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Mother?s Boys

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Mother?s BoysFor a long time I'd suspected my 19 year old son Michael had been borrowing my used panties from my laundry basket and playing with them while he masturbated. I'd also noticed that while Michael was alone in our house the memory stick with my husband's naughty pictures of me on it moved from where we'd put it. Some of the pictures on that memory stick would never pass a censor! I know I should have been shocked but instead it really turned me on.After Michael went away to university my panties stayed undisturbed, the mysterious stains on them stopped appearing and our memory stick never moved unless my husband and I used it. But I didn't stop fantasising about what had been going on behind Michael's closed bedroom door. One day while my husband was at work I was out shopping. I saw one of Michael's former school friends, Ralph, sitting by himself in a coffee shop. Ralph was the same age as my son. Through their school days Ralph had often been at our house and I hadn't failed to notice that my panties always got stained and the memory stick moved when Michael and Ralph had been alone together. I'd heard of boys being "wank buddies", masturbating together and even giving each other hand jobs. I'd also noticed how Ralph's eyes lingered on me with that lustful look every woman knows. Seeing Ralph there, a picture of him and my son naked together in Michael's bedroom, playing with my panties and masturbating as they ogled me nude filled my mind. All my erotic thoughts welled up, and I couldn't resist the craving that suddenly filled me!Ralph was absorbed in his phone and didn't notice me till I sat down next to him. His eyes nearly popped out of his head! I'm early forties and I've kept a good figure. I was in a low cut close fitting pink top that contrasts well with my dark hair and clings beautifully to the curves of my breasts, with blue jeans so tight they look sprayed onto my bum. Ralph's eyes locked onto my cleavage instantly. After some small talk I leaned close to him and whispered:"Did you enjoy playing with my knickers and seeing dirty pictures of me while you and Michael wanked yourselves?" I said softly. Ralph's face went bright red and he spluttered on his coffee. "Would you like to play with the knickers I'm wearing now and see me nude for real?" To emphasise my point I pressed my thigh against his. He didn't need much persuading, and a short car journey later we were at my house. I led Ralph by his hand up to our bedroom. Mounted on the wall of our bedroom is a big TV. I got our memory stick out, plugged it into the TV and touched the remote.Instantly there I was on the screen, almost as large as life. I was squatting on the kitchen table downstairs, just in sheer black stockings and high heels, with my knees as wide as I could get them, arching my back a little so my breasts swung up and forward. The camera was aimed straight up between my spread thighs, showing my pink labia peeping through my neat bush of almost black cunt hair. Ralph stared incredulously at the screen. I'd long since learned how to show off my naked body, and my husband describes his pictures as "penis strainers", so I was hardly surprised! "Would you like to see the real thing?" I said.I took his answer for granted and lifted off my top to show him my skimpy purple bra. That got his eyes off the screen! He stared at me as I took off my jeans, leaving me in my tiny purple satin thong matching my bra. Ralph looked as if he couldn't believe he was actually watching a woman undress for real! I did a little twirl for him to show him my underwear from every angle. Ralph's hands were suddenly all over me, exploring my breasts through my bra cups, fondling my mound and stroking my vagina slit through the thin purple satin, slipping down inside my thong to finger my cunt, fondling my bottom, following my thong strap down the valley between my bum cheeks and right under me. He stepped behind me to remove my bra. I noticed how he was fumbling with the clasps and I realised he'd never undone a girl's bra! Ralph was a virgin and his friend's forty year old mum was his first woman! That got me even more excited!"Let me," I said. I unclipped my bra for him and let it drop. He was instantly fondling and kissing my breasts. He slowly crouched down in front of me, fondling and kissing me from my breasts all the way down my body till he was crouching with his eyes level with my thong. He had no trouble removing it! He slowly pulled it down as if savouring every strand of my pubic hair as it appeared, slid it down my thighs and let my it fall round my feet. I spread my legs wide then his fingers, lips and tongue were all over my pussy and my bottom. It gave me such a thrill knowing I was the first naked woman he'd seen for real and I was having such an effect on him! "Aren't you going to get your cock out for me?" I said. "Go on, you've shown it to Michael. Lets see if his mother can get it up harder than he can." To make my point I reached down and unzipped his jeans. Moments later Ralph's shirt, jeans and sexy briefs were off and he was standing there stark naked with his legs wide and a good solid seven-incher pointing up at the