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Katy Perry and The Video Editor

Post #1

Katy Perry and The Video Editor*the following is a work of fiction*Alright, it?s time I got this one off my chest? ?I work as a video editor in L.A. I cut all kinds of stuff ? commercials, movie trailers, music videos. Whatever?s available really. It?s a competitive industry and I?m just happy to have the work. It?s not always glamorous but it pays well. Lots of long hours alone in a dark room, just trying to make something work. It?s a sometimes grueling but ultimately rewarding job. For the last few years I?ve worked remotely from my home edit suite. It?s great. I wake up a half hour before I start working, get to sit in my sweatpants all day, and most importantly get to avoid that L.A. traffic (which would sometimes be about an hour and a half each way to the office). But, if I?m being honest, things can get a bit lonely?Anyway, a few months ago I get call from my buddy Jeff. He?s a senior producer at a music video shop. We worked together on a slew of videos back when ? Shakira, Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons? a lot of big names.He tells me he?s got a big job for me if I?m interested (I was, work had dried up a bit). He says he?s got a new hot project with Katy Perry coming in and it?s a quick turnaround. Immediately I perked up? not only did that mean it would be a high paying gig but I also was a huge Katy Perry fan. Yeah I liked her music but I?d be lying if I said I didn?t jerk off to her at least once a week? I tried my best to mask my elation when saying yes. He said there was one catch? I?d have to work on site in Culver City ? something about the security concerns surrounding the shoot footage. I pretended to consider this new information for a second before confirming that I was in. I gassed up my car and headed out there the next day.?The office I was set up in was nice enough. Spacious, triple monitor set-up, big mounted speakers, large windows, very comfy chair and a couch on the opposite side of my setup.I started ingesting the footage to my machine when Jeff walked in??Alex, my man! Long time, bud!? - JeffWe did one of those handshake hug things.?Yeah man! Great to be working together again.?He sits down on the couch. ?Listen. This is an easy one. It?s Katy Perry. She?s hanging out in Hawaii, being sexy. That?s pretty much it.? - Jeff?Ha, not bad.? - Me?Tease the sexiest stuff, make guys jerk off to it? but leave them a little pissed off that they didn?t get everything. Lots of close ups and make sure you have a handful of titty shots. They want to see something in three days??Wow. Ok.? We both laughed. He gets up from the couch. ?Alright, don?t spend too much time watching Katy?s tit?s bounce in slow mo.? ?C?mon, I?m a professional!? ?Yeah, yeah.? - Jeff responded He opened the door and made his exit but right before closing the door he stopped? ?By the way, she might stop by later today to look at some footage from the shoot.? - JeffShell shocked? I?ve worked with a lot of high profile footage but rarely had contact with the talent involved?.?Oh?? - MeJeff chuckles.?You cool with that?? ?Uhhh? yeah I?ll uh, I?ll be fine.? ?Relax bud, it?ll be gravy. I?ll stop in too.? - Jeff(Reassuringly) - ?Sounds good man!? - me ?Ha, alright man, good luck.? - Jeff?Over the next few hours I broke down endless amounts of footage. Mostly Katy riding around on a Harley in Hawaii (yep, the song?s called ?Harleys in Hawaii) along with footage of her singing the song in a bar, and my favorite - her on the beach in a revealing one piece. It was nearing the end of the day, and I had no visits from Katy or anyone else for that matter and I was getting tired of actually working? so I started to entertain myself?.Here?s where I admit to a naughty habit I?ve developed over the years when it comes to the music videos. A lot of these sexy popstar videos shoot more than enough of the sexy stuff. There?s hours of footage of them shaking their bodies for the camera that gets cut down to a total of twenty seconds in the actual video. A lot of this footage is too revealing, even a couple nipple slips, and pussy slips here and there. So, depending on how much time I have on a job, I?ll do a big stringout of the hottest shots and save it to my personal drive? for my personal use.And man, this shoot had so many amazing slow mo shots of Katy?s tits bouncing in her swimsuit. I was getting hard as a rock going through it. As I dropped the clips into the sequence I?d occasionally