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Mum Helped Me Dress Up

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Mum Helped Me Dress UpWhen I was a teenager, I would look forward to any time my mother might be getting dressed or undressed. She has always worn full knickers that were very silky or sheer with bras to match. Any time I saw her dressed like this, I would have to go to my room and relieve myself. In fact, I was infatuated with her lingerie. I had a stash of her knickers in my room and would wear them while I wanked off. If she knew, she never let on.One night, I was horny as ever. I was up watching TV and my mum had gone to bed. I was ready to go to the my bedroom and have a wank when I thought about the laundry basket. Maybe there was a load in there with mum?s knickers in it. I turned off the TV and crept over to their door to see if I could hear any voices. Silence.I walked over to the bathroom and looked around. Sure enough, there was a pile of clothes in a basket. I found two pairs of her nylon knickers. One red and one white. I was ecstatic. I inspected my find and was eager to go to my bedroom and try them on. My back was to the door when I heard someone behind me."I saw the light on, Mark, what are you looking for?" my mum said.Shame, shock and fear replaced the horniness I had been feeling. I dropped the knickers on the pile and turned around. My mum was in a very silky short nighty. Her breasts swung freely and I looked up at her. "Oh, nothing." I said."Well, you must be looking for something darling. Tell me what it is and I can help you look." She said as she entered the bathroom. I was cornered. Caught between her and her knickers lying on top of the pile of laundry. I stood my ground and said, "Oh, well, I'm just looking for a towel." "We have plenty of towels on the unit over there.""Oh, okay. Thanks." I said as I started toward the door.She said, "Good night darling." I stopped and looked at her. The light from the bathroom was illuminating her nighty as she stood there. I could see the outline of her body and my cock was reacting. She reached out to hug me and I held her close. As we let go of our embrace, I let my hands fall as low as I could down her back and upper bum cheeks."Good night," I said and walked away thinking I had escaped.She turned back into the bathroom to turn out the light. In doing so, she was looking straight at the pile of clothes with her knickers on top. She let out a loud sigh, but didn't say anything. I kept on walking to try to maintain my innocence.I had just taken off my shirt when, she walked in to my bedroom holding the pair of red knickers I had just been admiring. "Is this what you were looking for?" she asked.I sat on the bed stunned. "Ahh Yes." I said sheepishly. I knew I had to admit to it sooner or later.She sat down next to me and sighed. "What do you like about them?"I paused, not really sure how much to say, and started, "I like the way the feel. I find them sexy and sometimes I will wear them." She took it in."What do you think about when you wear them?" She was looking at me as she sat next to me on the bed. I could see her nighty through the opening in her robe and enjoyed the sight of the silkiness covering her boobs, but this was a tough question. She spoke again, "do you think about how you look in them or how they feel.""I think about how they feel against my skin. I imagine rubbing against someone wearing them and touching them with their silky knickers.""Who are you imagining?" she quizzed.I paused, looked down and said, "I think about you, mum."She inhaled sharply not expecting that answer. We were both silent for awhile."Is it just knickers that you enjoy wearing?" She seemed to have moved on to different topic."No, I enjoy your.... I enjoy bras, and nighty?s too. Basically anything sheer and silky.""I see." She looked down at the floor, thinking."Okay," she continued, "I'm pretty open minded and can accept your passion for my silky underwear, but I'm not happy about your sneakiness. I want you to get over your embarrassment and dishonesty." She handed me the red knickers she had been holding. "Here, wear these tonight and we will talk some more in the morning. I want you to wear knickers from now on when we are at home!, and no more sneaking around.""Thank you mum," was all I could get out in my shock.She got up, kissed me on the cheek and left the room.The next morning I slept in. I had trouble sleeping in her knickers as I kept getting hard. Especially when I thought about our conversation and how she wanted me to wear her knickers. I felt a little excited.I took a shower and when I left the bathroom to go back to my bedroom, my mum called out for me to come to her bedroom.I walked in and she was in her walk-in wardrobe out of sight. On the bed were 4 or 5 pairs of knickers, a handful of bras, nightys and other lingerie. I stood in bewilderment."I thought we would find somethings that fits you better."She emerged from the closet dressed only in a black silky bra, black half slip and I assumed knickers underneath. My cock got hard at the sight of her. She looked stunning, breasts were firm and plump. She was covered in