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getting my nipples pierced

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getting my nipples piercedwhen I was old enough I decided I wanted my nipples pierced and my belly button. Maybe even below the belt. I wasn't sure but I knew I wanted my nipples done.I showed up on a Wednesday afternoon and my friend was supposed to come with me but she bailed and I didn't want to wait or I might chicken out. I was wearing eye makeup and baggy plaid shorts with a doctor who t shirt. when i walked up tp the counter this old biker looking guy came out and asked what I wanted. first of all I was really super scared because I didn't feel like I wanted to tell him I wanted to be pierced but I wanted to be brave and I said I wanted to get pierced. lucky he called out Lucy I got one for you, man I was super relived when Lucy came out. She was about 35 kind of a rockabilly look wearing a roller derby t shirt and jeans. Tatts of course and she was thick in a super sexy way. Had a red bandanna wrapped about her hair. So I told her I wanted to get pierced and she said I looked a little young, you had to be 16 to get pierced and I have always looked at least 5 years younger than I am. So I showed her my DL and she looked at it pretty close, looked at me then at the picture and then she put it in her pocket and said you look much better today than when this was taken, follow me. she there is a private piercing room with no windows she lets me in and closes the door behind us. she looks me up and down and pats a metal table and says have seat k**do. she asks me what I want done and I say I want my nipples done, and maybe my belly button and maybe um a bit lower down. Well arent you a brave little boy she says, you want that all done today? I said maybe. she puts on a pair of black surgical gloves and tells me to slip my shirt off. she tells me to lie back on the metal table and its cold and my nipples get hard, which is the point. she takes a sharpie and marks on my nipples she lets me look in a mirror to make sure they are good. then she puts her hand behind my back and sits me up to mark my belly. feeling her touching me with the gloves on is getting me hard and feeling so totally helpless and in her power is maybe me harder. So are you shy little boy? she asks me, I say yes mostly, and she says well its just us here and you have to drop your pants if you want your cock pierced. Well I am not sure yet I say, Im not sure what it will look like. She stands me up says be brave little one, drop your shorts and lets have a look. Now I am getting red, flushed and embarrassed because my cock is rock hard, its natural for me to obey a lady giving me an order so I pull off my shorts and I am standing naked in front of her. well you are an anxious little boy arent you she says. did you shave just for me or are you always so smooth? I tell her I am always shaved smooth Ma'am. She says it suits you very much, you have a nice pretty cock and it will look great pierced, now sit back up on the table, lay back she says pushing my chest down. she grabs my balls in her hand and says now we can pierce here for you and she makes a spot, then she grabs my cock and we can pierce here, here and here she makes all the spots. Her hand stays on my cock and she stokes a bit and asks what will it be lovey? I am laying back and I say lets do my nipples first. so she leaves me laying naked on the cold metal table, I can feel my cock throbbing and am getting nervous and excited, she walks back over and says ok little boy lets do this. She stares into my eyes and she slide the first one in my left nipple, wow it hurt, hurt bad. I started to tear up. she ran her fingers up my cheek and said its ok lovey it will feel better. She moves the ring around in my nipple and the burning starts to feel amazing I start breathing hard and she smiles at me and says I told you it gets better. how are you doing? I cant really speak so I just nod my head. Ready for the next one? I nod again, she says dont be scared lovey I wont hurt you more than I have to, or want to. she smiles at that and reaches down to cup my balls and give them a squeeze, still want your cock done today she says? I just shrug. she pushes the next one in my nipple and it doesnt hurt so much this time, it actually feels amazing and I grown as she starts moving it around and I can feel how tight my tummy and balls are getting and I shoot a load of hot cum on my tummy. she laughs and says well that has never happened before. you made a mess little boy. I cant meet her eyes and I start crying, tears running down my cheeks and say Im so sorry. She takes my chin in her hand and says sternly, look at me and I look into her eyes, she Sc****s the cum in her fingers and says you have to clean yourself up, and puts the cum in my mouth, I am lost in her eyes and happily lick the cum off her latex clad fingers. She starts wiping the cum on my lips and she reaches down and squeezes my balls and squeezes out the last drops. this she puts her two fingers in my mouth and starts pushing them in and out like Im happily sucking a cock, she says thats a good boy. nice and clean. now better get dressed, we can do the rest later. she takes her marker and writes her number on my forearm and tells me to text her later. I pay cash and tip her very well. I am feeling humiliated but at the same time exhilarated. I cant wait to get pierced again if it feels that amazing, I am playing with my nipple rings as I drive. halfway home I realize she never gave me my license back.
04-04-2021, at 05:01 PM

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