move one hand below my desk and stoke my cock through my jeans. I was getting to that point where I thought I might actually pop in my pants when the door opened??Heyo!? - JeffHe throws his backpack on my couch.I turned around quickly but pulled myself close to my station to hide my erection.?Oh uh, hey man.? - MeJeff caught a look of Katy on my preview monitor.?God man, I don?t how you get any work done.? ?Ha it?s not easy.? ?I?d be jerkin off all day.? I laugh nervously.?She is so fucking hot, dude. Fuck.?Mentally trying to deactivate my boner??Anyway, doesn?t look like she?s coming through today so I think we?re good to pick things up tomorrow.? ?Oh ok cool. I?ll probably just finish up here and head out.? ?Sounds gravy, buddy. I?ll see you tomorrow?. Oh wait!? He takes out his phone and takes a snap of my preview monitor.?For the ole? spank bank.? - JeffI nod awkwardly. I mean, yeah I?m a creep, but I don?t like being so open about it? but that?s Jeff.?Later dude.? - Jeff?Now that Jeff left I knew I was the last person in the office. So I lowered the lights and unbuckled my pants? I whipped out my (relatively large) cock and started stroking to exclusive content of my favorite big-titted pop star. Oh god did she look good in that red swimsuit. Her tits were so full and juicy and spilling out on the sides. There was shots of her running in slow mo, Baywatch style, and caressing some lucky male talent. I began imagining sliding my cock between her tits (as I usually do) and with that bleach blonde bimbo hair? hnnng?. damn? I was getting close.I started muttering ?Katy? under my breath, as I threw my head back and approached orgasm when my bay door creaked open?I sprung up in my chair fast as humanly possible. ?Oh hi, sorry to barge in so late.? - KatyIt was Katy. Katy fucking Perry. The popstar I was just aggressively masturbating to. She was standing in the doorway in workout gear ? yoga pants, sneakers, a tank-top, and a half zipped hoodie (which was displaying an ample amount of boobage). She had very little make-up on, but did have a post workout glow. Kinda perfect really.I cleared my throat, and again pushed into my desk to hide my massive hard on. She extended her hand, I hesitated before offering mine, the one I was just beating my meat with. The one I was pretending was her cleavage.But then I raised it. Still sitting in my chair, as I didn?t want to stand and reveal the massive erection in my jeans.And we shook, awkwardly, with my sweaty cock hand.?Katy.? ?Uh? Alex.? ?Sorry, am I interrupting?? She asked.?Oh no, of course not, I was just wrapping things up for the night.? ?Oh well I don?t want to keep you, I was just hoping to take a quick look at the footage before I went home.? - Katy ?Oh yeah, totally.? Katy turned her attention to my preview monitor. ?What?dya got there?? She asked.I looked over to see a still frame zoomed in on her tits, where I had paused my jerk off montage??Oh? oh, sorry. Must?ve paused at a weird spot there.? She giggled.?No need to apologize, it is me after all, I picked out that bathing suit.??Right, yeah, ha. It?s a great? suit.? Idiot??You think so?? - She teased. ?mhmmm.? I?m beat red now. ?What do you like about it?? - Katy?What do I like about it?? ?Mhmm.? ?Uhhhh?. The uh, color. Oh and the flower print is nice.??The flower print?that?s what you like?? - Katy?Yeah it?s great!? Giant fucking idiot? but what was I to do? ?Would you mind scrolling through some of it?? She asked.?Yeah, sure, let?s do it!?I noticed now I didn?t have another chair in the room, only the couch, which was a bit far from the screens.?Oh shoot, let me go find you a chair.? ?No worries, I won?t be long.? ?Uh ok, let?s dive in then.? I quickly closed my jerk off sequence and moved to my regular footage breakdown. I started scrubbing through the shoot.?Oh wow, this looks great.? - Katy?Yeah there?s some really slick shots? like this one.? ? I pulled up tracking shot that follows Katy on a Harley. It swoops above her at the end and flys towards the ocean. ?Holy shit. That?s awesome!? - Katy?Check this one out.? I went to pull up some of the go-pro footage but accidentally opened the folder contains the jerk off sequence, which I stupidly named ?sexy_stringout??Oh sorry.? ?No no, what?s that one?? She asked.Playing stupid? ?which one?? ?The one labeled ?sexy?? - She responded?Oh that?s nothing, just ???Can I see it?? Her voice a little more stern now.?Uh, sure.?My heart beating like crazy, knowing full well something this unprofessional could and probably