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BF learns Who's the BOSS!

Post #1

BF learns Who's the BOSS!Tom woke up on Saturday morning to his loving girlfriend, Jane. "Wake up sleepyhead!" Jane giggled, "It's time to eat breakfast and go jogging." Tom slowly gathered himself out of bed and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. It had been fairly warm outside recently, so Tom dressed in shorts and a simple t-shirt. He then went downstairs to eat breakfast with Jane. A light breakfast consisting of cheerios, toast, and a glass of orange juice awaited him. Jane was in a bubbly mood and reminded Tom that it was his birthday. "Oh yeah!" Tom exclaimed, feigning that he had forgotten. How could he forget? Jane had denied him sex for the past two nights claiming that she had a big surprise in store for him on his birthday Saturday night and wanted him to be as horny as possible. Tom was feeling the effects of not making love to Jane since Wednesday, and Saturday night could not come soon enough. The couple casually ate their breakfast and chit chatted about work. When Tom took a drink of his orange juice he noticed that it tasted different, almost bitter, and asked Jane if hers tasted odd as well. She quickly said no and casually offered the suggestion that he had just brushed his teeth and it was most likely the toothpaste that made his orange juice taste funny. She encouraged him to drink it nonetheless as it was a healthy way to start the day. Breakfast was soon finished and the couple left their house to embark on their hour-long jog around the neighborhood. Tom noticed Jane was wearing sweatpants for their jog as opposed to her usual running shorts, the latter of which he found quite flattering as they showed off a great deal of her tanned, well-toned legs. Tom inquired as to why she was wearing sweatpants in late spring and Jane quickly piped up that all her shorts were dirty. Tom shrugged it off and quickly fell in place behind his girlfriend. Even in her sweatpants, Jane still looked quite desirable. She was around 5' 3" with short hair, her natural color a rich, deep brown with eyes to match. She had small perky breasts with hard little pencil eraser nipples that Tom could never seem to get enough of. Her legs were well toned and she had a nice little bubble butt to top it off. Tom had wished she were wearing her shorts instead of a baggy pair of sweatpants. He had always adored her sexy legs and feet and was looking forward to admiring them on their morning run. "Oh well." he thought, admonishing the fact that tonight would come soon enough and he had hardly any doubt that Jane would not disappoint him with her surprise, especially after denying him sex for the past two nights. Her plan to make him horny as hell was clearly working out. Tom was hoping that she would dress up for him in a pair of nylons as that never failed to get him really going, many times he would take her in her work attire as soon as she got home from the office and they would wind up having a bout of kinky sex before even having dinner. Their run was soon over, and Tom was about to hop in the shower when Jane suddenly grabbed his hand and literally d**g him into the bedroom. She slammed the door shut catching Tom off guard. "Strip!" was all that Jane demanded. Tom stood there sheepishly confused trying to register what she had just said. "Strip!" she repeated, this time with a little more authority in her voice. Tom knew that on occasion Jane would take the role as the aggressor and he always relished those moments as he got incredibly turned on by submitting to her. Tom heeded her request and quickly stripped down to his boxers. "Nope, all the way." commanded Jane. Tom quickly removed his boxers and stood before Jane completely naked, and a little confused as he was still under the assumption that there wouldn't be any fooling around before the evening.Jane seductively sauntered over to where Tom stood and sultrily said "Your surprise starts now." and with that she raised her shirt over her head, exposing her gorgeous breasts to Tom's view. He immediately reached for her but she playfully slapped his hand away saying not to touch. She took a few paces away from him and stood with her back turned to him and very slowly started peeling her sweatpants down. What Tom saw next shocked him. Underneath her sweatpants, Jane was wearing a pair of black, sheer-to-waist seamed pantyhose with reinforced heels and toes. Tom's eyes nearly bugged out of his head and his cock became instantly hard. Jane slowly backed up to Tom and very sensuously began rubbing her tight little nylon-encased ass against Tom's erection, causing him to let out a groan from deep within his chest. Jane slowly turned around, making sure she was close enough to keep in contact with his cock the entire time, eventually trapping it against her belly as she stared deep into his eyes. She very casually pulled Tom's head down to her and kissed him deeply, shoving her tongue practically down his throat then sucking on his bottom lip as she retreated from the kiss. She told Tom to lie down on the bed on his back.Tom quickly complied with Jane's order and watched intently for her to make her next move. Jane, clad only in her pantyhose, sashayed sexily into their walk-in closet and returned with four of Tom's silk neckties. Tom immediately realized Jane's intentions and felt his cock stiffen even more to the point that it was almost painful. Bondage was something the couple had experimented with before, both seeming to enjoy it very much. Tom knew that Jane got off on tying him