ceiling from balls as big and hairy as my husband's. "Mmmmmm!" I purred with admiration. Ralph grunted and shoved his cock even further forwards as I had a good long feel of his sex kit and ran my fingers through his thick dark bush. "Is Michael's that big and hairy?" Ralph's face went bright red at my question! "Go on ... tell his mummy!" I persisted.I'd discovered long ago that a girl can get a boy to tell her anything when she gently fingers his naked erect penis. Ralph capitulated."Mike's not as big as me but he's hairier. His cock sticks up more erect but I can shoot my cum further than him." I think I managed to hide my grin!"What's his favourite picture of me?" I asked."There's one of you nude on all fours on a rug sticking out your bum with your legs real wide. Your bum turns him on and he says he wants to fill your bum crack with his cum.""Ooooooh! You naughty boys!" I said playfully.I pressed the remote. The TV scrolled through pictures of me sitting on my kitchen table with my legs wide peeling my stockings off, then sprawling nude on the table, and lots more. I've always been turned on by doing filthy things for men, and Ralph seeing me in nude poses was getting me hotter and hotter! I snuggled up to Ralph so my body pressed against his, and tickled his muscular young bottom with my fingertips."What does Michael like to do with my knickers?" I asked."He likes to put them on," Ralph confessed. "He says wearing your panties turns him on. He likes your black lace ones best." I knew that tiny see through black lace bra, panty and suspenders set. They're so brief and see through they're hardly worth the trouble of wearing. The very thought of my own son in them with his cock up hard! Ralph continued. "Michael likes the way they squeeze and rub his balls and cock. And he likes to wank his cock through them."I know I shouldn't have felt such a thrill of erotic excitement hearing about my son's kinky panty fetish, but I nearly wet myself when I heard that! There was only one thing I wanted right then. I handed my thong to Ralph."Go on! Let me see you wearing it!"Ralph put my thong on. It was brief enough on me, but looked microscopic on him! His stiff penis pushed the thin purple cloth out in a huge cone at the front, showing the outline of his shaft and big mushroom head perfectly. It made his cock look massive! I stroked the bulging ridge of his straining shaft lightly through the thin smooth satin. He grunted and juddered and a wet patch appeared where the satin stretched over the tip of his knob. I was tempted to wank Ralph through my thong, but his naked hard up cock excited me more! I peeled my thong off him and got onto the bed. "Shall we play?" I said, fingering my pussy.Ralph joined me kneeling wide legged next to me. My husband had told me he likes to masturbate kneeling wide legged because it pulls his muscles tight. It's also the perfect position for a woman to tickle a boy down his bum crack and reaching under him from behind to tickle his balls and hard straining shaft. I did just that with Ralph and it drove him wild!"Is this the way you and Michael played with my knickers?" I asked.My husband had once confided that when he was a boy he used to lightly stroke his sister's knickers over his erect penis, imagining the light feel of a girl's soft fingers and lips. I brushed the smooth satin of my thong slowly over the taut skin of Ralph's straining shaft, over its head, and across the little slit opening in its big red-purple head. I stroked his balls with my thong and stretched it underneath him and stroked him back and forth from his bum crack to the head of his shaft. Ralph juddered and groaned as if he was in agony! I decided to relieve him of his suffering."Now lets see if I'm as good at wanking you as my son is," I said. Ralph grunted as my hand smoothly transitioned from caressing his balls to wrapping round his shaft. His breathing quickened and he braced himself in anticipation. I began rhythmically stroking and tugging his stiff penis up and down full length with my hand riding right up over his big soft knob. I snuggled close to him so my thighs straddled his thigh and my breasts squeezed against his arm. He fondled my breasts, and caressed my thighs, bum and cunt, sliding his hand right under me between my legs.On the screen I was standing bent over the table just in high heels with my breasts hanging over the table top, with my legs spread wide, and my pussy just visible under my bum cheeks. Back at school in my own teens I soon earned the reputation among the boys of giving some of the best hand jobs. I've had lots of opportunity since to perfect my skills! I hand-jobbed Ralph's erect penis for ages. He moaned, gasped and fondled my bottom all the time I pleasured him. I knew his moment had come when his penis suddenly became unbelievably stiff in my hand and he gripped my bottom hard to pull me against him. I took him through with just my finger and thumb round his penis stroking across the base of its head. He made a noise like he was being strangled and rammed his hips forward. Then his penis pulsed in my hand and his jet of semen spurted a couple of feet across the bed. He knelt there afterwards panting with a strand of semen dangling from his swinging half erect penis. I wiped his semen splash