would get me fired??Scrub through.? She demanded.I went through it and it was pretty clear what it was ? all the best shots of her tits and ass. ?Wow.? - KatyI tried my best to explain it away - ?You know I know it looks weird, but this is just what we do. You guys shot a sexy video and I need to isolate those shots so that I can select the very best ones that will make the best video that we??I stopped mid sentence as Katy leaned over my shoulder to get a closer look at the screen. Her breasts ever so slightly grazed up against my right shoulder. I tried getting the best look I could at them from the corner of my eye.? ?? we can make.? I finished. ?I look really fucking hot in that shot.? It was a shot of her straddling the male talent in bed, her boobs busting out of her top. ?Don?t you think?? I was frozen in place. How the fuck do I answer that professionally? Is this a test? Fuck. ?Uhhh, I don?t know if should answer that, to be honest.? I let out a pathetic nervous laughter.?Oh come on.? She straightened up and stepped back.?Don?t you wanna be that guy?? - She asked?Which guy?? Again, playing stupid.?The guy who?s dick I?m sitting on in that scene.?I have no response. I have no idea what to do, and I?m freaking out internally. ?Listen, I?m going to ask you one more question. I don?t want any of this puppy dog, dear in headlights, I?m a professional bullshit. I want your honest response. That?s all. Just respond yes or no. No hesitation? I sit there, shocked, considering what she might be about to ask me.?If you don?t. I?ll have you replaced with another editor.? What the fuck. ?You ready??I nod, fearfully.She unzips her sweatshirt, revealing her white tank top which was doing a poor job of containing her 32DDD tits, and tosses it on the couch.She slowly walked up close to me, giving me a good look at her body, and stops only a few inches from my face.Again, WHAT THE FUCK. She leans in and asks me? ?do you wanna feel my tits??Maybe it was her threatening my job, or maybe it was my primal side but I didn?t hesitate this time??Yes.? I responded.She smiled. ?There you go.?She then straddled me, sitting on my lap in the computer chair, facing me. Her tits just inches from my face.We held this position for a second, a little awkward??Well, what are you waiting for?? She asked.?I can just???Yes.? I took a deep breath and then I grabbed them both from the outside, squeezing and moving them around. They were more than a handful, I could barely grasp it all. I pushed them together and looked up at her. ?Go for it.? She responded, in a ?yeah, of course you have to? kind of way.And with that, I dove face first into Katy Perry?s tank top cleavage. It?s hard to describe how amazing this felt. Tits I had ogled at and jerked off to for years and now my face was buried in them. They were so soft, and so huge. And god, they smelled like heaven. She must?ve worked up a bit of a sweat at the gym. I grabbed her upper back and really got in there?While I?m motorboating her girls, Katy reached down below her crotch and started rubbing the outline of my cock.?Jesus.? She laughed. ?You?re fucking hard.? I pulled away from her tits for a second, which reminded me I needed some oxygen. ?I mean, do you blame me???Not at all.? She responded, before plunging my face back into her boobs. I picked up where I left off, shaking my head from tit to tit, just taking them all in. She pulled me away this time, and got up off from my lap. I looked up at her like a little k** that just got his lollipop taken away. That was until she removed her tank top. Underneath she had a light purple bra. She gripped the bottom of it and looked at me??Should I keep going?? - She asked.I could only nod, my mouth watering.She began to lift it slowly showing just the tiniest bit of underboob when she stopped abruptly? ?We?ll get there? but I?ve got another idea.? Well, she?s had some good ideas so far, I thought, so mines well trust her on this one.She walked in front of me and leaned forward in front of my face, our noses touched and she looked right into my eyes before placing her lips against mine and giving me a gentle but passionate kiss? she pulled away with a devilish grin, holding onto my arms, and began to slide her sports bra contained tits down my chest, stomach, and finally my crotch. She held there for a moment before she started thrusting them up and down on the bulge in my pants. ?Oh fuck.? I whisperedAs she moved back and forth her tits spilled out the top of her bra. I could almost see her nipples.?You