfy us completely. And my dream of becoming a stripper never went any further. But Carol and I did manage to spend some more quality time together, at least until we left school and then drifted apart. As I say, maybe some day ...??My god, Aunt Megan, you are such a horny bitch,? said Tessa, who was so aroused by this little tale that she had taken my hand and held it close to her pussy. ?And you seem so prim and proper.?She giggled. ?Still waters run deep, my girl,? she said. ?As I think you know.?My waters were pretty plentiful by now, and Tessa and I excused ourselves to go back to our room for a quick bout of love-making before dinner. The country was proving to be a hot-bed of sexual tension and excitement. And I had a feeling we were not finished yet.
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