off the bed cover and of his penis with the first thing that came to hand - my thong. "That was your first hand job from a woman, wasn't it?" I asked. I'd guessed."Yeahh ... oh boy!" Ralph gasped. I was right.I went downstairs to get us both drinks. As I left the bedroom Ralph's eyes were on the screen watching me do a slow striptease in our lounge from a white blouse and business style skirt with tan stockings. Down in the kitchen, still stark naked, my pussy was throbbing with arousal from Ralph's hand between my legs, from the erotic thrill of wanking him, and thoughts of his seven inches of rock hard erect young cock. And he was a virgin too! I couldn't stop my fingers from playing between my legs. I wanted him up me!When I got back upstairs with drinks in my hands I'd finished my striptease. Ralph was kneeling on the bed ogling me sprawled naked on an armchair with the white underwear I'd stripped from s**ttered around me. My legs were wide, my hand was down between my legs and my face was showing I was at the brink of orgasm. Ralph was playing with his cock and I could see it was hard up and ready!"I know you're a virgin," I said softly, fondling Ralph's bum and letting my breasts brush against him as I spoke. "Do you want ...?" I left my question unfinished but lay back on the bed, spread my legs as wide and fingered my gaping, juice sodden aroused pussy. At the sight of a naked woman, old enough to be his mother, offering him sex for his first ever time Ralph looked as if an electric shock had hit him. For a moment I thought he was going to chicken, then his hand was between my legs massaging my cunt and he was kissing my breasts. I felt a sudden massive lust for him."Want you! Want you!" I gasped.I grabbed his arm to pull him on top of me. He knelt between my legs with his erection sticking straight up in front of him. He ran his fingertips through my pubic hair, and holding his erect cock in his hand he brushed its big round knob through my bush. Then he got his face down between my spread legs and started kissing me all over the insides of my thighs and over my mound, ruffling my pubic hair with his tongue. It was as if he wanted to savour every bit of the new experience of touching a naked woman. For an irrational moment I wondered if he'd ever had my son's cock in his mouth or rubbed his cock against my son's and through my son's pubic hair. That thought got me tingling!He started to kiss me slowly up my body, tickling my belly button with his tongue, and fingering my pussy as he did. When his kisses reached my breasts I felt the head of his penis poking my vagina lips. Then he grunted as with one long smooth thrust he shoved his shaft between my vagina lips and slid full length in. I folded my legs up either side of him and wrapped my arms over him.For an instant he stayed just savouring the feeling of a woman's soft warm vagina squeezing his penis. Then he started. He thrust methodically and rhythmically, not frantically like some first time boys. He grunted and gasped just like my husband with sex pleasure and excitement. I stroked his back, bottom and thighs with my hands and said things to encourage him as he pumped me like:"Oh that's good! Fuck me hard! Want! Yes, oh yes!"He didn't take long to cum, though he lasted longer than some boys I'd known when I was Ralph's age who jerked their loads the moment their excited penises touched my body. He suddenly stiffened in my arms, cried out "Ahhhhh!" before he shoved hard up against me with his frantic orgasm thrust and I felt his penis pulse and squirt inside me. I pulled him against me with my legs round the backs of his thighs. Then he flopped down on top of me and I held him tight against me with my arms and legs.He hadn't fucked me long enough to give me a climax and I didn't fake one. Instead I enjoyed the deep erotic thrill of having seduced a young virgin boy and being his first woman. I glanced over Ralph's shoulder to the screen where with my hand between my legs I was kicking out my legs with my head thrown back and my mouth open wide in my orgasm shriek. I was certainly climaxing there! Ralph rolled off me onto the bed beside me."Was I good?" He asked. But the look on his face said it all - he'd fucked a woman, first time!"You were wonderful," I said, kissing him on the cheek. "But you're a very bad boy!"After I'd sent Ralph on his way home with a very satisfied smile on his face, I went up to my bedroom. I lay back naked on my bed and spread and folded my legs up like when Ralph was on top of me. Then with my mind full of the naughty things we'd done that day, with the feel of Ralph on top of me still fresh in my mind, with my pussy still tingling from his fingers, lips and young cock I finger pleasured myself. I took my time and came deliciously in a writhing, leg kicking, hip thrusting, boob bouncing orgasm even more explosive than the one I was having in the picture!My son Michael is back from university next weekend. I'm sure he'll be getting together with Ralph while my husband and I are out. Our memory stick is in its usual place, loaded with a fresh new set of "penis strainers", and I'll make sure my black lace thong is near the top of our laundry basket!Report Story
09-01-2021, at 01:42 PM

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