like that?? - She asked?Mhmmm? - I managed to squeak out.She giggled and kept rubbing. ?Don?t cum yet, baby. You still want to put it in between them don?t you?? - She said Just her uttering those words almost made me bust? I couldn?t respond.?Don?t you?? - she repeated.She then removed her chest from my crotch.?Otherwise I could get going.? ?No!? - I accidentally screamed.She liked the desperation in my voice.?Say it? say you want to fuck my tits.?I took a deep breath and cleared my throat.?I want to fuck your tits, Katy.? ?Well then take that dick out for me.? - KatyI nervously complied and quickly unbuckled my belt and pulled my shorts down ? my cock sprung out, bobbing at full staff.?Oh my god, you?re twitching.? She wasn?t wrong. This may be the hardest I?d been in my life.?Pretty big too.??Thanks.? ?Alright stud, you ready for this.? I nodded. She laughed.?We?ll see about that?? and then she got on her knees in front of me and started crawling. It wasn?t until now that I got a good look at her ass in those yoga pants. Good god, so fucking plump and round, it gyrated a bit as she got closer.She reached my knees and moved her face right up to my twitching cock. ?Jesus.? - KatyShe got centimeters from it and just let it naturally smack her face a bit as it pulsed. She laughed. It was hard not to explode right there, with my cock gently hitting against Katy Perry?s beautiful face, I didn?t know how I would ? BOOM, she grabbed my cock suddenly and started rubbing it against her face.?Oh fuck?? the only thing I could say during this experience.After she had a bit of fun rubbing my member along her cheeks, nose and lips she opened her mouth??Gotta get you nice and wet before you slide it between them??My god.She slowly hovered her mouth around my cock, teasing me, letting me feel her hot breath on it before finally fully engulfing it. Her mouth clamped down, completely swallowing the length of my seven inch cock. ?Oh my god.? I muttered as I threw my head back and closed my eyes in pure bliss.She bobbed up and down on my dick, her tongue gliding along the underside of my cock. She batted her eyes at me as she came up and off my head with a pop.She picked up pace. It was fast and sloppy, and her spit was getting everywhere.?Jesus, Katy.? I didn?t know how much longer I could endure this. After a few more bobs she took it out of her mouth and rested it against the right side of her face, she looked up at me with those big beautiful blue eyes? ?Sorry, it?s just? your cock tastes so good.?She then lowered her head and slowly licked the underside of my shaft from bottom to tip. She flicked her tounge over the head. I shuttered??But you?ve been a good boy? it?s time for the main course.?She stood up and brought her boob filled sports bra inches from my face. She got in close to my right ear, I could feel her hot breath on me. She whispered??You ready to fuck these titties, then??I nodded, almost fearfully.She smirked and once again rubbed her tits against my body all the way down to my crotch, where she squatted.She squeezed her breasts as she muttered ?I know you want to see these puppies in all their glory? but I think you?ll enjoy this.? I didn?t know what she was talking about until she lifted up the bottom of her sports bra and dropped it over my dick. Trapping me tightly in her cleavage.I moaned loudly, finally feeling Katy?s massive, soft, warm tit flesh hugging my cock.?Oh my god.??Snug, huh??I nodded and bit my lip.She spoke calmly, with the head of my dick poking out the top of her sports bra??Listen, most guys last about thirty seconds here, so don?t feel bad if you pop? just let me know, so it doesn?t get in my hair.?Well that was reassuring? ?Got it??I nodded. ?Cat got your tongue?? She giggled and then squeezed her girls together against my shaft. ?Oh fuck?? I muttered.She brought them up and down, completely swallowing my cock.?Hows that feel, baby?? ?Amazing? amazing.?I threw my head back and let Katy Perry milk my dick with her cleavage. ?We?re you thinking about this when I barged in??I looked at her.?Huh?? ?I know you were jerking off to that footage of me. Were you imagining fucking my tits.??? yes? although not with this sports bra on.? She laughed. ?Not a bad touch huh???Not at all.??Here it?s your turn to do the fucking.?She slowly pulled me out of the chair and awkwardly pulled me to the couch with my dick caught inside her bra. I nearly tripped over, but we made it.She laid back on the couch and I straddled her chest from above.?Go on, grab them.? I