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First Time Cuckold

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First Time CuckoldMy wife and I have been married for 11yrs and she keeps her self in very good shape. We have two c***dren and our lives are very busy with their extra activities so it doesn't leave much time for my wife and I to go out. Our sex lives are not real exceptional but we manage to do it a couple of times per month. Since were not real frequent fuckers she's not on any type of birth control and I just make sure I pull out if we're near her fertile time. Just a few months ago we started making a day where we could go out and spend a little quality time together; this usually means we hit the bar to have a few drinks and catch up on conversation. One night we were sitting at the bar, and both of us had already had a few, and my wife started talking about things she wanted to do before she dies. I jumped in and rattled of a few of my own and I gave her that line from Office Space, "I want to do 2 chicks at the same time". She started laughing and she said, "well, I want to have my pussy eaten by another woman". I laughed and said, "are you serious?" She said, "I'm 43 yrs old and I have never had my pussy eaten by another woman, I want to do it. I said, "what about another man, like MW4MW swap?" She said, "no chance, I would kill you if you ever stuck your dick in another chick but if you wanted me to fuck another man then I would do it". I asked her if she was serious and she replied, "hey, it's just like a rubber dick and if you would want to do it, I would be game". I told her right then that I was getting a hard on thinking about it. About 2 days after that conversation we were walking in a grocery store and I saw this woman give my wife the up-down. I told her that I saw this woman point at my wife and turn to her girlfriend and say something. She said, "well she probably wants to give me a good licking". I then asked my wife if she were to get a man, what type would she want. She said, "blonde or green eyes, it really doesn't matter, I don't need to watch, you're the one who wants to watch". When I got home that night I posted an ad in the casual encounter section of I posted MW4M, Help Wanted, hot milf seeking first chance to cuckold her hubby. I shit you not, the next morning I received about 100 hits with guys sending their profiles and pictures. I picked out about 10, with blonde hair, that I thought she would like and I showed them to her. She looked at the pics and immediately spotted the one she wanted. He was a 32 year old fireman in the city about 40miles from where we live. She asked me to set up a first meeting at a pub so we could get to know eachother and see if there was any Chemistry before we decide to go through with it. The next weekend we met Dave in a bar downtown. My wife and Dave hit it off right away. She was practically sitting on his lap while we had a few beers and picked at an order of chips and salsa. My wife then said, "now that we have found you we need to talk about the ground rules. She said: 1) I want my husband in the room with her at all times. 2) No male, male contact; that she is willing to suck on hubby's dick while he fucked, 3) No Anal; don't touch it, don't think about it. 4) Everybody wears a condom; no chance of her getting pregnant even by me. 5) When we are done she would like dave to get dressed and leave the room so she could spend the rest of the evening with me. Since we had a sitter at home with the k**s, we were going to have to schedule it for the next weekend, when we send the k**s to the inlaws. That next Friday night I walked in the house and the k**s were already dropped off at her mom's. She was wearing a short suade skirt with a really nice cream colored sweater. Her boots were not quite to the knee; my wife looked stunning. We agreed to meet Dave at a local dance club to have a few drinks and see how things progressed. We had just started our first beer when Dave walked in. She jumped up and gave him a big kiss on the lips and walked him straight to the dance floor. My wife and Dave were hitting it off so well, while they were on the dance floor, I called and booked a room at the hotel down the street. My fucking dick was rock hard. We checked in and took our things to the room, with a 6 pack of beer. We walked in the door and my wife was all over Dave. She said, " do you like seeing me with another man?" Does it make your dick hard to think that another man is going to take this pussy tonight?" I was fucking going nuts. I move the chair from the office area near the bed so I could sit in it to watch them making out. They looked like a couple of teenagers tearing eachothers clothes off for the first time. When she pulled Dave hard cock out of his pants I couldn't believe the size. It was about 8 inches long and probably the diameter of her wrist. Dave certainly had me beat in that department. I mean I'm almost inches but no were near the thickness of that monster. Dave took her panties off and immediately went down on her glistening muff. He licked her and them moved up her body were he stopped to suck on her titties before he moved to passionate kissing. My wife held out her hand and looked at me and said rubber. I took the rubber out of the package and watch as she rolled it down his fat dick. She laid their with her legs spread as he positioned him self over her body and guiding his heavy tool into her womb. He pushed in the tip and I heard my wife grunt as she started to speak. She said, "oh, I thought that was going to hurt but it feels so good now". Dave worked with short strokes getting more and more in with each pump. He finally push it all the way in and held it there at the bottom for a minute to allow her to adjust to his girth. When he started to cycle in and out my wife began telling me how big his cock was and