to the bed and teasing him to the point of insanity, then fucking his brains out. Tom knew he was in for the time of his life and hoped to himself that he would be able to keep up with Jane, as during their previous scenarios she had proven to be quite insatiable. Jane slowly walked around to the right side of the bed, casually running one of Tom's ties teasingly up his arm. Jane roughly grabbed his wrist, wrapping the tie around it. She then proceeded to knot it to the corner post of their bed. Jane deliberately walked quite slowly to the other side of the bed feeling Tom's eyes glued to her cute little ass as she went. Jane took her time securing his other wrist to the bedpost, then followed suit with both of his ankles as well. When Jane was finished, she stepped back to survey her handiwork and noted that Tom wasn't going anywhere, as he was very securely tied spread eagle in the middle of their bed.Jane seductively crawled on the bed and slowly made her way up Tom's body. Once she had made it to his midsection, she leaned down and once again passionately kissed him, then proceeded to straighten herself above Tom, straddling him, but not coming in contact with his rock hard cock. Jane quizzically asked Tom about the taste of his orange juice. Puzzled by her question, his reply was that it did taste bitter but that he had not thought of it since. Jane once again leaned closed to Tom and whispered in his ear. "Darling, the reason your orange juice tasted funny was not because you brushed your teeth right before you drank it. It was because I ground up two Viagra pills and mixed it in your orange juice. You see, this way I have you exactly where I want you, tied to our bed, with an erection that will not go away for hours no matter how many times I make you come. Plus, denying you satisfaction the past forty-eight hours along with the fact that I am wearing nylons, something we both know that you can't resist will ultimately have you submitting to my every whim. Jane then straightened back up and looked Tom right in the eye and sternly said, "Do follow my every desire. I would hate to have to leave you tied to the bed with your cock throbbing for hours while I leave you alone, just because you couldn't behave yourself. Tom said he understood completely.Jane slowly lowered herself and the gusset of her pantyhose came in contact with Tom's cock, causing him to gasp at the sensation. Jane smiled down at him and slowly moved back and forth over his cock as he closed his eyes and groaned, his breathing becoming quite shallow due to his extreme arousal. Jane had every intention of teasing Tom to the point of him begging her for his release and began her teasing of him with her feet. Tom's mind was still spinning with excitement at the fact that he had been deliberately set up by his girlfriend, even to the point she had d**gged him with Viagra and was planning on basically using his cock as her own personal toy, when Jane very casually sat back on the bed and began lightly running her nylon clad feet up his leg, then back down again. Each time she went, she came closer and closer to his rampant cock, until finally she ran her tiny nylon foot very softly up his cock, causing Tom to writhe in pleasure and gasp at the contact. Jane smiled to herself as she was clearly enjoying toying with her boyfriend, and relishing in the fact that she had complete control over him and his cock. The crotch of her pantyhose had become visibly darker due to her arousal. She figured since Tom would be able to come time and time again without losing his erection, she would get him off fairly quickly with her feet then she would make him put that talented tongue of his to good use before she offered him any more satisfaction.Every ounce of Tom's attention was focused on Jane's feet. Oh how he adored her cute little feet. Jane was certainly an expert at pleasuring her boyfriend with her feet and this time was no exception. She very carefully manipulated his cock with her left foot, dragging the seam in the toe of her nylons forcefully along the extremely sensitive underside of Tom's shaft, creating a feeling of pleasure mixed with pain. Tom absolutely loved the way Jane used her feet on his cock and precum was leaking profusely from the head of his cock. "Jane... that feels... incredible." Tom was able to make out in between breaths. Jane then upped the ante bringing her right foot into play as well, gently rubbing circles with her toes against his balls. Tom moaned at the increased pleasure, however Jane was merely toying with his cock at this point, debating in her mind when to go for the kill by trapping his cock in a vise-like grip between her smooth soles and stroking him to completion. As Jane was mulling over the right time to make her attack, almost like a cat playing with a mouse, Tom's arousal kept steadily increasing as his cock kept leaking precum now to the point that it was soaking through Jane's nylons, wetting her little toes. Jane moved in closer and with her right foot she pushed Tom's cock up against his abdomen and forcefully rubbed the ball of her foot into the glands on the underside of Tom's cock causing him to moan loudly and pull on his restraints. Jane made her move quickly. Very deftly she maneuvered Tom's cock into an upright position, both of her feet wrapping around it and squeezing tight. "Oh God" Tom moaned loudly. Jane looked directly into Tom's eyes knowing how much Tom was turned on by the intimacy of eye contact. She felt his cock give an involuntary jerk and begin to throb as soon as her eyes met his and that was when she began