complied, gripping her massive clothed breasts.?Whatya waiting for stud? Fuck my titties.? I looked her right in those beautiful eyes and started to furiously fuck her chest. It was probably a little rougher then intended but I couldn?t help myself at this point.?Yes. That?s it. Fuck those tits, fuck them like you?ve been waiting your whole life to.? It was true? this was beyond my ultimate fantasy. I?d been jerking to Katy and her tits for over a decade, and now my dick was between her fucking boobs.I squeezed those fucking juggs as hard as a I could and penetrated her juicy tit meat with force.?Yeah baby, yeah, you ready to blow??Somehow I was not? my body was trying to savor the experience, I think.?No.? I responded bluntly. She seemed a bit shocked. ?I need to see them.??Oh of course. What was I thinking?? She responded.I gave her tits a couple more thrusts and pulled out from under the bra.?Well, here they are.? And she pulled the bra over her head, her tits bounced as they were unveiled.I didn?t waste a second?I grabbed them both and dove face first into them. I licked and sucked, alternating between each boob, and then I would occasionally aggressively motorboat between them.?Here, open up.? She ordered.I pulled back and opened my mouth. She then stuffed as much of her left tit in my mouth as she could. I could only fit about half-way, but I sucked it like a thirsty baby. She moaned as my mouth popped off her tit. I kissed and licked her nipple. We repeated the big suck with the other tit and then I pushed them both together and basically tongue fucked them ? my tongue penetrating her tits, running along her delicious areolas and going deep into the valley of her cleavage.?Oh my god, that?s hot.? She said with her eyes closed.I was crazily horny at this point, and I wanted more? we were still in this kind of awkward position of her lying against the age of the couch and me hovering over her, I wanted to change that.I squatted and pulled her to her feet by her armpits??Taking charge are we?? I didn?t respond, I just gripped her thick thighs and picked her up.She gasped. I walked her across the room and pushed her up against the wall. I?m decently strong guy but honestly she was pretty heavy. That thickness added up.My muscles were flexing as I held Katy up against the wall and I could tell Katy was impressed and very turned on. We kissed passionately and sloppy. My dick throbbing against her pussy. We came out of the kiss. ?Put me down for just a sec.?I complied and she ripped off those yoga pants, revealing her beautiful waxed pussy, and her fucking wagon of an ass.She put her arms over my shoulders and I gripped those bare thighs once again and lifted her up in a flash, my dick smacking against her ass as I did. My dick teased the outside of her mound, she moaned in my ear. ?Little help?? I asked.She looked at me with burning desire and grabbed my dick and guided it inside her. I took a deep breath as I entered her.?Fuck me.? She demanded.And with that I started moving in and out of that sweet pussy.?Oh fuck yes.? She sighedHer boobs bounced like crazy in between both of our faces, occasionally smacking one of us in the face.?You ever fuck a girl with tits these big?? ?God no.? I responded. I wasn?t lying.?Not even close.? As I thrusted deeper inside of her??Honey, was that your first tittyfuck???Yes.? ?Oh baby, you poor thing.? - KatyTo console me, she grabbed the back of my head and buried it in her tits, as I fucked her with everything I had.?Take it all in baby.?Believe me, I was ? God her tits smelled amazing. We?d worked up quite the sweat at this point and her scent was just to die for. ?God, your cock feels amazing.? She moaned, as I slid in and out of her. ?Yeah?? I responded.?Yeah.??Want me to fuck you harder with it?? - My horny induced confidence speaking.?Yes, please.? - KatyI pulled her off the wall and seated her on the arm of the couch, her big ass thumping on the leather cushion??How do you want me?? She asked.I didn?t respond, I just grabbed her hips and flipped her over on her belly??Tough guy huh?? She laughed.I got a front row view of her fat round ass and her giant boobs spilling out so much you could see them from behind. It was a thing of beauty.I took my cock and slapped it against her cheeks.?Oh yeah baby, spank me with it.? I complied and spanked with her, though it was difficult as my cock was stiff as could be. As I slapped my shaft against her thick rump I started to get really excited, I didn?t have too much stamina left? but I had to make