how full it made her feel. She said, I know that I promised I was going to suck your dick while Dave fucked me but "I just can't focus on anything else right now". Dave picked up the pace and I could see her flat tummy rise up and down with the cycle of that big cock. She said, "I don't think this pussy will every feel the same to you after tonight"! She told Dave to fuck her faster and he went into this jackhammer pace and fucked her into her first orgasm. She said, "keep fucking me dave, don't stop, I'm almost there, keep going, give it to me, oh baby, ohhhhhh". My cock was rock hard, I didn't want to touch it because I knew it was going to go off. If I cum before they finish I'm not so certain that I would be so comfortable with the whole idea. It was also nice to see her get an orgasm with a dick. I have never been able to make her cum with my dick. Everytime she tells me I'm close I loose it and blow my nut, my dick goes limp, and I have to finish her orally. I loved watching her get off on that big dick. They change positions and he fucked her doggy style for a while. She got on top and mounted him cowgirl. Dave spread her ass checks apart and asked me if I liked the view of his wife getting fucked by another man. He said" do you like watching this big dick go in and out of your wife? I own this pussy tonight!" My wife spun around and went reverse cowgirl on him so she could lock at me while he hammered her pussy. She hovered about 10inches above his cock as he fucked toward the sky. She said, "honey, this big dick is going to make me cum again, it feels so good, I'm so full". She looked at me and said, "I wish your cock could make me cum like this one". Oh, I'm going to cum. Then she went on to rub her clit for a minute, she pinched her nipples and then she had her second orgasm while dave's nut sack was keeping up the fast pace like a metronome. Dave flipped my wife back over into missionary position and then propped 2 pillows under her ass. She was at a pretty good angle with her hips up and her head down flat on the bed. He re-entered my wife and really started fucking her hard. He asked her if she liked that hard dick and if she was ready for some real fucking. They were both just dripping with sweat. From were I was sitting I could see his condom covered cock was glistening with her juice. I could see that he was stretching her pussy really good. When he pulled back it looked like he was pulling about 3 inches of her inside out every time he reached the bottom of his stroke. My wife stated telling him how much she liked the feel of his cock, how she never wanted him to stop. Dave said that he would like to keep this up all night but when she wrapped her legs around him that he was just about to cum. Dave said baby, I'm going to cum real soon, where do you want it? My wife said oh, Dave, it feels too good, I want it inside of me". Dave said, "oh baby I would fill you up so full". He said, "I can't take that chance though". My wife then looked over at me and said, "honey, tell him that it's okay" I sat there with my dick so hard, I couldn't believe what I was hearing her say. She said, "honey?" I said, yes dear. She said, "did you hear me?" I said yes dear. She said, "what are you waiting for then?" I said I'm just thinking about the rules and I'm trying to figure when you had your last period. She said, "it was 10 days ago and fuck the rules." "This feels too good to waste it" I said, Dave, it's okay if you want to take off the rubber. Dave said, "are you sure?". My wife and I said, at the same time, yes! Dave pulled his condom clad cock from by wife and she said, "come here, I want you to get a good look at this". I walked over, I could see that her pussy was stretched and gaping open. She said, "honey, take Dave's condom off". Now I'm no homo but I wanted to see this. I reached down and grabbed his thick dick and took the condom off. Dave immediately suck his dick back into my wife and she let out a big moan. When he pushed his cock in to the bottom you could hear the air escape around his shaft, making a farting sound. He began fucking her faster and faster. She started telling him that his dick felt so good inside of her. She said, "Dave, I want you to cum inside of me, I want all of your cum inside of me, give me your seed". Dave cycled a few more times and pushed hard holding it at the bottom. I could see his nuts pumping my wife full of his cum. She said, "oh Dave, I can feel it, it feels so good, it's so warm, it's so good." "Give it to me , give it all to me. Dave collapsed on top of my wife and laid there for about 5 minutes. He finally pulled his lip cock out of my wife, kissed her on the lips and said he was leaving. He got dressed and walked out the door. I sat in the chair the whole time. My wife was now perched with her ass up in the air holding Dave full load inside of her. I could see that her hole was still open and I could see that it was red and raw looking. She said, "honey, come over here and see what damage he did to your pussy. I walked over and looked inside, I could see his cum way down in side her open womb. She said, "taste it". I licked around the opening and could taste his cum on the inside. My wife said, "lie down"! I laid down on my back. My wife flipped over and straddled my face. She pulled her lips apart, looked down at me and said, "suck it!" Suck all of Dave's cum out of my pussy" I gave a gentle blow on her pussy and the air must have opened it up because all of Dave's cum ran down my mouth like drinking from a beer bong. I sucked and licked and lapped until she was clean. I couldn't find another drop anywhere, believe me, I looked. Luckily my wife did not get pregnant that night but we will be seeing Dave again very soon and my wife is talking about going to the doctor to get back on the pill.
09-01-2021, at 01:43 PM

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