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First Time with guy

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First Time with guyIt was summer and a really hot day, me and tommy were best friends and always spent our days off together. was mid week and i went round to tommys, he had just moved home which was near the park. When i got there it was he'd not being long out of bed and made a quick cuppa. We decided that we pick his boyfriend up and go to the park as it was a nice day. We picked up dean and few drinks from shop and sun bathed in the park. As soon as we got there they both took there tops off, so i took my top of too as i was wearing a bikini top. At first i felt like a 3rd person because they kept touching each other and stroking there chests. At first they were trying to be subtle about it and hide it from me but i could see what they were doing, they were very horny and sexual towards each other. Tommy rested his hand on deans thigh, he was getting closer to his groin . Dean did the same to tommy . Deans hand getting closer to tommys cock. Then they would look at me to see my reaction, i started watching them all the time . Dean took his belt off so tommy could get his hand down but i didn't want them to start in the park so i said we should go back to tommys . We packed all our stuff and got back in the car. His place was only ten mins away by car so they didn't have time to start much but they were kissing and touching and strocking each other. I was getting wetter , watching them getting turned on and horny was making me horny. I kept looking in the mirror watching them. I asked them if they had ever being with a girl, tommy said about 6 year ago and dean said never . I joked and said would you like to see what pussy was like, tommy was surprised and laughed. We went straight to the bedroom and put the television on , nothing special was on. Tommy got down to his boxers and i could see he had a semi on, dean immediately stated dtroking his cock making tommy grow harder . Tommy asked me if i mind i said no as long as in could join in . Dean started to strip off and as soon as his jeans were undone his cock jumped straight up . Tommy and dean now started to stroke each other but still wearing there boxes. Tommy looked straight at me and said i want you to watch, i said ok . They both took their boxers off tommy had a long thinish cock that pointed straight out it was wet and shiny , he was so turned on . Deans cock went up towards his belly button, they told me to sit on the bed with them. Dean started wanking tommy slowly just around the head. I could see deans cock glistering he was wet.Tommy shut his eyes and was enjoying deans mouth sucking and licking his cock. Tommy was laid on the bed now and dean was sat on the edge leaning over to suck him. I moved closer to them and knelt on the floor next to dean. His cock was so close to me i could see him about to drip. I asked tommy and dean if i could touch, dean said yeah. I used my little finger just to catch the pre-cum leaking from him. Tommy took my hand and sucked my finger. Dean took my hand and put it around his cock, i started to play with him feeling his length and how solid he was . I rubbed his pre-cum around his head as he kept on wanking tommy. I just kept slowly rubbing playing with deans wet skin and dean kept sucking tommy. Dean started to suck deeper and harder . My hand want round his solid cock moving his skin up and down. Tommy sat on the end on the bed , dean moved between his legs and i laid underneath dean on the floor still using my hand. I reached down and put my hand in my knickers and started rubbing my clit, i was so swollen so horny seeing 2 cocks solid. Whilst lying on the floor i managed to get my pants off . I hand one hand on dean and the other rubbing my clit, so wet. I used my juices to wet dean even more, i rubbed it into his ass too. He stopped sucking and looked down at me and smiled closing his eyes. He leaned back letting tommy see me playing with his cock. Dean started playing with my clit, he had never touched a girl before and seemed nervous .Tommys cock was twitching coz he was watching , tommy took deans arm and stood him up. He told me to get on the bed, i took deans hand and let him just feel me . I was so swollen his fingers felt so good. Tommy guided him onto all 4s over the top of me, he went straight inside dean, he was slowly fucking him. It was making deans cock rub against me. I got my tits out for dean to see and feel. He started to hold my tits while tommy fucked him. I whispered asking if dean could go inside me , i guided him into my pussy and he gasped. He was using tommy to push deeper inside me, he was deep as he had a long cock . I could feel both their weight on top of me. I put my legs around dean and tommy held onto them pulling me and dean towards him. We had a good rhytim and kept going and going , it was solush and really really deep. I knew they weren't going to last long , i just laid back and enjoyed it all. Tommy cum first pumped long and hard , dean gasped then he pulled out and covered my tits in his cum. Dean said that he liked the feel of me and my body, they said they were turned on watching me get horny watching them . xxxxxxxdeleted
09-01-2021, at 01:43 PM

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