it count.I moved the head of my dick down between her legs and aimed at her pussy, I entered her thighs and she squeezed them together?I fucked her meaty thighs for a moment, teasing her pussy by bumping my head against it. ?You like my thighs don?t you???Yes.??What do you like about them???I love how thick and full they are.??You just love how womanly I am, don?t you? My tits, my ass, my curves. All so full and juicy.??Yes.? I breathed as I pushed my thigh fuck a bit further this time and entered her from behind.She moaned.I leaned forward on her back and grabbed her big sweaty boobs.?Really give it to me. Fuck my thick juicy body, baby.?I grabbed on tight and started slamming into her like a jack hammer. Just mindless, crazed, lust inspired fucking. Like two a****ls going at it.?Yeah baby, that all you got??I worked up an even faster pace some how. My balls slapping hard and loud against her ass.Her boobs were so sweaty I could barely hold on.?Don?t you let go of those big titties.? I was trying not to.?Squeeze my big tits and fuck me hard as you can. Hard as you?ve always wanted.?I really dug into those tits and fucked her with everything I had. We were both glazed over in sweat. Everything was so slippery and my balls we?re slapping so hard against her ass cheeks, they were going to be bruised tomorrow.After a few aggressive thrusts, I rested inside of her and dropped my head over her shoulder, my face nuzzling against her neck.?Where do you wanna nut? What part of me do you want to cover in your cum?? She asked.I didn?t hesitate for a second.?Your tits.??I don?t even know why I ask anymore.?I laughed.?Sit down, baby.? She instructed.I backed off of her and sat down on the couch. She knelt down in front of my crotch, completely naked now, hair a bit damp.I stroked my cock as she approached me.?This is it. You ready?? She asked, her chest hovering right above my crotch.?Yeah. Give me those fucking tits.?Katy loved that, and without responding she just dropped her tits on my dick, looking me right in the eyes. ?Wrap these big tits around that big cock and fuck them until you cover me in cum.? ?Fuck yes?? I grabbed her tits from the sides and squeezed them together around my dick, I was a little too excited and they we?re slippery so it popped out on my first attempt? but Katy grabbed my head and held it in place, I pushed them together and it was deeply snug in her cleavage.I started pumping my shaft up and down, her tits giggling and wobbling.?Yeah baby, fuck my tits.?I kept fucking. My balls loading up with cum. My head barely popped out the top of her cleavage, they were so big, but when it did she flick her tongue over it. ?Ahhh?? I moaned loudly?Yeah baby, you like fucking these big boobies???mhmmmm??Wanna blow your hot load all over them???Mhhhhmmmm? my voice cracking now. ?Do it baby. Blow a giant load all over me. Fucking cover me.? I squeezed her tits even tighter around my cock. Katy helped by placing her hands over mine. ?That?s it baby. Use those titties. Jerk your big dick with my fat titties like you?ve always wanted.??Arrrgghh shit!? I could feel it coming??Yes baby!??I?m gonna blow!? I yelled.?Do it baby, blow that load all over me. Empty those balls.??Fuck!!! I?m cumming!? I gave one giant thrust between her tits and exploded?The first rope shot up against her forehead, the next one across her hair, the third got her mouth and nose. The next five landed near her chin, neck and on her tits. She was absolutely covered in my load??Oh my god?? she said, cum dripping down her eyebrow?As I caught my breath I stroked what was left onto her tits and proceeded to wipe my head against them.?That?s the biggest load I?ve ever received.??You?re just so fucking hot.? I explained.Katy removed some of the cum from her face and put in her mouth. ?I?m impressed.? She said with a smile.Katy leaned forward and took me in her mouth again.?Ahhh?? I said with a shudder.After draining me for every last drop, she came off of me and felt the top of her head.?Ugh, you got my hair? what did I say!?? I shrugged, ?Sorry, there was really no controlling it.?As she laughed the door suddenly swung open it?We both jumped and spun around?.Standing in the door way was Jeff.?Sorry man, forgot my ?And then he saw us - completely naked, sweaty, my dick hard and still twitching, Katy absolutely drenched in cum.?? my bag.?We both looked over and saw his bag on the couch next to us.I awkwardly covered my dick with my hands.?To be continued.
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