the silky fabric I loved."Think of this as an early Christmas present. For both of us." "Wow, Mum, you look fabulous." She came over to where I was and took my hands in hers holding them low."Thanks darling. I thought a lot about what you said last night and I was shocked, appalled and delirious but also flattered with the attention. I guess I need some fun, too." She dropped my hands and wrapped her arms around me for a hug. Her hands went to my arse and mine hers. My cock fought against my towel to rub against her stomach and crotch. I stroked her large arse covered in two layers of silkiness."Now, let's find some knickers that fit you." She held up a pair of black ones that had lace at the legs and waist. I dropped my towel, springing my young hard cock free and held the knickers against my crotch. My mum admired my cock as I rubbed her knickers on it. I slid them up my legs and pulled them on. They were large, but I loved the feeling anyway. My mum reached out and caressed my cock, "oh, I think we are both going to enjoy this very much."After trying on all the knickers, we decided on a pair of pink sheer knickers that she said she couldn't wear anymore. They fit me perfectly. I gave her a hug again and said, "Mum, you don't know how happy you are making me." I said as I rubbed her arse some more. She then reached up and pulled my face to her for a deep kiss. I kissed her back and opened my mouth. I rubbed my knicker-covered cock against her nylon slip.She broke the kissed and then whispered in my ear, "Darling , you are making me very happy too. I haven't felt this sexy in ages. Now you need a nice bra or something on top to caress your nipples." She had me try on each of the bras and camisoles tops that she had out on the bed. She decided that I should wear a light green camisole that had some room, but felt great. By now, my cock was dripping pre-cum and had been throbbing for a half hour. She turned around to pick up a half slip from the bed and I couldn't help myself from grabbing her by the hips and grinding my cock on her arse cheeks. I slid up and down as our lingerie rubbed together. She rubbed back and finally stopped me. "Mark, you need to complete your outfit. Here put this on." She handed me a half slip in the same light green as the camisole.She took me by the hand and pulled me to the mirror. Standing behind me she looked at me as I looked at how I was dressed. I couldn't pass for a girl, but the lingerie and my mother's face in the mirror sure had me going. She reached around and rubbed my cock through the material with one hand while the other rubbed my nipples.Her lips kissed my earlobes and she whispered, "Is this what you wanted?""Mmm-hmmm yes mum." I moaned. Mum spun me around and kissed me full on the lips. She led me backwards to her bed and layer me on top of her. We rubbed our bodies against each other as our foreplay reached its height. My urge to suck was over powering and I unsnapped her bra to free her large 38D boobs. I dry humped her silky crotch while I sucked her nipples. Her hands were all over my back, rubbing the nylon and working there way down to my arse. She had a new passionate energy I had never seen before."Fuck me Darling, Fuck me please, I want to feel you." She said. I worked my way down from her boobs and lifted her slip up. She had matching black sheer knickers on. I ran my hands all over her and ended on her hairy pussy. I pulled her knickers to one side and kissed her hairy pussy. Her body quivered as I kissed her and licked her juices. She was very wet!.She pulled the slip over my head to lock me against her. "Lick me Mark. Kiss your mummy?s hairy pussy. Kiss it till I cum, Lick me darling." I didn't need to be told twice. My arse was in the air rubbing against the knickers and slip as my mouth devoured her hairy pussy. She moaned loudly as I lapped. "Oh, Mark . Oh, oh, oh. That's goooood." She shuddered and pulled my head harder as she came on my face.She released her grip and I worked my way up to her face to kiss her. She licked me all over tasting her juices. "Oh, Mark, that was fantastic. I haven't had an orgasm in years. She kissed me some more and reached down to rub my hard young cock. I was so ready I thought I might come just with her touching it.She looked at me and said, "What a sexy outfit. I really want you to show mummy how much you like it." She reached down and pulled up my slip to expose my knickers. "It really turns me on to reach into your knickers." She said as she pulled out my young cock. She inserted my cock into her hairy pussy and pulled my arse to her. "Fuck your mummy Darling." She whispered. I went to town as her hands caressed my arse through the silky knickers.I let my load of cum go deep inside her hairy pussy and collapsed on top of her.She nibble my ears and said, "Now you have to play along with mummy?s fantasy."I didn't know what she was talking about. I couldn't even imagine what my mum might fantasise about and after the last twelve hours, it could be anything. "What's your fantasy mum?" I asked.I'll let you know how that turns out !!!!Report Story
09-01-2021, at 01:43 PM

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