stroking her little nylon covered feet up and down Tom's organ causing him to call out her name and moan. Jane was steadfast in her delivery, never taking her eyes away from Tom's, stroking him faster and faster, her grip ever so slowly tightening and constricting his thick cock. Tom's eyes immediately glazed over and he started panting and gasping for breath. Jane knew it would only be a matter of moments now before she sent him over the edge. She knew how much she turned Tom on when she wore nylons for him and got him off with her cute little toes and she was curious how much he would come since he hadn't come at all during the past two days. Being the tease that she was, Jane slowed her movements but increased the vise like grip her feet held on his cock. "Oh Jane... unnggh... you're gonna make me come!" Tom panted. Jane was extremely turned on from the power she held over Tom, as if she could time his orgasm whenever it suited her and considering that she was literally soaking through the crotch of her pantyhose with her arousal it would be sooner rather than later, however she was determined to give Tom a mind-blowing climax nonetheless.Digging her nylon covered toes hard into Tom's cock, she gave him several substantial strokes with her reinforced heels and toes which were now slickly coated with Tom's precum that was flowing profusely from the engorged head of his cock. As Jane did this, Tom threw back his head moaning loudly and tried to twist against his bonds without success. Jane felt his cock start twitching and throbbing between her soles and she applied more force to his cock, her toes sensually massaging the underneath of his shaft as well as the head of his cock. "Uunnh... Unnnh... Jane... please... don't stop!" Tom cried out. Jane knew that he was about to blow his load all over her nylon covered toes and calves. Keeping his shaft firmly planted between her soles, she expertly dragged her toes down the head of his cock, making sure that the seam at the end of her toes sc****d along the sensitive flesh of his cock head and the ridge underneath. As she did this she felt Tom's cock give a powerful jerk as he cried out and his cock shot a massive volley of hot sperm in the air that rained down, covering her ankles and the top of her feet. Jane felt the heat of his semen the moment it landed on her nylons, immediately beginning to soak through. Knowing that Tom had now where to go she immediately set out to catch the next several spurts on the bottom of her toes and soles of her feet. Dragging one foot quickly up, she placed it on top of Tom's spurting cock head, while using feather light circular strokes on the underside of his shaft with her other foot to keep him momentarily stimulated, even though she had worked him over so thoroughly to this point he probably would've continued to come without her continuing to touch his cock at all. Tom's entire midsection jerked as much as his restraints would allow as his cock spurted another load of his hot sperm that Jane immediately felt soaking the sole of her foot. Quickly, she traded spots with her feet so that her other foot would receive the same treatment as the last, getting the underside totally soaked with Tom's sticky come. Jane knew how sensitive Tom's cock was immediately after having an orgasm and most of the time it either softened or he was able to push her away, saying the feeling was just to intense. Smiling to herself, Jane knew that neither of these options were available to Tom at this moment and she set about once again trapping his cock between her now extremely slick sperm soaked nylon feet. Tom gasped loudly his cock continuing to twitch and jerk under her ministrations as he fought at his bonds to no avail. Jane softly ran her toes up and down Tom's cock simulating being tickled by a feather, then applying a considerable amount of pressure when stroking the purplish head of his cock. Tom was going out of his mind, gasping for breath, unable to get away from Jane's assault, yet never being able to take his eyes off the sight of her dainty little feet, encased in sheer black nylon, completely covered in his sperm, top and bottom all the way up to her pretty little ankles. Slowly and deliberately Jane rubbed his come into his shaft, large amounts soaking through her nylons, coating her little feet underneath. Tom was still gasping for breath, his cock completely hard, showing no signs of retreating despite the fact that he had just shot about a quart of come onto his girlfriends feet.Jane was beside herself and was quite mesmerized by the sight of Tom's orgasm. She had originally intended to make him lick her pretty little feet clean and force him to suck out whatever sperm he could from between the nylon fibers, but she was simply far to worked up to wait for her pleasure any longer. She slowly released Tom's cock from between her feet as he relaxed himself, his mind completely blown after one of the most intense orgasms of his life. Jane proceeded to very seductively crawl upwards towards Tom until she was face to face with. He immediately professed his love for her and thanked her for one of the best orgasms of his life. Leaning down for another passionate kiss, Jane withdrew, wrapped her hand around his still throbbing cock, squeezing firmly causing him to gasp yet again and informed Tom that the two of them were only just beginning. Jane set about moving further up his body until she was straddling his head. "It's time to return the favor." she said looking down at Tom who was smiling up at her.
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